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Spy/Medic - Chances [part III] (13)

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And here is the final part. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it. :D

Spy was preparing for a mission.

His suit was perfect. He adjusted his tie. The mask went on. Cologne would be the only thing to mark his presence, and that was a matter of pride.

It had been a week. Talk was brewing of upcoming battle plans. Most of his time was spent in the mission room, planning routes and strategy. This mission he was undertaking would be of great benefit to his team: he would acquire a rough outline of the base and its defences.

Admittedly, they wouldn't get to hear about it, because this happened to be a personal mission. His ultimate objective was finding one particular room in that base, and one particular man in it.

Spy had given it thought, and the unlikeliest place to be caught – the safest place to be – would be the Medic's own room. What with all the planning and scheming, there was no way to risk excursions outside any more, and Spy didn't let his quarry go easily, whether it was business or personal.

Not that the Medic was prey, but… he had to. He just had to.

Spy checked over his appearance, feeling it was a pity he had to spend most of his time in hiding after all this effort, before sneaking his way to the RED base.

It must have been easy for him, because RED were having some problems.

Medic returned to his room after a shower, needing to wash the soot and dirt away. Their training drill had not gone well: a badly-timed rocket jump and a few of demos bombs had seen Heavy injure his shoulder – he'd had a messy operation to deal with – and his Medigun took the brunt of the explosion, leaving it useless.

Fortunately, Engineer was already on the job, but for now Medic was tired, he ached, and he couldn't do much more until he had his weapon-of-choice back.

His room was immaculately tidy and clean, every medical journal stacked neatly and alphabetically… apart from one, which looked like it had been removed recently.

It caught Medic's eye, and he went to push it back into place. He hesitated, and reached for it, opening it slightly until a cut-out fell into his palm before replacing it. The cut-out was from the enemy profiles, and had a moody BLU Spy glaring out of the photo…

A knock at the door startled him, and he hurriedly slid the photo back into the journal before answering. "Coming!"

Engineer stood outside with a triumphant grin and cradling his Medigun. "She's workin' fine," he stated.

"Thank you, Herr Engineer," Medic said, taking his Medigun back. "It looks good as new."

"Heh, should be more efficient, too," Engineer said, pleased. "I'll let you rest up. I could hear Heavy screaming from the workroom."

"Danke, comrade," Medic said appreciatively with a nod, and he shut the door as the Engineer left.

He put the restored Medigun on his desk – he would test it later – and removed his lab coat with a sigh, thinking it was good to have a little time alone. Or at least, a little time to think about –

"Don't jump this time," came a quiet voice from behind him, and Medic wheeled around to see that familiar blue suit, mask, and smirk…

Medic looked at him for a moment, before grabbing the man, entirely taken by surprise, and pushing him backward onto his bed, glaring at him. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" he hissed, angry, his eyes burning behind his glasses. "You could be killed!"

Spy blinked. He'd never seen Medic angry with him, and it was actually unnerving. Although, pinned like he was, it also made him a little hot under the collar. "I told you," Spy said, quietly, "I would find somewhere safe. Where else could be safer than the one place no one would look?"

Medic still looked like he would love to throttle him. Spy was starting to regret his move, when suddenly, Medic collapsed onto him like he had been dying to all along, and held him.

"Gottdamm, I didn't think I would see you again."

Spy laughed, a little nervously at the sudden change of heart, and ruffled the Medic's hair with his free hands. "Ah, so you are not angry with me?" he asked hopefully.

"I wish I was," Medic grumbled, but lacking any sort of venom, looking pleased. "I thought, maybe, with… tension on the horizon…"

"Ah, battle." Spy understood. "Yes, it had crossed my mind. But, I thought, maybe, we are not fighting for politics. You and I are a different team, but a team ourselves, yes?"

Medic smiled in relief, and let Spy go in the realisation he was still bearing down on him, and sat on the bed beside him as the other man sat up. "That is good to know, Spy."

Spy nodded, glad the other man hadn't asked his name, and had accepted that would be his moniker, now they had the time and privacy to talk.

"Glad to see your Engineer fixed your cannon," Spy said conversationally, nodding towards the object on the desk opposite them.

"You are a strange one," Medic said, shaking his head. "He will have to kill you if he sees you, yet you seem glad."

Spy looked away momentarily. "Well, I'd like to make sure you're able to heal yourself," he muttered, mildly embarrassed, whilst rubbing at his arm uncomfortably.

Medic's sharp eyes noticed. "What's that?"

Spy blinked, not even realising he had been scratching there. "Ah. Barbed wire scratched me. Is nothing."

"Let me see it." Medic's tone was suddenly demanding and firm, and Spy found himself obeying, slipping off his jacket, a tell-tale rust-stain on the upper arm of his shirt. He undid the buttons, and slipped one half of it off.

"Keep scratching it and it will get infected," Medic chided, studying it. "I think the Medigun might be a little… overkill, so I will put antiseptic on it."

He got up, went to the drawer of his desk, and fished out cotton wool and a little bottle.

"I'm not a child," Spy protested, eyebrow raised.

The Medic rolled his eyes in response. "Good, then you will know to obey a doctor's orders," he countered, soaking the cotton, before dabbing it onto the cut.

It stung, of course, but the alcohol part of the antiseptic was cool, and the doctor's concerned eyes and gentle hands lying on his skin made Spy's heart flutter faster unexpectedly.
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"No need to be shy, all of a sudden," Medic said, with a smile. Before Spy could frown and ask what he meant, he clarified: "You're warmer."

"That is not me being shy, doctor," Spy said wryly.

Medic caught himself, realising what Spy meant. "Patience, my patient," Medic answered with a dark glint to his eyes, and produced a bandage from his pocket, wrapping it around Spy's arm.

Spy watched, admiring his diligence. Medic was quick and methodical, but focussed, intent on business before pleasure, it seemed. He was a man of many talents, then…

"Done," Medic stated, and surprised Spy by grasping his tie, and yanking him close. "So… what were you thinking?"

"Whatever you're thinking," Spy retorted, smiling, his shirt sliding down his arm with a jerk of his shoulder.

Both shirts were soon dispensed with, and the pair took the time they hadn't before on the small bed to explore with their hands every inch of skin. A small curse, and a pair of black gloves hit the floor, and a contented sigh followed.

Now that he was used to Spy appearing from nowhere, Medic was much more confident, massaging with his fingers and thumb in little circles all over Spy's back, who seemed to like it, judging by the little sound in his throat as he reached near the base of his spine, and a belt stopped him going any further.

Spy's eyes were closed, clearly enjoying the attention, and it was enough for Medic to consider Spy's philosophy: to take the risk. He pulled Spy down to him, and kissed him, to see how he would take it. When he found himself kissing Spy's masked chin and neck, and Spy was planting them in return over his cheek and temple, he considered it had paid off.

"Docteur," Spy said throatily, as their bodies meshed together in a way that made him shudder, aching and pressed against his thigh.

"Das fühlt- that feels good," Medic moaned softly, nearly forgetting to speak so he was understood.

Spy heard his slip, and chose that moment to slide over him until he could whisper in his ear. "Amant, je t'adore…"

Medic gasped and his hips bucked slightly. He could guess at some of what Spy whispered reverently, but his mind concocted the rest, and it all sounded good to him…

"N-no more," Medic groaned, and kissed Spy at the corner of his mouth whilst his hands pursued the other man's belt, jutting against his hip bone.

Spy raised his hips obligingly, revelling in the feel of his fingers as they unfastened belt and button and zip, stripping him to his boxers, before they aggressively took care of those too, Spy's hands assisting with the rest of the removal.

"What are you going to do with me?" Spy breathed, sitting up, giving the doctor a real eyeful as he straddled his waist.

Medic sat up and kissed his neck, licking and sucking whilst he unfastened his own belt. "In the drawer by my bed," he instructed in a breath, continuing to work off his tight jodhpurs with muttered curses.

Spy tensed momentarily, knowing what he meant, and he was half-trembling with anticipation as he stood up and opened the drawer. The suggestion shot down his spine like liquid adrenaline; he wanted it so badly and he was moments away from getting it…

When he turned around, he paused to see Medic in full, half-reclined on his bed, and a growl of approval escaped him as he rejoined him on the bed, exactly where they had left off. He silently uncapped the tube with his teeth, and slicked his fingers before tossing it to his partner, and prepared himself with next to no effort; he was eager.

Soon, he slid forward, nodding to Medic. Slowly, Medic eased inside him, assisting with a slightly trembling hand, whilst Spy kissed the other, keeping relaxed. They locked together, and then they were rocking together, sparks flying behind their eyes as they gave it their all, Spy demanding more and Medic giving it all the while.

The pace became more frenetic as the heat and pleasure spiralled upward, and when Spy reached to jerk himself to their rhythm, Medic suddenly shifted them both so he was on top, taking over the job at once, stroking him and pounding Spy as he lay spread-eagled across his bed, cursing and tossing his head deliriously.

"Yes…" Spy gasped hoarsely, feeling himself peak, and Medic was watching him hungrily, driving him higher and higher…

He shuddered, and with a muffled cry came hard into Medic's still-working fist, and in the following few moments, feeling the warm spread of orgasm inside him as Medic slumped onto his chest, whispering "oh god" over and over.

They lay there for a while, enjoying the moment, because both knew, deep down, there was a very real possibility one of them might not be alive next time – but neither would let that get in the way of the memory of mindblowing sex.

The hours had drifted on, and soon they had to say goodbye again.

"I hope I do not see you in battle," Spy stated.

"I'm sure I won't see /you/," Medic smiled in return.

"I was wondering… if we do see each other, then…"

"I will deliberately miss," Medic stated. "I will not kill the man I care about."

Spy realised what that stomach flutter had been, and now why it purred contentedly within. Like hell he was about to mention it.

"You have a deal, doctor. Do you have a plan? So I know you will be safe?"

"Oh, yes," Medic said. "In fact, I am thinking of an additional safeguard right now…"

A few days later, Spy moodily contemplated the upcoming battle, the futility of it: no matter what happened, either he failed BLU, or he watched Medic's teammates get hurt, or inflicted the injuries themselves. Had Medic considered this? How would he treat him in future if, say, he was forced to kill them –

"Oi, wanker," the dulcet tones of Sniper knocked him out of his thoughts. "Quit yer brooding for five minutes. Got something for ya." With that, Sniper tossed him a letter. "Check the mailbox next time, and don't make us come and find ya."

Spy glowered, but Sniper was already walking off. He shrugged, opening the envelope morosely. He wondered if headquarters had something important to say, because no one had any real reason to write to him; heck, most didn't even know his name.

The letter was a job offer. A nice salary. Spy was intrigued. Leaving here, well, he would be free of this stupid insular war, but there was always a catch, and he read all the way through. Sure enough, the same job, the same place, the same –

- it was from RED. A turncoat offer for assistance.

Near the bottom: "this offer has been made under the field recommendation of a member of RED. To reply, simply enter our base. We have been informed you already know how."

And signed by some headquarters pencil-pusher.

Spy considered. He had no particular loyalty to BLU. There seemed to be a lot of benefits for change… and he did think he looked better in burgundy than blue.

He grinned, crumpling the paper in his hand. He hoped Medic had already prepared a bed for him.

THE END, and that. Won't stop one-shots, further porn, and the like. Hope everyone enjoyed as a first-time TF2 fanfiction. And thanks for reading and all your comments, everyone! <3

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Don't ever stop writing Charshy ~<3

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God I grinned like an idiot the whole time I was reading this. :D

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That was just lovely :D

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oh my i like this end

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"He grinned, crumpling the paper in his hand. He hoped Medic had already prepared a bed for him."


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hahaha YAY.

write more :D

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Oh god, I just got to reading part 2 and this one. I absolutely love it. I /really/ hope someone will draw fanart of the frot scene in two...hell if I can get over my artist's block I might do it. Oh god, these were so incredibly sexy. MOAR <3

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XD Beautifully put... I should totally try and get Spy to say "ooh la la" sometime in a work of fiction.


I love and worship those with arty abilities and I have seen your arts (unf!) and if you did I WOULD BE A HAPPY CHARSHY. I hope that's an incentive, I fucking love getting fanart, it makes my toes wiggle. <3

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oh spah.

oh charshy.you write good.great to hear there will be more of this delicious writefagging going on.

prepared a bed for him?i suppose....it would be pretty cramped with the both of them.

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Thank you :D Yus, there shall be moar.

Yeah, it would be a squish on a permanant basis... but I'm sure they share rooms from time to time. :3

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we had an amazing did we not? and also the fic is AWESOME moar!
and also waiting for that Engineerxscoot fic you awesome person you.

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I knew people who pulled that in school, with the extra-long twin mattresses.
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