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For Pigeon -- In Which Scout Gets Raped (8)

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It always happened in dark places- hidden corners, shadowed corners, in the dead of night. Not this time. Not here, not now. The sun was shining right in his fucking eyes.

His hands were tied behind his back, his legs tied to the post. He could feel the blood trickling down his face. The bastards...

The two men laughed, hovering over him, as Sniper slipped a sugar cube into Scout’s mouth. “Suck on this. It'll be good practice for ya.”

As the sugar cube dissolved in his mouth, he watched as Spy pulled out some sort of syringe of chemicals. Oyster extract and oxytocin and whatever the hell he didn't understand all of it but they were injecting it into his spine and it tingled.

And suddenly it was hot and the world was spinning and he could hear his blood rushing and man... where the hell did all those fuckin' awesome colors come from...

Out of the corner of his eyes he could see his clothes sorta floating off. It was trippy. And gawd he was hot and he wanted someone to touch him.

Touch me damnit stop looking at me are you looking at me you are did I just say that out loud and oh man it's so fuckin' colorful.

He can taste the heat and he writhes, rolling his back up as Sniper grabs his hips, forcing himself on him. Oh man that's fucking weird but damn it's good and he's crying out for more and he can taste the heat and it's bright like the sun, hot white right behind his eyes and oh oh oh yes.

Sniper pulls out before the bubble can burst behind his eyes. Fuck you man fuck you. The white is fading but oh, it picks right up again when Spy clambers over him and fucks him hard.

The bastards stop each time just before it can peak, and he curses them out each time. And damnit there's a pigeon sitting on the fence watching them. Fuck you, damn pigeon. You're probably enjoying this.

And it goes on for hours, until finally he can't hold back and it bursts like a rainbow hard and oh god he feels like he’s dying but it’s so goddamn beautiful.

And it slowly comes back to him, oh man... the earth rolling under him and fuck it guys you can’t leave me here.


Oh fuck has that camera been there the whole time? And the goddamn pigeon's hopping around on the fence.

And he’s hot and sticky and the sun is BEATING DOWN on him.

Fuck it all.
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That lucky fucking pidgeon. I want a copy of that tape.

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I wish I could describe the noise I made when I read this, but if I tried really hard it would look something like:


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That was trippy and delicious. I love the way it was so sparse yet so intense.

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mmmmm.round two?

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This is very hot, and very well written. I love that in so few words, you've captured this hot, sticky, drugged out scene.

And it's a wonderful read.

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Hot, cracky, and fantastic.

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Haha oh wow.

I love the way you wrote this, very surreal. And sexy. Very sexy. :3
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