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LA Spy (with a special guest), By The Pool (6)

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The sun sets on yet another day in Los Angeles. From his poolside cabana, Spy has a gorgeous view of the Hollywood Sign and the sun setting over the city. His lush estate is spotted with tropical coconut palms.

He loosens his tie, stripping off his suit, layer by layer. It’s the perfect time for an evening dip. He carefully lays out his clothes by the side of the lounge chair, getting up. He is sensual in the way he moves, even when he is alone. He is a man very much in touch with his sexual side, and doesn’t quite care if the tabloids get pictures of him naked. It’s quite flattering, honestly, that they desire to take pictures of him.

His skin is perfectly tanned, not a white spot on him. Even the scar on his face is a nice light tan color. His wavy hair is slicked back, just barely tamed. He is beautiful and he knows it.

He slowly lowers himself into the gently sloping pool, the sandy bottom brushing against his feet. It is utter bliss when he finally sinks into the water. It’s just cool enough to offset the heat of the day, and warm enough that he won’t freeze when he gets out. His strokes are smooth, steady, and his muscles ripple gently under that tanned skin. He is poetry in motion.

There’s a moan from the cabana, and he smiles to himself. He always knew how to drive Sniper wild.
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MOAR LA TEAM! *pleads for Medic and Heavy*

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oh MAN.silent!spy has never been so.beautiful.the sex.silent.the sex.

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