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Sage-kun's Copypasta Guro (1)

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Not sure if this should go in ADULT or not, but just to safe, it's here.

Medic stuck a scalpel into Heavy as he moaned heavily, a mix of sheer pain and extreme pleasure. Medic carefully cut around the dark nipple, creating a perfect circle, like he does every time. As Heavy's red, bleeding tissue was exposed, Medic felt his cock get harder, as did Heavy's. Heavy screamed in a mix of emotions as Medic starting on the other nipple, taking care to not cut any of the hair away; it must be a perfect cut. He then pulled Heavy into a deep, bloody kiss.

Heavy revelled in this new sensation, and asked Medic for more not with his voice but with his actions: he grabbed the scalpel from Medic's hand. He then plunged the scalpel the scalpel into his thigh, moaned loudly, and shouted

Heavy slowly pulled the scalpel up his thigh, making sure to cut directly down the center. Medic took pleasure in the perfection of the symetry, but made sure to cut the other thigh in the same place to make it perfect. Heavy and Medic's cuts met at the belly, where they connected right at the navel. A perfect symmetry of blood and muscle tissue. Again, Medic moaned loudly, seeping in the perfection of the slices, the perfect shape of the incisions.

He stuck his tongue deep into Heavy's navel. A rush of tastes overflowed in Medic's mouth; blood, muscle, fat, unmatched pleasure. Heavy, almost at the point of orgasm, moaned loudly as his insides were being licked; the pain and pleasure blended perfectly. Medic too was close to a climax, so he prepared himself with a bonesaw in each hand. As both men moaned loudly in pleasure and pain, Medic jammed the bonesaw into Heavy's shoulder. Both men screamed loudly as they ejaculated, and the bonesaws went right through Heavy's arms.

Like a hot knife through margerine, the bonesaws went right through the shoulder; bone, sinew, muscle, nerve, all falling to the sharpness of the Medic's toys. Heavy screamed louder than every before as semen splattered all over his bleeding thighs and Medic's back. The pain was simply unbearable; no man could ever contain that much joy in a single ejaculation.
He knew he had to go again.

He jammed his massive penis into Medic's tight butt, tearing open the sphincter like a rubber band snapping. The combination of blood and semen lubricated Heavy's hard cock as it penetrated deeper, ravaging Medic's anus. With each thrust, Medic groaned louder than ever before: he finally could experience a fraction of the pain that he dealt to his lover; he was happy. Both men knew the other was close to another orgasm, and Medic prepared the scalpel once again: this time jammed into his own belly. As Heavy shouted "I'M CUMMING", Medic aknowleged his partner's wish.

As both men orgasmed once more, Medic shot the scalpel down the center of his body. His belly exploded in a mix of blood, semen, and intenstines. The force of Heavy's ejaculation splattered the mix of body parts all over Heavy's bleeding belly.

Heavy sighed with relief; he knew they had both acheived ultimate pleasure. As Medic's body collapsed over Heavy's in death, Heavy cried a single tear; a tear of joy. He knew he would be with his lover soon, a straight descent to hell after experiencing heaven. As Heavy closed his eyes, he heard one last word, coming from an intercom in the corner of the room.


The lovers opened their eyes and stared at each other in disbelief.
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