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The Twinscoots vs Engie's Box o' Rape (9)

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Oh god pooooooorn. Apologies for any inconsistencies, written for the most part at retarded o'clock (it's just before/after/between rape o'clock).

Hope you enjoy!

This is for/inspired by Charshy's lovely box o' rape.


"'Sup old man?"

Even before he'd looked around, Engineer knew that the voice had spoken for two. The Scouts always sounded cocky, but when they were together.. they gained a whole new level of attitude. He loosened his wrench from the bolt, and looked back over his shoulder.

"What do you want, boys?"

They were stood together in the doorway, one Scout's hand on his hip, weight on his elbow against the frame. The other was draped against him, one leg kicked back behind the other, and together they made the perfect pair. Scout one grinned, slid a hand around the other's waist when Engie's gaze settled on them.

"What're you makin' for us today?" Scout two lifted his arm from Scout one's shoulders, so that he could saunter forward instead. Tsk, no respect for personal space, Engie thought to himself. With a smile, it should to be said. He turned his head back to his work, however, to hide it from the kids' prying attentions.

"This 'en't for you boys." He murmured in his warm baritone, tightening the bolt again before standing to lift the contraption from the low bench. He placed it on a shelf, then turned back to the two.

Sigh. Already they had their mits on his tools, Scout two grabbing and scrutinizing the various items on his worktop, Scout one at his back, 'oo'ing and 'ahh'ing as they were examined then tossed away. He let this go on until the Scouts' attentions turned to the drawers where the more delicate instruments were kept, and then he halted them with a loud clearing of the throat.

"Close that door and follow me."

..and immediately one of the two was up and moving to swing it shut, joining his twin again to pad after Engineer as he headed through and into his more.. private, workshop. He was smiling in his own, quiet manner and he knew that the boys were grinning behind him as the second door clicked closed and locked.

"Where is it then?"
"Yeah, c'mon man, don't hold out on us."

Ah, they were always so impatient. Engineer quirked an eyebrow as the two stood just in front of the closed door, leaning against each other much like before, two pairs of blue eyes fixed firmly on him. He chuckled, and turned away to open the large cupboard to the side of the room.

"Now you boys had better be careful with this one." He was blocking their view as he leaned down to pick whatever 'this' was up, and he heard the impatient clicking of tongues. Engineer just continued, voice a little tinged with amusement. He couldn't get annoyed when there was so much fun in store. "I spent a long time workin' on her."

"Yeah yeah, we know. You think we haven't been waitin'?" The whine was prominent, but followed by a snort as his partner toned in. "Careful? Hell if I'm bein' careful, I'm goin' all out!"

Engineer was laughing when he turned around, and continued even as the boys' expressions deadpanned, brows creasing above lidded eyes. He held in his arms a box, quite like any other. It could be one of his sentries, for all anyone would know. They were clearly not impressed.

"Relax, you'll like this." He stopped chuckling as he set it down in the centre of the room, and they untangled themselves from one another to pace around it, expressions dour. He straightened up and opened his arms, stepping back to give them space. "Enjoy."

He was not surprised to receive a scornful look from one of the Scouts, but he just shrugged his shoulders, arms crossing against his chest as he leant back against the wall. The gaze was returned to the sizeable box instead, which proved even less responsive.

"Shit. How are we meant to do this?" One of the Scouts crouched down at one end of the box, head low as he reached to run his fingers along the edges, then the flat surfaces. Was he seeking out partitions, or hidden catches with those slow sweeps of his fingertips? Engineer found it quite appealing, seeing the boy touch the product of his hard work so tenderly. But he wouldn't get anywhere; None of Engineers works could be opened by such unsure fingers.

"...Fuck this!" At the other end of the long box, Scout two had become impatient. For all that he'd said he'd be careful (or.. was that the other?) he clearly wasn't planning on it, as he pulled his foot back and swung. It hit the end of the box sharply, causing it to jolt violently and suddenly there came a telling hiss. Scout one jumped to his feet just in time as the top of the box flipped open, the machinery inside twisting and unfurling with a clank and whirr. It really was like watching a sentry unfold.

..Except with extras.

"..Dude!" The word came out staggered, because too much of Scout two's breath was being used up on shocked, almost awed laughter. Scout one was joining him in it, shaking his head as he watched everything stop.. well, jiggling.

Then he was crouching down again, and this time his eyes were on Engineer when he reached out to touch the device. Now that it had set itself up it was no longer a collection of sharp edges, but instead curved, softer. It was long enough and clearly shaped for two people to straddle, sloped at the sides and slightly along the length, providing two dips for seating. All in all it looked, really, quite comfortable. Or would have, had the dips not also been home to some rather interesting fixtures.

"You really had fun on this one, huh," he grinned, reaching out to curl his hand around the phallus closest to himself. Whereas Engineer had found his earlier touches appealing on a purely personal level, this was now done with blatant intent and he found it even more irresistible. He smirked from beneath the shadow that the low lights cast across his face, and pulled a small, square remote from his pocket. The other hand produced a tube of lubricant, caught deftly when he threw it to Scout one. "The fun's just startin', boys."

A grin not unlike his own was exchanged between the two, and then they were both standing, toeing off sneakers and tugging at their shirts. And each other's, too - they always gave a good show, even when they were in a hurry. Engineer watched them, eyes lidded behind his goggles, lips curved pleasantly. Lightly tanned skin was rapidly being revealed, as the Scouts' hats came off along with their shirts, and they pressed their brows together for a hurried meeting of lips. His eyes were busy, however, following the downward paths of their hands.. Already wrapped fingers were undoing belt buckles or sliding under layers of fabric, and one Scout let out a moan and a laugh as he was pulled forward, to grind hip-to-hip with his partner, their dog tags clinking.

But this could be done any time, and the two seemed to know it because they were only kissing for a brief moment longer, then parting to shove down trousers and pants, letting them pool at their feet. Scout two leant down to tug off his socks, but one left his and was already picking up the lube from where it had fallen to the floor, kneeling as he uncapped it and spread some across his fingers. It was his turn to fix Engineer with a wide grin as he began to slick one of the dildos, and shortly Scout one had joined him, and they leant together for a kiss while their hands worked, all tongues and flashes of brilliant teeth.

At last they seemed ready, because they broke apart without needing to say a word, both looking down at the machine. Scout two was the first one on, weight on his hands and knees as he shifted up and positioned himself. He reached between his legs to guide the head of the dildo, and then he was lowering himself onto it, in slow, soft movements up and down, exhaling and softly groaning as it stretched him. Engineer realised he wasn't the only one watching; Scout one's gaze was also fixed hotly onto the scene.
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Scout two's hips gave a final twitch, and he was seated firmly at last. His hands reached out and pulled his twin forward, until he too was straddling the machine, their knees rubbing. Their mouths came together as he did as his twin has done, soon settled and unable to keep his hands off of the other. Engie was content to watch them for a little while, hands sliding over boyish hips and up to bury in short blonde hair, before he remembered the remote in his gloved palm.

There were plenty of things that he had lined up for them, but he decided to go for the simple touch first. With a gentle flick of the first dial the machine began humming, a low and indistinct sound, but one which had a most definitely distinct effect on the boys. Scout one broke their kiss to let out a sound of surprise as the vibrations began to flood his senses, running not only up inside but also along where the both of them sat, and the hang of their balls laid. Engineer chuckled to see him rock his hips against the sensation, and Scout two captured his lips with his own again, a little fiercer now. A muffled moan could be heard as Engie upped the intensity a little, and he was pleased to see Scout two's lips curl into an irresistible smile, the other's tongue between them.

But this was only a warm-up, would be nothing compared to the real fun that was to come. And Engineer had already grown hard in his denims. He pulled off one glove, let it drop to the floor as he unbuckled his belt (it joined the glove, but with a heavier sound) and undid the front panel of his overalls, letting it flop down below his waist. But, other than unbuttoning his shirt a little, he didn't yet do anything further - didn't reach down to touch himself. Instead he brought his fingers to the second dial on the remote, and gently twisted it up.

This time both of the Scouts let out sounds of surprise, breaking apart as they jerked, and cast shocked gazes downward. The machine was moving, slowly but evenly beneath them, rocking with a sort of wave like motion. In fact, it was almost like the movement of a bucking bronko; Except a lot less violent. For now, anyway, Engie joked with himself. The boys' expressions shifted when they worked out what was happening, from surprise to amusement to brows puckered with pleasure. He turned the dial a little more, bringing the speed up, and they began to rock with the motion - had to, really, rising up on their knees as each of their ends lifted in turn. Arms wrapped about skinny torsos, hands tousling hair as the rhythm was set, and their chests met to slide together. They tried to kiss, missed each other's lips and laughed, but the sound was soon cut off as the two began to moan instead. Scout two pressed his open mouth to his partner's jaw, drug it down his neck as his head pulled back, bringing the curve of his neck taut. Scout one was always the first to give into pleasure, and also the one to display it the most openly. Engineer upped the pace again so that he could watch the quicker rocking of his hips, and the arch of his lithe little back as he groaned all the louder.

"Ah.. ahh--!" He sounded perfect, his gasped breaths and little high-pitched moans just the right counter-part to the low humming of the machine. And though the visuals were stunning, it was this that finally sent Engineer's free hand down, to reach beneath the waistband of his underwear and draw his erection out. His other hand rested the remote on the table so that he could control the speed as he wrapped his fingers around his cock, and began to stroke.

Engineer wasn't the only one enjoying the show, as Scout two had now pulled back, and his lidded eyes were fixed firmly on his twin's body as it arched away from him. They were both sweating, now, both from the room's temperature and their activities, their dog-tags sticking and sliding against their chests. Scout one's arms lifted up, one of his hands finding and clasping onto Scout two's slim shoulders, and the other dropped down, between them.

But it didn't reach his erection, because there was already a grip upon it, his twin's movements one step ahead of him. His hand-wraps were damp, fastenings coming loose until they were practically unfurled, and it was with a mixture of cloth and bare skin that he jerked his partner off. With his own cock being taken care of, the first Scout put his hand to work on the other's, his strokes a little jerky, erratic. Scout two bowed his head, back hunched as he rocked, dog-tags clinking against each other over the sound of his hiss breaths.

Engineer knew it wasn't going to be long, either for them or himself. His fingers a little shaky, he turned the first dial on the remote up a notch further, until the buzzing of the machine's vibration increased, both in volume and pitch. His head tipped back, hard hat awkward against the wall, but he forced his eyes to stay open, and watch the final scene unfold.

..And they didn't leave him waiting, or wanting. He heard rather than saw Scout one's orgasm coming, his voice hitching, cutting a moan short only to replace it with a louder second. He was still arched upward, ass rolling as he lifted himself against the thrust of the machine, meeting the drive of the dildo. And his cock was still in his partner's hand, which was pumping harder than before, and the final sign was a tensing of his shoulders, and, most deliciously of all, the curling of his toes within his long white socks. Then he was crying out, and jets of white were hitting their bellies and both the hands which worked between them. He couldn't really keep his strokes going any longer, but tried his best and, as he squeezed Scout two's cock the other followed along after. Rather than arch, he was hunched with his blonde head bowed, and he shook as he came, thrusting his dick into the other's grip and smearing his come against his wrapped palm.

And of course there was no way Engineer could possibly witness all this without toppling over the edge himself. He clenched his jaw against the cries which welled up, but could not hold back a final, thick groan when orgasm hit, hard hat pushed back against the wall, revealing his furrowed brow.

When he finally came down from it and opened his eyes, he realised that he hadn't turned the machine off; And the boys were not longer looking quite so up to the pounding it was delivering. He quickly eased the pace down, until he could click it off altogether, and leave the remote on the table to make his way over.

"Well, boys?" His voice was hoarse, but was in no where near the state of their's when they looked up, a truly bedraggled pair. Scout one was shaking now, but he grinned weakly, and Engineer was sure he could spot the glow coming from the top of his head right down to the tips of his white-socked toes.

"Yeah.." He'd damn well worn his voice out, with all that moaning. He laughed to hear it, and put his arms around the other Scout's waist, pulling him to lean against him as he nodded up at Engineer. "Yeah, that was a good one." And they both chuckled when Scout one chimed in, lowly, "damn understatement of the year, that is."

It took a moment for them to collect themselves, but eventually Engineer was able to help them up, their arms flung around his shoulders for support. Oh, those strong Scout legs had been reduced to nothing at all! Jelly, they were, and Engineer teased them ruthlessly as he helped them to the far wall, and the waiting bed. But for once they were too tired to respond, only humming "thank you Engie"s as he lowered them there, and then, when he tried to get back up to sort the machine out, tug him in too. He didn't really put up much of a fight, falling gladly onto the sheets between them. He kept his shirt on but, at their tired complaints, kicked off his overalls. And so it was sweaty, sleepy, but most of all satisfied that the three curled beneath the blankets, and went to sleep.

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brain breakage is eminent.

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You are absolutely, totally fantastic. Totally.

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This was EPIC.

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You used the word "jiggling", and this is a brave and wonderous thing in the realm of fanfic, where all manner of euphemisms are employed to avoid the horrific truth of the matter. SO YOU WIN AN INTERNET.

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That was moar awesome than... well a lot of things. XD

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nyuuuuu nice. :3c

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anon number 4 is me.
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