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lmao yessss (5)

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A firm hand slapped against Scout's firm ass, words murmured with fervour, scolding and shame all rolled into one long string of unintentionally husky words against the boy's ear. Sniper wasn't gay, you see. Just more than a little frustrated, because he had needed a bit of relief, you know, and so when Scout wandered in on him beating around his bush so to speak… the kid's gotta be punished. You think he'd learn to be a little more aware of his surroundings, but no. Not at all, really, just loud and crude and obnoxious as fuck-- more so than he was helpful. So Sniper dragged the kid into his hideyhole, pissed at being interrupted more than anything, and despite protests he shoves the boy against the wall-- and smacks his ass, three sharp taps.

He hissed words in that thick Australian accent right into Scout's ear, asking and demanding in one if the brat was ever going to learn how to fucking knock on a goddamn door--Scout writhes and tries to push off from the wall, yelping what the FUCK are you doing old man, letting out surprised cries.

Sniper curtly says, enunciating every single goddamn syllable that Scout had interrupted something VERY GODDAMN IMPORTANT, and slaps his ass erratically, intentionally not keeping a pace-- varying strength and pace. He smirks cruelly and sneers that if Scout can't learn to knock from being yelled at and turned out repeatedly, well. Then he just needed a fucking practical application, yeah? Just like a fucking toddler. How old are you, mate? Obviously not quite old enough to do what you're GODDAMN TOLD.

Scout struggled, kicking backwards before sniper abruptly knees the backside of is leg, telling the squirming, bitching boy to hold the FUCK STILL and take his punishment. Brats get punished in fitting manners. The blond snarls that he's going to fucking KILL Sniper, there's no way he's going to fucking get away with this, sneering and calling him a fag, a cockfag, but the blows that follow make him release a strangled cry, hissing that he didn't know Sniper was this fucking GAY.

Pointedly, if possible to be even more cut and dry, Sniper's voice dropped to that level. Yanking down Sniper's pants after RIPPING the belt off, his lip curling. You think that's GAY, Scout? He's just punishing a fucking annoying brat, and he is NOT A FUCKING FAGGOT-- he smirks, and asks viciously if Scout WANTS him to be? His laughter rings through his hidey hole of a nest. Grinning crudely, Sniper continues to tease the boy relentlessly. You scouts all have a reputation, you know. Fucking faggot sluts, all of you. He smiles nastily, and smacks a bare ass, tsking. Not even a whore, eh mate? At least the whores get paid.
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re; ok go's 'a million ways'

RA: this song makes me think of a stalkery sniper fucking scout in a dress on the club flooor lawl :C
RA: >:D
Novichok: Why a dress
RA: or a skirt.
RA: actually i like skirt better
RA: one of those obscene ones
RA: that is for all practical purposes a belt
Novichok: Mm, yes.
Novichok: You could fuck someone with a skirt on without many people noticing.
RA: yesss.
RA: and how scout undulates.
Novichok: Oh god, and the flickery lights that make everyone sort of "skip"
RA: yesss
RA: strobelightget
Novichok: Yeah.
RA: and sniper murmuring into scout's ear that he's been waaatching him.
RA: calling him a slutty girl, and scout has like a black or pink or blue bob wig on
Novichok: Ahaha what the hell :D
RA: hay hair has gotta be convincing!
RA: also bobs are good for distracting from adam's apple! |D
RA: and he stroookes scout's throat with his fingers, rough and callous and scout has his arms gripping sniper's side alternating between whatthefuckkk and nott hereee and annnhhnnn
Novichok: I am now imagining him in a wig ohlawd.
RA: and it'd get all askew <3
RA: smeared lipstick

RA: searching hands groping scout's nipples- prolly pierced! *D
RA: 8D
Novichok: Let's just go mad with this then
RA: i see spy
RA: as dj.
RA: pyro can be a fetish club goer or something.
RA: latex people always like gasmasks too
RA: for some reason.
RA: idkkk roflll
RA: i just like sniper being the creepy too old guy to be going to the club and watches scout and fufufuu
RA: why is my sniper always a creeper
Novichok: He IS creepy. The way he murmurs.
RA: :9\
RA: i am so excited for my ram to get installllledd adsassd
Novichok: Aha, just imagined scout waking up and WHAT IS SNIPER DOING IN MY BED
Novichok: And his arms around him so he can't move without waking him.
RA: ahah yes
RA: and legs intertwined
RA: and skirt still on just practically to his chest
RA: tiny top strewn around, shoes on the floor, wig next to him all mussed
Novichok: And hickeys.
RA: yessss
RA: everywhere
RA: hipbones
RA: neck
RA: chest
RA: inner THIGHS.
Novichok: A rather mussed up and dozy Scout looking down at him doing that.
RA: it'd be best if he didn't even have to give him much cos scout loads up on drugs anyway 8D
RA: already given the material to work with!
RA: putty in his hands!
RA: but perhaps he gave extra just in case.
Novichok: It'd be rather awkward, waking up in Sniper's house or something. Unless it was just a hotel room. Maybe just a hotel room then. Cuz oh god I imagined him having photos of him LIKE A STALKER
RA: ahaha
RA: yes
RA: no
RA: motel
RA: less questions
RA: pictures of him sleeping or while they're fucking or if he installed a lil video camera.
Novichok: Oh god, if he recorded it.
Novichok: Eee. Creepy husky laughing during sex.
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Novichok: >:|
RA: !
RA: !
RA: :D
RA: yess
RA: creepy CHUCKING and rasping voice
RA: voice like sandpaper.
RA: fingers in scout's mouth while being fucked just to make him suck ont hem
Novichok: And imagine Scout watching the tape of this. Or seeing photos. OHGOD D;
Novichok: What position? :V
RA: i see scout laid out on the bed, or slumped over on top of sniper just enough so sniper can kiss him as he pleases
Novichok: And he'd never just do a little peck, it'd always be the sort of FACEMUNCH kind.
RA: starts out as a bite, dragging scout closer with a hand on the back of his neck
RA: then kissing omnomnonmn
Novichok: Hand on the back of his neck, so he can feel his head roll back during orgasm or something. Weird little things like that :<
RA: yesss <3
RA: not once ever touching scout's cock maybe-- cos he doesn't have to
RA: but would later spend lots of time just blowing him. no touching of anything else -- just sucking. maybe XD
Novichok: + cockring
RA: yes >:9
RA: or maybe if he loses stamina
RA: pops in a toy
RA: just sits with him and hairpets and talks, leaving hickeys all ovar
Novichok: Ahaha sniper, you so creepy.
Novichok: I think it should be photos, though. Those always seem sorta eerie.
RA: yess
RA: and i bet a little cork board
RA: with pushpins
RA: yess 8o
RA: i see scout waking up with a collar on his neck and tied to the bed
Novichok: AHAHA.
RA: hahaha yes
Novichok: And then Sniper wakes up.
Novichok: 8[
RA: 'good mornin', sunshine.' grope.
RA: scout: what the fuc--ahh--- don't do that! who ARE YOU?!
Novichok: Ah, so he doesn't know Sniper?
RA: iiam :o
RA: maybe he does!
Novichok: Turns around and OH IT'S YOU
RA: 'y-you? what the--nnhmn-- hey! no! i ---'
Novichok: He'd have to let him go /eventually/, right?
Novichok: ... Right? :o
RA: probably rofl
Novichok: Waking up in Sniper's house, YOU AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE
RA: that exact situation is occuring in an rp i am doing right now rofl
RA: scout wakes up all dressed in new clothes and a new wig outside his door.
RA: a little note pinned to his skirt
RA: bold, thick letters, a bit messy.
RA: "see you on thursday."
Novichok: D:!
RA: gives scout time to debilitate
RA: if he does not come sniper will finddd 8D~
Novichok: He can be in the toilets of some restaurant and he'll still be there.
RA: and be like 'what a bad lil girl. little sluts have t'be punished, eh?'
Novichok: Standing outside the cubicle.
RA: yes
RA: dude
RA: dude
RA: mirrorsex
RA: scout in an actual dress having to hold it up
RA: in front
RA: sniper fingering/rimming from behind
RA: then sniper pushes him into it
RA: fucks him against the mirror
RA: |D
Novichok: What kind of dress :o
RA: princess dress.
RA: i see sniper trying to get like
RA: scout to say 'i am a pretty pretty princess' lawl
RA: 'i...i am-- ahn. i'm a pretty. nonon-- mnnah! i'maprettyprincess!'
Novichok: I have a think for maid dresses.
Novichok: *thing
RA: that too for sure.
Novichok: One that cuts below the nipples.

RA: in big heels, toy inside, has to clean the room before he gets a treat--
RA: no cockring
RA: if he can't contain himself?
RA: well.
RA: punishment follows.
Novichok: What sort :D
Novichok: Oh god, some weird world where Scouts are sold as commodities D:
RA: oh god XD
RA: it's like a pervy male chobits land!! >|D
Novichok: SCOUT MODEL D49
RA: teehee
RA: maid dress
RA: makes me think of lala.
RA: :C
Novichok: I have him in my head, red in the face and eyes looking away like "Okay /fine/ I put it on, are you happy?"
RA: yess
RA: sand like
RA: tugging down
RA: on the frot
Novichok: YES
RA: legs sort of going on
Novichok: That's what I saw
RA: trying to hide
Novichok: ..I am giggling at SCOUT CHOBIT right now.
Novichok: Now I'm giggling at Sniper daydreaming about Scout chobit.
RA: hahaha
Novichok: All "Ahn~! M-master!"
RA: "huwuuhhifg what"
Novichok: Imagine him waking up and staring at sa REALLY MAD SCOUT
RA: all redfaced
RA: features all screwed up
RA: all 3:<
Novichok: When you said redfaced, you made me think of it being really hot, so he's got his shirt tied around his waist or something.
Novichok: So Sniper is like >:| ... :|
RA: :|~
Novichok: And then daydreaming again.
RA: i see normal scout waking up
RA: with a pierced nipple
RA: no one in sight
RA: no one disturbed
RA: just a ring with a little S tag.
RA: engineer: i don't ask questions, i just...don't ask questions anymore.

3 .

Novichok: "This is the creepiest practical joke ever played. :|"
RA: Miguel let out a low, steady keening sound, almost a whine and a whimper in one, relief flooding him as he heard the belt clink as it hit the floor. He hiccupped again, wanting to rub his eyes childishly-- and did so, swallowing his next sobs. His mouth parted easily, biting on the grape and tasted that sweetness, food! For the first time in closer to two days minus that nibble that got him into this big mess. He shifted on Ivan's lap, feeling childish and ..small. His teeth nibbles a little at the strong fingers invading his mouth, awkwardly licking and sucking at them-- almost a thank you, of sorts, for feeding him. He looked hazily over his shoulder, up at Ivan with hazy eyes, cheeks flushed and letting out a little sob and a hiccup as he turns back, reaching out to take a bit of meat from his hand, licking at the hand, all thoughts of betrayal and hurt and fear slipping from his mind. Ivan was…feeding him. Food was good, and he was-- ah! Being fingered and fed at the same time was blissful, and part of him wanted to slap him, but the other half was content. When Ivan praised the hitman, he whimpers, eyes shutting tightly closed, tears collecting a little at the corner of his eyes, nibbling at the next bite of food a little noisily. When the vampires caresses his prostate, Miguel whimpers, back tightening and hips bucking back sharply against Ivan, instead of following in lazy tandem. He whimpers in more ways than one, a little bit louder with his lapping at the hand, lips smacking a little. Thought was beyond Miguel, for now, and though it lingered, for now he was…a good boy. He was a good boy. Ivan said so.
RA: 8D
RA: yesss rofl
RA: and realising hayy that ...mmntingles when i twist it sort of!
Novichok: Eyes flicking side to side. Well, no one will know if I keep it on /right now/.
RA: sniper would 'accidentally' brush his arm against it when bumping by
Novichok: :| I'm out of ideas :[
RA: scout playing with it idly.
RA: at night.
RA: wondering what the s stood for
RA: cos well
Novichok: I find that kinda cute actually.
RA: scout
RA: sniper
RA: spy
RA: so many choices!
Novichok: SLAG >:U
RA: maybe a little 'Snpr'
RA: instead
RA: to clarify.
RA: 8D
RA: and it becomes a little game
RA: sniper finds scout
RA: at night
RA: one day he wakes up with a hickey on his inner thigh.
RA: wakes up with an earring
RA: lmaaooo
RA: a sniper
RA: somewhere
RA: would so BRAND scout
Novichok: I can imagine him waking up during it, just once.
RA: haha yes
RA: but maybe like
RA: trying to pretend
RA: he's still asleep
RA: peeking out by baarely opening his eyes,
RA: but sniper knows.
RA: his breathing has changed.
RA: little pet on the leg, little stroke on the chest, lips curving against the neck.
RA: 'i know you're awake.'
Novichok: Uh ohhh
Novichok: Would he open his eyes? I can see him sorta muttering "Y-yeah."
RA: like one
RA: "Yeah?" fingers brushing on his inner thigh, up those shorts, pressing down on the hickey from before, chuckling raspylike. "Izzat all y'got t'say?"
RA: |D
Novichok: "...Yeah."
Novichok: Almost sighing it. You got me, snipah :<
RA: awww <3
RA: More laughter, fingers tugging on the ring, toying with it. "I see y'still have it." Fingers creeping upwards-- the gloved ones. "I've seen ya, havin yer fun with it." Smirk. Bite on the neck.
Novichok: Well, not much you can say to that and still retain a shred of dignity. Just a shuddering sigh as his hands move up to grab at his vest, goddamn, "Ya creep."
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Novichok: CURSES
RA: "I know." Thumb running a smooth line over Scout's cock-- tighty whiteys. how...fitting. "I've got another for you." Calloused fingers just tugging on that ring, rubbing the tender nub. "Spread yer legs, pretty boy."
Novichok: [I love how these things just sort of run into RP.]
RA: [it is quite handy]
Novichok: "You're not stickin' any more metal in me," he'd mutter, still half-asleep, weakly trying to push him off- ohh, that felt good. He'd do his best to keep his knees together, though goodness knows he was just playing hard to get.
RA: "Whoever said y'had a say in this?" Sniper's hands jerked those shorts down with extra force, spreading his legs without much trouble. "Don't you play coy," he hisses, nipping with a warning bite against Scout's neck, tiny and sharp. "I've /heard/ you, too." Cryptic words to anyone but them.
Novichok: "F-fuck!" Son of a bitch, so much for manners. If he was gonna start sticking things /down there/ he wasn't gonna be too happy, but true. He didn't exactly have much say in this. "I bet you hear a lotta things, ya creep," he muttered, keeping his voice low in his throat, last thing he wanted was someone /else/ in on this.
RA: "Awww," he murmurs, voice raspy-- his chainsmoking habits are showing-- a little mockingly. "Don't be such a tot." Hand gropes Scout, thoroughly, with a rougher hand than absolutely necessary, lips moving to suck on his neck. Their teammates know rather well what that telltale bruise means, and Sniper doesn't give two shits. "I do. I hear you mumbling my name a little, don't I, mate?"
Novichok: Fuckin' creep, that's what he is, but when he opens his mouth to say he only manages a stifled moan, biting down on his lip and trying to keep his hips still against that /hand/ of his. He's tired, he can't keep himself under control quite right - Sniper picked a good time to prey on him. "Y-you wish, ya fuckin' pervert."
RA: Sniper smirks, his gaudy sunglasses discarded for the night, that hat tipped back a little on his head as chapped lips move down to bite /on/ Scout's collarbone, laving his tongue against it, leaving another sucking kiss. His fingers, covered in that soft, soft leather, dragging the underwear down abruptly, fisting it a few times, uncaring of later pain that might result. His thumb pets the head, rubbing. "I'll pierce this, too, mate," he smirks, pressing down a little hard. "Another little Sniper tag, yeah?" Chuckling, he lets his other hand grope Scout's ass. "Or I could brand ya."
Novichok: "D-don't you fuckin dare!" There? No, he had to be kidding. No way was he gonna be sticking a needle /there/. Another hickey. He had quite a collection going on here, now and oh god he's hard already and didn't fucking realise and his face was already bright red, not that you could tell, it was so dark he could barely see Sniper but he could feel that grin. "Brand? I'm not some fuckin' animal."
RA: :D
Novichok: swearan gaems
RA: Sniper snickers, digging his thumb into Scout's cockhead, spreading precome around it, the rest of his hand twisting some. "If y'haven't noticed, mate," the australian croons in that rough voice of his, FEELING the heat coming off the wriggling boy in waves, "I do wha' I please." His hand moves off of the boy's ass, forcibly shoving several fingers into his mouth, smirking as his mouth travels down the blond's chest. "Says you."
RA: |D
Novichok: His hips squirm, unsure of whether to back away or to buck up into that hand. Oouh, it was good, that hand on his ass pressing and kneading his flesh - but not the idea of having a piece of metal stuck in his cock. Naturally, he was rather reluctant. Not like Sniper was going to back down on this, even if he /did/ leave him for now, no doubt he'd wake up with a new addition down there. "Yeah, you wish, yo- mph!" cut off, rather indignantly by those fingers, warm tongue twitching and writhing against the intruding hand.

RA: Sniper laughed a little too loud, and it was bound to wake Spy or Soldier or Medic, any of the lighter sleepers. Medic and Soldier would have the good graces to return to slumber, but...Sniper didn't trust Spy. "Yer a slut, kid," he murmured, fucking Scout's mouth with three fingers in a steady pace, relishing in that tight, hot mouth. "An' I don' need to 'wish.'" Fingers withdraw and return downwards, one not so slim digit forcing itself in, Sniper shhhing the boy, stealing a kiss that was more tongue and teeth than anything.

Novichok: Scout's grip on Sniper's vest tightened, eyes shutting with a muffled whimper and taking in a hot breath as those fingers left - "N-no, f-fuck," and then let out again as a shuddering sigh stifled by the other's mouth on his, thighs spreading and hips rising to meet his hand. Goddamnit, Sniper.
Novichok: Yah I'm tired short post D:
RA: goddamnit, sniper.
Novichok: Awk man I can do better than that
RA: :o
Novichok: I must be damn tired BUT NO I WANT MY PORN
RA: it's fine !
RA: Sniper listened ever so carefully to those little sounds, memorising them so that he could recall them later-- little whimpers, low mumbles, little breathy sighs that went juuuust so. What an easy route to Scout's heart-- he liked kisses, apparantly. A lot. He didn't really kiss Scout--it was more like a forceful invasion, but from the way that boy moved he didn't really seem the mind. Two fingers wormed their way into the teen's ass, starting on a slow, deliberate rhythm.
RA: D8 sorry for late
Novichok: Augh D: if I post it might be shite
RA: 8D so
Novichok: ok fine :<

4 .

Novichok: Well, fuck being coy. Scout's arms placed themselves around his neck, one hand grabbing the back of his shirt for support as he pressed in close, back arching whenever those fingers brushed near that sensitive spot inside, moaning and sighing into the kiss with a shive oh god go faster just a bit more! He desperately rocked against that hand, breaking that kiss for a breath, hot and panting, cheeks red and eyes shut tight. Yeah. Fuck being coy. Sure as hell was gonna be teased about this but seriously now, fuck it.
RA: Sniper was pleased with how...easy Scout was. He had, for some reason, a notion that the boy would've been harder to get to. His chest thrust forward so prettily, making the best sounds and movements, so...wanton. "What a good boy," the reclusive man said in his low purr of a voice, "Y'blush so pretty, mate," he continued, still chuckling lowly. It was almost obscene, to see him red to his chest and toes curling in the socks and dog tags just barely clinking in the night. "Moan for me."
Novichok: Of course he'd be easy. He's so damn tired he can't fight him off and goodness knows he was probably in the middle of some wet dream anyhow when Sniper got to him, not to mention Sniper /knows/ exactly what to do. Almost methodical. He could feel that warm flush spread at the sound of the low murmur of his voice, burying his face between Sniper's shoulder and neck, breath hot and damp on his skin, voice a whispery moan of "F-faster!" on command, then another, a bit louder as he hit that spot again, toes fanning out and knees pulling up.
RA: Sniper smirks endlessly, his lazy, lazy grin that he knows the boy can feel. The way he breathes against his skin is intoxicating, all those little movements were what he'd remember come the next day and the next day and the next day. "Yer a lil demanding, aren'tcha, boy?" Sniper teases, but slides another finger into that unbearably hot heat, fucking him with his hand like he wanted to with the thing tenting his pants like none other. Scout was a glorious sight, and his and dropped from tugging on the blond boy's cock to working on getting his fucking pants down.
Novichok: Scout's head rolled back with another breathy moan as another finger entered, goddamn he'd wish he'd just /fuck/ him already, and the sound of a belt unbuckling somewhere vaguely registered in his mind. Demanding? "I-I got every right to be," he manages to say through his gasps and groans, doing his best to sound somewhat intimidating and less /ohgodfuckme/. It was taking a lot of energy not just fucking beg him to hurry up, squirming and writhing from his hand alone, finger digging into his vest like he wanted to drag it off.
RA: Sniper laughs, and he knows by now someone is listening thoroughly and he doesn't care. Removing contact from the boy entirely, just leaving him there, wriggling against him, Sniper tugs his dick out of his pants, and presses the head bluntly inside, not waiting long to press in further. He knows Scout likes that little twinge, that pain starbursting behind his eyes-- not too much. Just enough. "Oh yeah?" he asks, chatting conversationally though his breath is coming to him in harsh pants. "You're a brat is all you are, boy."
Novichok: "F-fuck, Snipah!" That was a bit too loud, someone must've heard /that/ one, writhing against him and gasping as he felt the rest fill him with that hint of pain, a sharp reminder. "Y-yeah?" He panted, managing to still himself for just a moment. "Well you're a fuckin' pervert," he muttered with another squirm, hot and tight around Sniper's length, still trying to get used to the sensation.
RA: "Already am, mate," he chuckles, ramming into the boy, shifting them so that Scout is splayed on his lap, and he leans back, smirking. "Fer that, y'can fuck yerself, kid." He watched, head titled back, just drinking in the sight of a guy barely out of his teenage years, bouncing on his lap. He traces around Scout's naval. "I'm gonna pierce this here, kid." He laughs. "Everyone'll be able to see it through your shirt. Proof of a slut, yeah?"
Novichok: Even if he tried he couldn't keep his voice down, crying out from the sudden force and clamping a hand over his mouth. "F-fuck, someone's gonna hear us!" Not like Sniper would care. Not a damn bit. Still a bit a disorientated from the sudden position change, finding himself almost looking down at him, he still managed to complain. "You ain't stickin' a needle anywhere in there," he muttered. "I ain't no fuckin' /slut/."
RA: "Us?" he asked, running his coarse nails over those milky thighs of Scout's, parting them further so he could leave little red lines along the insides. "You, you mean." He looks up, biting at the top of the blond's neck. "We've been over this," he hisses, tugging sharply on the nipple ring, toying with it. "You're /my/ slut, boy," he murmurs, holding still inside the boy. He had patience-- after all, what was a Sniper without it? "Say it, or I leave right now, kid."
Novichok: Scout's head ducked down, cheeks going red. Sniper was being /eerily/ quiet. But he was damn good at that - low husky whispers and murmurs in his ear, not sure if he /really/ said that or if he was just hearing things. He hissed sharply from the sudden pain, f-fuck that thing was still sensitive! Patience? Something a Scout had very little of. He'd begun to rock lightly in his lap, without even realising - l-leave? Son of a /bitch/. He only managed a mutter of "Shit, fine then, 'I'm a slut', are ya happy?" barely audible.
RA: Sniper always laughed more often than not when they fucked. Chuckles and murmurs and laughs and snickers and smirks. It always felt so good, and it was almost always just...natural. Not very different from when he flicked Scout's forehead during the day, or prodded fun at him for the way he talked at times. "I don't think you mean that, boy," he says icily, clamping his hands down onto Scout's hips, stilling all the movement. "Do you /want/ me to leave, boy?" he asked, tsking, guilting the blond.
Novichok: Slut? Fuck, fine then. Either that or he leaves and - fuck it. His arms slide around his neck, one hand idly curling fingers in his hair. "You don't?" His voice was quiet, low, but soft. A light murmur. "Fine then." His eyes flick around his face, only flitting moments of eye contact before, "I'm /your/ slut," and a harsh kiss pressed to his lips before he could reply.

RA: Dear god, that was the first time /that/ had worked. Maybe he needed to threaten to leave more often, head leaning towards his impromptu lover, watching his 'all american' boy before listening to that accent, groaning into the kiss, biting on his tongue and his lip and Scout tastes of sunshine and cigarettes and warmth. Grabbing Scout's hips and pushing him down, Sniper started to fuck him at a relentlessly fast pace. "Fuckkkk," he hissed, the words ringing in his mind like one of his gunshots.

5 .

A NEW ONE also I forgot to save the last few posts <:3c

RA: 'sorry.'
Novichok: ...how long have you been standing there
RA: '...'
RA: '...since before you got here.'
Novichok: "... Coulda... Said hi."
RA: '...hi.'
RA: ohh sniper <:3 so awkward
Novichok: "...You want a drink?"
RA: 'depends on what the drink is.' pause. 'you even old 'nuff to drink?'
Novichok: Oh god is he? Pfft I bet not. "None of your business!"
RA: '...y'aren't. fuck if i care.' gets a drink, two glasses. 'old enough to die, old enough to drink, eh mate?'
Novichok: Well dang. "Yeah.." He should be getting to bed but hey, why say no?
RA: smirk, pours their shots, hands scout's to him. 'drink up, brat.' chug. whisky never stops being disgusting.
Novichok: "Jerk." He drinks, and thanks to high heavens that it's so damn dark in here so he can't see him wince and shiver. He's not used to the burn.
RA: 'shuttup.' he feels the slight shift in the hair, hears a tiny shiver-- sniper's senses are good for something besides killing, at least. he sits on the counter, stretching.
Novichok: Well, that was interesting. He sure could go for that peach, now. "So, uh, why you down here?"
RA: 'mmn.' he cracks his neck, training sharp, sharp eyes on the lithe boy. 'couldn't sleep. usually can't.'
Novichok: There's a clinking noise as he places the glass down on the counter, tongue curling in his mouth from the taste. Ugh. "Maybe you should see the doc about that, man. S'not good, y'know?" Man, this is feeling a bit awkward.
RA: a bit was a /bit/ of an understatement, but sniper was tired. 'i don't need to bother that mothering hen. he's got a full nest as it is.' he pours himself another shot. 'y'don't take your drink well, kid.'
Novichok: Eh well. He couldn't make him. Maybe he should leave... But damn, he was still hungry, and he decided to poke his head back in the fridge once more, illuminating him - messy hair and pyjama trousers. "Fuck you, man."
RA: is this
RA: before or after nipple ring
Novichok: ..hmm
RA: after i think
RA: but
RA: a blank one
RA: no sign
RA: he's been drinking a little bit already, woozy and ...looser than normal. he smirks, sliding off the counter bonelessly leaning over scout, murmuring into his ear-- 'you'd like that, would you? like my trinket i left you, mate?'

Novichok: Scout, however, could feel a mild buzz but nothing of the sort that Sniper might have had currently. He freezes as the voice hits his ear, blush revealed by the stark light of the fridge. "F-fuckin' pervert."
RA: Sniper laughs that low, raspy laugh, fingers brushing against that little nipple ring. 'Y'kept it, I'm touched, kid," he says, lips just ghosting over tanned blond skin. Scout was a little too pretty for his own good. "Y'blush so pretty, kid, like a girl."
RA: lmao.
Novichok: The rumbling hunger in his belly had quickly been replaced by a quivering anxiety, shaky and nervous as he shut the fridge door and shuffled back - though perhaps that was a bad idea, as now the main source of light was gone and the low shine of the moon outside barely helped. "Yeah, r-real funny, man. How much you had to drink?"

RA: He could almost feel that nervous, twitchy knot building inside of Scout. It coiled him tighter than a spring, and the boy--barely eighteen, Sniper'd bet. "I've had 'nuff, but not too much to forget what I've done." He turns so his back is against the fridge, lazy eyes on Scout-- the outline of the ring is barely there. He only knows because he put it there. "I thought y'woulda taken it out by now."
Novichok: Why /hadn't/ he taken it out? Well... He found himself putting it back in at night, toying with it - and he just plain forgot that it was on when he went down for a snack, not like he expected a soul to be awake. Kinda hard to explain that, though. "N-none of your business," he managed to stutter, mentally kicking himself for letting that door shut. He couldn't see a damned thing.
RA: "Oh yeah?" he asks, lazy smirk on his face, identical plain ring one his ungloved hand-- even getting a snack his rifle was strapped to his back and he was gloved up. Habit. Sniper stalks forward like a cat on the prowl-- licking his chops like a hungry one. "Your stutter isn't very convincing, mate," is all he says before he surges forward, slides a hand up that shirt and tugs on it, just so.
RA: he's such a perv omg.
Novichok: He could just about make out that little smirk. Bastard. He should've just gone to bed and pretended this whole thing never happened, and chuck that little ring out the windo- holy shit he was fast, already with a hand up his shirt. "J-jerk! Get the fuck offa me!" he grunts, trying to weakly shove the older man off. Why'd he always get him when he's tired?

Novichok: : He could just about make out that little smirk. Bastard. He should've just gone to bed and pretended this whole thing never happened, and chuck that little ring out the windo- holy shit he was fast, already with a hand up his shirt. "J-jerk! Get the fuck offa me!" he grunts, trying to weakly shove the older man off. Why'd he always get him when he's tired?
Novichok: I got fucking mobnovi hair right this second
RA: lmaoooo
Novichok: ...wait not right now, did today
RA: Sniper twisted his fingers, tugging on the ring and abusing that little nub, thumb brushing over it. "Y'don't mean that." He knows Scout is stronger than that, knows that he's got more strength in that wiry frame. He knows the blond is tired, but the only way he can ever get him when he's not kicking and screaming like a tot. He shoves the teen up against a counter, hard, lodging a thigh between his pyjama covered legs.
RA: 8o
Novichok: As good as that felt- no! He had to muster up some strength, god he could go for a coffee but there was a tinge of fear mixed in, scared he might just rip that thing right out if he even /thought/ the wrong thing. "J-jes' lemme get back to bed, man!" he muttered, trying for another shove before he was shoved roughkly into the counter with a grunt. "Shit- ow!" Damn, he was stuck. Son of a bitch /creep/.

RA: Sniper snickered to himself, amused at the passivity of it all. It hadn't been that long of a day, really, or maybe his sense of time was skewed. The Australian's thigh slid up against Scout's crotch, a smirk written on his face, teeth glinting in the moonlight. "Y'never were any fun, were you, kid?" he teases, teasing the nipple around the ring. "Don't be such a whiner," he murmurs, words barely discernable as he ducks his head to sharply /bite/ the Scout's neck. Nothing like proof of ownership, right?

Novichok: His weight shifted from one leg to the other, trying to find a way to hop over his thigh or something, though embarrasingly enough he realised all he was managing was to rub himself against that leg of his. Bugger. "Th-this ain't exactly my idea of /fun/," he growls, managing to stiifle a small murmur because of the hand playing with that piercing and face still an embarrassing shade of red no matter how hard he tried to act the tough guy. Ah. Now /that's/ why he didn't take it out. He did his best to keep himself still, his own hand coming up to bat away Sniper's but yelping in pain at the sudden bite. "Aa-aah! F-fuck ya doin'?"

RA: The gunman never would stop laughing during their encounters, now or in the future. Scout rubbed himself against that thigh, and Sniper just pressed in closer, his vest hitting Scout's torso, his hand still steadily on the ring. "Sure it isn't, mate," he says with a smirk, gloved hand reaching down to thoroughly grope Scout, hand more than a little firm, his lips sucking at the tanned neck. "Isn't it tradition to mark your territory where you come from, kid?" he asks, teasingly, but his voice is husky and thick and his own erection is bumping up against a bit, grinding himself mildly against Scout's leg. He had more control when he was sober.
RA: i see scout getting all DDDDDDD: in the morning
RA: he was drunkfuckfuckfuck i goddageddoutfuck

6 .

Novichok: Almost like a reflex, his hand shot down to grab at Sniper's wrist, doing his damned hardest to twist that hand away from him, trying to shut his thighs to quell any growing arousal but finding that damned leg in his way. Goddamn, at his age it was far too easy to get turned on by all the groping and biting and sucking and fuck no this wasn't he wasn't- "What the fuck, territory? I ain't your fucking whore or some shit," he growled, trying to wriggle away from those greedy hands.
RA: Sniper sneers, sharply shaking off Scout's wrist, fling it to the side before grabbing it with his free hand, letting the boy's hard cock go for the time being, slamming that pretty wrist against the wall behind him. "Mind your manners, kid," he said, saccharine sweet, moving his lips to sharply nip at Scout's ear-- for weeks he'd been playing at this. Piericing the kid's nipple, watching him at his most...intimate times. That made him sound creepy-- Sniper just considered it.../observing/. "Says you, kid," the Aussie hisses, digging his nails into the malleable flesh of Scout's arm, creating a bit of pain. "And what I says, goes." With a sharp movement, the older man stole a kiss in every sense of the phrase-- biting and gnawing and sucking, teeth and tongue and force, not enough to break the boy-- just enough to bend.
Novichok: Oh. That was very true. Exactly what was he going to say? This would look... Not quite right and dear god he didn't want the rest of the team knowing. He'd practically frozen in fear now, like a cornered mouse trying to control his shaking and nervously swallowing, eyes watching him, trying to read what he'd do next - a trapped Scout is an incredibly /scared/ Scout. God he just should've stayed in bed. His face burned red with embarrassment, his free hand darting to try and tuck himself back in, oh god he was already hard? "F-fuck! You fuckin' fag, get the fuck offa m-me!" His tough guy act was about as 'tough' as wet tissue paper, shaking and stuttering.
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