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/v/ Requests (5)

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Things done on /v/ to share with you fags.

To Sniper, Spy had always been the 'bloody fancy wuss,' or 'that French fruitcake.' To Sniper, Spy was - with the exception of Scout - the most 'girly' one there. To Sniper, Spy always made beautiful sounds - 'bloody' French spoken in his ear while pounding into the smaller body only made him harder. Sure, they were enemies, yet that never mattered - Spys clothes were already all over the floor of Snipers 'nest.' A body that never got sunlight, fine pale skin hidden under layers. Sometimes Sniper had to wonder if Spy just wore that many layers to piss him off. Still, it all ended the same - fingernails scratching into the Snipers back, incoherent French mixed with Snipers own mutterings. They made enough noise to even rival Medic and Heavy some days. The one upper hand Sniper would always have on Spy - pouding him into the wall, marking Spy as his own.


Engineer always wondered what was under that suit. He had always wondered what the "hmmpfffs" always ment, not to mention what really was behind that gas mask. The only time the Engineer ever got close to finding the answer was on those special nights. There was only ever pale skin to see, small muffled moans with black lenses watching Engineers thrusts. It was the special nights like this when Engineer could feel the real Pyro, feel the skin untouched by sunlight properly. Engineer always noticed how perfect the body was underneath him, if he could listen closely he could hear Pyros louder sounds of pleasure. There was nothing else that could beat those noises.


Medic, clothes on the floor around them, hands clawing at Heavys back. Medics moans can't be contained, sounding throughout the room - glasses falling off his face. He's now frantic, panting in-between each noise of pleasure; coming to the edge. He's just focusing on moving up and down, no longer any coherent thought in his mind; pleasure taking over. Medic doesn't even care if he wakes the rest of the team - it's just him and Heavy, working together to reach the same goal. Medic is now a mess, hair no longer it's usual self, glasses now on the floor, words now spoken in German. The look in his blue eyes is of lust, need, wanting this more than words could say. His pale skin is now lined with sweat, his own hands caressing like a second skin - mouth whispering phrases in German. With the whispers and moans, climax draws closer and closer.

And that is how Heavy and Medic have sex.
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Anything was better than his hand Sniper would always say. A line used as he drew closer to the teams Medic - Sniper had always wondered why Heavy was so protective over Medic. Sure, they were like the 'mother' and 'father' of the team, but everyone could hear them; the sex must've been great. It was no suprise that Snipers curiousity caught up with him. Though, it took alot more than it should've needed, grabbing the Medics wrists - pinning the pale body against the wall. There was protests, of course, but there was still those beautiful moans, words of German Sniper would never know the meaning too. It all sounded the same to Sniper, to be fair he was too busy doing nothing all day to learn any other language. It didn't matter though, Medic was too tight to stop now. So sensitive, so loud , and for Snipers taking in his 'nest.' Even with the others body writhing and squirming against his own, Sniper didn't ease up - only thrusted in faster and harder. Maybe he was being ruthless, but he couldn't help it, his eyes behind tinted glasses looking at a face with mixed emotions. Pleasure or pain, Sniper couldn't tell - it was better than his hand at any rate.

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More please. D:

Tell them I love them there.

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Basically someone asked how Medic and Heavy have sex, so I wrote some shit about that. Then got asked to do some crack, like Engie/Pyro.

Feel free to use it as copy and pasta on /v/, I'm sure if you have something to request I may do it for you for the lulz.

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I am permab&. D:

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Very good. I wish I could've seen /v/'s reaction to this. I am interested in seeing some more sniper/medic around here.
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