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No. 1026
Heavy's Magical Mystery Tour
(By Kado, Betty Scrambles, Granny, Bogswallop, Cat Bountry and I don't know who else)

Ones upon time, Heavy was going to Super Market and he forgot to take wallet! So he had to run fast, bullets too slow. Be he didn't know where to get more sausage, except from Medic who was German and had sausage in his pants like real Germans. Suddenly, a Spy! "Oh no!" said the Heavy and the Spy responded with "Pick up some diet peels, fatass." Heavy said "Fuck you!" and punched the Spy in the left nut. Spy cried out "Fuck, that 'urts!" and fell in a tub of powdered gravy mix. It was delicious! And Heavy rejoiced by making pancakes in the nude. Medic walked in and said "Oh baby zat's hot!" becoming Napoleon Bonerhard, despite being German. The Medic ran to get lube from Pyro's purse, but when he reached for something, his boner caught the Sniper's attention. And Sniper said "You bloody 'omo get over 'eeyuh ya bleedin' lunatic!" But Medic ran from the Snoipah only to collide with a homo, who was Scout wearing a bluetooth vibrating cock ring. "Oh hey man!" But Medic said "Jou don't understand! I poop from the hole there!" Scout started fapping and Medic ran fast like litning and saw a big fat dyke. It was Pyro. "Mphh mhmm mmmph!" Medic said "Ew." and punched her. Her penis was made of glass and was propelled by Engineer's science and flew after these short messages which got removed from the world by the censors and Heavy's dick, which Medic wanted more than beer and Amsterdam whores in his butt. Oh no! Lube isn't actually lube! It was Spy! "Spy snort remix" said his penis as he died a horrible death from dick cancer. And everyone cheered and everyone died, especially Heath Ledger. The End.
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You forgo Sarge.
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Er, forgot, even.
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oh yeah

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