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No. 3713
"7...6...5..."The announcer counted down. The BLU medic looked around meticuously, observing the rest of the BLU team; scout, soldier, pyro, demoman, heavy weapons guy, engineer, medic, sniper, and ofcourse spy. and medic. but blu medic was medic himself, so he could not see him, since the source engine cannot efficiently draw mirror surfaces. But more about that later. "3...2...1..." As medic's hand squeezed firmly around the grip of the medigun, medic muttered something in disgust about not having the kritzkrieg because those achievements were just too damn hard. "seriously, kill 20 enemies with a heavy? heavies are peeping stupid. they dont turn around when you get attacked and they r gay". medic thought. Suddenly, medic was rushed out of the daydream by soldier, yelling "Let's go doc!". Medic pointed his long big tube at soldier and let go. a massive stream of particles came out of it and soldier and medic rushed out. there was sentry, but soldier shot rockets and destroyed it. as they neared the point, which was called A, because for no reason they decided that, the ubercharge ran out. soldier started reloading his rocketlauncher when suddenly medic was covered in red blood. soldier wa sshot by sniper. not blu sniper, because he was using huntsman so it could not have been him, but red sniper,m who was also the enemy which medic did not like. Medic saw the dot and tried to run, but knew it was too late. suddenly, out of noweherererere, a baseballlll flew past medicshead hitting red sniper ( not blu sniper) knocking him out cold( not hot like pyro flamesss). medic turned around, only to see nobody. except for blu scout, who hit the baseball trhat hit sniper like is said above. medic was goin to thnk scout by shoting his massive tubebeam at him, but thn medic noticed somethin. a man, invisible, going visible, with his long hard knieef raised in the air, in a position which could mean he was oging to plunge his big fat knife into scoutts back. medic acted quickyl, pulling out his bonesaw which he used to saw bones and sometimes purpel, and trusted it hard into spies abdomen. spiy fell dead instantly and medic flt good. "Thanks doc" scout said. "b the double-u, whats your name?" medic sais "yolk". and then they ran out of time and gots kiled by spy who used dead ringr. the end.
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>> No. 3714
Intentionally bad stuff is only funny for so long.
>> No. 3715
..I'll have to agree.

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