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No. 830
Here is a Story about Team FOrtress 2 the best game ever, I play it All Night until 7 in the Morning And then i cannot go to sleep because I am Having too much fun playing team Fortress and then I think about Team Fortress 2.

Today there is a man Called Sniper well I do Not Know his Real name it might be something different. He Has a sniper Gun and kills people from far Away even Scout who runs Very Fast. He is SO GOOD sniper.

One time a Spy who sneak came up and killed the Sniper by backstab. And then the Sniper Was angry at the spy. Because he did not want to be killed so the group could succeed. So what the Sniper did is made a lot of achievements so he could get a Razor Back.

And then the Spy did not when the spy backstabed him he decided to turn around and kill the spy with his Sub Amchine gun because the spy the Razorback didn't let the spy do what he wanted.

So then the group succeeded and Red captured the point!

Spiner save the day!
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>> No. 831
That was SO GOOD sniper 80
>> No. 832
>> No. 833
Brilliantly written, master storytelling, would read 50 times over.
>> No. 834
thx anon i love u
>> No. 835
I only have one crit for this otherwise masterpiece. You can't have the Razorback and the submachine gun at the same time so, just fyi.
>> No. 836
I forgot To Mention He De-Equiped it fast wepon switch
>> No. 837
That was beautiful.
>> No. 838
>> No. 839
Moar, maybe?
>> No. 840
>> No. 841
SI SENORITA ANON I LIVE 2 SERV. Well that Story was over so I am going to start a new one, this time it is about the Demomin and his buddys.

The Demo man likes to drink a lot and so one day he went to say hello to his Buddy Medic and the Medic said, "DemoMan if you keep'n Drinking Like That then you will be very sad nd drunk and then you will have a bad liver and A Scout Will punch You!"

And the Demoman leaughed and said "Medic"

and put Ten Thousand StickyBomb on him and then DETONATED THEM.

"Damn" the demo man said and decided to go to his friend Scout house. Scout was watching gay porno because Scout is gay but he quickly closed It up when he see the Demoman come in because he dident want anybody to know.

"Oh haha hello Demom" scouty started to Say but then He Punched Demoman "sorry I didnt know why but I had to"

And the Demoman was mad too then. So he had to put ten MILLION thousand StickyBomb on scout buddy and Kill him that way. "Sorry" he said shed a single manly tear and did it.

I dont know how they got killed because they'rE Buddies on the same team, I guess friende fire was on

"Damn it god damn it," he said. "I hate it" and then the demoman was sad just like Medic said! "My pal was right I am sad and drunk and he Scout punched me But What about my liver?"

>> No. 842
I humbly request moar.
>> No. 843
lmao yes it is continue

Demoman put lots of sticky bombs on a place where he could step on it so he could die. It was very sad, he was gonna do it but then a Medic ghost came out.

"hey" the Medic ghost said "dont do it!!!!!!!"

OK said Demoman in his head through ESP to the Medidc and they held hands and shared a lovely moment. And then the Scout ghost came out and he said "demo man! you maid me jump!" and they sll shared a Big Laugh

"hahaha" 3

So then he wlked away and detonated it so he couldn't get hurt and neither did he ghost buddies. But there was a Enemi Spy nearby so they ran off to the base.

>> No. 844
That was SO GOOD Sniper.
>> No. 845
it was too complixated 4 me to undrestand
>> No. 846
never write again.
>> No. 847
And then Sniper was a zombie.
>> No. 848

Fuck this person.

>> No. 849
I love this like Spy loves Scout's Mom. Go on.
>> No. 850

what awww
>> No. 851
thx goize i am so happy u liek yayayayya
>> No. 852
OK here is a story about ENGINER, the building one.

Sentry. He build it. Clang clang clang says the engineer's wrench and the Engineer said, "Yippee kiy yo kiy yay!"

The Scout was bugging him a lot to build a dispenser saying that he needed one here so then he built that too. it was really glorious and Engiener was so proud of his work. He put his hands on his hips and closed his eyes and smiled

The enemy spy Decided to MAKE A SAP. "hon Hon" said the spy "I never really was on your side snort snort"

"DAMN DAMN DAMN BOY! I AM FROM TEXAS U DONT MESS" and then shote the spy with his shotegun. "Too late" said the SPy because he cloaked and flew away and the sentry dispenser were both sapped.

"Sentry down!!!!" said Engineer with a sad face. "It's ok" said Heavy and decided to give Engineer a hug. Happy end!

BUT ACTUALLY THE HEAVY WAS A ENEMY SPY AND IT BACKSTABED HIM. The enginer was dead and so wier his babies.
>> No. 853
These are made of win. MOAR is requested.
>> No. 854
ya: bad ass, or baddest ass?
>> No. 855
This is reminding me an awful lot of Hans von Honzel's writing style...
>> No. 856
These are SO GOOD stories.
>> No. 857
best fanfic ever y/y
>> No. 858

The ending especially got to me. I shed a tear.
>> No. 859
who should be my main carhacter next :3
>> No. 861

who dat
>> No. 862
I didn't think it could get better than DOOM: Repercussions of Evil but apparently it can.
>> No. 863
>> No. 864
This is brilliance
>> No. 866

i admire this lovely piece of work it is one of my inspirations
>> No. 867


"Magets magets! Magots" Soldier was yellin a lot cuz he yelled a lot idk. "Fuck yall" he said. He was doing lots of Rockettejumps and juping in the air with his fett.

"but soldier!" said Heavy "NO"

Soldier amed the rocket in Heavys face and almost killed him. Then Heavy kileld Soldier by Punching him. It was a very intense action scene.

Soldier was in the respawn and he looked at heavy capturing the point and he was really sad.
>> No. 868
o and I forgot Pyro who is moe and a lady
>> No. 869
I didn't see that coming.
>> No. 871
soldier is not very nice to his team :(
>> No. 872
oh god i am laughing so hard my sides hurt
MOAR. These are SO GOOD stories.
>> No. 874

see WHAT coming
>> No. 875

nah he's gay and poots
>> No. 877
O.K. now tell me your favorite slash pairings i will write a porn~~~~~~
>> No. 879
Norn, is that you?
>> No. 880
Slash by ya? EVERYONE must be included. We will have SO GOOD time.
>> No. 883

No way, I think this might even be better tan Norn's stuff.

... Has anyone reposted her work yet?
>> No. 884
I'm speechless. The emotions invoked. Such beauty.
>> No. 885
It was a very intense action scene.
What a good way of writing! It's so much better just to let the readers imagine it that actually describe something, isn't it?
And so much faster!
We could all save hours of writing time!
>> No. 886

wow you are really cool
>> No. 888
>> No. 889
ok here i go

The pals Demo Man (explode), scout (Run),Pyro (fire throw), solder (Maget), Hevey (sandivch), Medac (heleaing power), spiner (SO GBe polite; be efficient; have a plan to kill everyone you meet. )), Enginer (building),. Then Spy came in and he said,

"Ok all you guys i think you are really Hot lets all have a kissy."

Scout and Medic heavy spiner too said "OK bro!!"
Enginer said "yupee"
Pyro said "mrf!!!!!!!!!"
Demoman said "ach" he was drunk thoug
then the Spy made a kissy on each of their face.

"MWAH MWAH MWAH MON CHERI'S" hesaid and patted thier little babie heads. ":3" said the Scout because he is moe like tf2chan.net.danceflowercom said to be.

They all sandge a song "AAAHAAA HMMMBMMM BMMMMM" when the enEginer played his guitar and had lots of more kissies after that.
>> No. 891

Truly, you are a master of your craft.
>> No. 894
That was one of the most beautiful romances I have ever seen. You could go far; if I owned a publishing company you would already be signed.
>> No. 895
These are amazing, on par with half-life full Life consequences. Keep it up!
>> No. 902

good, now try doing porno :J
>> No. 910

>> No. 916
i must make a gmod video of this
>> No. 941

>> No. 954
>> No. 1030
>> No. 1115
>> No. 1554
moar plz i love ya
>> No. 2137
@59 GOGOGO!!
>> No. 2139
razorback and smg? i dont think so.
>> No. 2143
This is almost as good as that one fic about Scout.
>> No. 2183
>> No. 2257
maek moar
>> No. 2467
i miss you, ya.
>> No. 2475
do you miss him/her/it now
>> No. 2866
I think I'm missing something...
>> No. 2972
this is SO GOOD story

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