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A HORRIFYING SCENE. Plus a cry for help! (5)

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Listen, I know this is the fanfic board. However, I have no idea where else to post this. At all.
Pretty much, a cry for help.
I need a beta and I know some of you do too. If you need a beta or would be willing to beta, please post. Leave an aim/email/yahoo/whatever, so people can reach you.

If any one would be kind enough to beta the If Luck was a Lady fic, that would be so amazing and nice.

I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong place, as I can't find the 'right' place to post it.

And just to make it somewhat related to actual fanfiction:


One day, a little RED team scout was hungry. This scout's name was Johnny and he liked pancakes. In fact, he decided, that was exactly what he was hungry for!

So, his real name was Johnathan, but that was a pussy kind of name only a Frenchy would have. At least in his opinion.

As he skipped merrily in to the make-shift RED kitchen, he came upon a horrifying, gut-wrenching scene. The cupboards had been left open and the Heavy had eaten everything, it seemed. The cupboards were bare. There would be no pancakes.
And so, the scout cried.

The End.
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Oh that's terrible, how will RED Scout get his pancakes?!

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i am sry 4 ur lots

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For the record there's a thread in /off/ where people volunteer to beta/edit/otherwise assist. You might have to look on pages that aren't page one but i know for a fact that it exists because I made it myself.

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Ah, I've looked on all the pages. I must've passed it by, I apologize.

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In case anyone could not find it, there it is.
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