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A collaborative effort: "What a nuisance." (11)

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Granny, Milk, Kado, and I all collaborated to bring you this literary masterpiece. Enjoy.

Once upon a time, an Engineer was workin his wrench round his dick when he thought he heard a bee fly by. That bee was Actually a Scoot. A jewish Scoot! What a nuisance.

Engy angry that his inner monologue was interrupted by spy's burgeoning cock.

"You're thinking about Heavy, aren't you?" jew scout said while shitting fabulously. He was hard, harder than a level 3 sentry in YOUR intel fuckin up shit.

"Feels good, man," Engineer cringed as Demoman puked somewhere. But scout, however had a fetish for vomiting niggers all over his gorgeous flowing locks. Short, flowing locks. Suddenly, a Spy! What a nuisance.

The enraged man wanted to wank BIG NASTY COCKS with his teeth. And his nails. And his tentacles. And his

"And my Axe."

Scout didn't approve of Pyro's interruption, but wanked anyway. Spy looked pissed, so scout came in his eye like a boss. What a nuisance.

So he grabbed for his hat, but touched dick completely by mistake! Scout gasped and shat a brick. "That was hard!"

Engineer sobbed silently jealous that spy touched scout cock with his drippy multiple tongues. But No matter! He started violating pyro with some gelato that was the flavor of jarate. Suddenly, Demoman recovered. What a nuisance.

Because Scout wanted to steal demoman's magical rainbow bagpipes and nigger dick. It made him harder than a Soldier in a rocket powered dildo-car. Which was a much better car than sniper's van would ever be. Except when sniper went Nyquil driving he hit babies!

"Good times!" The jugganaut said whilst riding shotgun. Heavy loved the babies around his dick. Scout didn't approve of such necrophilia.

"SCOUT IS BABY" Heavy farted loudly.

Scout was impaled on Pyro's cock. "Golly gee willickers," Scout bled and moaned at the barbed wire circling dem big ol' titty shaped eyeballs dyed a chilling shade of mauve. Soon, they all exploded into a shower of medics and space aids. What a nuisance.

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great stuff, would fap again.

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Shouldn't this be in /afanfic/?

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boy is this a confusing erection

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I've just split my sides.

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Simply brilliant.

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A literary masterpiece.

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What a nuisance. :|
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