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A simple Scout and Heavy fight scene (0)

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Every repost is a repost repost. By Zahmen.


Atop the burning hills of Dustbowl stood two stoic figures. As the sun baked the landscape of sand and cacti, the RED Scout pulled his light aluminum bat out of his messenger bag as the BLU Heavy tightened his gloves.
"Hey fatty let's do this so I can get back to whoopin' your team" the Scout bragged from the other side of the small canyon, twenty feet away from his massive opponent.
"HA HA Little Man, we will see" Heavy laughingly roared, cracking his knuckles.

A stiff wind blew, and for about five seconds neither stylized stereotype moved; eyes locked in a mental battle as the heated sand pecked away at their faces.

"OW" the Heavy exclaimed in pain, looking down at his left foot. A scorpion was frantically trying to remove its stinger from the ankle of the mammoth it had pissed off. The massive Russian leaned down and flicked the arachnid, and the scorpion curled into a ball and died.

Scout's bat smashed into the top of Heavy's head, the little man had used the five seconds Heavy had been distracted to leap over the small canyon and make the first blow.
He hopped backwards and danced from one foot to another, mimicking the boxers he had seen on the television when he was younger.

"OH NO!" Heavy yelled, clutching at his bleeding head. he straightened up and stared a look of pure daggers at the Scout, "You cheated, Little Man."

"Yeah yeah yeah tough guy, what you gonna do about it?" Scout grinned as he popped his chewing gum and kept dancing, just out of reach of the monster in front of him.

With an ease not unlike an Olympic diver the Scout ducked under the massive left hook that Heavy threw, countering with a swift baseball bat upper-cut that glanced off of Heavy's gargantuan jaw and sent him stumbling.
Scout went back in and delivered a quick back-swing to the right side of the rib cage while Heavy was recovering, a sickening crack filling his ears, and making him smile.

"Yeah you ain't so tough without yer gun are ya, fatass?" Scout jeered as he bounced back away from another slow and lumbering right swing from the bleeding doughboy.

"Little Man talks too much, maybe he hit harder if he put same effort into fighting that he does being loud" Heavy countered as he pulled himself back together. He grimaced and spat out a molar.

"Oh what's that, I can't hear you past all them broken teeth" Scout mockingly cupped his ear at Heavy.

This, as it turned out, was a very bad move.
Heavy has always been just a little bit faster then people realized, not by much, but just enough to have won him a few fights before. With a speed that surprised even him, Heavy lunged forward and grabbed the taunting Scout by the side of the head with one massive right hand. He continued his momentum and leapt into the small ten foot deep canyon in front of him (where the train tracks ran long ago), dragging his shouting and writhing prize with him.
The land caused him to drop Scout on his head.

"Little Man not have room down here to dancy prancy" Heavy mused to himself as he bent down to pick up his stunned opponent.
Scout frantically tried to scramble out of the reach of the giant man, things weren't supposed to be happening like this!
He was the Scout, he was the best at this shit!
Why was some giant fat retard getting one up on him?

Scout almost got away, but he didn't manage to pull his ankle out of reach in time, and with a roar of victory Heavy grabbed the Scout by his left heel and swung him almost effortlessly up and into an arch that ended with Scout coming face first into the rocky side of the canyon wall. Before he even made it all the way to the ground it seemed like he was flying again, all of the blood in his body rushed to the top of his head as the enemy Heavy whirled the Scout around in a back-hand motion that sent him spine first into the other wall.

Scout hit the ground like a sack of broken and bleeding bricks, his thought process completely halted and boiled down to a simple "God please don't let him kill me".

"Little Man, are you crying?" Heavy asked in an almost mothering tone of voice (as mothering as a booming Russian male can be, that is) as he wrapped the thick fingers of his left hand around the teenager's throat. With little to no effort he hoisted the Scout directly up into the air by his neck, holding him with one muscle-bound arm outstretched, strangling the life out of him.

"Cry some more."

Heavy paused, his eyes focused directly on the Scout. With a lumbering growl he dropped the corpse of the RED enemy onto the sand. He stood there for a moment, before turning and heading back to base; the taste of blood and victory mixing in his mouth.
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