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No. 2390
Starting a thread, fluffy Solly/Engie friend stuff (not gay; at least, not yet). I might decide to branch out to do other stuff as well (that may or may not be pairing stories).


His boots upsetting dust and sand across the splintered wooden planks, the lone Engineer absorbed the starry night sky, he slowly stepped out from the confines of the small bridge, sitting atop a tiny river. Engineer approached the bank, barely allowing the water to seep around the bottoms of his boots as they sunk into the sand. He sat down, admiring the moon's reflection upon the slow current of the water. He frequently heard complaints from some of his teammates, most notably the Scout and the Demolitions Man, about the remote location of where they had been stationed. Engineer didn't mind though; in fact, more than anything, he loved the utter tranquility the scenery offered. Engineer was not young, but he had never been anywhere quite like it before. He was still there for a while, his arms rested on top of his knees.


With a lengthy yawn escaping his lips, the Engineer pushed himself to his feet from the soft sand, brushing the remnants of which off of his trousers. Returning to the wooden flooring, he decided to retreat to his quarters, tracking muddy footprints in his wake.

Across the large, desert-bound facility, the Engineer's workshop (which also housed his cot) was the farthest from the showers. He didn't mind though; the stroll gave him an excuse to admire the nighttime beauty. One of his teammates, the Sniper, warned against the Engineer taking showers so late and trekking the compound on his own since he was so vulnerable to an enemy attack.

"I'm not there to watch yer back, mate," he distinctly remembered the Australian Sniper saying. The Engineer, appreciative though he was that the sharpshooter cared, brushed the worries aside; it was a routine he was far too fond of to abandon. Besides, he could look after himself.

With now a considerable amount of hay joining the ranks of the dark, wet sand on the bottoms of the Engineer's boots, he climbed the final set of rickety wooden stairs before turning left; the entrance to his workshop was just off the top of the stairs. His blue eyes glancing over the door, the Engineer stopped; the ingress was slightly ajar with the door itself left unattended a few inches outward, light emanating from within. Engineer stood still, barely allowing himself to breathe, listening for any sound of movement. He could hear... papers, as if being sifted about or the pages of a book being turned.

Reaching cautiously with his right hand, he slowly unsheathed the silver nine millimeter handgun from the holster on his right hip. Gripping the sleek weapon with both hands at waist level, he took several, agonizing steps toward the door, trying to remain as quiet as possible. Pressing his left shoulder against the doorframe, he carefully peered into the well lit room, and gazed upon a tall, uniformed man wearing a much-too-large battle helmet sitting at the Engineer's workbench, his back facing the doorway. It appeared as though the man in the faded blue fatigues was examining maps of the compound. The nerve-stricken Engineer exhaled an audible sigh of relief.

"Damn it Solly, don't scare me like that." The Engineer strolled into his workshop, holstering his pistol and rubbing his free hand across the back of his neck.

"I could have been enemy spy, maggot," stated the man at the workbench, not looking up from the maps.

"Naw, you couldn't have," argued Engineer. "Those maps were locked up in the safe, an' you and I are the only two with the combination to it. I gave you the code because I trust you more an' anyone else." The Engineer approached the large steel locker near his cot. "That is, unless yer expectin' me to start doubtin' ya," he teased in his southern accent. The man at the workbench didn't respond. Engineer has already returned his tools and equipment to the locker, and had now moved to his small white refrigerator, when his company decided to speak again.

"Why do you keep going to the showers so late? Too afraid to show your faggot-ass bare with everyone else?" The Engineer sighed heavily at the crude comment. Nevertheless, his hand emerged from the fridge with two glass-bottled beers and an opener. He strode over to his disgruntled teammate, recalling the events from the previous week.


The man in the faded blue fatigues was a commando; a Soldier, through and through. He had ensured the entire team trained every morning. He even forced the field doctor to practice firearms until he could reload Sniper's rifle blindfolded. The Soldier's exhaustively oppressive attitude about field performance was triggered frequently by any number of factors throughout a given week. It was on this afternoon that the Soldier had rallied the entire team, all nine of them, into the war room for a meeting. Nearly everyone had taken their seats at the long, well-furnished oak table. Since Sniper was frequently perched atop the more escalated points of the facility, he had arrived last. Taking his place between the extremely large Russian and masked Pyrotechnic, they were all finally present.

Soldier's face was difficult to read, as his eyes were virtually always hidden beneath his overly large, unbuckled helmet. While everyone else sat, the Soldier stood, leaning his arms against the wood as he loomed over the table. Confused and impatient looks from the team members all slowly began to focus attention on the one man in the room not sitting. The Engineer had been in his workshop, fixing the Russian's humongous multiple-barreled cannon when he was summoned, still donning his yellow hardhat and jet black goggles. Soldier slowly lifted his hands from the table and resumed his proper posture.

"I found," the Soldier began. "This, in the aftermath of yesterday's skirmish, just outside the compound gates." As he spoke, the Soldier lifted what appeared to a small... purse? Engineer didn't even noticed that he must have been clutching it the entire time. The item was light blue with a colorful flower decorated on it. The entire room was then silent, staring at it. "Any queers care to come forward and claim it?" Scout, the youngest of them, barely twenty years old, interjected with his thick Boston accent.

"Uh, couldn't that have belonged to the enemy?" the boy asked.

"An interesting observation," Soldier mused. "Except that a certain queer in particular stayed behind to scorch the remains" said Soldier to the masked man sitting between the Sniper and the Scout. Everyone in the room turned to look at him. Engineer had rarely seen a more pitiful sight; even with his true expression hid beneath his gas mask, the Texan couldn't help but see how humiliated he looked; his head facing down with his thickly gloved hands squeezed in between his legs. The Soldier slid the feminine purse across the table, coming to a stop just in front of the Pyro. The Medic spoke up.

"I don't understand Soldier; vhut does zis have to do vis anytsing?" The Soldier shifted his head to face the doctor and replied.

"It has to do with the fact that we have a queer to babysit on the battlefield-"

"Aw come off it!" yelled Engineer, who hadn't even allowed Soldier to finish. "The Pyro has always been a big help to us; what difference does this make?" Engineer knew he wasn't going to get a reasonable response, although lately was beginning to figure the Soldier was a smarter man than how he was presenting himself now.

"You givin' this queer sympathy, maggot?" Soldier asked, turning his attention to Engineer. The Engineer stood up from his seat, as if challenging Soldier. A series of heated looks danced around the room. Pyro was still burying his gaze into his lap, unflinching.

"What did you call us here for, Solly? Just to ridicule one of our own? I thought we were better an' this. Would you do the same to me just cuz I'm-" Engineer had stopped suddenly, pierced by the eyes of nearly every one of his present comrades, who all stared at him, eyebrows arched in curiosity.

"Just because you're 'what,' private?" Soldier gravely inquired. It wasn't hard for Engineer to keep the knowledge of his sexual orientation hidden from the rest of the team; no one really discussed anything relating to sex or women. It's not as if Engineer had ever actually lied about being a homosexual, just that he'd never admitted it. He had been with the eight of them for months; they wouldn't judge him so harshly because of this would they? The way Soldier was throwing those words with such disdain... is that why Engineer reacted so viciously?


Engineer placed an opened beer in front of the Soldier, sitting across from him at the workbench, the bright overhead light illuminating the maps Soldier was studying. That afternoon, barely a week ago, the Engineer had stormed out of the meeting, half-angry with Soldier, half-embarrassed with himself. They had always been on reasonably good terms; would something like this really uproot their friendship? Soldier had not paid so much as a passing glance to Engineer in the morning practice rounds since.

"Does is really bother you that much Solly?" Engineer asked.

"Why do you always call me that?" inquired the annoyed Soldier, not looking up from the maps.

"Cuz 'Soldier' is a mouthful, Solly," replied Engineer after taking a sip of his beer. "Really, does me bein' gay offend you that much?" They were adults out here. After the meeting from the previous week, Engineer had been greeted largely with indifference concerning his sexuality from the rest of the team. The Pyro however, seemed to have taken more of a liking to Engineer after sticking up for him, and helped him carry his tools on their patrols.

This time, it was Soldier's turn to sigh, finally breaking concentration from the maps and wrenching the helmet from his head revealing his dark, unkempt crew cut. Soldier stared into the bowl of his helmet as he spoke.

"Ever since I came here I'm being forced to tolerate the kind of men I've killed..." Engineer knew that Soldier was equating the German field doctor with the Nazi regime, and the monstrous Russian with the Soviets. Everyone must've made these connections, the Engineer though, but it seemed like only Soldier had taken their mere presence so personally. "And then," Soldier continued, "I find out the only one of my own except for that brat Scout..." Soldier laughed to himself uncomfortably, "is a fucking queer." Soldier swallowed an impressive swig from the brown bottle, and then rested it back onto the bench.

"You feel like I betrayed you or somethin'? Solly, we're all men out here. Hell, you're older an' I am aren't you? I can't believe I have to talk down to you like a child. I figured you were better an' that." Engineer recalled some of the early arguments sparked by Soldier's intolerance towards the other team members. "I thought you'd grown up Solly." Still lazily staring into the inside of his own helmet, Soldier swallowed one last gulp of the beer offered by Engineer and returned it to the bench. Engineered decided to continue. "Understanding ain't a sign of weakness Solly, if thas' what yer thinkin'. I know you need to stay strong to survive, but look at everyone else," Engineer mused. "They all manage to stay alive just fine while gettin' along with each other. Why do you need to look for reasons to hate us?" Engineer could only assume that Soldier viewed hate and anger as a some kind sign of strength. How stupid.

"I dunno..." responded Soldier; his voice trailed off, sounding confused. There was a bewildered look in his eye. At that moment, Engineer would have given anything to get behind those hazel eyes and find out just what Soldier was thinking.

Soldier stood up and shuffled his feet toward to the door. "Thanks for the beer," he said, before disappearing outside.
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>> No. 2394
I am looking forward to seeing where this goes. There can never be enough Engie/Solly fluff.
>> No. 2395

>> No. 2396
Don't leave us hanging! Give more!
>> No. 2398
This is an excellent start! I am most definetly interested, can't wait for future updates.
>> No. 2399
Your Engineer has some brass balls to stand up to Soldier, and I love that. This is awesome, please keep going.
>> No. 2400
KiloMaster posted in MY thread!? :O
Will get to working on more soon. Also I'll proof read more carefully as to avoid mistakes. Thanks guys.
>> No. 2409
Up and under. Taking deep breaths. Hurdling himself through the water repeatedly from across the small river and back. Engineer had turned in early last night to get some swimming practice in before Soldier's morning training rounds. He wasn't sure exactly what sort of humor Soldier had left the workshop in last night, but Engineer was certain he had gotten him thinking. That's he wanted; for Soldier to think about how he treated his allies at times.


Soldier always awoke and arrived at the river before anyone else. Leaving his uniform behind and donned in worn fatigue trousers and a white, weathered sleeveless shirt, Soldier made way across the compound. Gripped in his right hand was an old satchel, stuffed with a stainless steel .45 caliber handgun and a disassembled pump-action shotgun with plenty of ammunition to spare for both. Soldier was trying to force the events of the previous night out of his mind; how could he have let the Engineer's words get to him? He was better than that. Why did everyone here seem so keen on being so friendly with each other? Soldier had never really been given rank or status above any of his teammates, but as long as he led their daily training routines, he figured he was in charge. Everyone would have to learn sooner or later, Soldier thought, that "friendship" doesn't have a place out here. It was kill or be killed, and if the rest of the crew were more worried about their feelings, they were in the wrong place. They all needed to grow some thicker skin.

Approaching the bridge in the middle of the desert compound, Soldier began to hear... splashing? Exiting from the entrance way into the still-rising sun (fortunately his helmet shielded his eyes), Soldier glimpsed a shirtless man swimming back and forth across the river. The Soldier sighed. Just what I need, he thought. More touchy feely bullshit to distract me. Soldier reached the bridge, hoping he would be able to cross without the man in the water noticing him. However, before he could so much as plant a single boot onto the wooden planks, he heard the man gasp for breath, and then call out.

"Solly!" Soldier stopped dead in his tracks and his face drooped in disappointment.

Goddammit, he thought. Soldier watched as the Engineer rose from the water barefoot, his pants soaked with river water. Engineer reached for a white towel he had secured to the tall chain link fence nearby, which surrounded the entire facility. Untying the knot quickly, Engineer rushed over to the bridge to meet the Soldier, vigorously drying himself off in the process. Large amounts of sand had collected at the Engineer's wet bare feet.

"Mornin'" greeted Engineer cheerfully. Soldier was onto him already.

"Don't play games with me, maggot" Soldier barked viciously. "Our little chat last night hasn't changed anything." Engineer's smile faded almost instantaneously as Soldier said that. "You and your little pussy-footed friend need to learn your places." The Engineer's eyebrows contorted, expressing anger. "And judging by the display you two have provided recently," Soldier continued. "There apparently isn't a spot on this battlefield for you queers."

"Now listen here Solly," the Engineer quickly retorted. "I know you do a lot around here to make sure everyone ain't slackin' off, but yer just the same as the rest of us. Ain't any of us have a rank after all. Do you realize how much that poor fella looked up to you?" Engineer asked, obviously alluding to Pyro. "You may not have noticed it, but everyone else did. Now even on the patrols with me he's miserable." Soldier appeared to only be annoyed.

"How many ways do I have to say it?" Soldier was only becoming more and more frustrated with the Engineer. "Worrying about each others' feelings has no place here." Soldier had barely finished when Engineer retorted.

"But there's a place for hate? Is that it?" Engineer was nearly pleading at this point, leaning forward as he spoke, but he quickly regained his composure and firm voice. "We're all allies out here Solly, like it or not. How can we work together if we can't stand the sight of each other?" Soldier said nothing, merely standing still, his expression unchanging, his mind racing. Engineer sighed. "Just apologize to him alright? Him being upset ain't doing anybody any good." Soldier said nothing. "I know you think stuff like that is below you Solly, but it ain't." Engineer turned away from the Soldier. Gathering his boots from the bank and slipping his red collard shirt back on, facing the water.

Soldier desperately wanted to say something back. To yell something. To find an excuse to rip that sorry queer's head off. But nothing came, except the painful image of Soldier confronting the gas masked team member he had humiliated, and then conjuring those two sickening words in his presence. The thought made his stomach turn over.

Engineer had buttoned his shirt back on and had strolled past Soldier to prepare for the training rounds, without saying anything. Soldier shifted his weight to lean on the wooden bridge railing, and rubbed his eyes in stress with his calloused fingers.

>> No. 2410

Sage for no contribution, sorry.
>> No. 2413
Engie guilt-trip, FTW.

There's something unique about this that I love- it's that Soldier isn't ridiculously characterized. He's human and boisterous and bigoted, but not some two dimensional lunatic. And I have to agree with Anon that Engie is refreshingly written.

I can't wait to read more of this.
>> No. 2473
I've put some thought into where I want to go with this fic, and I've decided to branch it out past just Solly/Engie pretty soon. Also, for those hoping something romantic might develop between the two, you probably won't find it here (although that doesn't mean something separate couldn't be written in the future with some fluffy Solly/Engie in it :3). I'd also like to call out Kilo for providing such incredible art (and a great fic as well) that made me a Solly/Engie believer (and I highly doubt I'd be writing this if it wasn't his/her works). Anyway, enough of this. Also, if you're curious, this update still maintains continuity with the previous; everything will have light shed on them in time. Enjoy. : )


Every muscle he could recognize in his body was clenching, tightening. Gritting his teeth. Digging his nails as deeply into the mattress as he could. He was doing anything he could think of to exert concentration from the pain.

"Nnngggg." Little more than guttural grunts and moans escaped Engineer's mouth as he lie shirtless on his stomach. Stay still, he repeated to himself his head. Just sit still... the Doc'll take care of it...

There were others in the room, but Engineer couldn't be bothered to acknowledge who they were at the moment. The only man there that the Engineer could be bothered to identify was the field medic sitting beside him. Engineer could feel what seemed like two tiny metallic prongs sticking inside of him, toying with shredded sinew and setting his nerves on fire. Through out the procedure, Engineer kept hearing the same phrase repeated over and over again.

"Zis is going to hurt..."

Every time Engineer heard Medic say that, the demonic tool the doctor was using dug deeper and deeper into his body, following the path carved into him by the bullet; it had landed somewhere beyond his external oblique. He could feel the blood surrounding the wound's entrance, pouring down and dampening the white sheets.

"Heavy," the Engineer heard in an exhausted German accent. The wounded Texan, breathing in deeper breaths than he ever had in his life, slowly cranked his head to the right. Medic appeared to be in a feverish state, thick sweat collecting upon his neck and face; his dark hair appeared stuck to his forehead, and the collar of his uniform darkened from the wetness. There were others behind him. Scout and Sniper were there sitting on the counter top near the sink. Soldier was there too, leaning against the wall near the double door entrance. However, Engineer couldn't manage to make out their faces; his vision was getting blurry.

The giant Russian that Medic had summoned sat up from the minuscule stool behind the doctor. With a handkerchief in his right hand, Heavy cautiously dabbed and rubbed the cloth around Medic's face and neck, aware not to tough his eyes or glasses. The Russian continued this for a few moments before retreating back to his stool. Engineer glanced his eyes back over to the doctor at work; his damaged vision couldn't even recognize Medic's face now.

"Thank you Heavy," was what the Engineer heard from his surgeon before returning his head to its previous position, buried inside the bedsheets, his eye lids furiously trapped shut.

Engineer could only surmise that the Doc was sticking him with tweezers, or something like it. Whatever the instrument of treatment was, it was digging deeper and deeper into him. He had never felt anything more physically excruciating in his life. He was beginning to have trouble hearing his own panted breaths.

The... god damned pain, Engineer thought. Gonna... pass out. Even his thoughts were becoming incoherent and delayed. No... can't be... jus' the pain... God...it's blood loss... or its infected... can't breathe... God dammit, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.

The morbid thought wracked Engineer's brain repeatedly as if he had forgotten how to process anything else.

I'm gonna die.


A slight, inaudible metallic clang rippled to the ends of Medic's thickly gloved fingers. The long surgical tweezers in his hand had reached their metal target. Momentarily, the doctor prayed there would be nothing else inside the patient's body that would come between him and the bullet he was trying so desperately hard to extract. This has to be it, Medic thought.

With the round of ammunition now within his extended grasp, he slowly began removing the tweezers from the Engineer's side; the shot had penetrated just below his rib cage. Though the bullet was nearly taken care of, a new horror had washed over Medic's mind mere moments ago, but he was careful not to pronounce it as to not panic the others during his work; Engineer had stopped breathing.

With one final, triumphant tug, the blood soaked tool finally emerged from its victim's body with a lengthy and pointed rifle round held tightly in its grasp. The room was filled with joyous sighs of relief and audible praise.


"Good work, Doctor."

"Well done mate!"

Everyone was relieved. Except for Medic. Tossing the bullet into the stainless metal tray on the night stand, Medic then announced the grievous news.

"Engineer is unconscious and is not breazhing," he stated. Standing up and facing his four team mates, expressions of worry splashed across their faces. Even Soldier's mouth had noticeably contorted into a distressed frown of shock; his helmet hid the rest of face. "I need to try and resuscitate him," Medic started, and then turned to face Soldier. "Soldier, can you suture the wound?" Medic had figured if anyone else had experience worth trusting, it was the commando standing before him. Soldier's mouth straightened out as he lifted the rim of his helmet to examine his team mate's bloodied injury.

"Affirmative," the Solder replied enthusiastically, and immediately moved to the bed where his companion lay.

"Good, zhank you," the Medic breathed in relief. "Heavy, fetch zhe the suturing equipment for Soldier," the doctor ordered. Heavy gave a slight nod and moved to the large supply cabinet. Turning to the motionless Engineer on the bed, Medic placed his blood covered gloves on the man's shoulders. "Soldier, help me turn him over. We need to keep the wound facing this way."

Obliging to the surgeon's request, Soldier claimed Engineer's upper legs and aided in lifting up from the bed. "Careful, careful," the Medic urged, in between his clenched teeth. Lying crumpled on the bed, Soldier was quick spread out the patient's bootless legs. Sighing in stress, Medic knelt down near his patient's head. Reaching out, the doctor clasped Engineer's head and turned it to face himself, leaving streaks of blood across the Engineer's face. Medic looked to his right to see Heavy handed the supplies to Soldier, who was now sitting intently on the stool in front of the bullet wound. "Soldier, be thorough of course, but be quick; I can't perform zhe resuscitation proper until I can be sure I won't be pushing even more blood from his body," Medic demanded.

"Got it Doc," responded Soldier, now bending forward with the needle thread in his hands.

"And be prepare in case he wakes up while during zhe suturing. Understood?" Soldier nodded to the Medic's request. The doctor caught an image of the commando beginning to pierce the flesh around the wound with the needle before turning back to face the lifeless Engineer. Medic drew in a deep breath of air, and then pressed his lips to that of his patient's.
>> No. 2477
>> No. 2491
omfg, this is getting good!!!
keep it up, and nice cliff hanger I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP
engie must LIVE !!
>> No. 2492
Don't die, Engie... DON'T DIE! And, don't leave me hangin'! D=
>> No. 2774
Keep going!
>> No. 3483

>> No. 3793
How did I miss this and why the Hell hasn't it updated yet?!

No sage - renewing interest means update please?
>> No. 3956
This story is amazing!
Who shot Engie?
>> No. 3969
> 18I think, judging by the 'lengthy and pointed rifle round', the enemy sniper.

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