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No. 3060
Kay guys, my first fic. Been Brainstorming this for a good while now. Hope you like it.. Also note my Grammar is pretty Slurred, so please excuse anything..out of it.

Plus, This is just an Introductory to the Plot. More coming soon if People like it.


Ch. 1 - War...

War. It never Ceases to Amaze me.

Bloodshed over Common resources. over Land on which we Thrive. the Differences between the people of the world, and everything each person stands for cause such Horror. Since the first death of man by Rock and bone, all those years ago, this has occured. Murder and pointless loss of life over the Tiniest of life's troubles. over the Spoils that every person who wishes to take, Takes down any challenger who poses a threat by Force. not by Words..If only that were so, if Only...but With War...It'll never Happen.

With the Ongoing battle between BLU and RED, The Spoils of the War Become it's Weapons. The Resources are Namely Oil, and Uranium. And upon the Founding of Nuclear Arms, the world eventually could not contain the Anger and Bloodshed any longer. The World...was Plunged into Atomic Flames, and Choking Chemicals.

The Companies, or what was left upon the very World being Obliterated, Disbanded shortly afterwards. And with this, The world was Burned to the ground. Nothing but a Barren Waste of Radiation. The Earth was a Sea of Death, from this point on.

But then, 15 Years later, a lone Man With Evil intents, took the Currently World of the Damned, and Revived BLU with the Followers he Aquired with his Silver tounge of the Devil, And became the Unelected Ruler of the World. People in the past have Tried to stop this Madman. But all have failed.

He has had an Iron grip for 15 Long years after this day. But Thankfully, Some in the world still have Good in their Souls. some wish to Return the world to it's former Glory. Before all of this Terror. Bring back the World they once knew, all those years ago.

On this day, One lone man would find his Companions, and Form an Alliance to Purge the Dark Shadow Looming over the World..

Today, RED would be Revived.
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>> No. 3061
awesome my brotha; although, maybe next time try lengthening the chapter; makes people want more
>> No. 3062
It's a good start. My suggestion would be to have someone beta, just to correct your keyboard tic of capitalizing randomly. Hell, I could if you wanted.
>> No. 3084
Right, This is the Second bit. Dialogue, Oh my!
Im actually having this one Beta'd, and Otherwise Fixing the Length, As it needs to be Longer! LONGER!
Anyway, Hope you like it.
Beta'd by Saberie


Ch 2 - Good Start, Bad End


Dawn pours out of the rising sun and spreads onto the barren, hopeless wasteland. It is a new day, a new beginning, and a new story for our hero; who would this hero be in such a hopeless land? None other than the man in the gas mask, the RED Pyro.

Pyro awoke in his makeshift hut as the bright morning light trickled through the window and into his eyes; the powerful, pale orange color the sun gave off illuminated the room just as it had brightened the outside world. He got out of his bed, or what was left of it, and sleepily trudged his way to the coffee brewer. Although he was masked, one could see from his body language that he was already in a bad mood; certainly not a morning person.

"Hhhr....Whht hh dhh.." he murmured to himself, pouring himself a cup of coffee once it had finished. After his drink, he went to the door and shoved the door open, walking outside to see what lay in store for him.

The sun was warm, bright, and welcoming; it was almost as if it was calling out to the fire starter to make the most of what was brought before him. This cheered him up a little, "Whhl, mhht hs whhl get bhhkfst," he said, walking back inside to grab his shotgun he kept safely next to what he called a bed. Making sure it was loaded, he went back to the door and ventured out into the Wastes.

The Pyro was very paranoid about the world around him; he kept his identity to himself, letting others know who you are is dangerous in this day and age. It was kill or be killed: the law of the land. He stopped and noticed something that would be excellent for his breakfast: a dog. He drooled at the thought of fresh, cooked, dog meat; the taste, the smell, the tender juices, the fattening rim... and it's part of a complete, balanced breakfast.

Determined, the RED pyro hid behind a burnt tree, and peeked over the charred remains of greenery, keeping his eyes on his sweet, delicious prey; just waiting out in the open to be killed. The masked hunter continued to watch the canine, waiting for the right moment to strike. The second it let it's guard down, he jumped sneaked over to attack, but accidentally stepped onto a twig beneath his feet; a loud snap cracked the silence as he swore under his breath. The dog leered over at his predator and let out a low, vicious growl.

/Ah...fuck,/ he thought, loading his shotgun in preparation. The dog lumbered slowly to him, foaming at the mouth; not exactly the peaceful pup it was a few minutes ago. It lept up at the masked man and attacked, landing on his back and holding tightly with its claws, snapping its jaws at his arms in an attempt to bite him. Pyro reached behind him and grabbed a clump of the animal's fur, throwing him over his back and into the trunk of a tree; he took his shotgun and made a blind-fire shot from behind.

It was silent for a moment; the man was scared to see if he'd killed it or not; after a panicky five seconds or so, he turned around to see the dog; dead as a doornail, limp on the ground with a bullet hole in its side. He did it; he'd killed the animal; he was the victor.

It took a while for his triumph to sink in, and, once it did, he took a deep breath and yelled with glee at his newly acquired breakfast, "HUHUHUHUH! YHHS! HH HM THH GHHTSHHST!" he yelled, his cheers echoing through the land; he wanted others to know, but he /knew/ he wasn't alone out here, someone, an enemy, was watching him. With this realization, he threw his catch of the day over his shoulder and journeyed back to his home with a proud grin on his masked face. He was going to enjoy this meal; he earned it.
>> No. 3088
I like this. Keep going, and with longer chapters!
>> No. 3295
this is really good, keep going.

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