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No. 2610
chapter 1: a good time had by all

Today we will tell a tale about how Soldier met his maget.

Soldier was sitting by the beach one day and he had a frown. said "this sux I am goign to the teeming forest 2." and so he transport from the beach to the forest behind it.

there he foudn a lot of wildlife, like
Fish in the stream
buter Flies

and then there were gleaming buges that were on the very ground. Soldier looked down and he smiled a big smile! "I have never sen anyhing like this before He" said to the bug. And the bug was a maget. he picked it up and kissed i he kissed it he kissed it 123456789 10!

"o, you maget, your'e so beutiufl" and he took it home for all to parade.
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>> No. 2611
Chapter 2: a shocking

That was a prologue by the way Ok now on to the real storey.

"hm" medic thought to himself as he sat in the 2fort. "I wonder whats the pyro true identity?" he stood up and looked out at the pyro who was flaming a blu team guys. "haha look at zat sniper run! dumkof"

he went up to the pyro downstairs and started heal her. "hudey hudhu" said the pyro and ran away

WHen she ran away the medic felt a little sad tough he didnt know why. So he chaced the pyro to the other Team 2 Fort. "wait pyro!!!" said medic and caught up. pyro gae him a confused look!

then medic said "iCant take it anymore" and pulled off the pyros mask like it had easy grease on it. "aaaa" said pyro because she was totally shocked.

What was the true identity???
>> No. 2612
Are you asking us or is it more of a rhetorical question
>> No. 2613
idk both
>> No. 2614
saxton hale
>> No. 2615
"aaaa" said pyro because she was totally shocked.she was totally shocked.she
what a tweest
>> No. 2618
The Pyro is clearly Julia Child.
>> No. 2620
At first I was like D:
but then I lol'd.
>> No. 2629
At first I was like "oh god not another fake trollfic"
But then I saw deers and buter Flies and all was well and good in the world.
>> No. 2632
ya let's marry ok
>> No. 2639
ya, these stories are so beautiful they make me want to cry tears of sperm.
>> No. 2643
continue please, NOW
>> No. 2644
continue please, NOW
>> No. 2646
you are SO GOOD author, ya. never stop writing.
>> No. 2647
i love you ya
>> No. 2648

baby u no i luv u
>> No. 2651
ilu ya you are best
>> No. 2654
need moar now
u is awsome

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