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No. 2787
Most likely will only be a few parts. Don't really plan on taking this story anywhere else.


His reflexes mere moving quicker than his mind could comprehend. He was still on patrol, Sniper at his side, navigating the rugged desert terrain underneath the scorching sun. If Sniper was with him... then why was he alone?

The panicked Engineer sat squatting behind the low rock formation, his partner's gun gripped in his hands, overlooking the vast dry canyon. They had both heard the gunshot. The Engineer watched, his eyes widened in horror and confusion as Sniper wrapped his free hand around his own throat and attempted to duck into cover. Engineer followed him keeping his head low, unable to do anything else but gaze as red fluid slowly crept in between his ally's fingers. The blood began pouring faster and faster, reddening his entire gloved hand and soaking his shirt as he lay crumpled against the stone wall.

He was bleeding, and his entire body seemed to spasm frequently as if stimulated by an electric current. Engineer did nothing but watch, paralyzed. Sniper had dropped his polished bolt-action rifle upon the rocky ground, and weakly kicked it toward the Engineer, sliding to a stop near his dark boots. Neither said anything. Gazing into the stern eyes of his comrade, Engineer knew what he was being ordered to do, but he didn't react. He did nothing. He stared, unflinching at Sniper until, after a few brief coughs of blood spewing from his lips, the soul was lost from his eyes. It seemed as if every aspect of the Sniper had vanished instantaneously, like the flick of a switch had rendered him useless and unmoving. His blood soaked left hand quietly fell from his throat, completely limp.

Engineer snatched the sniper rifle with his gloved right hand and tore the goggles from his face, cleanly snapping the elastic cord. He quickly assumed a crouched position, resting his left elbow upon the natural barricade in front of his friend. With the weapon reliably propped up and the index finger of his right hand wrapped around the trigger, Engineer peered through the scope and investigated the landscape.

Don't move erratically, he thought to himself. You'll be noticed. He was confused. Frightened. Livid. Engineer was no stranger to being in harm's way, but acting as a sharpshooter across miles of terrain... he was out of his league. And his friend, slumped behind him, dead. The Engineer had seen allies die in front of him, but among the eight that he had befriended across the past months, this would be the first casualty. He couldn't shake the chilling sensation that behaved like this was the first time he had seen someone die. He thought he was used to it.

The cross hairs of the scope scrolled across the wasteland, searching for the killer. Engineer was heaving drawn out breaths, in and out. Stay calm, he thought. You can do this. He wasn't sure how much time had passed precisely since he had claimed the responsibilities of his late ally. The Engineer's mind seemed like it had just jerked out of slow-motion, now rushing to catch up with his actions. Had it been a few minutes? He hadn't noticed any sign of movement.

As Engineer's breathing became steadier, a signal of relaxation, his heart nearly leaped into his throat; there, nearly completely hidden behind a large white rock, definitely eight hundred or so meters away. The flashing glare of his opponent's own scope had given him away. For a brief, nearly eternal second, Engineer noted the opposing sharpshooter wore a dark balaclava that hid his face. The man's eyes were blocked by the sleek weapon he was wielding. Engineer knew that the man could see him. For a moment he could sense some kind of mutual communication between them, as if they both aware of the same thing. Then, as if he were hanging up a phone after casually saying good bye, the Engineer squeezed back the trigger on the rifle. The stock of the weapon quickly slapped his shoulder, accompanied by an incredible gunshot that echoed through out the walls of the canyon.
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>> No. 4012
Jeez you guys, no replies? That's cold. I think this is a fairly interesting, and assuming the author hasn't fled the chan at your COLD, COLD REJECTION, I'd like to see where this goes.
>> No. 4013
I did read this. I'm not sure why i didn't leave a comment.

I always kind of lurk and hope the author posts more when they only post short little tidbits like this. I kind of prefer bigger, meatier updates.
>> No. 4043
Apart from a couple of minor mistakes, this was really quite good. You had my attention from the start by diving right into the action. Please, do continue. I'd like to see how this ends.

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