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4957 No. 4957
Continuation of:
...even though I said I wouldn't do it.


"Алло?" answered a voice over the phone.

"Uhh..." Engineer hesitated. It didn't sound like Heavy; maybe he had called the wrong number? He glanced back into the paper in his hand with the phone number scrawled across it.

"Кто-то там?" the voice asked. The man who answered the call, Engineer thought. He sounds so damned familiar... no way.

"Doc?" Engineer asked. There was a definite pause. Engineer's entire body froze, too careful to even make any noise when he breathed.

"...Engineer?" the voice finally responded, puzzled.

"Doc!" the Texan shouted. "It is you! What in the hell are you doin' in Russia?" A wide smile spread across his face.

"I'm staying vhiz Herr Heavy," the doctor replied. So many things rushing through the Engineer's mind as the German explained. "It vasn't... ideal to return to Germany."

The Doc is living with Heavy.

"Heavy used some of zhe BLU money to secure a manor from some outed Russian politician."

Hell, he's even learned Russian too!"

"It is nice, alzhough it is much too large for just two."

Still has that same Germany dialect though.

"Vhat has you calling, Herr Engineer?" the doctor asked.

"Well uh, Solly had the idea ta visit, you know," Engineer replied. There was a pause.

"Herr Soldat wanted to visit?" the German asked. Engineer smirked to himself.

"Yeah, but you know he won't show an ounce of it in person," Engineer said.

"So are you still in zhe United States?" Medic asked. Engineer started wrapping the phone cord around the fingers in his free hand; it was hard to contain how excited he felt to be speaking to another team member.

"Yep, Solly an' I are staying with mah folks at the moment, but I figure we can give you a visit."

"So zhen, your parents, zhey are aware of your... relationship vhiz Soldier?" Medic inquired. His voice sounded heavier, weighed a bit more by worry.

"Yeah, but I gotta admit I had a helluva time gettin' out to mahself," Engineer admitted.

"It is understandable. I'm happy for zhe two of you," the German said.

"Thanks Doc," the Texan said softly, his cheeks beginning to blush. "So uh, I don't suppose you an' Heavy wouldn't mind us payin' a visit?" Engineer heard the doctor chuckle lightly over the phone.

"Of course ve vouldn't mind."


The experience entering the city felt artificial. Moscow grew larger and larger as the plane descended, the bizarre architecture of its buildings puncturing holes through reality like bullets, bleeding into Engineer's mind like some strange fantasy. Soldier didn't say much until the duo had left the airport, but after the exceptionally long flight, Soldier could only immediately muster three words.

"I hate planes."

It wasn't as snowy as he had predicted, with only a fleeting amount of white flakes dancing through the air from the sky. But damn, it's was /cold/. Engineer and Soldier trotted through the thin layer of powder among the streets of the city. Both men were bound snugly in tight winter coats and heavy pants. Soldier had bought an oversized black ushanka that fell over his eyes. Engineer brought an old faded tyrolean from his parents' attic. The two walked for nearly an hour to their destination, a backpack worn by the Texan and a rucksack slung over the commando's shoulder. The two men had seen the estate from the distance, but approached it silently, both believing there was simply /no way/ this could be where their comrades lived.

"Well, the Doc did say it would stand out..." Engineer said at the incredibly tall gate surrounding the entire massive mansion. The Texan found the design distinctly sharp, almost Gothic. The massive unkempt yard before them was part by a narrow cobblestone path leading to the huge set of front double doors. Soldier pushed one side of the gate opened and made way for the entranced. Engineer hurried to catch up with Soldier's suddenly increased pace of walking.

"Seems like those ladies have made themselves out alright," Soldier said.

"Heh, I reckon so," Engineer replied.
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>> No. 4959
YAY! You continued it! I was hoping you would. This is starting off great! Can't wait for the next part. :D
>> No. 4961
>> No. 4962

Ahem, anyways, eee, glad to see you continuing this! I wiggle with excite and burst with pure glee.
>> No. 4963

I like were this is going. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
>> No. 4976
Russia, Part 2


The huge dark double doors easily doubled the Texan in height, he realized upon reaching them. Soldier lifted a thickly gloved fist and knocked his knuckles against it several times. It was only a few silent moments before, even from across the huge, no doubt thick doors, the duo heard enormous footsteps approaching from inside. Even so, the rate at which the door swung open from the inside was rather surprising.

"Soldier and Engineer!" yelled a beaming bald man in a dark blue, collared sweater shirt tucked into a pair of pressed slacks. In one quick step, he emerged from the entryway onto the outdoor steps and scooped up the two visitors into a huge hug, lifting their feet into the air.

"Missed leetle team mates!" Heavy yelled again, nearly crushing his two friends. Though squinting from the tight discomfort against the Russian's giant chest, Engineer noticed that Soldier's ushanka had fallen off, and was staring Heavy down with a dangerous glare.

"Good for you to visit!" Heavy said as he dropped the pair back onto the black stone steps, and turned to yell inside. "Dokter! Leetle vistors are here!" Engineer started to follow the gigantic Russian into his abode, but turned to see Soldier fiercely snatching up his winter hat. The Texan was hoping that his partner wasn't beginning to have doubts about the whole thing.

The entrance hall was massive, clearly the size of Engineer's entire home back in Bee Cave. Every wall was decorated with large landscape paintings or framed portraits of people the Texan wasn't familiar with. It was all lit by dozens of moody candles; not a light bulb in sight. The elegantly carpeted grand staircase to the second floor split into two separate flights that circled around the entire foyer.

"Good gravy," Engineer said, mouth agape turning on the spot. Soldier, even with the ushanka blanketing his eyes again, Engineer could tell he was peering around with interest.

"Ach! Back, back! You're tracking snow and dirt!" All three men turned to see a tall German quickly descending from the second floor, garbed in an unfamiliar black, high class buttoned dress jacket over a gray sweater vest, though his glasses and dark hair were the same. He scuttled forward, waving Engineer and Soldier back towards the door with gloved hands (even though he was indoors; Engineer always thought the man had a thing for keep his fingers wrapped).

"Aw hell, sorry Doc," Engineer apologized as stepped backwards in tandem with Soldier. The German sighed.

"It's fine, alzhough keeping zhis place as clean as it is is no easy feat," the Medic admitted.

"It's good to see you, Medic," Soldier greeted, and gave the surprised doctor a firm handshake and a warm smile. Engineer didn't think that Solly had ever smiled at the man. In fact, he wasn't sure he could recall Soldier ever smiling at anyone but himself and his parents.

The visiting pair removed their boots and followed Heavy and Medic throughout the mansion as they explained the events after leaving BLU, and their requisition of the manor. Even with the considerable sum of cash acquired between the two of them, the Texan was surprised nonetheless that the German and Russian pair were able to afford such an estate. Throughout the tour and discussion, Engineer couldn't help but be astounded at how much the doctor has changed since leaving the battlefield. He was still very much a stern and disciplined man, but his disposition had improved considerably. Though it must help to no longer feel like you're responsible for babysitting eight foolish hired hands while having to watch out for yourself. Engineer also theorized that Medic wasn't involved in BLU to simply get an appealing paycheck or take part in a modern day Valhalla like the others. He always noticed that, Solly exempt, the doctor took the job more seriously than anyone else, like he truly depended on it. It must've been irritating to see everyone else able laugh off a victory or drink off a defeat at the end of each day, while the German was always intent on working towards whatever it was BLU promised him. Of course, Engineer had only ideas formulated by the slurs and rumors thrown around by Scout and Solly, but the doctor had never actually talked about it. The Texan preferred it that way; as much as he wanted to believe he'd respect the man regardless of what he might have been, he couldn't deny that he'd just rather not know at all. It was so ironic that Soldier, who had more than once confronted and insulted the doctor about his potential past, seemed to be so appreciative as his guest.

It's funny, Engineer thought. As different as the Doc is now, I think it's Solly who's changed even more.
>> No. 4996
Russia, Part 3


Soldier and Engineer stayed nearly a week in Moscow within one of the sixty-three bedrooms of their teammates' enormous home. The hosts made a habit of cooking dinner every night, while dining upon lunch in the city during the day. A four drew themselves quite a bit of public attention due to Heavy's extraordinarily large build and the obvious less-than-Russian natures of his associates. It was the final night of Soldier and Engineer's visit when the sky had been smeared with the identical variant of gray as the afternoon the two first arrived at the manor. Heavy and Engineer were collecting the empty dishes from the long table in the extravagant dining hall; Medic however, was still at work. He was a notoriously slow eater. While Engineer and Heavy retreated to the kitchen to deposit the dirty dishes, Soldier stood and took a seat directly across from the German still savoring his veal.

"Hey, Doc..." Soldier started, as he slowly (as well as uncharacteristically) removed his much-too-large ushanka and gripped it calmly in his hands while staring at the doctor from across the table.

"Yes, Herr Soldat?" Medic responded casually, still chewing a bite of the tender meat.

"I wanted to wait until Engie and Heavy were gone; I don't think they should hear this," the American said grimly. Medic immediately stopped chewing and swallowed, glaring intently back.

"Vhat is it?" he asked.

"Most of us joined BLU to get a paycheck, but... you didn't," Soldier said slowly. Medic face began sagging; he knew where this was going. "Engie pointed it out to me, that it wasn't the money that was important to you," Soldier continued. "So, Doc, I need to know why you joined BLU."

The two stared at each other momentarily, neither moving an inch, before Medic allowed his hand (gloved, even at dinner) to go limp and drop his expensive fork onto the dinner plate.
"Soldier... you know vhy..." Medic said quietly. Soldier had deduced as such.

"Doc, I won't judge you," Soldier gulped. "You're... a friend," he admitted. Medic eyes shot back up and he stared at Soldier with the most pitiful eyes the American had ever seen the doctor display. "But, I need to hear it. I need to hear what you did."

Medic hesitated. He had never said it before. Even when recruited by BLU, the employers all danced around the details, and the slurs he suffered from his teammates (Soldier among them) would have just as easily been aimed at anyone else from his national background. He had never admitted what he had done. The doctor took a deep breath.

"I joined zhe German ranks in nineteen-forty two, and vas immediately stationed at Treblinka," Medic began, a somber tone to his lowering voice. "I vas only eighteen at zhe time... so stupid..." Soldier sat in silence as Medic spoke. "I willingly participated in zhe torture and murder of over two-hundred zhousand people upon my arrival..." the doctor, now staring blankly at an empty space on the dining table, removed his glasses and began furiously rubbing his eyes. "I vas transferred to Belzec in early nineteen-forty zhree, vhere I vas present for zhe massacre of over one-hundred zhousand more..." Medic's voice began to crack. "And zhen I ran. I ran from my guilt and left Germany for Austria, alvays just ahead of zhe Nazi head hunt, not zhat it vasn't undue..." Soldier hadn't moved an inch. Medic dropped his glasses onto the table and shielded his entire face with both hands, speaking into his palms. "And zen, after years of running, BLU offered me a way to erase my past so I vould no longer have to run." Medic slammed a fist onto the table. The collection of plates and silverware, used and unused, rattled momentarily. "Soldier..." The German was now crying, tears streaming down his face as if the man had never shed a tear in his life. "Y-you vere right, in BLU..." The gaps between Medic's words were increasing, his sobbing withdrawals forcing his entire body to convulse. "I am a Nazi, I'm a murderer... God! I should be dead!" he shouted.

This was it. This is what Soldier needed to hear from him.

"A-and... you called me you're friend," Medic sobbed, fiercely wiping his wet and reddening face with his gloved hands. He laughed nervously. "I'm pathetic," he muttered, still facing the tabletop.

"Medic, you are my friend," Soldier said softly. "Look at me."

"I-I c-can't... I can't..." Medic refused.

"Yes you can," Soldier said. Medic had never heard the man speak this way. He had never seen the American behave in such a manner at all.

"S-Soldat..."Medic continued to sob into his gloves. "Y-you've changed."

"You've changed too," Soldier said. The doctor reeled his soaking face up to look at the man across from him. "You've got a second chance, and whether you think it's fair or not, you shouldn't waste it."

"S-Soldier..." Medic stuttered, his profuse crying beginning to lighten. "Vhy... vhy not in front of zhe ozzhers?"

"Engie and Heavy are soft..." Soldier explained. "It doesn't matter what they believe, because they can also not believe it. It's easier for them. But me..." Soldier sighed. "I had to know. But they can't. They can't ever /know/." Soldier stood up while placing his ushanka back on and pushed back his chair. "Thanks for dinner, Doc," he said, before calmly making his way to the kitchen to rejoin with Engineer and Heavy.

Medic sat there, gazing down at himself. He was a mess. He couldn't believe that it was... Soldier that reduced him to such a state. He had been so weak. The doctor replaced his spectacles. He engaged every muscle in his body he could think of and whispered to himself, "Thank you, Soldier."


It was a series of many handshakes and goodbyes later that had led to the pair of Americans finally leaving from the property and back onto the snowy Moscow streets. Medic solemnly closed the front door, retreating from the bitter cold air.

"Dokter okay?" Heavy asked. Medic turned to him. He had cleaned his features up considerably before meeting with Heavy and Engineer again, though his state was far from ideal. His weakened humor was obvious.

"Yes, Heavy, zhank you," the doctor said. "I... actually feel much lighter," he added. Heavy arched his brows in confusion.

"Lighter?" the Russian asked, confused. Medic chuckled.

"It's nozzhing," he shrugged off. The two made their way about the main hall, extinguishing the many lit candles for the evening

"Dokter," Heavy started. "Do you tink zhat vhe could ever be like, you know, Soldier and Engineer?" The German stopped and shot an utterly puzzled look at the man, before turning it into a sly smirk.

"Are you attracted to me, Herr Heavy?" the doctor teased. Medic had never fancied himself a homosexual, but he couldn't deny the topic amused him

"Umm, vell no," Heavy admitted, his eyes darting around everywhere nervously. "But togezzher, zhey seem nice," he explained. "You know zhat /I/ vould love you Dokter." Medic laughed again, louder this time.

"Heavy, if I ever vake up vone morning and find zhat I begin preferring men, you vill be zhe first to know."

Note: I included the segment at the end to try and help solidify the sort of friendship Medic and Heavy have in this particular story. They aren't gay, just really epic bromance.
>> No. 4997

The way you ended it makes it seem like Heavy's love for Medic is going a bit unrequited... which kind of makes it a little sad, even though they're living together.
>> No. 4998
Ah... that last part made me so happy...! i'm loving this so far = )
>> No. 5000
The idea of Heavy and Medic, as heterosexuals, envying the connection between the Soldier and the Engineer, has left me speechless. It's wonderful and I love it, and I'm crying and I can't explain why.
>> No. 5016
The ending really made me smile.
Oh Heavy and Medic...C:
>> No. 5075
This is just one of the quick segments of intermission in between the duo's country hopping.


"Didn't know you could cook," Soldier said as he curiously eyed the hundreds of boxed products resting on the super market shelves.

"My folks taught me a thing er two," Engineer replied, walking side-by-side next to Soldier. "D'you want cod or halibut, Solly?" the Texan asked as the two approached the sea-food section at the end of the store.

"Well, which is better?" Soldier inquired. Engineer stopped in his tracks, shopping basket in hand, and stared at Soldier's black ten gallon hat where his eyes would otherwise be visible.

"You ain't never had cod or halibut?" Engineer asked, flabbergasted. "Damn Solly, what'd you normally eat?"

"Not fish," Soldier replied coldly. He reached around the Engineer and snatched a box from the shelf behind him. "What the hell is this? Milk... in a box!?" he shouted.

"Goddamn it Solly, keep yer voice down," Engineer soothed, gently freeing the box from Soldier's tightening grip. "And yes, it's powered milk." The Texan replaced the now slightly crushed product back onto the shelf. He sighed and removed his glasses, wiping his eyes in stress with his bare forearm. "You gotta a helluva lot to learn." Engineer looked at his partner and smiled warmly. "But I 'spose that's the fun part ain't it?" he chuckled. "Now go ahead and pick out a beer for the batter."

Soldier wanted to admit he had never heard of alcohol being used to cook food, but the prospect sounded so appealing he didn't bother to argue.
>> No. 5076
D'aww, nothing cuter than a couple shopping.
>> No. 5080
Adorable as usual. You can make Soldier cute via ignorance... you are win.
>> No. 5081
"Milk... in a box?!"
I completely agree, Soldier.

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