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No. 2525
I'm gonna leave this here and if you like it I'll continue it and give myself a name and a tripcode like a real author and if you don't I will probably not!

It's the first part of a much longer story, but I kind of wanted to make sure my writing was okay before I got any further. I guess in some ways it's kind of a "public beta" except I'm slightly more confident in it than that. If it turns out I do need an actual beta though I'll get one. I kind of hope that, if nothing else, this story has a clear sense of direction in where it's going that is interesting.


The first thing the BLU Scout noticed when he woke up was the floor he was lying on. The rough concrete dug into the cut on the back of his leg, specks of cement sticking to his open wound. It was cold, too, very cold- not helped by the fact that he was naked. As he opened his eyes, he saw, standing on the other side of the room, the RED Spy, his face illuminated by the orange glow of his cigarette.

Scout's first reaction was to attempt to lunge for Spy, but his hands were tied behind his back and he had no way of standing. Spy, noticing Scout's attempts to wiggle out of his bindings, grinned. He muttered something in French before walking towards his prisoner.

Scout's eyes widened as Spy grew closer, and he scrambled backwards, propelling himself along the floor with his bound hands. "D- don't get near me, you fuckin' creep, or I'll-" He stopped, suddenly finding himself backed against a wall. He gulped and quivered slightly.

"I'm not here to hurt you," Spy said. His assurances were lost entirely.

"R-right. I'm sure you're here to give me a f-fuckin' reward for killin' like half your team yesterday." Even in his vulnurable state, Scout couldn't hide his pride.

Spy chuckled. "Well, I will say that we - well, we weren't pleased. And yes, I was sent to your base to capture you."

Scout groaned as he remembered how he'd been captured. Medic had always warned him to keep his guard up at all times, but he just wanted to, well, spend time in the way a young male might - you know - being as sexually frustrated as he was, surrounded by creepy men who he wanted absolutely nothing to do with. He'd done it in his bunk, locked, but Spy had been waiting since before Scout had gotten there, cloaked, and had intended to knock him out with one quick jab of a syringe while Scout was, well, taking care of business.

However, Scout twisted at the last second, and Spy missed the injection entirely. Noticing a needle in his bed, Scout looked up at Spy and, after taking a few nanoseconds to assess the situation, immediately began to fight back, pelting him with quick jabs. "What the FUCK are you doing here, you fucking- FUCK!" Spy stabbed the back of the runner's leg with his butterfly knife, sending Scout to the floor. Before Scout could get back up, Spy pulled the syringe out of the bed and stuck it into Scout's arm, knocking him out immediately.

"Fucking creeper, waiting until - I mean, you could have gotten me as I walked through the damn door."

"Non, that would not have been nearly as enjoyable." Spy's smirk turned back into a grin. A creepy, creepy fucking grin.

"God, just- what do you want, you French fag." His voice dropped into a mumble. "God, now I'm fucking naked - bet you're gonna fucking ra-"

"You're not here for interrogation, you know." Spy dropped and stomped out his cigarette, sending the room into darkness.

"Well, then what the fuck am I here for?"

Spy lit his match and another cigarette. "You're in captivity. RED wants you to stop fighting, and there's no easy way to do that, now is there?"

"So you're just going to tie me up so I can't go to battle?"

"Exactly." Spy sat down.

"Th- that's some dirty shit, man. I mean, we always kept this stuff, like, professional, right? A nine to five shift, Announcer says 'go fight' or 'go back to base' and we do it. No POWs or anything, just kills and respawns. This is real goddamn cheap."

Spy sighed. "Not my decision. Orders from HQ."

Scout paused to collect his thoughts. "Like, you know - BLU's gonna come down hard on you guys. I mean, we stick together and shit. They won't stop fighting to get me, no matter the fuckin' announcer-"

"No they won't."

"How the fuck do you know?"

Spy took a long drag before answering. "Are you familiar with mutually assured destruction?"

"That's like, uh, Cold War shit. If anyone bombs anyone, everyone's fucked."

"Something like that." Spy rolled his eyes at the description, but couldn't help himself from smiling softly at Scout's naivety. "BLU won't escalate the fighting because they don't want to turn this into a real war. They like having a shift. They like respawn. They like it casual."

"So what, you guys want to change that?"

"HQ... HQ thinks that we're slacking off. That we could get more intel if we fought longer and harder."

"But you don't really want to change that, do you?"

Spy paused for a moment, having no response.

Suddenly, he collected his thoughts. He scowled. "I don't have any more time to talk to you. While you may not be able to tell in this room, it's seven in the morning, and I have to eat breakfast."

As Spy walked towards the door, Scout started to yell after him. "Hey, what about my food? I'm fuckin' hungry as hell! And my goddamn leg is still bleed-"

The door was opened, slammed, and locked. The room was again pitch-black.

"Asshole could have at least given me some goddamn clothes," Scout muttered as he curled up as well as he could with his bound hands. It was fucking cold.


It took until breakfast for BLU team to notice Scout's absense. A cursory check of his room revealed nothing except some porno magazines laying out in the open and his clothes lying on the ground. It wasn't until they noticed the blood stains and the syringe that they realized what had happened.

They were not happy.


next time: scout gets food and/or bandages (perhaps clothing! this is the kind of incredible suspense that you will get from this story), blu team has a plan, spy continues to be a creepy motherfucker, and i try to inject some actual emotion into this thing (i am a robot beep boop)
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>> No. 2526
I for one am excited for this to continue.
>> No. 2533
...Please continue. I'm like the angle you've taken on the constant fighting and it'll be interesting to see the team relationships.
>> No. 2541
>> No. 2542
Hm... I like it so far, please keep going = ) Over-all it doesn't look like you need a beta, I didn't see any typoes and the chracters seem pretty IC to me.

I also want to know if Scout gets clothes or not. (preferably not)
>> No. 2545
Liking this so far.....
>> No. 2563
I like this. Please, continue.

>> No. 2657
im in like with this

carry on ASAP :D
>> No. 2663
Continue, please. :D I like this so far, yes.
>> No. 2665
alright alright hold onto your hats, helmets, and head-gloves

I'll be continuing this this soonish. hopefully end-of-the-week soon. I didn't take quite enough time to plan it out before posting this (kind of an impulse thing at 4ish in the morning), but I know where I'm going.

Just gotta get my MapQuest directions there.
>> No. 2671
>> No. 2672
Not bad, but it needs a beta. I'd say check in the help forum for someone to read your stuff over. I caught a few grammatical mistakes, and betas are your friennndd.

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