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First fic post ever on a forun other than Y!Gallery. Hope it is worthy.

It was a slow day and Jessi was putzing around in the BLU base resupply room. He had always known the room to be pretty sturdy, it was one of the few places he could hit his ball indoors and it wouldn’t do much of any damage. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but it worked out to his advantage when he didn’t feel like chasing after his ball.

Today he was just practicing his batting, not really aiming for anything in particular other than to just hit the ball with his bat. He pitched to himself and took another swing, a homerun worthy hit, square on, the ball whacked off the wall and bounced upward, knocking one of the ceiling panels loose. He dodged in time to avoid his falling ball and a plasterboard sheet falling down on his head.

“Shit…” He stepped closer to see if the board was actually damaged, groaning as it had cracked apart upon its landing, now shattered in pieces on the floor. Just great, he barely had any money in his bags, how the fuck was he going to pay for the damages he’d caused now? Sighing heavily, he stepped on top of the boards to peer up into the ceiling to see what the innards of the building looked like. He had expected to see just basic wood and wiring like the inside of a house. After all, the base was made mostly of corrugated sheet metal, planks of wood, and the occasional reinforced cement walls. It was amazing the building stayed intact as well as it did.

What met his eyes was entirely not what he expected. Above he saw a black-tiled wall, no wiring, no wood, and what also appeared to be a delivery shoot of some sort. It was large enough for a person to fit inside.

Looking around first, Jessi dropped ball and bat, jumped, then jumped again mid air and hooked fingers in the sides of the hole, foisting himself up into the pipe just above the panel he’d knocked down. It was a clear pipe, and so in holding himself up as if on a jungle gym by the edges of the hole, he could see more pipes that lead to other panels in the resupply room ceiling. What were all these pipes for? He frowned deeply as he hung there. He’d never seen these before or anything that ever looked like this black tiled room that the pipes occupied. This didn’t even look like the base.

His arms started to ache as he shifted himself to face another angle before looking up into the tube. Something was smeared on the insides… was that blood? He frowned and shifted one slightly sweaty hand up, then the other, and using the stickiness of his palms, began to pull himself up the tube slowly. He was soon able to get his feet up on the edges of the hole and boost himself up a little further. Coming level with the smear that he’d seen from below, he peered close. It WAS blood. He looked a little disturbed as he peered up the pipe which narrowed with perspective and disappeared above. Someone else had been in here and either had been injured or died. Perhaps he ought to move.

Moving back down the pipe, he noticed there was a gap between this pipe and the next one where another plasterboard ceiling panel covered this room from below. Using his foot, he kicked down the other panel, then dropped himself down into the resupply room, then did his double-jump again to get his grip on the newly made hole, pulling himself up with surprisingly strong thin arms, and then sat on the edge of the hole to investigate the pipe-room from outside of the pipes.

It was creepy; there was no indication other than the blood in the pipes that any humans had been here beyond initial building. It was surprisingly clean of dust, a very dry room with well circulated air. It seemed almost industrial. Pulling himself to standing upright, the scout balanced his fortunately light body along the little metal rails that held the plasterboard panels in place and walked beside the pipes, investigating each one, noting a bit of code written along the side of each one. Crouching beside one, he tilted his head.
“SNI001… Wonder what SNI stands for.” He then stepped over to another one and peered at its code. “HEA001.” Another: “MED001… Med…usually anything with MED before it relates to medic or medical… I wonder if this is where our endless supply of medical supplies comes from. I don’t think so though… we get trains of that stuff shipped in…” He pushed his headset to his neck and lifted his cap to scratch at his head a little, ruffling brown hair.

He then turned to look around the room. Balancing his way across the metal frames again, as he knew well that the plasterboard couldn’t hold even him, he found his way to a ladder, likely a maintenance ladder, and peered up it. There appeared to be some sort of hatch or door above, perhaps there were some more answers there, so he began climbing.

Reaching the top of the ladder, Jessi sat on the ledge and caught his breath. He was used to running and jumping and beating the shit out of things, but climbing was still a little bit of a weakness, at least when doing so much of it in one period of time. He looked around himself and noted next to the hatch that there were some symbols and signs. Left appeared to lead to some sort of water tank, right lead to a supply closet, and through the hatch: “Observation Room: 2Fort?”

Maybe it was just one of the observation towers where they called the announcements from. He reached out to touch the hatch but before his hand even got near, it slid open for him. That seemed awfully high-tech for their base. Sure they had things that lifted and opened without their touch, but it was more along the lines of doors controlled by the announcer, right? That’s what sounded right to him. He stepped inside and it shut behind him. It was almost like an airlock from some science fiction story. He walked down a rounded tunnel until he came to another hatch and went through it, finding himself in what appeared to be some sort of control room with wide observation windows.

Approaching one of the windows, he stepped up and placed his palms to the glass and peered down. It was an aerial view of 2Fort, unoccupied right now. He stepped to another window which showed a view of the 2Fort supply room, yet this window showed that just like the last room he was in, there were pipes that connected through the ceiling just as in the last room. He frowned and looked around the room, maybe there were some clues as to what those pipes were for in here.

No notepads, just computer screens that appeared to be monitoring all signs of life and activity, or in this case, lack thereof. He looked back out upon 2Fort and noticed something odd this time around. The sky… it was curved. Not in the way a sky appears curved when you’re standing under it, gazing up on a beautiful clear day… no… it was domed… as if it were a painting on a ceiling. 2Fort wasn’t actually outdoors. It was like a training room. Maybe it wasn’t the real 2Fort?

He frowned and pulled back, a little weirded out. So maybe BLU really liked to train them in 2Fort for the real battles out in Well and the Badlands and so forth? Yeah, that had to be what it was. He could handle that, it was cool actually. His company liked to train them for their battles, but not knowing it’s just training made it all the more real.

Okay, so that could be pretty cool, but he still didn’t understand the pipes to the resupply rooms. He looked around and noted another hatch that lead to another area. Looking around it, there were more signs. Left: Observation Room: Badlands, Right: Observation Room: Well, straight ahead: Laboratories. Labs? Perhaps weapon design labs, well that could be cool. He decided to head there.

More futuristic sliding doors, a very shiny black tiled hallway, another sliding hatch, and then he was in what looked like the laboratories of a mad scientist in one of those movies that Pyro and Sniper watched on Saturday nights. Except very much real, buzzing and humming with electrical elements, bubbling pipes, and… creepy human-sized tubes, fogged with the chill of whatever was kept in a frozen stasis inside.

Jessi’s expression was one of uneasy apprehension as he stepped in to look around. This was definitely NOT a weapons lab; this was more of the biological sort of laboratory. However, despite the contents, it still appeared as though no human had been here in years. No dust, but definitely nothing touched. Slowly he turned to approach one of the tubes. Reaching a nervous hand upward, he placed warm hand to cool surface, wiping slowly downward, removing the thin layer of frost that hid the contents from view.


No…no, that couldn’t have been… but those were Medic’s eyes… and the look was blank, lifeless… frozen. He swallowed and wiped away more frost, revealing the still, nude form of their medic floating frozen inside of this tube. Yet he appeared substantially less muscular, his skin appeared to be covered in what appeared to be needle marks, tiny, but definitely pin-pricks. The fluid in which his frozen form floated appeared to have the slightest tint of orange to it. What was it? He leaned in closer to look at the Medic’s frozen form only to give a shriek and stumble backward. Something inside the tank had moved.

Heart racing in his thin chest, Jessi lay upon the cold tile floor and stared at the pipes. Inside the tank was what seemed like a living creature, but was in fact a small robotic entity with a needle attached to it.

As he watched, it seemed to note him, a little red light flashing for a moment before it moved in the direction of the medic once more and injected the needle into the still body’s calf. He saw a small capsule fill with a small quantity of the man’s blood, and then the machine pulled away and floated off to the top of the tube, leaving a small trace of blood leaking from the new needle-hole it had left. That was why the fluid was so orange. Loose floating blood cells.

Suddenly a voice snapped him out of his revelries.

“What are you doing here, Scout?” A very mechanical female voice inquired, definitely not their announcer. “Why are you out of your base? You are going the wrong way…” That little robot had informed some authority that he was here. Not good, because it sounded like he was unwanted company. Well then, that was his cue to get moving.

He got to his feet and kicked himself into gear, heading for the next exit which was more of a normal door, flying through it, he came into a room with a lot of large machinery and more tubes. Thousands of tubes, actually, upon closer inspection.
The room was a huge factory floor filled with thousands of tubes, all filled with bodies, yet these ones did not appear to be frozen, weak, or pin-pricked like the body of Medic in the other room. They appeared fresh and healthy, the liquid they floated in was clear and clean, and they appeared more serene. He investigated a tube beside him and found an identical of their demoman… he got it now… cloning. These tubes held clones of each one of the 9 men… including himself.


So that’s what that little robot was doing, collecting blood samples for use of DNA for cloning, but then… was that the original medic in that tube? Was the medic they saw out in the field everyday a clone? Why would clones be needed if they could respawn? Or… was it…

“No… can’t be…” As he thought, he watched as a large mechanical arm came from above and selected a tube amongst the thousands. He trotted to go figure out what it was doing, and as he came to the selected tube, watched as it was unscrewed from its base like a light bulb, and the tube contained a clone of… himself.

“You should not have come here, Scout, for your own good. You have created an error in the test, tainted the data. Ruined the control.”

He blinked and looked confused as he watched the tube containing the identical twin of himself be lifted and taken to the large machine in the center of the room and be lowered into a perfectly sized opening at the top. He jumped his way up a maintenance ramp to the top and watched as the tube was drained of its liquid contents and the tube removed once more from the machine to leave the scout clone standing in open air.

“What are you doing?” He asked to the room, hoping that the voice which had addressed him would hear him.

“Containing and correcting the error.” She replied simply, which left him looking confused. He then looked down, chills running through him as the body was sprayed down with some sort of fluid, likely washing away residue of the fluids it had been kept in. It was then air dried and small robots scanned the body, for defects he guessed, and then gradually, clothing was crafted AROUND the body. Identical to his own, no surprise there, really, if it was in fact a clone.

So far the body had not moved, still kept in stasis. He moved down the ramp to look at an observation panel on the side of the machine, eyes wide in fascination. “SCO001” the data read. “SCO… just like the tubes I saw earlier, except…Scout, SCO stands for scout? So SNI is…sniper, HEA is heavy, MED is Medic… so that’s it! We respawn because you’ve cloned us all and you…deliver the bodies through those pipes! But what about our individual personalities and memories, how do we not remember being in this place? Are the originals in that laboratory back there?”

“To give test subjects information is to ruin the control.”

Silence, the clone stood still as the dead until a moment later there was a loud electrical sound and the body was shocked into animation. The body still did not seem to be AWAKE, but it was now breathing, moving on the slightest level indicating consciousness.

He frowned as he watched all this, pressing a hand to the glass. It was himself in there, and out here, yet that one did not appear to be exactly like him. It didn’t have his individual quirks that he had even in a restive state… those were things one got from life experience, memory, the mind.

A large metal dish on the end of a cable lowered down over the head of the clone-scout and rested there before an electrical hum filled the room. Jessi watched in confusion as the clone twitched and shuddered, almost as if in pain. He didn’t like seeing that, it reminded him of when he’d gotten hurt and worked on by Medic back in the base.

Suddenly, the clones eyes slid open and he stared back at himself, only for a second, a look of sheer terror and understanding on its face before it slipped back into unconsciousness and then suddenly dropped from the machine and disappeared.

“WHAT?? WHERE IS HE GOING??” he climbed back up and looked into the machine, his clone had been sent down a pipe, currently unconscious.

“We must return the test to a proper controlled state.”

Jessi stared at the ceiling in terror. “What? You mean… he’s going to the base? But I’m still alive! I’m here!! Can’t I just go back? I promise to not speak of anything I saw!”

“The test has been compromised.” And with that, the voice went silent. The large mechanical arm that had lifted the clone-tube was moving, and Jessi didn’t like that it was headed for him.

He bolted off the machine to get away, but the machine was designed to be fast, surprisingly faster than him, and the next thing he knew, he was in its grasp, writhing and pleading.

“I swear! I won’t tell of ANYTHING I saw!! PLEASE, I BEG YOU, LET ME GO!”

No response, the arm moved over the machine and dropped him inside roughly. He couldn’t climb out, the way it was designed. He stared up as the bowl came down over his head, gritting his teeth. This was bad, he didn’t know what it did but this was…


Suddenly there was nothing but consciousness of his existence. Who was he? What was this place? Why was he dressed like this? What is that coming towards me?


The needle drew away from the now lifeless scout in the machine and retreated back to its appropriate slot in the wall. A hatch opened beneath the body and it was sent sliding down a pipe that went away from all others. At the bottom, an oven which dealt with defective specimens.

Back in the BLU base, Jessi woke up to find himself in the resupply room, bat and ball in hand. The room was as it was supposed to be, nothing out of place, he smiled brightly as he felt in top health and it seemed like it would be a good day to practice ball until they got any announcements through the PA system.

As far as he knew, he’d lived with the other 8 men in this base for years, they had always fought against the RED’s and all that existed beyond these walls was desert. Not much worth chasing after, so little incentive to explore. He pocketed his ball and trotted out of the resupply room to go see if Pyro had fixed any kind of snack for them for between meals. He vaguely wondered just why he’d respawned, as he was aware they hadn’t had a battle of some sort today, maybe his ball had just bounced back and cracked his skull after that last homerun-worthy bat.

Oh well, not important, he was fine now.

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