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No. 4202
First post here, nervous as fuck, etc etc. There's only one short part. I didn't want to name them so they got kinda crappy nicknames. Its really just so we can tell them apart.


BLU Scout heard the footsteps coming but didn’t move from his spot on the ground. It’s not really like he was hiding, he’d have chosen a less obvious place if he were. He was in their usual hideout, a soft dirt patch blocked from the battlefield by a wall of large boulders. Everything around here was dirt and rocks. He crossed his arms over his knees and rested his chin on top. Stupid-ass desert.

The footsteps slowed and stopped a few feet away from him. He didn’t look up from staring at the stupid dirt in front of him. He was kind of embarrassed, running off like that. What was he, a freaking girl on her period or something? Not that he had much of a choice. If he stayed for much longer he probably would have tackled that asshole and started beating his face in.

“Hey.” There was a pause to wait for Scout’s response, which never came. The RED Scout shifted his weight a bit, feeling awkward, before walking over and sitting next to his BLU counterpart. “You know, Blue, he never really means all that. He just likes to talk shit.”

Blue turned his head to look at Red. He was tall and thin, the same runner’s build he himself had. His round brown eyes where full of concern. This was both comforting and annoying. Blue had come to terms with the fact that he liked and was kind of dating another guy, but did he have to be so /gay/ about it all the time? Goddamn.

Red smiled and leaned in a little closer. “Hey, if it makes you feel better, he’s a bigger fag than the two of us combined. I mean, he has two guys plowing him.” Blue lifted his head off his arms and snickered a little at that. “You’ll never guess who it is, either.”


“Spy and Sniper. Little fruitcup has a thing for accents.” They both laughed, and Blue let a smile linger on his face when they stopped. Red took that as a cue to wrap an arm around his boyfriend’s shoulders, who leaned into him ever so slightly. There was a full minute of silence before he spoke again. “…I wasn’t kidding when he said he likes to talk shit, though. You gotta understand, man, ‘faggot’ is like a nickname for people we like. If he didn’t like you he’d just ignore you.”

“Huh.” Blue frowned again. “And I suppose all that other shit means I’m his best fucking friend.”

“Yeah, bro can be a dick. He doesn’t always remember that other people aren’t like us.” Blue knew all too well what ‘like us’ meant. The two scouts on the RED team were identical twin brothers. They had that creepy twin-brain connection where they always knew what the other was doing at all times. This made them dangerous opponents on the battlefield and annoying little fuckers off of it. Although, it was their mischievous shenanigans that first caught Blue’s attention and made him want to befriend them. After getting to know them better he found that they were not the same person in two bodies, but he didn’t mind; one Red was enough for him.

God, that sounded gay.

He must have made a face at the thought because Red pulled him closer and planted a small kiss on his cheek. “I’ll tell him to lay off, ok?” Blue grunted, which Red took as an affirmative. He started to stand. “Come on, let’s go find him and steal his hat. He hates that.”

Blue grabbed his companion’s wrist but made no other attempt to move. There was a pause before he looked up, smiling, a playful gleam in his eyes. “…We don’t have to go yet. He can wait.” Red grinned back, sat down, and leaned over to press his lips against his partner’s. Blue responded eagerly, quickly deepening the kiss and letting his hands roam down to his boyfriend’s hips. Red held back a chuckle at the other scout’s impatience.

Yeah, bro could wait for awhile.


It ends here because I am incapable of writing smut and because I have too short of an attention span to make it longer. Tell me what you think?
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>> No. 4205
It's a nice little bit, but I think you could have used a sentence or two at the beginning to clarify who the BLU Scout was mad at--he knows, and it does become clear in the dialog, but we don't, and it's confusing.
>> No. 4214
I have a couple things I tend to notice when I read things. Try to avoid using apostrophes when they are not in dialect or showing possession (ex. "It's not like..."). This helps smooth out the flow of the story. Also, try to keep "It is" from becoming the start of sentences. "It was, there is, that is, etc."

Those are the only real rules I really follow though... I am intrigued by this and would not mind seeing more.
>> No. 4216
Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'll keep it in mind if I write more. That's a really big IF, I'm terrible at keeping up with these things.

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