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Anon gives you some crack, courtesy of playing with this:


"So... RED Scout’s a man again?" Sniper cocked an eyebrow at his companion. The Spy just sighed, tugging on his blue tie.

"Ouai..." He shuffled his feet a bit, fiddling with the cigarette case in his hand. "I don’t know wezer I should be disappointed or relieved." Sniper just laughed.

"I don’t know how those Medics do it." He glanced from his scope for a second towards Spy. "You know that he’s all fully functional? Got all the important bits both times?"

"Yes, mon dieu, don’t remind me," Spy breathed. "Last time ‘e, or she, ended up bleeding and drunk in the toilets crying ‘er, eh, ‘is eyes out over ze matter." He leaned up into the slight sunbeam being cast from opening in the lookout.

"Is’at all? I heard you said som’et to rile him up." Spy slid his eyes over to the Sniper, who still stared down the barrel of his rifle.

"I may ‘ave said some-zing."

"About Scout?" Spy squinted a little harder.

"Oui, fine, I told ze Scouts zat I am not interested in eezer of them. It just seems that RED took it," he paused, long enough for Sniper to send him a glance. "‘e, she, took it a little ‘ard." The laughter that filled the shack irritated Spy enough to make him grumble.
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