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No. 2850
Very fluffy and not finished yet. Might as well post it anyway to see if everyone approves!

You decide Heavy isn’t all that bad looking, one late afternoon down in the intelligence room, as you catch him reading quietly by himself, a comically small set of reading glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. His eyes have a certain sort of clarity when he’s concentrating, and the way he bites his lip when he’s in deep thought has a strange way of making him look completely harmless.

“What’cha readin’?” You ask, gesturing towards the bookcase. He looks up at you and shrugs a bit, as though you wouldn’t understand, and for a moment you think he’s been reading something akin to Engineer’s literary tastes. You run your fingers along the spines of a few books, rubbing away some dust that had collected; you haven’t seen anyone read a book since you got here.

“Only Russian book here,” he says, his eyes leaving the page briefly to look at you.

“Oh!” you say, hoping you don’t sound excited as you think you do. (You honestly can’t say why the thought of Heavy reading is surprising to you. He just doesn’t seem like a literature sort of guy.) “I didn’t know you were interested in books.”

He looks at you, arching an eyebrow and peering at you over his glasses. You think he’s offended for a moment before he smiles and goes back to reading.

“I am not so dumb as you think!” he says, turning a page. You take a seat next to him and look over the page, which is, as Heavy says, written entirely in Russian. Heavy turns the book towards you a bit so you can see better, smiling as you furrow your brow.

“Russian’s pretty fuckin’ weird,” You say, pointing out a particularly long string of letters.

“English,” Heavy says, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose slightly. “Is fucked also.”

You punch him in the arm lightly while laughing, telling him to shut up in the friendliest way possible. He wraps his arm around your neck and keeps you in a chokehold for a bit, pretending to read some more as you thrash about and tell him to knock it off. He laughs that booming laugh of his and releases you, his arm resting around your shoulders instead. He pulls you a little closer to him and clears his throat.

“Here, I will translate for you,” he says. Heavy begins to read his book in English, his eyes raking over a sentence in Russian before he tried to form the right words in your language. As a result, the reading goes very slow. You smile and lean into him a little as he struggles with finding the right words every so often, and after a bit you nudge him.

“You don’t have to translate,” you say. He nods appreciatively and continues in his native tongue, reading the book much more steadily and confidently. Though you can’t understand what he’s saying you appreciate the emotion he’s putting into it; he speaks lowly when there are what you guess to be suspenseful bits, and he changes the pitch of his voice when you assume there are female characters. You chuckle a little when he does this, and he takes a few moments to glance at you and shrug a little, silently telling you he’s just trying to make it exciting.

You close your eyes eventually and just listen to his voice, deep and calming. It’s much different from the Heavy you know on the battlefield. Out there he’s loud and boisterous. Just as you were beginning to nod off he murmurs something and pulls you into his lap, wrapping his arms around you to hold his book in a more comfortable way. You put your arms around his neck and lean your head against his chest.
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>> No. 2851

>> No. 2852
yes. it's about time someone made a romance with heavy/you that wasnt an obvious troll
>> No. 2855
I think my thoughts on this type of Class and You is clear. Please continue!
>> No. 2857
Agh, I love being read to, and Heavy's voice is amazing, so this is just... so much yay.

I like this, Anon. PROCEED.
>> No. 2858
Awwwww... Heavy. <3
>> No. 2859
This is adorable, I cant' wait for the rest!
>> No. 2869
You have my attention. MORE. C:
>> No. 2874
I approve of this. Continue.
>> No. 2875
>“Russian’s pretty fuckin’ weird,” You saySo, I imagine that I'm Scout now. Adorable Heavy is adorable, though.
>> No. 2877
Lookin forward to you continuing this, Heavy just doesn't get enough love <3
>> No. 2904

at least not from people other than medic
>> No. 2930
I heartily approve of this
>> No. 2938
This is pretty good. Continue!
>> No. 2948
D'awww, Heavy is so adorable! Please continue!
>> No. 2953
D'awwwwwwww <3
>> No. 2970
>> No. 3050
...Can we have more?
>> No. 4679
..anonfag requests more cute?
>> No. 4684
Ya know. I don't usually go for the [Class] & You scenarios, but I have a huge soft spot for Heavy so I had to read this. And I am so glad that I did. This was so cute and made me DAWW all over the place. Please continue this. It's about time Heavy got some well deserved lovins.

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