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No. 2803
Scout is running as fast as he can, back and forth on the battlements, the day's fighting having just finished. They've won, and even though everyone else is exhausted and already drinking Scout's still ready for more, his energy just as high as the moment when he woke up. He wants to go, to shoot things, to bitch his enemies out as he has a tendency to do, but most of all he wants to run. He wants to feel the wind in his face and the beat of his heart against his ears, blood rushing through his veins and into his head, until all he can hear is that sound, that and the crunch of gravel and sometimes grass beneath his feet. He doesn't care if he gets dirt all over him, or if he kicks up so much dust he can't even see behind him. That's alright, because he doesn't need to look back. Scout declines a victory beer from his teammates and runs through their base, faster than he ever has before. He's probably breaking speed limits he's going so fast, his legs are on /fire/-

"Scout, it's time for your medicine."

Scout opens his eyes, snapping back to reality as he gazes at the doctor in front of him. Good old Medic, looking as stern as ever, his trusty needle in hand. Well, normally he looks stern. Today he looks sort of melancholy, though Scout isn't sure why.

"Doc, do you gotta?" Scout groans, rubbing his eyes. Something's missing, but he can't quite figure out what it is. The white of the infirmary is blinding today, and he has to wonder why it has to be so unfriendly. People are supposed to heal here, right? He doesn't think he'll be getting better any time soon, though. The medical posters that flank the walls are creepy enough and the silence is enough to drive any guy insane. Scout wonders what he's in here for. Was it a bullet wound? Yesterday's fight had gotten very involved, after all.

"Ja, Scout," Medic says simply.

Scout groans again, sitting up as Medic props up a pillow behind him. He mutters a quiet thanks, stretching out his arms and cracking his neck. The bed might as well be a rock.

"Go ahead, I guess," Scout says. "Which arm is it, again?"

Medic takes the appropriate arm, his lips tightening into a serious line. Scout flinches and looks away as the needle pierces a vein, but that doesn't make him feel it any less, and in spite of himself he murmurs a small and sad "shit!". Medic nearly does the same, and though he normally doesn't care to get involved in the whole "feeling bad for your patients" thing, he feels himself get a little choked up. The poor boy.

Medic says goodbye and leaves the small, sterilized room, shutting the door behind him. There is silence as Scout looks out the window, trying to recall what exactly he was here for. His arms are okay. He can move his neck alright. Both his eyes are in, he notes. He puts his hands on his calves, still visible under the sheets. They're still there, too.

His hands move lower to his knees, which are intact as well, but when he moves to his shins only the left one remains. He exhales sharply and clamps his eyes shut, convinced he's seeing things. He had his leg the other day. It was perfectly alright, he was running, he was jumping...

He touches the area where his leg should be and there is still nothing. He calls for Medic softly, about to ask him what's going on in this fucking place, and where the fuck did his leg go, but his voice fails him and he lets out a choked sob. It's gone. It's really gone.

He thinks bitterly of how useless he is now, a Scout who's lost his leg, both hands now on his face as he tries to hold back his tears. He doesn't want Medic to hear him.

He realizes he will never run again.
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>> No. 2806
Oh, man... ouch. Great work, but this hurts my heart, Anon.
>> No. 2807

I definitely request more.

I wanted to write a fic with that kind of idea for a starting point for mah(in the chan) luff Luke. I guess you beat me to it.

I probably couldn't have done it better though.
>> No. 2809
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes amputee scouts
>> No. 2811
>> No. 2817
Requesting more pleeeaase. <3 This is so sad. ;;

It would be awesome to get some more sympathetic Medic in there, and maybe some tough love.
>> No. 2833
He puts his hands on his calves, still visible under the sheets.I think you meant theighs here, the calf is the back of the lower leg. It was kind of confusing.

Otherwise this was really good! Very heart-wrenching and sad.

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