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No. 5027
Reposting is cool kids didn't you know?


To be honest, Spy had never meant to learn how to knit. It was just that- he'd found a ball of yarn and a set of needles (it turned out that there were quite a few different kinds, to his surprise) in a locker in one of the now-unused women's rooms of the base. So he took them. He'd been exploring out of boredom, and there the things were. It took him two weeks to get some basic instructions in the post, and another week to decipher them into usefulness.

The first thing Spy made with his newly-acquired knitting equipment was a very... /lumpy/ scarf. It was still warm out, so no one saw it, and Spy never showed anyone. It would be very nice in the winter, he thought, and then he would have a story to reel in the ladies, so he didn't throw it away, but instead carefully packed it up and had it sent back to his family's home. And he kept at it. It was relaxing, which was a plus when he ran out of cigarettes between supply shipments. He still didn't knit in front of the rest of the team (that would just be /asking/ for irritation, which would ruin the whole purpose of the busywork), instead just locking the door to his room and perching on his little bed.

Soon enough, Spy had a new blanket (only slightly lumpy), and any number of scarves of varying quality, the later ones in any number of blues, thanks to his mother's inability to be consistent when mailing him replacements. He was always sending for more yarn (blue, please. And maybe grey or black?) and patterns, and really quite enjoyed the hobby. Quietly. By himself. In his room.

Of course, enjoying said hobby in the quiet sanctum of his room was not to last. This year was the year the base was to be fumigated, and so, Spy was ousted in the name of arthropod extermination. He took his ball of yarn (a rather nice shade of blue; it matched his suit very well, he thought), a pair of needles (steel ones that he'd used more than once to send some poor RED bastard to the respawn), and a tremendous air of nonchalance to make certain no one noticed the first two.

First, he tried to knit in the kitchen, but Scout and Demo and Pyro were all in there, which meant that nothing short of a full pack of cigarettes (that he didn't have) would make that tolerable. So he slunk out as quietly as he entered, and took up post in the infirmary. That worked for a little while, but then Medic peeked out his office and asked if Spy was in need of some "treatment". A carefully blank stare and quick escape later, and Spy was stuck wandering what little un-gassed parts of the base were available.

The halls were too bare, the bedrooms were gassed, Spy had spotted Heavy enter the infirmary, and the kitchen was just... no. That left the front stoop of the base, and Engineer's workroom. Spy briefly considered the stoop, but decided against it; the dirt and the chance of getting sniped were worse than the singular con of Engineer being in his workroom. It wasn't that hard to hide out in the workroom anyway. His Engineer had a typical Engineer's singular focus, and the room was both large and cluttered. Spy had hid in there for some reason or another more than once.

It was easy to get into the workroom this time. The doors were open and unlocked, to try and keep the room a little cooler, and a box fan was just loud enough to cover Spy's footsteps. Engineer was working on a Dispenser, sitting on a bench, the machine in front of him. He was currently elbows-deep in it, muttering something thickly Texan and therefore incomprehensible to Spy as he pulled on wires and tried not to smudge his face (attractively) with oil.

Spy simply sat down next to him, right on a folded-up shipping blanket, carefully placed his ball of yarn, and began to knit a scarf. Next to Engineer was the safest spot; behind him, and he would get all backstab-aware, and in front of him would be right in his field of vision. At the side, in his limited peripheral vision, was the best choice. This went on for a good while - Engineer's voice was low and quiet, and the only sound from Spy was the quiet click-click-click of his needles touching each other. And Spy liked it just like that.

It wasn't long before Spy had shed his shoes (knitting required the ability to wriggle his toes, he had figured out early on) and settled more comfortably in, complete with little hmms and tches at mis-stitches that needed to be undone. Engineer still didn't seem to notice him, instead still fussing with the picky little machine. Spy couldn't help but sneak looks at the other man. It was hard to deny that he was attractive (if tragically short), and those hands. Clever and deft and oh so dexterous. Spy liked hands, and Engineer had nice ones. There were a few other things Spy liked about the other man, but the hands were admittedly a big part of it. No one could really blame him for liking those hands.

And so it went, nicely and quietly, right until Spy finished the scarf. He was quite proud of it, as it was quite unlumpy, and it was even a fancy plait sort of stitch. Really, all it meant was it had little braidy bits in it but Spy was very proud of it.

Now, what to do with it. Wear it out? It was still too warm for it (although it was starting to get cooler. Maybe next month he could start wearing them. And the sweater he made! It was too big, but really all that meant was that it would fit over his suit, which was really the only option). He already had plenty of scarves. So did everyone in his family, including that weird uncle that no one really liked. Besides, it was too long for him. Spy found himself looking over at Engineer, who had progressed to shaking his wrench at the machine ominously and (almost) cursing, as he was prone to. Maybe he needed a scarf. He was from somewhere too warm for scarves, Spy had gathered from his stories, and it would get very cold here, being more north and desert-y. Chilly at night. Wouldn't want him getting cold, right?

Spy found himself in the grip of something that later he would decide was madness, and suddenly stood up. Engineer started - he honestly hadn't noticed Spy - but didn't have time to react to Spy looping the (unlumpy, quite nice) scarf around his neck into a few loose circles. He managed to almost smile at the sight - the scarf looked quite nice on Engineer, he decided - before realizing what he'd done, and blushed red as the other team before cloaking and running off with quiet, sock-footed steps.

Engineer blinked. To him, it was all very bewildering. A Spy (thankfully his own team's) suddenly appears in his workroom, wraps a scarf (a really nice one with braided bits) on him, and then runs off. Leaving his shoes behind. He paused, frowned, and decided that he must have gotten a little too single-minded in his work. He then shrugged, and tried to figure out what he thought about this scarf... and that Spy.


It was a much chillier month later, and Spy and Engineer had been pointedly avoiding each other. Spy thought that Engineer would hit him with his wrench and generally be an angry Engineer at him for being a Spy, and Engineer thought that Spy just plain didn't like him anymore for some reason, most likely for ignoring him but possibly any number of things. It was one of those things where everyone but them realized what was really going on (even Scout), and just rolled their eyes. It wasn't hard for them to avoid each other, admittedly. Engineer was usually puttering around the base during the whole 'fighting the REDs' bits, and Spy was out behind enemy lines.

In his sweater. Over his suit jacket.

Thankfully, Spy's carefully-honed sense of nonchalance kept most people from questioning. A single stare at Medic had stopped him in his tracks, which he thought was very impressive. Besides, it was especially cold this year, and the sweater let him work at night. That was his explanation, anyway. Not that he'd ever gotten the chance to use it. Nonchalance had it's downsides. Nonchalance and not wanting to talk about feelings. He was certain there was a word for that feeling- the one he had now- one has when you're sure that someone totally hates you so you avoid them. There was probably a word for it in German; they had words for everything. Spy made a mental note to ask Medic as he made his way back into the base, creeping along in his sweater and cloaking past the more irritating members of his team. It wasn't that he didn't like them, it was that he was tired and they were loud and noisy. A thought passed through Spy's head as he slunk back towards his room and his new yarn and patterns- 'Maybe I should go talk to Engineer'- but it was quickly shooed out with the opposing and, to him, more likely thought of 'but he doesn't like me anyway.'

It was right about then that he bumped into Engineer while cloaked. To his credit as a Spy, he didn't react outwardly beyond jerking away and backing up against the wall. Inwardly, though, he was cursing up a storm, more about him bumping into Engineer, and less about being so clumsy in the first place. Spy was so caught up in berating himself that it took him a few seconds to notice that Engineer... had the scarf on. The unlumpy, quite nice one.

He didn't move from his hiding spot, and Spy found himself in the new, exciting, and absolutely stomach-flopping position of being unsure of how to progress in a relationship. Thankfully, Engineer seemed to know what to do. Or at least he knew how to do something.

"Spy? I, uh. I suppose you're there, or else I'm in big trouble. Because you're not the Spy on my team," he babbled, pulling off his hardhat. Spy found himself blushing and noticing that Engineer's hair was a buzz that had long since grown out into something dangerously fuzzy and this was embarrassing spies do not blush. "But, anyway, I'd like to, ah. Thank you-- For the scarf. It's nice. And, uh. I'm sorry for bumping into you. I'll- I'll be going now, all right? If you want, I've got some coffee stashed away if you want to- uh. Share?"

Spy smiled. And he wasn't too angry at his watch when it decided to run out of cloaking time.
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>> No. 5028
Spy didn't even really like coffee (his caffeinated beverage of choice was hot tea, preferably with plenty of cream or lemon if available), but he couldn't, couldn't turn down that offer. Not when it came from Engineer. It didn't take him but a moment to spit out some sort of affirmative that he had to repeat in English for Engineer's benefit, and then he'd followed the hard-hatted object of his affections to the kitchen. A minute of agonized waiting for the smuggled coffee to brew, with Engineer worrying about the smell rousing the other members of his team while Spy tried to think about what to put in the coffee (cream, obviously, but coffee really wouldn't benefit from lemon in it), and then there were two mugs (one chipped, and one missing the handle) of the stuff to share.

They made up their coffees (Spy noted that Engineer used three sugar packets, one blue sweetener, and quite a bit of the creamer- so that's where it was going. As for himself, Spy muddled about with a little sugar and cream himself; he'd never really tried coffee before), and Engineer broke the personable but quiet silence.

"Well, it's no Cafe du Monde," he started warmly, "But it's something, right?"

Spy realized that if he tried to speak, he might say something stupid, so he nodded with a little smile, and tried a small sip of the hot brew, just to be polite. It tasted terrible, so he added a little more sugar as Engineer continued to talk. Sugar always helped.

"So, uh, thanks. The scarf is- it's really nice. I'm from a little north of Austin, but it never snows or really gets too cold there, so we never needed things like scarves and mitts and ear-warmers. And out here, we really don't have much in the way of team-colored jackets or anything. Hell, I've still got a red blanket!" He laughed, and Spy had to fight down that blush and grin that threatened to split his quiet demureness in two. He nodded, instead, and let a small smile escape. He was rewarded with a big smile back from the laborer.

They sat that way for a while, Engineer talking and Spy nodding and sipping politely at his coffee. He wasn't even really paying attention to what Engineer was saying beyond 'he has a large family, is the oldest, and Texas is full of amazing creatures such as the armadillo. Also, amusing anecdotes about the family!', to be honest. He was occupied with just watching the other man. The way he smiled warmly, how he gestured quite a bit while talking... He was a fairly good orator, Spy noted. And that accent! It made him want to swoon (He also noted the irony of someone with a French accent being smitten by a Texan one). It was just so warm and, for lack of a more articulate term, confident. Masculine. Texan accents were very masculine, Spy decided. But- maybe there was a Russian word for this- at the same time very, he wasn't sure, husky? Sultry? The way he was so soft-spoken half the time. It knocked the socks right off Spy (And would do the same to his pants, to be blunt).

This sitting and listening was- It was nice, and not in that horrible shallow sort of way that Spy usually used the word. It was pleasant and decent and all sorts of other things. He liked sitting and listening to Engineer and watching his hands. Even if he was a little put off by how much he was swooning. Grown men -- especially Spies -- aren't supposed to swoon.

Spy'd never done this sort of thing before. He wondered, as Engineer plowed into a tale involving a snake (and apparently it biting him on the foot?) if he was being courted. Spies did things differently. They swooped in and stole the one they wanted and whisked them off to exotic locales and gave the object of their affections fancy drinks. It was how his parents had met. Maybe this was how they did it in Texas; invited the other person to sit and drink and talk. Spy suddenly wondered if he was being rude by not telling amusing anecdotes. Maybe he was supposed to reciprocate, and his belly did a flip-flop at the realization that all his anecdotes were serious, tended to involve him making out with women (or men), and weren't very amusing at all.

It took Engineer three times to knock Spy out of his worried reverie.

"Spy? Spy, you all right?" When Spy looked up from his (empty- when did he drink all of that?) coffee mug to look at him, Engineer's face was the very picture of concern. It make Spy's knees go all to jelly. Good thing he was sitting.

"I'm- I'm fine, Engineer. Do not worry yourself over me. I was just- ah. Out of coffee," Spy answered, showing him the empty bottom of the mug.

"Well, let me grab you a new cup," Engineer stood up with a smile, and started towards the pot before Spy could say otherwise, "And- I'm boring. I'm just a man grown up in Texas."

Spy wanted to protest that Engineer was incredibly interesting, but then he remembered the courtship rituals. He had to respond in kind. Maybe he could talk about his family? But they were boring! He let go of his lip (that he hadn't realized he was chewing on until now) and started talking.

"I think you're much more interesting than I am, Engineer. But I have been too quiet, I guess." He managed to get the sugars (four of them, and one of the pink sweeteners that made his tea taste terrible but seemed to compliment the coffee) in the cup before Engineer poured a new cup, "Thank you- I might as well tell you a little about my family, even though they aren't as interesting as yours, I think."

He took a sip of his coffee, didn't make a face at the taste, and decided to tell about how he learned he had an identical twin brother when he was about sixteen and also that brother was going to kill him and take his place because he (the twin) had been raised by his mother's first husband (they had divorced when she realized he was actually a mad scientist and not just joking around.) and never had a mother's love or some rubbish like that. They had had a showdown on a moon base complete with his mom having to shoot the twin and that whole cliché and everything. He picked it because it was one of the few stories that didn't end with him having sex with someone at the end.

That was nothing compared to what his baby brother was dealing with (something about false names and cocaine smugglers); honestly, didn't every family have to deal with these sorts of things?

...Apparently not, considering Engineer's expressions as he continued through the tale. As he went on, even through the boring parts like getting onto the rocket to the moon and so on, Engineer kept looking at him like- well, like how Spy had watched Engineer talk. It occurred to Spy towards the end that perhaps Engineer didn't have to deal with those things. He had those animals to combat in Texas (like those mosquitoes and the lizards), which Spy thought were much more interesting than the sibling drama that he grew up with. However, he'd started telling this tale and he had to finish it.

"And that's why I always check the mirror before heading out to work. In case my holster's showing," Spy concluded.

He smiled brightly at Engineer. He thought it was a rather good retelling of the story, boring as it might be (to him, Spy quickly corrected himself. It was interesting to Engineer, if his face was any indication). The ending was quite a neat, clean end to it.

Engineer just looked at Spy, the same look of incredulity combined with- something that Spy couldn't quite recognize but looked something close to smitten enough to make his heart do embarrassing things like fly and flipflop and flutter and other metaphorical movements. And then the laborer had the audacity to smile, and Spy's cool shattered. He burst into a grin that was completely unspylike and completely like someone who was head-over-heels in- in something. He even blushed.

"See, I knew it. You lied to me."

Spy's smile wilted as he retreated to his moderately cool spy persona. Engineer didn't seem to notice as he continued, "You're very interesting."

The smile returned, possibly stronger than before, before Spy caught himself and dialed down from eleven to about three or so, which was safer and much more spy proper.

"Not as much as you are," Spy found himself saying, much to his own consternation.

Engineer laughed. Good-naturedly. And not at Spy, which was why he started laughing with Engineer. Even if his laugh was more out of relief and sheer stress.

"Well," Engineer started, slowly standing up and gathering their mugs (Spy's was empty again. It surprised him, honestly. He wasn't a coffee person!) with a smile like he got every joke in the world as he continued, "I think you're very special." Spy blushed and let himself blush, and had to look away, complete with lidded eyes and a small shy smile. It was all very coy and he really didn't like doing it, but it seemed appropriate.

He didn't look at Engineer, but Spy heard him walking to the sink, the clink of mugs into the battered sink, and then a few more footsteps, towards him?

Spy didn't expect the friendly pat on the hand, and nearly jumped at the touch. His heart did another embarrassing flip-flop sort of thing as he swung his head around to look first at the hand on his, and then up (what a reversal of the norm) into a warm, suddenly enigmatic smile on Engineer's face. Spy found some small part of himself worrying about his nonchalance, but most of him was focused on that smile, which was- it was just for him, personal and inviting. And then it was gone, and Engineer was stretching and yawning hugely (despite the coffee they both had just imbibed) and making Spy yawn small polite yawns with him.

"G'night, Spy. See you tomorrow. If you ever want more coffee, just ask, alright?" A friendly slap on the back as a farewell, and then he left, slowly making his way to his room, humming some little tune.

Spy continued to sit (out of concern about his jellied knees) and watched Engineer go, propping his chin in one hand as he leaned on the table. He was completely smitten, and he knew it. And he hated it. Spies weren't supposed to be smote! They were supposed to make people smitten! The smile he didn't realize was on his face twitched and firmed into a sort of grumpy frown as he internally assessed his situation. He was completely head-over-heels for some Engineer (with the hands of his dreams and an absolutely wonderful smile and voice and hair and Spy bet that he had wonderful eyes hiding under those damn goggles-) who had him sitting at a table in the middle of the night in the middle of a BLU base in the middle of a contract job sighing over a smile.

"Dammit," he muttered to himself in a half-whisper. "Dammit dammit dammit." Engineer had Spy acting like some woman over him, and Spy would bet a franc that Engineer knew it.

Well, he'd show that laborer what was what. Spy stood up, gripped by that peculiar madness that started this whole ordeal in the first place, and half-marched himself (silently; he was still a Spy, after all) down the same hallway Engineer had gone.

It took him only two steeling breaths to work up the nerve to knock on Engineer's door.

It was all worth it for the smile that Engineer showed when the door opened.
>> No. 5031
I love this fic! It's one of the fluffiest and most d'awww inducing.
>> No. 5032
"And that's why I always check the mirror before heading out to work. In case my holster's showing," Spy concluded.

With this line, my heart was captured. This was so lovely, oh god.
>> No. 5034
Swooning Spy is best Spy. I enjoyed this immensely.
>> No. 5036
*adores this story to death* it's so nice to see a role reversal- Spy being smote, instead of doing it. Don't worry, Spy, Engie won't bite- not unless you ask him to.
>> No. 5037
I had read the knitting part but not the coffee part, so thank you for reposting.

You make Spy have a personality beyond DASHING ROGUE and I love it.
>> No. 5038
Thanks for this, it's one of my favourites, and nice to read again.
>> No. 5039
"and this was embarrassing spies do not blush"

This fic is highly adorable. I am suddenly imagining hard-hat cozies (I am apparently prone to thinking about cozies when presented with knit!fic).
>> No. 5060
Oh gosh. This is the cutest thing ever.
I am humbly requesting moar.
>> No. 5061
I smiled so many times reading this fic.
>> No. 5062
Is it only two parts? D :
I'd really love more. As the others have said it's waaaaaaay too cute.
>> No. 5069
am i hoping too when i assume that the repost means there is more coming?
>> No. 5072
it means someone asked for it.

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