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Every repost is a repost repost. By Owl Tiem.


sory guys i no i dont write very well but i hope u liek this also i didnt say which team is hwich bc i belief u all have a right 2 belief its ur fav team :D just liek the super bowl rite

*estabilshing shot: inside a refridgerater. theres a 6 pak of Blu Sterak beer and also 1 can of pabst blu ribon. TITTLE CARD!* MEET THE THE PBR CAN! *the tf2 music plays*

*shows the refirgererter door opens & scout arm pokes around* lets see we got oj purple stuff soda.... HEY WHO PUT THIS PBR IN HERE WTF???

*shows scout pulling the pbr out. he juggled it liek solider juggles rockets. demoman comes in* faith n begorrah me laddie what is it yer doin

*scout stops juggleing* holy fuckbox nigz i got a great idea i found this pbr in the firdge lets ptu it in the intel!!!!

*demoman laughs* thats a great idea laddie they wont know wtf no1 lieks pbr

*shows the pbr inside teh intel their r papers in it too one of them says "applie pie recipie" on it & thers also a photo of a gurl w/o her clothes on & heavys face is taped over hers & then scout closes the lid of the breifcase*

*shows teh other team scout stealing the intel & bombs go off & stuff its liek a fight scene!*

*shows teh other team spy opening the intel & the resto fthe theam is lookking @ it 2.* wtf why theres a can of pbr in this nobody wants that

*solder puts teh pbr can in hsi rocket lawnchair & sneds it back 2 the first base*

*then its like a montage scene & nine in the afternon by panic at! the disco plays for a soundtrack while the pbr can goes back and forth between the bases inside the intel & kicked around by soldir & scowt & stuff liek that & eneginer builds a tepelorter & pyro puts hsi hand on the teleropter 2 make it turn on & he puts teh pbr can on teh terepolter & it goes through & comes out in the toher base! it rolls off & over ther floor & sniper steps backwar while he's scopet in & not paying attn so he trips over it & falls. the can slips out under his foot and goes flying down itno the yard! it bonces off heavy's head & then medick kicks it* oh no mine libechen r u hurt

*heavy shakes hsi head* no doctori fine

*the can flies thru the air when medick kicks it & pyro sees it & goes poof w/ his flamethroar & it goes down itno the moat & gets all dirty & muddy & nasty ewwwwwww*

*o also the motnage where it goes back and forth took 3 months it says so on the screen so this beer is reely old & nasty & now its muddy 2!!11*

*shows spy in teh stewards & he finds the pBr can & he iwpes it off w/ a hankerchief & takes it up inside & pours it in a glass & gives it to scot & scot drinks it* OMG U FAGET I H8 U 4EVA Y U DO DIS

*shows spy lookin at the camera & he shrugs and smiels & the whole team laughs* everybody: hahaahaha

*shows the pbr can sittin empty on the counter & the tf2 music plays again the end!*
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