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No. 4219
It was all horribly grey, stains of colors crawling by on the walls, the floor and the ceiling, like a paradoxical vacuum cleaner was sucking them away to leave just a darker and darker world behind. Even the lumps of light coming from the bulbs looked like part of that growing darkness.

The Engineer was stuck to one of those bleaching walls. He wasn’t sure if to blame the heavy and dull sensation that was nailing him through his stomach, or the extended arm of the Spy in front of him, blocking his way. All he knew was he couldn’t do more but reaching his arm out to Scout. The poor boy was a few yards away from him, and dangling a good couple foots over the ground, due to the red axe impaling him right under the intrados of an archway. Surprisingly enough, his dark arterial blood sprayed all over the bricks around him wasn’t greying like the rest of the world, and worse still, the world itself was starting to turn the same shade of red.

Engineer tried to cry, but someone took away his voice. He tried to shake away Spy’s unmoving arm, to free himself from the invisible hand crushing his stomach from the inside out, unsuccessfully. Why Spy was blocking his way? Why wasn’t he doing anything to help Scout? Why did Engineer’s feet feel so heavy? Why was his sight turning deep crimson--

He woke up with a start.

The hands strangling his throat and stomach vanished, and he couldn’t stop the short but loud cry that jumped spontaneously out of his mouth.

His breath heavy, Engineer blinked slowly, realizing he was sitting up on his bed, in his room, dark but reassuringly normal night colors surrounding him. His heart hammered painfully against the dull feeling the nightmare left behind, covering his body in cold perspiration.

His eyes shifted to the nightstand. Near to his goggles, there was a blue baseball cap, stained in red on the peak.

Engineer hugged his knees to his chest and cried silently.
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>> No. 4220
Huh. Didn't Owl write something quite similar to this?
>> No. 4221
I don't think I did
>> No. 4224
Ah. Well, in any case, this is quite a visceral piece of work, although perhaps you ought to have lengthened it before releasing it. Do you plan on continuing this?
>> No. 4228
( ._.)/ that was me and besides this is not the same, bros

it does feel overshort; a single scene out of many. But i kinda like it.
>> No. 4240
I like, I like. And I agree that it was too short, more would be awesome.

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