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No. 3184
RED Sniper slowly crept around another barrel of gunpowder, checking the corner when he heard the unmistakeable sound of an uncloaking Spy. Whirling around, he pointed his rifle at the heart of the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. He froze, as did the Spy, before Sniper threw his gun to the ground. Spy flung his knife aside and the two men ran at each other, embracing halfway through in a fierce hug of true love and destiny.

They stepped back, hands clutching to one another. Suddenly, the urge to spin in a circle with this glorious man struck Sniper, and he did just that. As they spun, hands clutching, Sniper was reminded of the most amazingly beautiful song he'd ever heard -- Happy Together -- and began to hum it. Suddenly, the blood and carnage around them seemed to fade away as the chorus of the song came to mind. He held to Spy's hand and the two men frolicked out onto the battlefield, ignorant to the hysteria and gore all about them.

That is, until a sentry beeped somewhere and Spy was torn from Sniper's hand as he was riddled with bullets. An inhuman scream tore from the Spy's throat, though it was cut off when the man began to vomit blood all over himself and Sniper's boots before falling over, dead.

Sniper screamed, dropping to his knees and clutching to the vomit and blood covered Spy. "No! No! Why, SPY. WHYYYY?" He howled, sobbing hysterically into the Spy's bloody suit. He felt a hand press against his shoulder and turned to see that his beloved had already respawned. Leaping to his feet, Sniper grasped to Spy's hand and dragged him into another glee-filled frolic through the battlefield. Things were going to be okay.
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>> No. 3185
Reza thought he was a reasonable fellow. A nice, strapping young Sniper who was prone to amazing headshots from time to time. There was, however, a limit to his patience.

"Da healz?" A thick German accent questioned from behind him. Reza sighed, not once glancing away from his scope as he fired another shot, hitting an enemy Scout in the face.

"No, Skippy. I'm alright, mate." He shifted, settling down behind the boards of the upper 2Fort balcony. He could still feel the presence of their Medic behind him, shifting the Kritzkrieg in his hands and gloves squeaking loudly.

"You need da healz now?" Skippy queried, stepping towards the Sniper. With a sigh, the Aussie shot an incoming Demo in the neck and glanced back and up at Medic. They stared at one another before Skippy's wandering eye began to float upwards.

"JA?" Skippy barked, pulling back the lever on his medigun as soothing red came out to wash over Sniper, doing nothing more than fueling his irritation. "Skippy- I don't need you to bloody heal me. Go find someone else." He snapped, turning back and glancing through his scope to see the enemy Sniper taking aim at him. He cursed, ducking behind the wooden barrier as a shot rang out and Skippy's body crumpled to the ground.

"Bloody hell." Reza cursed, cocking his gun and moving to return the shot.

He hit the enemy Sniper, reloading fast enough to shoot him through the heart before the man could react. Grinning wickedly to himself, Sniper tipped his hat at the dead body from across the fort, shifting his seat as the sound of footsteps came up behind him. Creaking leather accompanied the thick, slightly nasal voice.

>> No. 3186

>> No. 3187
Medic was barely able to keep up with Heavy, his body laden with fatigue and enough injuries to put any normal man out of commission. He panted heavily, making a small noise in the back of his throat to signal his dismay to his counterpart. Heavy paused in his rampage, turning back with a look of questioning on his face. Medic said nothing, only wincing as blood trickled from a headwound and down the side of his face.

Heavy's eyes lit up with realization and he held out a finger to silence the doctor. Adjusting his hold on Natascha, Heavy fiddled with the barrel -- Medic looking disgruntled all the while -- and popped the front open suddenly. Startled, Medic watched in surprise as Heavy procured a sandvich and plage from the belly of the large gun.

Medic took the sandvich, biting into it and feeling the waves of energy wash over him as he was healed.

Suddenly, his stomach rumbled and his skin crawled. The very second he swallowed his third bite, Medic felt his gut expand and his throat explode outwards into layers upon layers of lardlike fat. His head seemed to shrink in comparison to the rolls and rolls of blubber that had overtaken his body. He gargled, mouth opening to gobble up the rest of the Sandvich as a triumphant and proud smile overtook Heavy's face.
>> No. 3188
>> No. 3189
>> No. 3190
"Hey Engie!" Scout crowed from somewhere near the entrance to the intelligence room. Engineer turned from his sentry to face the Boston youth, double-taking to realize Scout had Engineer's wrenched clutched in his hands, mouth wide open and tongue slathering spittle all over its smooth metal surface. Engineer scowled, watching that hot pink tongue dart out to rub along the side of the wrench with a slow moan.

"Need a dispensah heyah." Scout cooed, sticking the tip of the wrench between his teeth and gnashing them against the stainless steel. Engineer swallowed thickly, his frown becoming deeper. He took a step towards Scout, one hand on his hip.

"Gimme mah wrench back, boah." Engie snapped, holding out one arm expectantly. Scout's brows furrowed in an evil open-mouthed grin and he stuck the wrench in deeper, his cheeks puffing out around the large object. Engie's eyes widened, his hand freezing in midair. Scout hummed sexually, the wrench vibrating against his fingers at the sheer volume of his voice. His tongue flitted out beneath the wrench, licking the tool slowly and sensually. Engineer growled, arm snatching out and grappling for the front of Scout's shirt.

"Mmnn!" Scout exclaimed around the wrench, sucking on it as Engineer tried to grab the tool. He ducked, eyes suddenly focusing on the buldge in Engineer's coveralls. Scout grinned and quirked an eyebrow at Engineer.


"Shut yer damn mouth, boah."
>> No. 3192
I think I'm in love....
>> No. 3193
PFT... Oh gawd, Scout...

I saw something similar to this on dA? or in the fanart section I think.... but seeing it in words... it's amazing.
>> No. 3194
That's what these are, awesome amazing written versions of pictures.
>> No. 3195
This is so beautiful.....
>> No. 3258
I love you so much

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