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No. 4420
I'm not big on fan fictions but I needed some writing practice, I really did. Any original stuff, I have a terrible time starting because of all the precursor crap I keep putting it through. At least with fanfics, I have a set area to work in. I don't have to worry too much about setting.

Anyway, I wanted to do a survival story.

Also, an apology. There is no shipping in this story. Bromance at the most, sorry dudes. I'm not too good at romance, I find it hard not to make it corny. That's just me.

Red Base, late term of the current cease fire

The well known smell industrial strength disinfectant hung in the air. The smell was more often than not associated with large office buildings and hospitals. The 'hospital smell' associated with 'hospital visits' subconsciously translated into injections, blood tests and pain in general. It was an unpleasant place to be for most the team members. The resident doctor, on the other hand, had not developed such an association to the smell. Rather, he had grown olfactorily deaf to the scent and associated the underlying smells on the building itself to certain joys such as amputation and exploratory surgery.

The lighting was one thing the doctor certainly noticed, far more than the familiar odor of sterile floors and latex gloves. Red base's layout was quite natural and almost run down, especially on the outside. The further a person ventured in, the more retrofitting seemed to take place. Close to the core sat the doctor's haven, the infirmary. In this room, were one of the only few sets of fluorescent lighting. Most of the base used round bulbs which gave off a warm yellowish orange glow which was to be taken as white light in the most general sense. The gentle buzz and the diffused glow it gave to the room was something he could attribute to cleanliness and order. The doctor was very much like these qualities.

Medic sat at his desk near the corner of his office. The papers were neatly stacked. Documents, medical records, even a few scholarly journals were anywhere but out of place. Not a fray or dog ear jutting out among them as they sat in their respective 'in/out' boxes. His pencils were lined up with equal spaces between them, almost looking as if they had been glued in place for aesthetic reasons rather than to be used as practical writing utensils. All was right in his little world of disinfectant and slightly off putting glow of the lights above. That is, until the unpleasantly familiar smell of tobacco smoke wafted into his side of the room.

"Vhat have I said about zhe smoke?" The doctor kept his eyes glued to the monthly reports he was so used to filling out ever since he was commissioned by RED. He took pride in the fact that they were never late and as accurate as humanly possible. A small window opened up in the opposite corner of the room. A masked man sat at the bed farthest from the door as to avoid any unnecessary conversation to any passerbys. Not that anyone purposely uses the infirmary as a hangout in the place, but this made sure he was left alone. Like Medic, he kept his eyes glued to his own work, though work isn't the right word. Spy had found sanctuary in one of the most disliked rooms in the entire base, ensuring he wouldn't be bothered as he passed the time with some Voltaire. The doctor had no objections since they never exchanged words. He would simply walk in, sit down, read and leave. Every now and then he would agree to aid the doctor in a procedure if asked. Medic in turn allowed Spy to smoke in the infirmary as long as he sat next to the open window and had no more than two in a row. Sure, he was strict but Spy felt it was much better than up on the roof with the Sniper. Spy held the just about the same sentiments on cleanliness as Medic did; this greatly contrasted with Sniper's habits of personal hygiene. He was a nice enough guy, he just... smelled.

The near silence of the room all for the buzzing of the fluorescent lights was cut short with a crack of the infirmary doors hitting the wall next to it with a loud smack. A large Texan man was holding a younger man by the arm which happened to be bleeding, dripping on the nice clean floors.

"Hey there Doc" The gruff but soft spoken Texan said, "We got a gunslinger for ya to fix up."

He was obviously peeved at what lead up to the events that stood before Medic. The younger man also had an irritated expression on his face, laced with embarrassment. As if his mother kissed him on the cheek in front of his friends before leaving for school.

"'EY MAN, NOT MY DAMN FAULT YOU DIDN'T PUT THE SAFETY ON." The boy spat. The man in the hard hat yanked at the bloody elevated arm and pulled him face to face.

"MAH fault? Who was the one who decided he was CLINT EASTWOOD of all people and decides to throw around LOADED firearms?"

"/STILL SEIN!/" a furious bark erupted in front of the two quarrelers who had at that instant ended their bickering. Medic stood in front of them, took a deep breath and adjusted his glasses, "Herr Engineer, take Scout to zhe table, bitte."

"Yeah, sure doc." Engineer was a bit shaken by his bipolar behavior, but it wasn't as if it was out of character for Medic to yell at his teammates then instantly calm down once he received compliance. Engineer yanked Scout to the table much to the boy's dismay.

"I don't need to be escorted like no damn lady." He complained.

"Maybe if ya'd use a gun like a man, I'd treat ya like one." Engineer quipped. Scout sneered as he hopped up on the examination able. The doctor walked up with an examination tray, holding his tools. He made quick work of Scout's accident, occasionally 'missing' the vein when applying the anesthetic. He wasn't fond of Scout, nor was he fond of his habit of opening his mouth to vomit a butchered version of the English language. Bottom line, the pain shut him up. Medic chuckled internally as he only used a fraction of the anesthetic as he dug around for the foreign object, occasionally jabbing the flesh whenever Scout decided to complain.

The bullet hit the metal tray, laced with blood. Medic walked over to his supply closet and pulled out his Medigun. A warm sensation flushed over Scout's arm as his gash steadily disappeared. He smirked as he felt the spot where the bullet had previously lay buried, then turned to Medic with a scowl.

"Why didn't ya use the damn medigun FIRST, ya quack!" Ungrateful whelp.

"Vould you have preferred zhere still be a bullet in your arm?" he slapped Scout over the head with his medical record he had in hand, "Now if you vould be so kind as to /GET OUT/. I have enough paper vork vizout you getting into more trouble."

"Yeah yeah" he grumbled as he hopped off the table. Engineer placed a hand on Scout's shoulder and guided him out of the room.

"Thanks doc, sorry 'bout that." Engineer was one of the people medic didn't mind. He knew to cut to the chase and get things done. It was a shame the rest of the team didn't share his patience and practicality. The door flapped back and forth after the two exited until it eventually came to a stop. The room was at peace again.

Medic returned to his desk and rooted through the pages of Scout's medical file, past all of his previous 'accidents' which were fairly similar in nature. He wasn't accident prone, just stupid, as most of his accidents occurred during cease fires. The hyperactive youth seemed to get into less trouble on the battlefield. He began to write down the current entry for today when the doors opened once again. It was Scout, much to Medic's dismay, walking casually in his own punk fashion towards his desk. He folded his arms and looked at the papers Medic was previously filling out. The doctor looked up, expecting another round of complaints.

"'Ey man, every time I come here, you keep writing stuff down in that file." Medic raised an eyebrow at Scout's blatantly obvious statement.

"Ja? Und vhat?" Medic asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I wanna know what you're sayin' 'bout me in there!" his teeth seem to jut out of his head when he spoke like that.

"I assure you junge, zhese are only medical reports." With a blank face, he looked back to his papers and continued writing, "Leave me to vork, bitte."

Scout huffed and crossed his arms. He leaned against his desk as if waiting for someone. His weight shifted causing Medic's pencils to rock back and fourth on the tabletop, now no longer equal distances away from each other. Medic's nose wrinkled as he put them back in their place. This action didn't escape Scout's eye as he looked back at the doctor. He smirked and turned around as Medic returned to his work. He crouched down and placed a finger on one of the three pencils. The uptight german man's eyes glared at the young man as his head stayed stationary. Scout smirked as he moved one to the side.

"Does it /BOTHAH/ ya, dawk?"

"GET OUT." Medic replaced the pencil again and clenched his teeth. Scout moved another pencil. He seemed to have a death wish.

"C'mon dawk, ya gotta loosen up." Scout chuckled. Medic's faced scrunched up as he glared at the obnoxious youth standing over him. His expression softened when another slightly taller figure stood behind Scout.

"Zhe laborer lead you out like a woman, boy. It seems zhat I will have to do zhe same, however, I won't be as gentle." Spy's butterfly knife hung mere inches away from Scout's face,"Now, if you would please leave. I'm sure the doctor doesn't want to be given more work to deal with once I finish with your face." Scout backed off, attempting to keep his composure. Unfortunately he had bumped into medic's desk which sent the neat stack of papers to cascade down in a land slide. The doctor's shoulders rose and his teeth clenched even more as he felt he was going to end up sewing Scout's face back together, regardless of whatever Spy would do.

"'EY 'EY MAN, ya don't gotta be a dick like that. Jeez, ahm' goin, ahm' goin!" Scout backed off, almost bouncing as he headed through the double doors. Both Spy and Medic could hear him grumble as he left. They both knew he was looking for someone to hang out with and talk their ear off, but neither of them was willing to lend such an ear. Medic nodded at Spy as he headed back towards his fortress of near solitude in the corner of the infirmary. Before Spy had made it back to his worn out copy of Candide, the warning siren echoed throughout the base. The walls of the infirmary weren't meant to absorb sound which caused a horrible bellowing. It was time to get ready for the next battle. Medic groaned, pounded his fist on the mess of papers as he stepped up to grab his Medpack and weapons. Spy had already skulked out of the room in his own creepy fashion of cloaking and walking out, even in his own base. Medic could hear Heavy stomping down the hallway, most likely already carrying Sasha, ready to rip the BLUs a new one. Several new ones in fact. Organizing his papers would have to wait.
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>> No. 4421
5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

The siren wailed and the announcer's voice rang out as it did every other mission, almost sounding like it had all been prerecorded. It was hard to tell, most of the members of RED were too distracted with the adrenaline being pumped into their systems to take notice. At a time like this, making sure you don't get shot in the head was more important than noticing something as mundane as a pretty cloud or a supposed recording.

Similar tactic, Medic paired up with Heavy, the Soldier rocket jumped over hurdles to attempt an ambush, Engineer and Demoman laid out their defenses, Scout ran and so on. It wasn't the same every time of course, the REDS weren't so bold as to use the same formation every time. Everyone stuck to their strengths but followed the strategies set up by Soldier and Spy, for the most part. As the team dynamic went, one or two members would naturally deviate from the plan in their own blaze of glory or bitter defeat. It's bound to happen, though lately the current members were the ones replacing their predecessors who had felt the need to do things their own way. Through natural selection, one would naturally achieve a good team dynamic. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those days.

"GET BEHIND ME, DOKTOR." Heavy yelled as he secured an ally way from further infiltration, bullets blazing. Medic complied as Heavy usually knew what he was doing in these situations. The doctor kept his back to the large Russian man as he trained his medigun on him. All was going well, they both had an eye out for each other's backs while Heavy drew the enemy back. He slowly proceed towards the BLU's side where the backdrop had changed from old wood which had been ravaged by Sasha, to concrete and steel girders which were now receiving similar treatment but with less dramatic results. So far so good.
The BLUs seemed to have superior housing as opposed to the RED's whom only fixed up what they needed and left the rest of their architecture to wither away, almost as if they were concealing their actual base among a shell of whatever purpose the old buildings uses to serve. Their lack of high tech housing, however, did not determine their success in battle. The REDs had been on a winning streak for quite some time and they certainly weren't going to let any, as Soldier would put it, 'pansy ass tee-totaling ninnies' beat them at what they were best at, fighting.

With the cue from Medic and Heavy, Demoman was allowed to play his part. Bombs flying all around them cleared the area and kept the enemy even more preoccupied as Engineer attempted to set up his sentry guns close to the BLU's base to grab even more land in the RED's favor. It was playing out just as it was determined at the briefing. The team was a well oiled machine as Soldier and Pyro fended off the BLUs, aided by Heavy and Medic. But see, the thing about machines is that sometimes, a missing or damaged piece can send the rest of it into chaos. It didn't matter how well oiled it was when one of the watch's gears were missing or out of place. This particular gear carried a bat.

"ALRIGHT, WE GOOD?" yapped scout as he jogged up to Engineer who was still setting up his sentry turrets.

"Hold yer horses boy, I need to blockade off this area to herd them BLU's to the western corner. You'll have your time to rush in while the others are distractin' them. Then Spah will give us the cue once the coast is clear." Engineer fiddled with the setup while scout jogged in place, eager to make a mad dash.

"I don't need no distraction, they ain't gunna catch me!" Scout couldn't stand still, not that he could ever do that in the first place. Engineer whipped his head around to give him a tongue lashing as per usual to find that he had already disappeared for the BLU's base.

"GET BACK HERE YA DANG' IMBECILE!" he yelled, shaking his fists. Scout had decided to take matters into his own hands. Those old fogeys couldn't keep up with him, what good are they? Right?

Scout decided to take a detour through the sewers. It wasn't the most desirable route but it would be unexpected in this instance. The other team was sure to believe that his team was out of their base, fighting the REDs. He felt particularly sneak as he waded through the water and piping, almost like Spy. He wasn't fond of Spy but he secretly admired the job. He was fond of the romanticized view of spies, like James Bond. He wasn't so naive as to believe that Spy's job was anything like the character played by Sean Connery. He wished it was though.

The stagnant water was unpleasant but shallow, at least. The light slowly left Scout as he made his way to the entrance underneath the base. With any luck, there wouldn't be anyone waiting for him to pop out and take his head off. He found a set of rungs that lead up to a smaller pipe with a half open lid. That was it, the emergency exit from the BLU base. Good as gold, Scout thought to himself. The lid creaked open and to his good fortune, no one was around. Time to get to work.

Back outside the BLU base, the REDs were herding their enemies to the western corner as planned. Medic kept an ever watchful eye on the team as he repaired any bodily damage to his teammates while avoiding any damage to himself. The enemy didn't seem that lucky as he had not seen a new BLU medic since the last one was killed about a month and a half ago. It was strange that he was never replaced, it took only a week tops to get a new member. The same went for RED though there weren't any recent deaths since the BLU medic took a face full of rocket propelled grenade a while back. The RED team felt that this was an advantage, though the BLUs were still as dangerous as ever. But then again, so where they.

"Hey guys, ya all done out there? I'm already inside!", a transmission rang in from a receiver built into Medic's backpack, it was Scout and he sounded as if he was chuckling. The doctor ducked behind one of the few structures he had been using for cover as he aided his team.

"Vhat are you DOING in zhere, Scout?! Ve have not gotten zhe /CUE/!" Medic clenched his hand around the trigger of his medigun, imaging that it was Scout's neck. He cared about the welfare of his members but more often than not, he wanted to give them a good throttle. Just for good measure.

"I'm gettin' this over with, I got sick 'a waitin' around!" Medic imagined Scout's typical hand gestures which were akin to a chimp waving it's arms in the air. There was no avoiding it now, there was no point in trying to convince him to change his mind now that he was already inside the base. Medic sighed.

"Just HURRY UP, get zhe intel und get OUT. I'm not going to be zhe vone to tell your muzzah vhat happened to you." he jabbed.

"Very funny dawk", Scout sneered, "I'm comin up on the-/AWW CRAP/"

"VHAT? SCOUT! COME IN!" Gun shots were heard over the transmission. Soon, static and a scrambling noise of what sound like clanks of metal and pattering feet were heard, "/SCOUT, COME IN/." The doctor was serious, he wasn't looking forward to telling his mother what happened to him. There was only static. Medic hung his head in exasperation and grabbed the bridge of his nose.

"... dawk? Yo, dawk." he was surprisingly quiet, "Dawk, come on man..." There was a crack in his voice.

"Scout, are you alright?"

"S-sorta, I had to duck and hide. Fuckin' engineer set up a sentry down the hallway." He was whispering, which none of the team ever heard from him. Even in the middle of the night his vocal cords went full blast, "I'm in the A/C vent right now. I got shot in the leg, I'm bleedin' pretty bad right now."

"Do zhey know you're zhere?"

"Naw, no one's here. I think the engineer's off maintaining othah stuff or somethin'." Medic waited for a break in Soldier and Heavy's gunfire to relay the message.

"/THAT SQUIRT'S STUCK? SERVES HIM RIGHT/" Soldier yelled as he pelted the western corner with rocket fire.

"Doktor, get Spy to get leetle man out! He is in base right now" Heavy was more willing to work as a team than Soldier. He had the right idea, unfortunately there was one snag.

"Zhat schweinehund disabled his incoming transmissions, ve cannot get in contact viz him." Medic got up from his hiding spot and trained his gun on his allies as he attempted to come up with a plan, or at least wait until someone else had an idea. After a few minutes, half of thinking and the other dodging incoming fire he came to a conclusion. He couldn't believe he was thinking of doing this.

"Scout, vhich vay did you come in?"

"What? Uh, through the sewer. You sendin' someone in?" still laden with static, the vents must have been blocking some of the transmission. Regardless, he sounded hopeful.

"Nein, zhey are all busy viz zhe enemy."

"Then why the hell ya wanna know how I came in?"

"I am coming to get you."
>> No. 4422
Last one for now. I wrote this to the point of the story. I'll post more later.


Muddy water. It wasn't just muddy water, but other things. Things that, Medic felt, were best left undescribed. He waded along the trench that ran the perimeter of the BLU base. The run off was generally shallow. A group composed of 9 men would naturally only take up so much water even with the facilities on site. The run off only reached up to his ankles as he attempted to silently snake through the muck. The concrete pathway had lead to the opening that scout had described over the com-link.

Medic couldn't believe he was doing this. One side was in obvious opposition. It was that stupid boy's fault for getting stuck over there, he didn't wait for the signal. If he had waited for Spy's message, he would have known where the damn sentries were set up and easily avoided them, HE WAS BREIFED ON THIS. The other side wanted to reassure him that no one was in the base, that is except for the sentry that Scout had idiotically run straight into. He at least had gotten a look around before he ran in, hopefully the Engineer was busy elsewhere. Medic waded into the large pipe Scout had entered earlier.

"Alright I am inside, now vere do I go from here?" the sunlight soon left as he ventured into a larger area laced with concrete and pipes.

"Ya see a laddah? Take that up, just make sure the coast is cleah." Scout was at least able to keep quiet enough. Staying under the radar wasn't his strong suit but he was still alive so he must have been doing something right. Medic patted around the walls as his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he eventually fell upon rungs protruding out of the cement wall.

"Ok, now how far are you from zhe sewer entrance?" Scout had described the layout of the map and kept an eye out from the ventilation system he had sought refuge in for any incoming BLUs. He guided the doctor down the hall way to a spot where he had heard the beeping of the sentry gun that must've shot at him earlier. So fool-hearty, he thought, to dash through without even keeping an ear open for any impending danger. Medic wondered what his mother had to go through, raising such a danger prone child. While on the lookout, the doctor's eye happened to wander across and spot a familiar sight. Blood.

It was small, but traces of blood lead down a hallway, away from the engineer's gun turret. It eventually lead up to a large panel which looked hastingly replaced, speckled with dashes of blood. That stupid boy might as well paint a bulls-eye on his forehead for how 'discrete' he was. He found that Scout had not even attempted to hook the vent's panel back into place as it simply leaning against it. He climbed into the rather large shaft to see the trail stretching to the end and around the corner. Unlike scout, he had taken the time to wipe up the blood along the way and affix the panel as it an inconspicuous manner.

"Scout, I am in zhe shaft, do not panic." he wanted to make sure he wouldn't get a face full of scatter shot the moment he turned the corner. A brim of a black hat peeked around the corner, with it came the rest of Scout's head.

"About time dawk." Medic scowled at his ever present snark. Scout was hunched over in the shaft, clutching his leg to stem the bleeding. It wasn't as bad as he had said it was, but he was bleeding, the drama queen. The doctor sighed and reached into his bag to retreive his tools. Before he started on the wound, he looked up at Scout.

"Before I begin zhe procedure, you will have to promise to be quiet." He said with a glare. It was quite a lot to ask from Scout but it was worth a shot. Even Loudy McNevershutup knew what position he was in and the risks involved in succumbing to his usual habit of screaming. Scout nodded as the older man began with a some anesthetic and got to work. The amount he brought with him wasn't much but it was enough for the small area the bullet was lodged in. Usually on the feild, fresh bullets are easily pushed out once immediately taken care of with the medigun. Any that are stuck have to be taken care of after the battle. To anyone other than the doctor, it's not a pretty site having to dig in the healed over flesh to dig out stray bullets.

"Are zhere anymore vounds?" He asked, keeping his eyes on his work as he dug in to retrieve the chunk of metal.

"Naw, just got me once." Scout whispered as he bit down on his knuckle. He winced as Medic plucked the foreign object from his shin with his tweezers. Once again, he received a dose of the healing rays of the medigun. Scout got up as much as he could in the confined space and leaned on his newly healed limb. Yup, good as new. Medic scooted back towards the way he had come, noticing that Scout was going the opposite way.

"Vait, vere are you going?" the doctor attempted to turn around in already cramped quarters.

"I gotta grab the briefcase, man! This leads to the intel room!" Medic was sure that Scout enjoyed the feel of bullets in his legs. The trail of blood which previously came from scout lead around another corner. He must have taken a look around before he had settled in that one spot. He shot the Scout a skeptical look.

"Don't gimme dat, dawk. Let's just grab it and go!" The eager youth pulled out his pistol and proceeded to crawl down the shaft. Medic pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"Might as vell... BUT, vonce ve get back to zhe base, you are going to undergo punishment for disobeying orders zhat you vere qvuite clearly BREIFED on."

"Yeah yeah gramps, don't get your panties in a bunch."

"Let zhis be known, junge, I VILL be overseeing your punishment." He liked him better when he was injured.

The BLU's intel room. A mirror image of the RED's intel, only with a color swap. Even with the familiar structural make up of the two buildings, some can strangely find themselves disoriented by the change in color. This didn't matter much for a person taking an alternative route. A ceiling panel fell and hit the floor with a loud clang. Finesse wasn't Scout's strong point but at least he could get the job done more or less. He jumped down with more gusto than could have been said for the doctor who had practically landed on his knees. He wasn't meant to be a tumbler, that was clear. Scout took another once look around.

"Ok dawk, get ready to run. I think the time is almost up. I think we gotta take the south exit, the east one was the one that had the sentry."

"You ZHINK? Are you even sure?"

"Yo I got it, I know what I'm doin!" Scout headed towards the desk, picked up the briefcase, lugged it on his back and broke into a sprint. He was so used to running in and out on his own he wasn't quite accustomed to having someone tagging along. The doctor attempted to keep up as much as he could as they dashed throughout the base towards the exit. With Scout back in action, the missing cog had been set back into place, the wheels were turning and the machine was running as expected. Unfortunately, sometimes that cog can be misplaced, they do tend to look the same sometimes. In this instance, the cog had turned the wrong wheel and the mechanism was caught on itself. As the two turned the corner, they met face to face with the BLU team's Engineer and Soldier. A breif pause with a gaping maws quickly turned into a turnabout and then a mad dash. Scout and Medic turned corner after familiar corner to escape the encroaching BLU's on their tail. Luckily for the two RED's, they were quicker than their persuers.

A woman's raspy voice rang out from the intercoms that lined the hallways, "/MISSION ENDS IN 60 SECONDS./"

"Shit, we're runnin outta time! They're gunna close the damn gates!" Scout whipped around the corners as fast as his legs could carry him. Medic, on the other hand, was not so fleet of foot, especially with his heavy medpack weighing him down.

"/GOTTVERDAMMT SCOUT, DO NOT LEAVE ME BEHIND!/" He barked to Scout who was already a length of a hallway in front of him as he tried his best to keep up and out of firing range of the enclosing BLUs. They must have been heading back to protect the intel from being taken as they weren't able to infiltrate the enemy base in the allotted amount of time due to being pelted by the REDs.


"/SHIT SHIT SHIT/" up the stairs, down the right hallway. That's the way, right? Scout's adrenaline rush kept him from thinking too clearly. A small pause to gather bearings had allowed the Medic to catch up. He was already winded and gasping for breath. Scout's head whipped around for the right hallway.

"Zhe bases are... exactly zhe SAME!" he spoke in between breaths.

"I GET LOST IN OUR BASE TOO!" Scout yelled back. He flipped around and headed out the east entrance with Medic on his tail. Scout had at least chosen the right path.

"/THAT'S IT MAN!/" Scout yelped as he spotted daylight down the main hallway, "/COME ON DAWK!/"

"/MISSION ENDS IN 10 SECONDS/" The recording sounded much more dire. As fast as he could, the sprinter dashed out into the open sunlight, free of the florescent light, concrete and cold metal dungeon he had been stuck in for the majority of the mission. He turned to find the doctor still trailing, gasping for air as he made a break for the door.

"/DAWK! COME ON MAN!/" The doors began their automatic closing sequence as the BLU base prepared it's post mission shut down.

"/THREE... TWO.../" Scout cursed as he watched the doors close with the Medic running up on the other side, a look of horror on his face was seen right before the metal doors clamped shut.


Scout heard no screaming and cursing of his name as he would have expected. There was just a loud bang on the door followed by a series of smaller bangs which was most likely the Medic' pounding his fists into the door in a futile attempt to get it open. Scout danced on his toes, looking around and panicking. This isn't right, this wasn't supposed to happen.

"Oh man... Oh man oh man OH MAN." He ran back to the RED base as fast as he could. He didn't want to leave the doctor, but there was nothing he could do. He knew this. The BLU base went into automatic shut down for a time to clear out any enemy spies attempting to steal the intel after the mission had ended. RED's spy had a habit of doing that until the BLU's grew wise to his antics and programmed the safety lock. It made it a little harder for him to leave, but not impossible. This wasn't the same case for Medic.

"THERE HE IS!" The soldier cried out as they had caught up to the intruder. The panicked German whiped his head around to find the Engineer, the Soldier and now a Scout running down the hallway. He jumped into a doorway and down the labyrinth that was the architecture of both RED and BLU bases. This couldn't be happening, he had never even set foot in the base without anyone to keep him from getting his head blown off. Scout wouldn't have been much help but at least he'd be a distraction, though not a terribly effective meat-shield. He was already winded and could hear the BLU Scout closing in on him.

"What's yer hurry, ya kraut!" Unlike RED's Scout, this scout wasn't nearly as obnoxious. It was a shame in two ways since he was on the team with the relatively more irritating one and the who felt he needed to cut to the chase was out to kill him. He pulled out his pistol and fired multiple shots.

Medic yelped as he felt a sharp pain in his calf and tumbled to the ground. There was no way he'd be able to crawl away from him, especially a Scout but his stubborn will to live drove him clawing forward on the floor. As the Scout caught up to his victim, the doctor came face to face with a set of black wingtips leading up a dark blue pinstriped pant leg. The Scout had arrived with a swift blow to the side of the intruder's skull with his trusty bat. The doctor fell limp on the floor, his glasses tossed towards the other side of the width of the hallway.

"Where were you this whole time, huh?" The scout held his bat up for another strike to take him out permanently. Before the BLU spy could take his signature drag on his cigarette, he held his hand up and placed it on the boy's hands which were eagerly grasped on his weapon.

"What's the hold up, man?" The Scout Spat.

"What's your hurry? He's not going anywhere."

"Fuckin RED bastards took out our dawk, I'm just returnin' the favah!"

"I see zat," he exhaled a puff of smoke, "But I do believe I have an idea."
>> No. 4423
Have been waiting for this kind of story for my whole life.
>> No. 4430
There are a few spelling mistakes and some awkward scenes, but I'm still going to be hitting F5 for this.
>> No. 4431
I love your characterisation of Medic.
>> No. 4435
Loudy McNevershutup
>> No. 4470
I got Cat Bountry Beta-ing my chapters now, so they'll have fewer spelling and punctuation errors.

It's a funny thing, waking up. Most people tend to be in a state of hypnopompia when they first enter the waking world. It's a state where logic has no bearing on a person's consciousness for a short period of time. One could say that it's sleep paralysis for the mind, as its effects never last too long and the body and mind question as to why it was in such a state. The transitional stage from slumber and the waking world can be very comforting when someone is in a position where they're dreading what's in store for them in the real world. Medic had wished he stayed unconscious. His hallucinations had him believing that he was back in the RED base, that all this was a bad dream. The throbbing headache wasn't helping him stay in his fantasy for long.

Medic attempted to recollect what had happened and what had lead up to the events that brought him to such a place. Further more, what was this place? With a shake of his head he attempted to get to his feet as he was leaning against what felt like a steel girder.

Something was wrong, he wasn't budging. Rather, his hands weren't doing what he told them to do. He soon discovered that his hands had been bound behind his back which wrapped around the girder, and held him upright and in place as he 'slept'. His body felt heavy as he shifted around as much as he could. A sharp pain, besides the fairly obvious one in his head, had struck him. There was still a bullet in his leg.

That's right, he was shot. Then bludgeoned. Then, why was he still alive? Why did he wake up in this room? This room, what appeared to be an auxiliary supply room was fairly small, like a janitor's closet. A small mail box sized square window, high up in the middle of the room's longest wall to at least provided some light. At least enough for him to see his surroundings From the color of the light, he gathered that he had been out for some time as the sun must have already been setting, the desert sunsets were painfully red. The room was a dark and dingy blue color with two metal shelves with scraps of supplies strewn about, most of which appeared to be garbage or scrap metal. Besides the obvious hygiene issues with the room, the color was what bothered him the most. Being a RED, he had been conditioned to hate the color blue, as have the rest of his team.

The doctor wanted to panic, he wanted to call for his team; at least the scared part of him wanted to. He had made the effort to push that part of himself deep down where no one would see or hear him. That part of him had been replaced with the Medic that was most familiar to his team, the serious doctor with the stone cold scowl and no-nonsense attitude. The one that wouldn't allow himself to show weakness. Of course, he was able to do such a thing since he was backed by his team. His team wasn't here and the scared little boy inside of him wanted to run his fingers through his hair and panic.

He felt as stupid as Scout. Before he had left his team, they had told him that it was a bad idea. OF COURSE it was a bad idea, he went into the enemy base by himself for Christ's sake! He felt it would have been a little less conspicuous to go by himself and leave the the rest to fight. It would have been strange to see one of the enemy fighters suddenly missing from action, perhaps attempting a surprise attack. Couldn't allow them to be lulled out of a false sense of security. God... that was so stupid.

Medic tried to clear his head and regain his composure, but his cold sweat didn't help much. First thing was first, he needed to untie his ropes. Pulling them apart was out of the question, he needed something to cut them. His side bags, medpack and weapons had all been taken away. To his good fortune, they had not found one of his last places to conceal tools of any kind. He scooted up to the girder as much as he could, raised his arms and shook them. A small metal bar with a plastic cap had fallen from his glove and onto the floor behind the girder. It was always a good idea to keep an extra scalpel just in case one wanted to perform emergency surgery with limited resources or to just stab someone in the eye on short notice. He never had the pleasure of the latter option, but was happy enough to at least have one of his tools intact. He maneuvered the scalpel, removed its cap and attempted to saw at the ropes that held him in place. After a couple trials, he had cut through one of the ropes. The rest had given way as he pulled and yanked at them to finally free his hands. Next, the bullet. This wasn't going to be as easy as the first problem.

Being a doctor, he wasn't very squeamish at the sight of blood. On the contrary, he enjoyed it. The problem though, was that it was HIS blood that he'd be seeing. Even worse, he had no anesthetic to numb the would nor any tweezers to fish the slug out of his leg. He hopped up on one foot and held onto the girder he was previously stuck to for balance. Surely the scraps on the shelves had something he could use, hopefully not too dirty. He rustled around as quietly as he could and happened to come across an old medkit. He opened it up to find that it was mostly empty and had been picked clean. There was, however, a pair of long sharp tweezers in the box, sitting among a half used packet of gauze and cotton balls. Unfortunately, no anesthetic.

“Vunderbar,” Medic said sarcastically taking care to be quiet as not to alert his captors. He sat down in the same spot he found himself in and got to work. He removed his boot to locate the wound. He had been shot in the right calf. If the BLU team had gone through the trouble to keep him alive, one would think they'd clean up the wound. The bleeding had long since stopped and the inside of his boot had been stained with blood, as well as his sock and garter. The blood loss could attribute to his light-headedness, but he chalked up most of it to the blow to the head he received earlier. He took a deep breath and got to work.

After a few grueling minutes which felt like hours, he had been able to dig out the bullet with minimal damage to his leg. If only Scout could learn to be this quiet. He grabbed his coat and sliced a few ribbons from the bottom. He grabbed some of the leftover gauze from the medkit and placed it on his wound. It would be a good idea to keep any dirty fabric away from his now fresh wound, as his coat had gone through almost as much abuse as he had. He tied off the makeshift bandage and placed his boot, crusty with blood, back onto his foot and attempted to stand on both feet.

Without the medigun, he'd have to limp out of the base, which wasn't an option since it was a ceasefire and the BLUs would now be crawling all over the place. What a predicament. He sat for a while to let the blood on his wound to coagulate. It wasn't as good as healing on it's own but he simply didn't have the time. After a couple minutes he stood up and shifted his weight to his right leg, putting as much pressure on it as he could. He was attempting to numb himself to the pain. If he could get out of the base, he'd be able to take care of any long term damage later in the safety of his own base.

He stepped over to the door and jiggled the handle. Locked obviously. Even with the prisoner tied to a post, a person can never be to careful. He grabbed the bloody tweezers off the floor and tried to jimmy the lock. He knew he didn't know what he was doing, Spy was the one who knew these things. The doc just knew how to make things bleed and stop bleeding. Before he was able jam the tweezers in the lock, the door had clicked and swung open. The BLU Spy stood before him, with a look of surprise. That's not a look one would see too often on a Spy; that look was reserved for their victims. Medic was just as surprised to see the man standing before him. Before even putting anything into consideration, he pushed the Spy aside bolted down the hallway the best he could with his throbbing leg.

“ZHE ENEMY HAS ESCAPED!” at this point, Medic had no idea where he was. The RED base had multiple supply rooms which looked similar to his prison so there was no sure way to tell where he was. He turned the corner haplessly bump into the BLU's Soldier and Demoman. He was a fly that ventured too close to the spider's web, the two BLUs grabbed his arms and pinned him down to the ground. Knowing that any order demanding that he'd be let go would fall on deaf ears, he simply swore at them in his native tongue.

“We got a live one here boys!” The Soldier taunted as he held one of the Medic's arms, and the Demoman held the other. The two picked him up and turned him around to face the Spy whom was now walking up to him, “What'ya suggest we do with this Nazi bastard?”

The Spy simply looked the doctor in the eye, took a drag on his cigarette and flicked it onto the doctor's coat. Medic's struggles were for naught as his strength had been sapped, the two BLUs held him with minimal effort. Spy stepped closer put his hand on the German's face, grinned and swiftly delivered a knock out blow to his stomach. Medic was set towards the floor as his torso scrunched up but was still being supported by either man beside him.

“Escort zhe good doctor back to his room, S’il vous plaît.” Spy turned around and walked back to the supply room, “I would like to have a few words with him.”

The doctor was still conscious but the pain in his gut had temporarily paralyzed him as he was dragged off back to the infernal room he had put so much effort into escaping. The Spy walked in front of him. He couldn't see as his head was hanging, but he could hear the sound of his black leather shoes tapping on the laminate tile floor as he walked. He strained his neck up to take a look at the man before him. He appeared to be fishing something out of his pockets as his two prison guards whisked him back into his holding cell.

“Hold his arms for me a bit longer, if you would.” The BLU Spy asked his teammates as he pulled out a set of handcuffs and kicked the bloody instruments Medic had previously used on himself. He walked over to the shelf and fished around for something. He walked back with what appeared to be a 'U' shaped bike lock in his hands. As Spy walked back to his prisoner, the two men on either side of him pulled his hands down in front of the Spy, without even having to have been asked. They knew what they were doing, most likely already briefed on whatever Spy had in store for the doctor. With a quick zipping sound, the handcuffs were affixed tightly around his hands. He was slowly regaining his strength from the blow to the stomach but by that point, there wasn't anything he could do.

The two BLUs dropped him on the ground as Spy grabbed the chain in between the short pair of cuffs and held it above his head. He placed the bike lock in one of the holes of the main girder that Medic had first found himself. He lifted the cuffs up to the lock and shut it, placing the key to it in his pocket. Medic's arms were now held above him as he sat in front of the three BLU's.

“I had feared that you might escape your bonds sooner or later.” Spy said as his teammates backed off. He grabbed a cigarette from his case and lit it. “I was right to play it safe, but it appears you have cut me to the quick. No matter. You two are dismissed.” The two burly men shot the doctor a distasteful glance at the doctor before they left the room. Medic in turn glared up at the last man remaining in the room, standing before him. The Spy, calm and cool as he was known for, reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of small circular glasses and placed them on the doctor's face. Medic had not even realized his glasses were missing; the pain in his head and leg were enough to distract him from his lack of sharp eye sight. It didn't stop him from glaring in defiance.

“Oh, cut zhe dramatics, Doctor.” Spy took a drag on his cigarette.

“Vhy am I still alive?” he snapped.

“Why, I practically saved your life.” He rolled his eyes and placed his hand innocently on his chest in mockery.

“Keeping me alive a bit longer is not vhat I'd call 'saving'.”

“True, but I thought I'd have a word with you first.” Spy's sarcastic look left his face, now replaced with a more serious gesture, “I thought about it and felt that we could do each other a favor.”

“Such as?” Medic raised an eyebrow.

“Well, at first I was thinking that we could simply trade your life for your team's intelligence. It would be fairly simple and clean. Though, I'm not sure your team would appreciate negotiating with zhe enemy.” Spy pulled up a wooden crate, swept the top with his hand and sat down.

“Most likely not.” He wished the Spy went with his first plan, though he'd still be adamant about keeping the intel.

“Zhat was when I though to myself, 'the only difference between zhe RED and BLU is zhat zhey have a Medic and we do not.'... You see, our last field doctor... met a grim fate.” He smirked like a hungry shark about to snag lunch. A true example of schadenfreude, even to his own team member. Medic didn't like where this was going.

“Normally, we'd receive a new member to replace the old one from HQ. As far as I had gathered, recruitment is down or some such zhing.” he flipped his hand around in a circular motion, much in the same manner Heavy does when he cannot find the right word to use. Spy was simply trying to find a vague way to describe their situation.

“So you vant me to defect to your side, ja?”

“You catch on quick.”

“Und if I refuse?” Spy's shark like grin disappeared.

“I'm sure you have a fairly good idea of what will happen. We will, however, at least make an attempt to 'persuade' you. But know this, zhe odds are in your favor. Your position is the winning hand in this war at the moment so it's really win-win.” Spy plucked his cigarette from his mouth and held it to Medic's face. “I would suggest making up your mind quickly, as I am not a patient man. We wouldn't want to have to put you in any position of discomfort for NOTHING, how would we?”

The doctor tried to suppress a scream as the man before him put his cigarette butt out in his left cheek. Spy walked towards the door after letting the now dead cigarette fall to the floor in front of Medic.

“Just to be clear, none of us are zhat patient, really. We either tip zhe war in our favor or zhe battlefield will be leveled. Zhat is zhat. So don't get zhe wrong idea, mon cher... You are not as much of an asset as you may think, we won't hesitate to cancel this deal if it is too much trouble on our part.” Spy then casually walked out the room. Medic could hear him lock the door after closing it. The other BLUs must have been standing outside as he had heard some squabbling coming from them, mostly the Soldier. He could tell that not all of his team was 100 percent faithful that Spy's plan would work.

The pain in his cheek throbbed for a bit, but soon after subsided. He knew there would be much worse in store for him. He wasn't naïve, he knew the procedure for torturing prisoners. He had never tortured the enemy BLUs as they were promptly put out of their misery before there ever was a chance for questioning, not that they ever had planned on questioning them in the first place. He needed to find some way of prolonging the interrogation long enough to find some way to escape. Not too long as it would obviously be much harder to escape in the condition he would end up in.

He hung his head back, let out a heavy sigh and stared up at the ceiling, the light slowly leaving it as the sun went down. It was going to be a long night and an even longer day after.
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This is just awesome, I am so bookmarking this for supreme stalkage.
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Why does this not have like, millions and millions of comments yet? it's absolutely awesome!

Although, my goofy, non-American English caused me to read 'dawk' like 'dork', rather than 'doc', which left me incredibly confused for awhile. But that's more my problem than yours!

I'm definitely looking forward to more.
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Amen to both of these. This is absolutely fantastic... and I am terrified for Medic, yet I want more!
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Holy cow. I love this fanfiction. I love you.

Seriously. Everything about this is awesome; the charactarisations, the descriptions, the plot....

>> No. 4491

I have no qualms with that.
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You had me at "certain joys such as amputation and exploratory surgery".
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Even in the morning light, the blue room felt cold, dank and dark. His situation helped the room look more unappealing that it already looked at face value. The night was long and cold. It's the bitter irony of the desert to be struck with devastating heat, then chilling cold in the later evening. He had not slept for very long as the stress of the oncoming horror the next day had kept him up for most of the night. He had finally drifted off, regardless of his arms stuck in such an awkward position, dangling above his head. Sometime in the early morning, as he had guessed it to be, he awoke to the harsh light of the morning sun. Though he was very punctual and always got up as early as his more disciplined teammates, he rather hated mornings. The light was fresh and raw, in contrast to the afternoon and evening light which felt aged and smoked like a good cheese. The light wasn't hitting him directly as the only window was on the wall behind him. The beam he was chained to wouldn't have made a difference; he didn't want to see the sun. He wasn't very welcoming of the oncoming morning, especially not today.

It must have been 8 in the morning by the time Medic had started to feel a slight hunger. Nothing at the moment but it reminded him of what he was going to have to deal with. They were obviously going to starve him for as long as they see fit. Force him into a corner and break his spirit.

Spirit was one thing that Medic had in abundance. He had a certain stubbornness about him that portrayed him as the man he was. He was not the type to be threatened and nor pushed around. His own pride was what was going to make the ordeal all the more difficult.

The doorknob rattled, then opened. It was the Spy. Medic decided not to dignify his entrance with even a glance and continued to stare at the wall in front of him.

“Stoic as always.” He stepped in with a small case in hand. He closed the door, locked it and walked over to the crate that was opposite the wall of Medic. He set it down, and sat besides it.

“I have zhought it over during zhe night.” Medic spoke up. Spy raised an eyebrow as he crossed his legs.

“Oh? Have you now?” Spy pulled out his cigarette case.

“Ja, I have decided to join zhe BLU team.” He didn't look Spy in the face.

“Oh, I'd love for zhat to be true. I really would,” he scoffed as he lit the cigarette. “But how could we trust you? I mean, if you changed sides just like ZHAT...”

Spy opened the box he had carried in and pulled out a small black hand held device. Spy flipped it on, the two prongs sticking up top from it clicked with a spark of electricity flickered between them. Medic's body tensed up.

“What's to keep you from defecting to another team just as quickly? Non, I don't believe you. I have seen you doctor, you're not a man so easily threatened.” Spy walked to Medic's side and knelt down.

“It was a good try though.” With that, he jammed the stun gun into the doctor's side. His body convulsed as he let out a scream of pain. Spy had set it on the highest setting as he jammed it into his ribcage with even more pressure. After roughly 15 seconds of continuous 'shock therapy' he pulled the device from his side and stood up. Spy smirked as he walked back to the box and sat down. Medic hung his head and gasped for air, his muscles already exhausted from the extreme spasms.

“You're in no position to be trusted right now, doctor. At least, not with joining our team.” he leaned back and exhaled a puff of smoke, “Zhere some questions I would like to ask, of course.”

Medic lifted his head to look up at Spy. He had crossed his legs again, in a gesture of snark.

“As you know, there have been... problems with zhe supply trains.”

Medic had caught his breath, “Vhat KIND of problems?"

“I do believe I am the one asking zhe questions here, doctor.” He picked up the stun gun and waved it in the air, “I suggest you comply, it makes things more pleasant.”

The doctor glowered at him but kept his mouth shut. He may have been proud and stubborn but he wasn't stupid. Nothing would come of being shocked over and over. Sure, Spy would get bored after a while but that bastard would certainly last longer than he ever could. Chances are, Spy would find new, more creative ways to loosen his tongue. Problem was though, he wasn't aware of any information that would be deemed useful to the BLUs. The one to ask about that was the RED Spy, as he had a habit of dipping into the intel, out of curiosity.

“What I wanted to know, is the state of your supply trains.” Spy motioned for Medic to speak. Medic paused for a moment.

“Ve have had no trouble viz zhe trains.” It wouldn't do any harm to tell them what would be expected as normal behavior. Spy, however, was giving the doctor some information about their team quiet easily. Spy knew this, but he wasn't going to return him to his team any time soon, if ever.

“Really now... Are you sure?”

“Ja...” Medic hesitated to speak, but decided to chance crossing the line, “Is zhere... a problem viz your trains?”

Spy scowled and promptly got up from his box. He again plunged the stun gun into Medic's torso, this time in his chest. The doctor writhed and screamed but only for a slightly shorter amount of time than before. Spy stood up and lifted his cigarette from his lips.

“You never learn...” he placed a foot on the doctor's chest. “Zhat's not a good habit to get into, doctor.”

He was right. He needed to stay as quiet as possible. Aside from the torture, he had to make sure he didn't surrender any information that could be used against his team. He wouldn't voluntarily sell out his team, but sometimes things slip. Spy pressed harder on his chest, as if he was attempting to stop his breathing. Medic could sense the sadism in him, Spy was enjoying this. Even with the scowl on his face, he could tell that he was having fun.

“Now, doctor... I was curious. Have zhere been any orders from your HQ? Anything specific? Direct orders?”

“N-not zat I know of.” He inhaled as much as he could to counteract the pressure of Spy's shoe on his chest.

“Oh? Well, what do you know?” He pulled out the stun gun again.

Medic wanted to ask, “what do you WANT to know” to narrow down his questions in hopes he wouldn't accidentally reveal anything. He didn't have too much to reveal, which was the other problem. With how much Spy was enjoying his torture, any answer that wasn't 100 percent satisfactory would likely end up in another shock.

“Ah... Ve have been... getting zhe normal orders to retrieve your intel und bring it to zhe drop off location.”

“At zhe train station at designated hours, yes we know all zhat.”

“Zhen... vha-” Medic stopped himself. Spy smirked.

“Good boy.” He took his foot off of his chest, patted him on the cheek and walked back to the box.

Condescending ingrate. Medic stared at his feet and scowled, trying to put his mind at ease with imagery of his captor strapped to a table, limbs being slowly sawed through with a rusty saw. The doctor admitted to being a bit sadistic, but would only go so far if he was provoked. Like Heavy, he was more of a sleeping bear. Spy was poking said bear, but he was safe on the other side of the bars of its cage.

“Well, it seems I have some research to do.” He flicked his spent cigarette butt on the ground. He packed up his things, turned to walk out and stopped and turned, “Oh, but doctor. Just a warning. If I ever find out zhat you are LYING about anything, the consequences will be dire. And trust me, you haven't seen anything yet.”

Medic waited for Spy to leave the room to take a deep breath and sigh an exasperated sigh. He won't be broken, there's no way he'd give them the pleasure.


The day dragged on as Medic's hunger had steadily grown stronger. He simply had to wait until his stomach would finally give up the fight. His body couldn't be as stubborn as his attitude, could it? Regardless, the day was long from over. From the light he had guessed it to be roughly some time in the early afternoon.

Every now and then he'd stand up and move about as much as he could, even with his arms bound. He knew that if he had allowed his muscles to grow soft from atrophy, he'd be in no position to escape, much less help his team. It didn't require much to keep his body from succumbing to atrophy but it gave him something to do. Most of the time they left him in there to 'soften up'. It was surprisingly dull. He had enough lee-way from the handcuffs to peer a bit out of the tiny window, though there was not much to see. He at least knew he was on the side of the base that wasn't facing his own. Wonderful, a 1/3rd chance he'd end up BEHIND the BLU base. Not that the window was a viable exit, but exploring all possibilities couldn't hurt.

Medic had grown bored of moving about as his wrists had begun to chafe. He had sunk back into place, leaving his hands to dangle above him.

The door rattled once more and swung open, Medic's head jolted up as in response to another shock. He looked up to find the soldier walking towards him with a small bowl. The man glared down at him, silent. Medic didn't want to admit it but he had the most intimidating stare of any man he had run across. A silent madness swam around in the man's eyes. He didn't break eye contact as he stared, afraid that he'd strike if he looked away or let his guard down. He knelt down slightly and dropped the bowl at his feet. The contents, or what little of it, thankfully didn't spill. There wasn't much to spill.

Medic broke eye contact to look at what the Soldier had dropped in front of him. It was a small portion of beans with half of a bread roll sitting in it. The Soldier reached into his pocket and pulled out a key and unbuckled the bike lock. Medic's arms fell into his lap.

“Don't bother making a break for it, Sauerkraut,” the BLU Soldier finally spoke up. “The firebug is right outside, ready to toast ya if ya try anything.”

Medic picked up the bowl of seemingly overcooked beans. They wouldn't feed their prisoner their rations, especially if their HQ has having issues sending in new troops. No, this was to barely keep him alive. He pulled the bowl up and inspected the beans. They had a strong smell, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Medic grabbed the spoon and took a bite.

Instantly his mouth erupted into flame. Those bastards doused the food with Tabasco sauce, another tactic often used on prisoners to demoralize them. His eyes watered as he continued to eat the Tabasco saturated beans while leaving the bread roll for last to ease his mouth. He wasn't going to let these curs get the best of him. He finished the portion as fast as he could and stuffed the bread roll in his mouth. It was mostly stale, predictable. He still tore through it the best he could to drown out the burning sensation. They certainly weren't going to give him any water. No, all the water he'd get would be from the tainted beans.

The Soldier laughed as he watched Medic's reaction to the food. He could tell that this BLU in particular disliked him the most. From the slurs he had flung earlier, he could tell that he wasn't too happy to in the presence of one who was once associated with the axis powers. His accent made it quite obvious to the Soldier.

“Zhere, I'm done. You can go now.” He tossed the bowl over to the Soldier's feet. The BLU stood up and pulled the bike lock out of one of the holes in the girder and placed even higher on the beam. He then grabbed the prisoner's handcuffs and yanked them up, lifting Medic to his knees. He secured him in place and sat back down. Medic was no longer sitting but barely standing on his knees. The cuffs would have certainly dug into his skin if it weren't for his gloves. He sighed and sunk into his shoulders as he attempted to get accustomed to his new position.

“You were getting too comfortable there.” He smirked and sat back down. Wasn't it time for him to leave? Or was there more torture to undergo?

“I appreciate your concern.” They couldn't take his dry sense of humor. Sarcasm was all he had left for now.

“This is too good for you! You know that?”

“Oh? Und vhat vould you have in mind?” He could tell that Soldier wasn't in charge. If he was, he'd most likely be dead right now. It was safe enough to ask him questions without any repercussions.

“HEAD ON A SKEWER, THAT'S WHAT,” the man barked. He was just like the RED Soldier. This one seemed a tad less stable, though. Stable being a relative term, that is.

“Zhey did not like your idea?”

“That damn frenchy got everyone's backing.” Good lord he opens up quick.

“Zhat is ein shame, you look like a-” The soldier cut him off.

“DON'T YOU GO TELLING ME WHAT I AM. I KNOW WHAT I AM.” He leaped off the box and screamed in the doctor's face. Medic desperately wished he could have wiped the flecks of spit that had landed on his face.

“Eh... Zhen, vhat are you? If you don't mind my asking...” He decided to cater to Soldier to keep him from splitting his head open with his shovel.

“/AN AMERICAN!/” He stood straight up and folded his arms, “Something someone like you wouldn't understand.”

“Oh, now I vouldn't say zhat...” He was blindly patriotic and a loose cannon, that much was obvious. He might as well mess with his head. The patriot sat down on the box and lifted the front tip of his helmet with his thumb and glared at Medic.

“You had better spill the beans there, charlie.” Not the best choice of phrase.

“I'm afraid I have said too much.” He looked to the side.

“/YOU LISTEN HERE, YOU WILL TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW! THAT IS AN ORDER!/” He wasn't a very creative interrogator, but this was a good thing. Medic looked from side to side, pretending to make sure no one was listening even though they were obviously alone, all except for the Pyro outside the door but it made no difference. He thought of a quick lie that he knew would gnaw at the Soldier's paranoia.

“...My country has sent undercover agents to dispense a mind control serum into zhe general populous through zhe drinking vater.” It was a long shot.


Medic couldn't believe how much worse the BLU Soldier was. He was definitely no psychiatrist but this onion's layers were pretty easy to peel back. The inside of the onion, however, was something he did not want to see. Might as well make this quick.

“My superiors are going to find out, I zhink I have said too much.”

“Your SUPERIORS are going to have to answer to /ME!/”

“I vould like to see you try.” An evil grin for good measure, “Your team is slowly feeling zhe effects of zhe serum. Soon, I vill be out of here.”

“YOU'RE staying put there, Adolf.” Soldier grabbed the bowl and marched towards the door. He paused, then looked back, “Don't think you can defect over to our side, I got my eye on you. Like hell I'd ever let a god damn NAZI join our ranks! Our last doctor was a good man, he was a true American!” With that, he slammed the door and marched down the hall.

“... Dummkopf.” Medic was shocked and amused. He wouldn't allow the Nazi comments to get to him, of course. What did get to him was the Soldier's naivety. The BLU's last Medic was indeed German, Austrian or something close. He had no accent from his homeland but rather a western accent much like the Soldier's.

BLU's Soldier would most likely cause trouble for his team or stay away from them and keep to his own paranoid self. Either way, it was fun. His mouth was still on fire and his throat still hurt from the sharp bread but his spirit was still intact and there was nothing they could do to take from him.
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It would make more sense to write my comments in italics, huh? I forgot this chan has text formatting.

Anyway, I decided to continue the story. If it's not asking for too much, could I receive some feedback? Is this going too slow? Does it feel repetitive at all?

Anyway, the story picks up a change of pace in the next chapter, hang tight.


It had must have been on an hour or two before the supply closet door flew open once again. The doctor looked up, expecting the Soldier to barge in and attempt to interrogate him in his own pathetic way. He did not see the Soldier but a rather irritated looking Spy. He promptly walked over to Medic, dug his hands into his hair and yanked his head to attention, bringing them face to face as he knelt down. The man had an expression of discontent. It was discontent that Medic was sure that he himself had caused.

“You do not seem to realize what position you are in.” Spy clenched his teeth in irritation, nearly biting his cigarette in half. He forcefully dropped the doctor's head as he stood up.

“You are a field surgeon, not a psychiatrist... Zhis I know. But surely you understand zhe concept of operant conditioning through negative reinforcement, oui? I want to give you an example.”

It was obvious what was coming, what made it worse was the waiting. His condescension didn't help things.

“You see, your attempts to manipulate your captors is a highly undesired behavior. We cannot have zhat. So, I decided... Every little twitch, every possibility of you showing resistance will end in punishment. I thought perhaps we could simply wear you down with starvation and atrophy. The real torture would come later after you've softened up.”

The conditioning had worked so far, Medic did not want to ask what the difference was. Not that he would have asked such a loaded question in the first place. Spy had noticeably calmed down a bit. Apparently, threatening people was a way for him to unwind.

“You see, I have asked zhe rest of my team to avoid in any violence towards you. I like to keep things consistent since it's so hard to keep track of EVERY welt, bruise or broken bone.” He took a long drag on his bent cigarette, “But I have now reconsidered. As much as it irks me, I have asked my team to fully disregard my previous request. You should have seen their faces, they were quite pleased with my change of heart.”

'Just get it over with', the doctor thought to himself.

“Long story short, I had a talk with our paranoid friend. It took some time but we had finally convinced him that you had obviously lied to him. I felt horrible, I really did!” Mockery, very much like Spy. He was getting predictable, “So, I decided to make it up to him.”

Spy had motioned towards the door as the Soldier stepped in, holding his knuckles with an eager grin on his face. This wasn't what he was expecting. It was worse. Spy smirked as he walked through the door. He stopped short of closing the door entirely.

“Oh, and Monsieur Soldier, make sure zhat he at least stays somewhat alive, hon?”

“No promises, Frenchy.” Spy scoffed at the comment and closed the door. Soldier enclosed on the doctor with an intense look in his eye one could only see from below. It was a look of eager insanity. He didn't like being tricked, especially by a German. He expected treachery from them, the Japanese and the Russians. It was more insulting to actually be tricked by them, especially when he was expecting it.

“So, you like to tell stories? I'll tell ya secret,” He closed in towards Medic, “So do I.”

The man took a deep pause as if he was trying to come up with a story off the top of his head.

“Once upon a time,” Soldier plunged his fist into Medic's stomach, “And then-” A smack to the jaw which sent his glasses flying, “AND THEN,” A uppercut, “/SO THEN I-/” A knee to the stomach. The beatings carried on in that fashion. The shock of the blows kept him silent, save for a few grunts and cut off cries, as the Soldier made quick work of his captive.

“And THAT is how I found out how satisfying it is to beat the crap out of Nazi scum. I liked it so much, I DID IT TO 50 MORE OF THEM.” He kicked the doctor in the stomach, who had already fallen limp.

“Aww, what? Are you going to CRY NOW, YOU FILTHY MAGGOT?! I wouldn't be so surprised!” Soldier stood up and folded his arms. A drop of liquid had left Medic's nose. It wasn't a tear but blood from his almost whimsical beating. He decided to keep his head down, pretend to be unconscious. The Soldier was either easier to fool than Spy, or he had simply grown bored with beating a restrained man's face in. It wasn't really a fair fight but freeing aggression was freeing aggression. Soldier had that in spades. Spy poked his head into the room a few seconds after Soldier had left.

“I know you're awake.”

He was almost right, he head was swimming.

“I'd like to let you know that any act of aggression or defiance will land you with similar treatment from EVERY one of my colleagues. I suggest you watch your actions AND your tongue.”

The door slammed shut. His resolve was wearing thin. He stood stationary, soaked in his own blood, pondering if his team had already contacted HQ to requisition a new Medic. They surely felt that he was dead. He may as well be, it could be the last insult to the BLUs.


Medic had unknowingly fallen asleep. He was rudely awakened by the sound of the siren. The ceasefire was over, a new mission had started. It had been, what... only two days, perhaps three? He wasn't sure how long he had been asleep.

As cold as he seemed, he cared for his team. He was genuinely afraid of what would become of them in the end. The teams were balanced at the moment but his obsessive compulsive nature kept him worrying. Or had they already requisitioned a new Medic and forgotten about him? Anything was possible.


The scramble outside the walls of the supply closet had quieted after some time, only to be replaced by the sounds of gunshots from outside the base. It was the only thing he could hear, really. He sank down, as that was the only thing he could do. He was suffering from fatigue due to lack of food, not to mention the toll the constant beatings had been taking on his body. Soon the gunfire lead away from the BLU base and all that could be heard was the humming of the air conditioning system. The white noise was almost deafening as he could hear his heartbeat after a while.

A noise could finally be heard in the silence. Footsteps. They soon sounded erratic, as if being chased. The sporadic rhythm of footsteps came to a halt as a quick pattering had replaced them. They grew louder until the sound of the door jolted him from his daze. He looked up to find no one there. He let his head sink back down as he dangled, sitting on his knees. He thought he saw a glint of movement, but the Soldier failed to or downright refused to retrieve his glasses after he punched them off of his face. His eye sight wasn't too terrible but he had a hard time making out certain details from afar without his glasses. He disregarded it until another noise broke the silence.

“...Doctor?” A familiar voice. Medic craned his head around the best he could to find the source of the voice. A puff of red smoke materialized near the door, to reveal the RED Spy. The walked towards the horror of what had become of the doctor. Though he had little idea of how well his psychological state had held up, his physical state was obvious. He stood before the pathetic sight, not sure what to say. He was more surprised to see him alive at all than seeing him in his current state.

“Y-you're alive.” He walked towards Medic, keeping his voice down. He wore an almost skeptical look on his face. Medic looked up, wearing fatigue on his. “You've been here zhe whole time? Why didn't zhey kill you?”

“Zhe... Are in need of a new Medic. Zhe've been vaiting for me to break.”

“But... couldn't they just-” Spy paused and held up a hand, motioning for silence. He whipped past Medic and climbed on one of the old shelves, removing a ceiling tile and silently slinking away.

“H-hey... VAI-” The door swung open. The tile had been replaced. Spy was gone and the BLU's Pyro had taken his place. Spy had been searching for a hiding place from the Pyro who had been spy-checking throughout the base. They must not have been too alert since they had left the room to the supply closet unlocked. Not that Medic would be able to escape, regardless of the door being locked or unlocked.

The Pyro had burst into the room, holding his jerry-built flame thrower. He surveyed the room, looking for the source of the sounds. Naturally he would have just spread his flames but he didn't want to be the one to face the BLU Spy after “tossing out his hard work”. He stepped over to the prisoner.

“HWWR EF HEH?” Medic couldn't make out the intelligible bellows from the Pyro's respirator. He stood and stared, not sure if he should answer what seemed like a question. The Pyro kicked Medic in the thigh and repeated himself. The doctor winced but kept silent. The firebug's shoulders fell with exasperation as he started to maneuver his mask around. He lifted up the respirator just a bit to reveal his mouth. As Medic had expected, there were signs of burns leading up from the top of his mouth. The rest had remained unseen.

“WHERE IS HE?” The Pyro's voice was rather raspy, most likely choked from his suit's asbestos lining. Medic simply glared at the man before him. He knew the price of disobedience but he would rather face punishment than allow one of his team members face certain death. Protecting his team was his job and he did it well, no matter what position he may be in.

“FUCKIN' QUACK!” He threw down his flame thrower and kicked Medic in the stomach. “I KNOW HE WAS FUCKING HERE! I COULD HEAR YOU!”

“How can you hear anyzhing viz zhat mask over your ears?” Medic coughed. He shot the Pyro an snarky look. He knew he was writing checks he couldn't cash but that was the fatal flaw in his stubborn pride. They Pyro continued his assault. Kicking, punching, grabbing hair, slamming his head against the pillar. Soon, everything went dark.


Medic had fallen limp once again, not at all recovered from his last beating. The Pyro pulled down his mask, gave the doctor a weak kick in the thigh, picked up his weapon and left. The room was silent once more. After a few minutes, the ceiling tile in the corner of the room had moved out of place. Spy carefully and silently stepped down from his hiding spot and knelt before the doctor. He placed his fingers on his throat to find a pulse. Good, still alive. It was a sad site to see, his colleague beaten before his eyes. As much as he wanted to break him out, it wasn't the right time. They would both be caught in the process, especially with that enraged Pyro slinking about.

No, he needed to report back. This whole mess started with a member acting on their own. Spy stood up in front of Medic.

“Hang on for just a bit longer. You may be as stubborn as a mule, but don't bite off more zhan you can chew.” Spy knew that Medic couldn't hear him. He more or less was comforting himself. The rogue cloaked and slipped out of the room.
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I am disappointed in lack of comments to a story as awesome as this. Love it so far, Sprang!
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If we're silent, it just means we're at a loss of words of how amazing your work is. I mean...I probably try to reply but get caught up with the story.
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Loving the Pyro man, you almost never see a mean Pyro in fanfiction :U
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Hmm good point. See, I never used the slash thing until this story. I picked it up from here, which is the first place I saw it used.

I guess the caps are a little much, yes. But I used them with the slashes to create a varying degree of accentuation.

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I got Cat and Kid Hate to beta this one for me, the last one wasn't Beta'd so there were a few errors. This one was reviewed a little better than the last since I just went through it myself and posted it.

Thanks cat for Sniper's accent and Kid Hate for the German translation c:


It had been two days since RED's Spy had sneaked in and out of the supply room. Medic wasn't sure if they suspected anymore from that as there was no hearsay from any of the BLU's about a Spy inside the base. He most likely got away and alerted the rest of his team. He knew Spy wasn't in any position to do anything as he received his beating from the Pyro, but in the back of his mind he wished he had. He wished he had slunk down from the ceiling and stabbed the Pyro. He wished he had been freed and rushed out of this hellhole. The wishes in one hand had already filled but it felt like the other was full of shit anyway.

Medic had found himself in another room upon waking from the Pyro's assault. It was a room similar in size but less cluttered. The room was lit via florescent lighting as there was no window. It at least told him that he was transferred more towards the inside of the base. It made no difference, it's not as if he could fit through that tiny window in the first place.

His hands were strung up in the same fashion as before, chained to a support beam. He had weathered the past two days in the similar fashion. It was predictable. Spy would continue his line of strange questioning about supply lines, occasionally shocking him with his stun gun. He had stopped looking for reasons to do it too, as he simply shocked him whenever he felt like it. The meals were the same as well, over spiced beans and a roll as hard as a rock.

He was at the end of his rope, he couldn't take the beatings, the electric shocks, the slow starvation and worse the monotony. Medic was a being of habit due to his own obsessive compulsive ways but this was too much. Day after day of the same torture, until the eventual end. He could feel himself cracking, crumbling at the hands of the BLU Spy. He couldn't decide if the rest of his team was worse than he was, they were all horrible in their own special way. Each member of the BLU team had come in at one point in time to keep watch over the room to either check on the prisoner or bring in the tainted swill.

The Soldier was an obviously paranoid psychopath, as he had already seen his behavior on the battlefield. He was not aware of his attitude off of the field, and he wish it had stayed that way. The man was a psychological mess. As to why was a mystery.

The Demoman was incredibly quiet, he rather liked this. The only problem was the stare. That one cold remaining eye was enough to curdle milk. The Engineer was the same, rather quiet but not as intense. Those two clearly didn't want him there and weren't at all convinced that Spy's plan would work. It leads one to think as to why they agreed to follow through with his plans in the first place.

The Heavy had only entered once. He was a strange one as he looked like he had something to say but could never say it. Like the Demoman and Engineer, he was dead silent. His eyes would dart around, never looking the doctor in the eye, perhaps looking for the right thing to say or ask. He must've been a little effected by the similar appearance to the last Medic employed under BLU. One can never be too sure.

The Pyro was just a ball of rage. If it weren't for the fact that he had revealed part of his mouth, Medic could have sworn that he was a sack of angry hornets that happened to maneuver a large rubber suit around. The Scout had similar anger problems that he focused on the doctor. The Scout seemed to blame him for the loss of their last Medic. It was the RED soldier who had done the last doctor in but it didn't matter to the Scout. To him, one RED is the same as the rest. He was much quieter than his own team's Scout but everything is relative as he still flung insults and threats around.

The Sniper was the strangest one. Unlike the rest of BLU's, this man was quite friendly. He'd engage in casual conversation, completely disregarding that the person he was talking to was bound to a pillar. He had brought him food once. He sat and talked to him, even though Medic didn't bother responding. He stayed fairly long after he had finished eating, which had not taken long in the first place. For a lone gunman, he was incredibly social. Medic had felt it was a trick of some sort. Perhaps the Sniper was to gain his trust, perhaps an easier way to convince him to switch sides. In any case, Medic kept quiet and let him talk his ear off. There was no way he'd allow himself to get caught up in such an obvious trick.

The day dragged on, at least he thought it was day. Unfortunately, due to a lack of a window, he had no idea what time it was. He wasn't even quite sure how many days he had been stuck in the BLU's base as his internal clock had been rather skewed from lack of sunlight and his abnormal sleep cycles. The monotony of boredom between the BLU's visits were almost as bad as the visits themselves. The isolation was grinding at his soul. He wasn't the type to seek out companionship at the best of times, but sooner or later everyone needs some kind of reassurance that they're not alone. He was only human and human beings were social animals. He wasn't sure if that could be said for the sociopaths that were holding him prisoner.

Medic had tried to get some sleep, perhaps escape into his own mind while he waited for his potential doom that sat at the end of BLU's Spy's patience. As he attempted to nod off in his increasingly uncomfortable position, the doorknob rattled. Medic looked up to see the BLU team's Sniper walk in with a large bowl with a magazine and what looked to be a bottle of booze under one arm. He hung his head in disgust; he wasn't in the mood to deal with the blabbermouth. He was almost as bad as his own team's Scout. He looked up to see that it was “feeding time”. Might as well get this over with. Medic glowered at the man before him.

“Don't be like that, Doc, I ain't here to cause any trouble.” He set the bowl in front of the doctor as he fished out the key to the bike lock. He pulled the lock out of the beam and let it fall to the floor, Medic's arms fell as well. He was surprisingly lax as he turned his back to him, positioning a crate across the way from him, sat down and opened his magazine. It was a porn magazine, how fitting. He certainly was a sketchy individual.

Medic looked down at the bowl to see a rather large portion of food. Larger than a regular portion; it was roughly three cans of beans. He never cared for beans but food was food. He inspected the rations to find no trace of the Tabasco sauce that he usually found them laced with. He looked up at the Sniper, bewildered at the act of mercy. Sniper peeked out from his magazine and smirked as if someone made a slightly funny joke.

“Wot? Jes' cuz we're on different teams doesn't mean we gotta be monstahs. We're all jes' human, roight?” He took a swig of his whiskey and went back to “reading” his magazine, turning it sideways. Medic looked back at the beans, still silent. He took a bite. There was no burning, just bland baked beans. He began eating as fast as he could, expecting the Sniper to take the food away as a cruel joke. As he wolfed down the beans he felt ashamed to be reduced to that state. A hungry dog, chained up in the basement, greedily devouring any scraps thrown his way. The Sniper set his magazine down and took another swig.

“Heh, sorry 'bout that, mate. But it's wot happens in war, y'know?” He shuffled around on the crate, looking as if he was trying to find the right thing to say, “Eh... Not easy, is it?”

Medic was too weak and too busy eating to respond. The Sniper smirked and looked to the side, keeping the mouth of the bottle near his lips but not actually taking a drink.

“We ain't so bad, y'know. Sure, ya got the crazies like that bloody Spy and the Pyro. The rest ain't so bad, they're jes' sore cuz you're a RED.” Medic was already halfway through with the bowl, “I'd be pretty welcomin' to see new blood.”

Sniper felt he was losing his audience. He didn't care for being ignored.

“So uh, you ain't much of a talkah, huh? That's fine, really. Ya don't mind some company do ya?” He picked up his magazine, “You know, I've been meaning to see a doctor. Hadn't had a check up in over six months now.”

Medic was nearly finished with his meal. He looked up at the man and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh no, it ain't anythin' physical. At least I don't think it is.” He flipped through his magazine, “More like... Thinkin' about stuff, roight?”

Medic had no idea what he was talking about. He only knew that he was mistaking him for a psychiatrist, which was rather irksome. He continued eating.

“Nothin'? Aren't ya gunna ask me 'bout me folks or some such shit?” Medic had slowed down his eating as he was starting to satiate his immense hunger, “Some doctor you turned out to be.”

Sniper opened up the centerfold and turned it sideways. He didn't look too impressed. The magazine was rather old, he probably had already grown bored of it.

“Eh, sorry 'bout that. I guess I'm jes' a little on edge. A whole base full'a men. A real sausage fest here. Makes ya wish there was some kinda leave, to relieve stress ya know? Run into town, grab a quick bite 'o real food and a trip to a cathouse.”

Medic was no psychiatrist but he knew that he was sexually anxious. That much was clear. He had finished eating and dropped the spoon in the bowl. Sitting back he closed his eyes. The meal had made him drowsy.

“Sometimes ya think it's jes' fine to make due.” Good lord, he just keeps going. “Your hand can only keep ya company for so long in a place like this.”

Medic felt that Sniper had may as well be talking to himself. He attempted to tune him out.

“The problem is, you see these guys? Jeezus, cept for that Scout but 'e's a little jag-off. Can't hold a damn conversation with 'em without 'im runnin' off or somethin'.”

He wasn't comfortable with where the conversation was headed. His head felt heavy as he just wanted the Sniper to shut up so he could sleep off the meal. Sniper had gotten off of his box and knelt down to the left of Medic.

“I see that you're finally feelin' it.” Feeling what? Medic looked to his side, his body felt rather heavy and his vision was blurring a bit. “I put quite a mess of it in there.”

It finally hit him. That bastard Sniper had slipped sedatives into his food! He cursed to himself as he felt incredibly stupid to have been tricked so easily. But why drugs? Why-

“Took ya long enough.” Sniper stroked Medic's cheek, brushing his hand against his five O'clock shadow. “Gotta say, Doc, ya ain't too bad lookin'. I admire that.”

Medic's breathing increased as the sedatives did their job. He wished the drugs would knock him out completely as to spare him from this indignity. Sniper picked up Medic's limp arms via his handcuffs and pulled him down to the ground. He was now laying on his back with Sniper's knee on his chest.

“Ich werde Sie töten...” His head was caught in a fog, he didn't even realize that he wasn't speaking English.

“So he speaks, now was that so hahd?” Sniper pinned his hands down above his head as he closed in near his face. He started brushing his own whiskers against Medic's neck. The sound of him breathing sent a shiver of disgust down the doctor's spine as he attempted to push the crude Australian man off of him. It was no good, the drugs were reaching their full effect and he was losing himself. Sniper continued his invasion as he started kissing his neck. The kissing had turned to sucking and licking. He paused for a moment and looked at his victim.

“Why don't we just cut to the chase there, mate?” Medic attempted to lose himself in his own mind, to push this embarrassment as far back as he possibly could. Sniper let go of Medic's hands which were weighed down by his own drug intoxication and reached for the German's belt. Sniper muttered something that Medic deemed unintelligible as he was already losing his grasp on reality.

The grip on his belt was cut short with a loud swing of the door. His already blurred vision was further obstructed by the heavy sedatives. He saw what looked like the Sniper standing before him, facing his team's Spy. A quick bout of gibberish turned into an awkward display of the Sniper perhaps verbally defending himself. He had his hands up in the air, motioning towards Medic, then back into the air. The figures paused. The tall figure before him promptly swiped his items and stomped out the door. The door swung closed as the masked figure closed in on him.

He felt a tug on his arms as he was being hoisted up over a shoulder as he finally passed out.
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Poor Medic! So happy it didn't turn out how I was thinking it would. I hope he makes good on his threat to BLU Sniper. WHY AREN'T YOU SAVING HIM REDS?!?
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Oh, man. Sniper is a dick.
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I won't lie, Cat Bountry vomited after she read this. Or during.

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Hypnopompia never seems to get old. Even when waking from a sleep, induced at random intervals, courtesy of the BLU team. The splitting headaches and chronic pains that came with imprisonment were somethings that would make one want to crawl back in the shell of hallucinations. This waking was different as the effects of a particular sedative had just worn off.

Medic seemed to stay in the state of hypnopompia a lot longer than he normally would. He was aware he was somewhat awake but that was as far as his mind could wrap around his situation. He had nothing to hone in on to jostle himself awake, only the cold cement floor beneath him, pressing against his cheek, and the sound of running water. Wait... water?

It only took roughly five minutes for the doctor to unravel his mind from the veil of the sedatives. He was aware enough to find himself laying on a cold brick floor next to a water way. This wasn't the storage room, his hands weren't bound. What happened? All he could remember was sitting in the room with the BLU team's Sniper-

Dear god, Medic thought to himself. He had remembered. The Sniper was about to... Medic attempted to shove it as far out of his mind as he could. How did the assault lead him to... the sewers? His recollection was cut short by a voice off in the distance. Medic rolled to his side to attempt to prop himself up and listen for the voice.

“No... rtunatel-... well....bars an-.....” the voice was grainy, almost worn. If his head wasn't swimming from drugging, he would have been able to recall it. It was on the tip of his tongue.

“Wai-... he's awa-” The trickling of water had made it hard for him to hear all of what the voice was saying. Unfortunately the voice had ceased and a sound of foot steps had replaced them. In his state, he wouldn't be able to fend anything off. As much as it was a blow to his pride, he laid back. Fighting in his condition would just be an effort in futility. He had propped himself against the wall and closed his eyes.

“Napping again?” The voice was much sharper now. There was no mistaking it.

“Spy?” His speech was slurred a bit. He opened his eyes to find RED Spy, in all his snarky presence, standing before him.

“Well, to your good fortune, it certainly isn't zhat sharpshooter you just had a run in with earlier.” Spy sat down next to Medic and pulled out his cigarette case. The doctor leaned his head against the cold brick wall of the sewer and turned his gaze over to the man lighting his cigarette. He never had been so relieved to see the color RED before today. Spy exhaled a cloud of smoke and smirked at his teammate.

“I have to say, Doctor, you were quite lucky I had finally found that room when I did. I guess they had sensed my arrival during zhat last mission and took precaution to hide you away.” He held up his case and offered Medic a cigarette. He shook his head as Spy continued, “Zhe convict was ready to make you his wife.”

“Zhis is not zhe time for jokes, Herr Spy.” Spy chuckled at Medic's irritated response. He was not in the mood for jokes, not that he ever was. The funny thing about Spy is that he always seemed to joke at the wrong time.

“You should have heard zhe way he tried to defend himself! I swear I've never met a man so in denial. Even if I wasn't disguised, the shock itself would have scared him out of zhe room!” Spy let out an obnoxious laugh. Medic shushed him. “Oh come now, I'm better zhan zhat. We're safe down here, zhe hatches have been locked.”

“Vhere are ve?” Medic settled back down and closed his eyes.

“I zought zhat the water way would make it obvious, we're in zhe sewer system below zhe BLU base.”


“Now who's being loud?” Spy tossed his spent cigarette butt into the water. Medic took a look around, his field of vision was coming back to him. Spy noticed him craning his neck to see and reached into his jacket and fished out a pair of glasses. He handed them to Medic as he pulled out another cigarette.

“I do believe you will need zhese. I wouldn't credit zhe BLU's to be at all hospitable to zheir guests. I took zhe liberty to grab you an extra pair you had lying around your desk before I left. By zhe way, it's a dreadful mess Doctor, you really should zhink of cleaning your office some time.” Medic disregarded his joke, took the glasses and put them on to find that they were in a large system of pipes. They were sitting on the catwalks among the water ways. The only light source came from a barred up opening that lead to daylight. There were two paths from there, one leading to an apparently sealed hatch and the other to darkness.

“We are going to have to wait here for a moment if you don't mind, our team is coming to pick us up.” Waiting sounded good. Medic felt he couldn't properly walk at the moment anyway.

“So zhey know I am alive zhen.” Medic readjusted his glasses, “I guess zhe new recruit can take my place until I recover.”

“What new recruit? We have not requisitioned anyone.” Medic turned to spy, quite surprised.

“Vhy not? You surely felt zhat I was as good as dead.”

“Ah, you have our loud little friend to thank for zhat. He refused to leave zhe BLU perimeter after you were taken prisoner.” The doctor was shocked. Spy chuckled again, “You see, he came back to zhe RED base after the doors shut and threw zhe intel across zhe room and told us zhe news. Your large friend was rather upset at what Scout had to say and gave him a pretty thorough lashing.”

Medic couldn't help but chuckle at the imagery of Scout being pummeled.

“Ah, but you should have seen it. Even after the beating, he headed back, straight for zhe BLU base. Even with zhe apparent danger, he tried to find ways in. Zhe whole base was shut up from zhe outside world, even some BLU's were stuck outside until they ran zheir checks. But... he still tried to find a way in.”

“I vould have been dead under normal circumstances by zhen.”

“Yes yes, but he's young and naïve. He felt responsible for your predicament and felt he should play zhe hero. Even though zhat was a pretty dim-witted decision to come into zhe base on your own in zhe first place.”

Medic nodded. He had not gone through his ordeal without cursing his own actions at least once.

“Regardless, it was rather heartwarming. Even zhe fat man sank into a bit of a... funk, during your incapacitation.” Medic nodded again. Heavy was rather protective of his colleague as the two had formed a strong friendship within their ranks.

“Though I found it easier to smoke as much as I please in peace in zhe infirmary, I too would find your absence a bit trifling. If a new doctor came in your place, I'm sure he wouldn't be so keen on allowing me to smoke in his office.” Backhanded as it sounded, Medic knew he was sincere in his concern for his safety. He gave a light chuckle.

“So, our team is going to just pick us up? Is zhat zhe plan?”
“Well, our original plan was for me to find you and take you back myself. Zhat plan was cut short by zhose shutters.” Spy pointed to the barred off pipe a few yards down. “Zhe cowboy will be down soon to take zhose down. We just have to sit tight.”

“So zhose veren't originally zhere?”

“Non, which actually worries me.” Spy admitting to being worried was worrying in and of itself. “It seem to have been built fairly recently.”

“Perhaps to keep Scout out of zhe base, he had been vandering around as you have said.”

“Perhaps...” Spy shrugged. He reached into his blazer and pulled out a small bottle and handed it to the fatigued man besides him.

“You must be thirsty. I had also taken the liberty in bringing you a little refreshment.” Medic grabbed the bottle and drank greedily. He hadn't had proper hydration in days. The only moisture he received was from the scant rations he had been given. He let out a loud gasp after downing the bottle in one go.

“I guess I should have brought more, non?” he took yet another drag and glanced at the water way, “I wouldn't suggest drinking zhis water.”

Medic laid his head back. The ordeal had left him exhausted, even with the recent large meal and the water, his body needed time to recuperate. He practically sank down into himself, waiting for the last of the drug's effects to wear off. He was much more aware now, but a feeling of elation had yet to come. He couldn't celebrate, he wasn't home free yet. The paranoia crept up on him, keeping him from relaxing his muscles. He tried his best, regardless. He turned to Spy who was still working on his second cigarette.

“Herr Spy, how exactly did you find me? Und how vere you able to get me down here?”

“Oh, zhat wasn't too hard.” He replied in a matter-of-fact sort of tone, “I had to check a few rooms but I eventually found zhe right one.”

“Are you serious? You just... Randomly checked room after room?”

“It's not like you had some sort of tracking collar. I don't zhink we would be able to trust our employers if zhey instituted mandatory radio trackers on us.” Medic was losing his patience with Spy's dry sense of humor.

“As for getting you out, I actually had to drag you through the ventilation duct. For how advanced the architecture is in zhe BLU base, zhey sure have left zhemselves wide open with zheir man-sized air ducts. It's as if zhey WANTED me to climb zhrough zhere. Sooner or later ,I'm sure zhere will be a welcome mat near zhe vents on zhe roof.”

“Our base is zhe same vay.”

“Ah yes, but zhe ventilation system is quite aged. Zhe only working ducts are in zhe depths of zhe base and zhose are quite small.” Medic shrugged. He wasn't at all interested in architecture as much as he was interested in leaving this god forsaken hell hole.

The two stayed relatively quiet as Medic attempted to regain his strength. The RED's seemed to take forever to find their way to the pipe's opening. Spy was perfectly content in his chain smoking. Medic found the smoke irritating as it was a rather disgusting habit. He didn't, however, ask him to put it out. He may have been, what Scout would describe as a 'hard ass', but he wasn't so cold as to look a gift horse in the mouth. The man saved his life and his dignity. Medic tilted his head towards Spy.

“You killed zhe Sniper, right?”

“Your dead weight was enough of a burden to deal with, I couldn't be bothered with another body. You're not as light as you look, you know.”

“Vhy didn't you kill him? He could have alerted zhe BLU Spy!”

“He would have been too embarrassed to say anything. I was planning to stab whomever was in zhe room to get zhem out of the way, but zhe Sniper left on his own terms. I didn't have to get my suit dirty.” Spy sneered. Confident bastard. Medic rolled his eyes.

“So....” Spy smirked, “When is the honeymoon?”

“Just...” Medic pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation, “Just shut up.”
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I continue enjoying your suspense, and your badass Medic.
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The sewers were quiet all for the trickle of the water which had died down a bit over the past half hour they spent waiting for their team mates. Spy was getting agitated at how long the others were taking to reach them. Surely there was no more than... what, FIVE open pipes leading from the BLU base. Spy glanced over at Medic who seemed to have dozed off. Except for enduring torture, the man had nothing else to do but sleep. Spy was curious as to how much the man next to him could possibly sleep. He was growing bored now that he had fulfilled his nicotine fix and played with his knife.

He looked to the waterway to notice the water had now come to a complete stop. He made nothing of it. Spy felt Medic beginning to lean on his shoulder. The man was out like a light. As much as he didn't want to disturb him, he needed him awake, as he wasn't planning on dragging him back to the base himself.

“Doctor, wake up.” He nudged his teammate. Medic woke, and upon realizing whom he was leaning on, promptly stood up straight and took off his glasses to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

“Are zhey here?” he asked, placing his glasses back on.

“No, but I zhink zhey will be here any moment now. I suggest you try to stand. I will see if I can contact zhem again. Zhe reception isn't too good down here.”

Medic nodded and propped himself up. He clung to the wall as he put weight on the leg that had been shot a few days before. The wound healed alright, although there was a dull pain that throbbed through his calf and up to his upper leg. Compared to the beatings and electric shocks, this was not a problem. Spy stood up and tucked his knife away.

“I forgot to ask you, Doctor...” Spy said, as Medic turned to him, “Why did zhe BLU's not just requisition a new Medic instead of going through the trouble to force you to defect?”

“Apparently zhe BLU's supply line has eizher been cut, or zheir HQ refuses to send in more recruits. Perhaps even a shortage.” Medic turned and walked around in the dry waterway to collect his bearings while a rattling noise echoed from the shutters. Medic and Spy turned to see the Engineer. Thank god, a red shirt.

“How you boys holdin' up? Doc, good t' see ya among the livin'.” Medic nodded to Engineer.

“What TOOK you, laborer?” Spy stood up and pressed his hands against the shutters.

“Do you realize how damn hard it is t' maneuver 'round these damn BLU's? They're all over the gosh darn place!” Medic sheepishly sat down on the catwalk and ran his fingers through his hair. Spy turned to him reassuringly. He could tell he was getting more and more nervous.

“Calm down, we're fine as long as we can get out of zhis god forsaken /pipe/.” The accentuated portion of his sentence was shot at Engineer who was already making quick work of the shutters with a small blow torch.

“Keep yer damn pants on Frenchy!” The Texan continued to work on the shutters, in spite of Spy's impatient interruptions.

“Vhy vould zhey have flaps on zhe pipes instead of bars? Are zhose supposed to close?” Medic stepped closer to the opening.

“I guess, though I don't see no damn purpose in it 'cept to divert water.” Engineer continued working.

His work was cut short, however, as the shutters did their job and instantly closed shut. A banging could be heard on the other side as Engineer attempted to kick loose one of the weakened flaps he had already jostled loose. A low bellowing could he heard from the hatch Spy had mentioned sealing earlier. Medic's heart sank.

“/SHIT!/ Zhose bastards know we're /here/!” Spy attempted to kick open the shutters. A wasted effort as all they were able to do was rattle. If the BLU's knew how to do something right, it was building things. The bellowing soon turned to a rumbling which had gotten exponentially louder.

“/Vhat is zhat?!/”

“Oh Merde...” The rumbling grew deafening. An opening, sitting on the ceiling above the sealed door had slowly opened and was spitting a thick stream of water. The pressure was built up so much it sounded like a fire hose. The stream grew wider as water had started to rise to their knees. It sloshed back and forth from the now closed shutters in a small whirl pool as the water level continued to rise. Spy waded as fast as he could to the blocked off passage and shouted through the shutters.

“/Laborer, we are going to find an alternate exit! Relay zhis message!/” Spy turned, grabbed the doctor's hand and pulled him down into the last passage way left for them, the darkness that sat at the end of the pipe.

“Do you know vhere you are going?!” Medic attempted to keep the pace as the water had reached their stomachs. He could see Spy was panicking. Who wouldn't panic at the prospect of drowning?

“/We have no other options right now! KEEP MOVING!/” A deluge, which must have swelled up at the cross roads they were resting at before, gushed down the passage way. Both men were forced down the tunnel as the water level reached almost to the top of the pipe. Both struggled to keep their heads above water.

Swimming wasn't an issue for either of them, but in such confined spaces, getting to a proper air supply was a problem. As Medic was forced along with Spy down the water way, he spied an opening up ahead with a dim light revealing some rungs protruding from the wall. The water level lowered a bit, but the surge was just as strong. Medic reached out and grabbed the rungs with one hand and Spy's hand with the other.

Spy's kid skin gloves were alright for a good grip, but wet rubber, on the other hand, was not. Spy scrambled to keep his grip as he grabbed with his other hand. The water had unfortunately proved itself a match for Spy's grip as he was forced down the pipe from Medic's slick gloves.

“SCHEISSE!” Medic cried out as Spy was swept down the tunnel. Another rumbling started up as the water had begun to go down again. Another wave was coming. He scrambled up the ladder to keep himself from being washed away. As little as he wanted to leave his team mate behind, there was nothing he could do. There was little light emanating from the hatch from above, but it was just enough to expose the rungs medic was now standing on. He pushed up slowly and peered through a slit. Good, an empty room.

He pushed the hatch open to find himself in a large garage. Three vehicles were lined up, two military grade vehicles and what looked like a beat up old camper van. He stepped out of the narrow pipe and closed the lid as silently as he could. He looked around, this must be the utility hanger. The pipe he stepped out of was probably for waste water from the radiators and the like. Or perhaps even maintenance. Regardless what it was for, it saved his life.

Medic stepped silently between the two military trucks, water dripping behind him, to stay under cover in case anyone were to step in and find him. It was a large base, and there were only 8 members of the BLU team. Regardless, he was out numbered so the odds were in their favor. He slowly backed around the second truck, near the beat up old camper. He fumbled after stepping on a few scattered tools. The noise caused him to figuratively jump out of his skin as he whipped around to see nothing there but a crescent wrench and a few sets of disheveled socket wrenches. Medic attempted to swallow what felt like his heart popping up from his chest into his throat. The adrenaline rush wasn't doing much for his nerves.

“Well, wot'a we got heah?” Dear god anyone but him. The BLU Sniper turned the corner from the back of his van, wiping his hands with an oily rag. He pulled out his kukri from it's holster on his back. “Took ye long enough to show yer face.”

The doctor whipped back around and turned the corner of the other vehicle, hoping to put some space in between him and his pursuer. What Medic didn't account for was that the Sniper chased down wild game for a living. He wasn't always sitting in a safe spot, head-shotting unsuspecting animals. He had chased down his quarry as well; he knew how to herd prey. And Medic was definitely the prey this time around.

As Medic headed down along the length of the last vehicle, looking back to keep an eye on his pursuer, he found himself being clothes-lined. The doctor had fallen flat on his back and was now staring down the blade of the Sniper's kukri. If the BLU knew one thing, is how to head off his prey and catch them by surprise.

“Git up.” Medic strained to get up as he tried to regain the wind that was just knocked out of him. “Git yer hands up.”

He complied. The Sniper wasn't as talkative as he was when he was down in the 'holding cell'. He looked generally miffed as he had become aware of being tricked. He was chewed out by the BLU's Spy something awful. As much as he hated his own team's Spy, he hated being tricked even more. Though it was the the RED Spy who committed said act of trickery, Sniper decided to place the blame on the man before him. It seemed fitting; they were both REDs, after all. Medic had stood up, hands in the air, now with the kukri at his throat.

“Now, I don't roight appreciate bein' fooled loike that. So, how about we patch up some loose ends then?” Not this again. Sniper grabbed Medic's hand and brought it behind his back, holding the kukri's blade even closer to his neck. Medic grimaced as he could feel the Sniper smelling the back of his neck. It was unbelievable how horny a person could get when sexually repressed in a war setting. The Sniper was going beyond that.

“Even wet as a dog, yah smell kinda nice.” Medic couldn't say the same for the man behind him. His rage was building up as he wanted to hack the man apart with his own weapon. “Les' say you an' me finish wot we started? I'll even let'cha go if ya do what I say.”

There was really only one chance. Medic took a deep breath and swallowed.

“Alright.” Sniper was shocked to hear him concede. He was going to have his way either way, but this was a rather fortunate turn. Sniper loosened his grip on Medic's arm but kept the kukri as close to his jugular as ever.

“So... eh... How we gunna do this?” Good god. The Sniper was genuinely confused. From his demeanor, Medic felt that he had forced himself upon people before, not entirely used to consent. He might or might not have experimented with men before but he was definitely in denial.

“Let me... Undo my tie.” He was having a hard time keeping his disgust and rage bottled up. He had no problem keeping the fear under wraps as he had grown used to it. Anger was another issue. He held his hands up and made a tying gesture with his fingers. Sniper hesitated at first but then lowered his knife.

Medic immediately grabbed the hand the knife was in while elbowing the predator in the stomach. The Sniper stepped back from the initial shock as the doctor was able to wrestle the knife from him and, on impulse, tossed it across the room where it slid into a pile of tools. He then turned around and seized the Sniper by the throat. He was surprisingly easy to trick, but then again he was only thinking of one thing.

“I should skin you /alive/ for zhat...” The rush of adrenaline had given him a boost in strength as he continued holding the BLU's windpipe shut. The mad glint in his eye was piercing through the Sniper's aviators. He was feeling it, the fear. It was the fear that he instilled upon his captive. All that could be heard from the man now falling to his knees before Medic were desperate gasps for air which were being cut short. In anger, Medic started to throttle the man.

The Sniper's arms had eventually left Medic's clenched hands and gone limp. He would have held his throat shut till his death but he let him drop at his feet. He had heard some people talking down the hallway, there was no time to waste. He picked up the Sniper by the arms and dragged him back to his van. He stuffed him into the back and locked the door, jamming a long wrench in a depression in the bumper so it stuck in front of the door. If he were to wake up, he'd at least be stalled by a the road block Medic had set up for him.

He rushed over to the other side of the garage and fished the kukri out from the pile of mismatched tools. If he was going to get out of the base alive, he needed something to defend himself. Hopefully if anyone were to enter, they would not noticed the trails of water he had left.
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How do you manage to make Medic more badass with every chapter? It must be a special skill of yours, keep it up! I don't know whether to worry about Spy though... I mean, it looks bad, but it is Spy after all...
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Excuse me while I lift my jaw from the floor.

I love this fic so much
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lol thanks guys, the last chapter is done but still needs to be beta'd. All that's left now is the epilogue.
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I can't believe I actually finished this. Haha awesome. There's an epilogue comin up, a short thing explaining some aftermath.

The voices and footsteps in the hallway leading to the garage had quieted down. Medic took in a sharp breath as he noticed he had stopped breathing. While hiding in the quiet room, he had attempted to keep as silent as possible; even if that meant cutting off oxygen. He sat down out of sight and breathed slowly to calm himself.

You can do this, he thought, those bastards aren't going to get the best of you. He nodded to himself reassuringly. The last bit of strength that he had gathered from his meal and water he consumed recently would not go to waste. The last insult to the BLUs would be to escape, aid his team and obliterate those animals before their precious HQ would finally decide to help them. He had calmed down at the thought of sweet revenge and stood up; it was time to find a way out.

The bases were generally similar when it came to the architecture. The only differences were some internal workings and, more obviously, the color. As large as the bases were, he had an idea where everything was just as long as he wasn't stuck in one of the few tiny similar looking broom closets. He stepped out of the garage and slunk down the hallway.

Two lefts, down past the series of pipes leading to the mess hall... then three doors down from the... bingo. Keeping a watchful eye, he clasped the doorknob and slipped into the darkened room. A loud buzzing, not unlike that of the fluorescent lights he had grown so accustomed to filled the room. He felt around for the switch. Still in the same spot, perfect.

The lights flickered on to reveal a room filled to the brim with electronics and piping. None of which akin to the ones he took a ride in earlier, but ones filled with wiring and cables. This was the BLU base's power coupling. Medic recalled a few months earlier when Scout felt the need to be curious and messed around in the power room. It took the Engineer a few hours to find what exactly the boy damaged and fix it. While the power was down, certain mechanisms locked up, and the main quarters were pitch black. If he could muddle the electronics, he'd buy himself some time and perhaps a distraction.

Medic put down the kukri took a look at his gloves, which were now fortunately dry, then back up to a particular coupling. With a few firm yanks, he dislodged some short cables, ripping them from the wall. He was fortunate to be wearing rubber gloves. RED's scout was lucky enough not to get electrocuted when he was messing around. The doctor was certainly tired of electrocutions and was not at all interested in pressing his luck with more. He dropped the cables, which happened to be the right ones, as the lights immediately dimmed and the signature electronic buzzing noise waned into a soft whimper. The rooms and hallways were now dark. The only light available now would be daylight, which didn't penetrate into the depths and lower floors of the base. He was clearly on the ground level, as it would be a bad idea to place a garage underground unless someone had decided to install a large elevator. Regardless, he knew where he was and where he needed to go. Hopefully Spy was able to find his way out of the sewers. He picked up the kukri and slipped out of the room.

Voices could be heard again, as well as frantic footsteps. The BLUs were panicking. The main bulkhead doors were sealed, which hopefully kept some of the BLUs separated from his escape route. He headed back where he had come from to follow the main hall to the front of the base. The voices and footsteps unfortunately grew louder.

“-f you would do your damn /JOB/, maybe we wouldn't be dealing with a blackout!” It was the Soldier. It was pitch dark, he couldn't see him or the other set of feet.

“Dammit, I do my job and I do it well. That fuse box just went under mandatory maintenance a few /WEEKS/ ago!” The Engineer. He could hear them both near one side of the rather wide hallway. He silently slipped to the other wall as they felt around the opposite wall. Luckily they were loud enough for him to avoid.

The voices dissipated as the two arguing BLUs passed. Medic continued down silently, keeping sure that his footsteps didn't give him away. A faint glint could be seen at the end of the hallway. There was a slim bar of light that stood out among the faded glow at the end. That could only mean the front door. Unfortunately he had cut the power which had also cut off the power to the front gate, which opened automatically. Fortunately enough there were at least some windows he could break and slip through. Once out of the BLU base, he wouldn't have to worry too much about being silent as he would bullets and bombs. Near the end he was able to make out at least some features on the walls but not nearly enough to see anything coming towards him. This was a problem as there was something coming towards him he could faintly make out, stepping from the corner of an upcoming door.

“Hhy hwhuh hwiff dh dhhm phuwhr?!” The Pyro. One of the worst things things to run into in the dark. It seemed like it was taken from a nightmare. Medic wasn't necessarily a pyrophobe, but he wanted to avoid being burned alive. Even if it wasn't his personal nightmare, the Pyro was one nonetheless. Without a second thought he took a swing of the kukri, which landed on the shaded figure with a swift chopping noise followed by a muffled choking. He couldn't see but he felt a stream of warm blood spray his face. The metallic smell was all too familiar.

The figure fell before him, open jugular bleeding on the floor. The faint glow was reflected off of the rubber suit and the growing pool of blood before him. The adrenaline drained from Medic as the danger had passed. He had killed men before, this was nothing new. It was a part of war. He was just surprised at how far he had gotten. Two of the BLUs were already incapacitated. A sense of elation had come about him as he looked at the dark black pool below. He felt he didn't have to psyche himself up anymore. I'm really getting out of here... I'm going to live, he thought to himself.

His “moment”, however, was cut short by the glare of a large gas lamp. He looked to the source of the light standing in the door way. The source looked back at him. It was the Spy. Not his Spy. Looking down at the body and then back up at him.

With his adrenaline already replaced with stress relieving endorphins, he turned to his flight reflex and dashed down the opposite hall. The BLU Spy pursued, though at a less frantic pace. A shot rang out from the lantern's holder as Medic felt a bullet shoot through his side. He could feel the blood saturating his already damp clothes; his breathing became painful as he strove to continue on.

“You know when I said that none of us are zhat patient?” the voice called out a distance behind him. “It was true you know.”

He could hear the hammer in Spy's gun click back into position. Spy continued as Medic started to trudge, holding his side and tensing his breathing.

“I also said that if you take up too much of our time and effort, we won't hesitate to just throw out any progress we made? Not that we've made any progress as you're as defiant as ever. An admirable trait really.... but it's rather misplaced.” Spy could see his target better than the doctor could see in front of himself. He was heading more towards the darkness he had just come from. Spy fired another shot, this time in the left calf. Medic couldn't suppress his voice as he had before and let out a cry of pain as he fell to the ground. Spy had slowed down from a trot to a casual stroll.

“You know, I'm not as bad a shot as you zhink. Not as bad as zhe boy who did a number on your other leg, mind you. Non, I would just like to savor zhe moment.” He stood over Medic, pulling the hammer back. The doctor rolled over and took a swing at the man standing above him, only to have the kukri kicked out of his hands. As it slid across the floor, Spy took another swing of the foot to Medic's face. His head shot back and slammed against the floor. Spy knelt down in front of him, placed the lantern on the floor and grabbed his bloody collar.

“I could say zhat killing you would avenge the Pyro you had just murdered. But I won't... I rather disliked zhat monster of a man. Non, killing you will be cleaning up my mistake of trying to train an unbroken horse.” He held the gun to Medic's temple, hammer already pulled back. Medic closed his eyes. The waiting was killing him. The bastard was waiting there, taunting him. Playing with his fear. Like a cat that won't put a mouse out of its misery, just to play with it some more. The Spy let go of his collar but kept the gun to his head.

It felt like an eternity. What was he doing? Medic opened his eyes to see the Spy, his expression blank and mouth gaping wide open. Medic shifted himself backwards, away from the man with the rather large gun. He was standing still, just kneeling, still holding his gun where his victim's head used to be. Medic grabbed the lantern and held it up to the man before him. A puff of red smoke swirled in the light.

“Did I scare you?” the RED Spy was standing over his still BLU counterpart. Medic despised how awful the man's timing was. He further cursed his sense of humor.

“Vhat happened to-” The BLU spy dropped to the floor, knife protruding from his back. “...ah.”

“Zhe door to zhe power room won't hold for long, I suggest we leave as we've overstayed our welcome.” He held out his hand to Medic who tried to pull himself up but ended up slipping on his own blood, or the Pyro's. It was hard to tell. He grasped the side that had been shot as he tried to stand again, putting weight on the slightly less damaged leg. Spy's expression changed from snarky to generally concerned when he noticed his teammate's injuries. He knelt down and propped him up, supporting him on his shoulder.

“Come on, we haven't much time.” They hobbled down the hallway, Spy holding the lantern in one hand while supporting the doctor's side with his other, carefully avoiding his fresh bleeding wound.

“I zhink I am losing too much blood.” Medic's head bobbed as he hobbled on one foot to the exit. Out of habit he wanted to dress his wound before moving, but there really was no time.

“Hang in zhere. We're almost out.” They trudged past the Pyro's lifeless corpse and his pool of blood to arrive at the front gate Medic had found himself trapped behind days earlier when the whole ordeal had started. Spy set the lantern down.

“Zhat door von't open...” Spy could hear the weakness in his voice and the sound of droplets on the floor. It wasn't just blood loss but the sum of all he had endured with little relief. Spy reached into his coat and pulled out a small receiver, the same he had used to contact his team's Engineer.

“We're at zhe front.”

“Good, git oot of the way, go find some cover.” A crackling voice rang out, it sounded like Demoman. Spy motioned towards a nearby room and guided Medic inside and closed the door. They walked to the corner of the room and knelt down.

“Brace yourself, doctor.” Medic knodded. Spy held up the receiver, “Alright, now!”

A loud thundering boom roared from behind the door. The door itself had been blasted off its hinges but caught the debris. Both men stood up among the smoke to see a rather proud looking one eyed man kick down what was left of the door. He gave a haughty smirk.

“Well, wot are ye waitin' for?” He held out a hand as Spy pulled Medic up and guided him towards the exit, Demoman stepping down off the debris to support his other side.

“Ah... Danke...” he said weakly.

“We don't leave oor boys behind, ye know that.” Medic nodded as much as he could without letting his head droop. His head was swimming once more as it had been days earlier.

The path from the BLU base back to their own was clear. The enemy had been trapped within their own base. Whoever was left would have been picked off by the RED's Sniper, who was on high alert up top on his roost. The length of the walk felt like it was three times longer than it actually was.

The three men slowly crept up towards the RED base where the Heavy, Scout and Engineer were standing outside. Scout called out to them, waving his arms like a chimp.

“Hey! There they are! /MAN THERE THEY ARE!/”

“Yeah kiddo, I see 'em.” Engineer tipped his helmet, a welcome home gesture.

Heavy stepped forward, frantically looking over the doctor. He was a sorry sight. Blood splattered all over the front of his coat and face and the bruises he suffered were still very apparent. He was only able to hold himself up on one leg as Spy and Demoman supported him and his side and leg were still bleeding. He had signs of sleep deprivation in his eyes from irregular sleep cycles. His hair was a mess and he was in desperate need of a shave. But, through all of his physical marring, he wore a smile. A sincere smile. The cold man smiling like he was, albeit weak, was a rare sight. Heavy held his hands out, attempting to help Medic inside.

“Come now, Doktor. We are to be getting you in bed.” A look of worry washed over his face. Medic found it ironic that the man he was constantly having to 'babysit' on the battle field had reversed roles on him.

“Ja, zhat sounds like... a good idea.” His elation, however, was the final rush of endorphins that brought the system down. The pain he carried with him had welled up inside had finally gotten to him, almost as suffering a psychological overload from his physical strain. He attempted to hobble forward, tripping over the only foot he was using. Heavy caught him in his arms, still bleeding from his wounds. He wanted nothing more than to sleep. To sleep without waking up to a nightmare. He could hear his comrades yelling as they lifted him up and carried him down the hallway. Slowly, he drifted off. He had made it.

He had held out for his team. They in turn did the same for him. He had won.
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...this is SO getting a fanart from me.
The whole fanfiction was very intense, you are suspiciously good at describing torture :P Also, I love the way you characterized Medic (I picture him to be very, VERY orderly, too).

I could nitpick a bit about the scene where Sniper slips him sedatives, though. First "Ich werde Sie töten" sounds EXTREMELY formal for a situation like this (to my ears) and second, Sniper was very lucky to find a tasteless peroral sedative by chance*.
But these are VERY minor details, so...yeah, ignore that. :)

Waiting eagerly for the epilogue.

*assuming he didn't use pills or capsules...I don't think Medic would have noticed those, hungry as he were. So, kind of a moot point.
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Yes! I - I really thought for a second you were going to kill Medic and make it a bad end. I'm glad he and Spy are alright though, after everything they went through. Can't wait for the epilogue.
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lol I'll admit I don't know much about sedatives. Also, I don't speak german so ya got me there.

At first I put it into a translator, then I got someone who knew german to tell me. I'm not entirely sure how it translates but I wanted something simple which was "I'm going to kill you."

Do you know of any other way to say it? Cuz I have no clue lol

Also, yeah medic could have been so hungry not to taste it. Maybe his tastebuds were effected by the hot sauce, idk.
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Also, you dunno how much ilu rite now lol

I freakin love your art
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Well, most active ingredients in medicine taste bitter, so even IF Medic had tasted that, he'd probably just assume that the beans are spoiled. Well, and pills or capsules would have hidden the taste completely, so like I said, a moot point.

I think something like "Ich bring dich um!" would be more appropriate. Usage of "Sie" usually indicates respect on some level. "Ich kill dich!" would be possible, too, but I don't think Medic would put it that way.
You could go for something more elaborate, too, like "Ich reiß dich in Stücke!" ("I'll tear you to pieces!").

But...I'm not very good at threatening people or swearing, haha.
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Haha, thanks~ :)
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SPOILER, this is an epilogue.


Scout was never patient. He knew this. The rest of the team knew it. But regardless of his insistence to help, he was told to stay outside. They're all jerks. They just want someone to blame. Yeah. Just... fucking jerks.

The hallway outside the infirmary was quiet except for Scout kicking the ground with his feet, leaning against the wall outside the door. He was at least able to keep quiet so all that could be heard were some faint voices from inside the room and the obnoxious buzzing of the florescent lights. A trickle of blood led from down the hallway, into the infirmary doors. Medic was bleeding pretty badly the moment he arrived. Scout was sure that the ordeal had come to an end when Demoman and Spy had brought him back. But when he passed out in front of them, his heart sank. Scout slipped down and sank onto the floor. He wasn't sure he could handle getting one of his own teammates killed. Sure, he wasn't the one holding the smoking gun but he had played a hand in it. The boy placed his elbows on his knees and took off his hat and headset. He placed them on the floor as he hung his head and then ran his fingers through his short hair.

He studied the trail of blood in front of him. It had completely dried and had turned a slight reddish brown. They had been in there a long time. The voices inside had died down as another noise arose. Footsteps from down the hall emanated from the Pyro. The firebug stood in front of the solemn, hunched over Scout.

“Ehh hh shthl hihn thrr?” Pyro pointed to the double doors.

“Whadda you think?” Scout snapped. He didn't bother to look up at Pyro and kept his head buried with his fingers in his hair. Pyro said nothing else and walked along. He was incredibly hard to read but Scout could tell he was at least a /little/ concerned. Scout, on the other hand, was quite the opposite and wore his emotions on his sleeve just as long as they weren't “girly feelings”. Of course, those could be read as well as he was terrible at hiding them.

The voices started up again as clangs of metal were heard. The runner's head shot right up as the doors opened.

“Clear zhis mess up will you? I need to wash up.” It was Spy, draping his jacket over one arm. His sleeves were rolled up and his hands were buried in a small towel as he dried them. Spy faced forward to find Scout eagerly standing before him.

“Is he-” Scout paused. He didn't want to say it, afraid to jinx it.

“Is he what?” Spy stuffed the hand towel in his pocket and pulled out his cigarette case.

“IS HE... uh...” He motioned his hands, expecting Spy to know.

“I... don't follow.” He placed the cigarette in his mouth with a grin.

“/You know what I mean, man!/”

“Non, I'm afraid I don't.” He chuckled to himself, lighting the cigarette.

“FUCKIN-” Scout threw his hands up and attempted to slide past Spy whom had already placed his free arm in front of the boy.

“/Fuckin MOVE, man!/”

“I zhink not, 'man'. He needs his rest.”

“So... he's ok?”

“Boy, zhe dead can sleep all zhe want. I wouldn't be telling you to be quiet around a corpse.” Spy pushed Scout aside as he walked down the hall, swinging his suit jacket over his shoulder. Scout sneered at the smug man walking down the hall, then glanced back at the double doors.

He sighed. It was a good sigh.

Heavy had aided Spy as he patched up medic's wounds. The large man stayed behind to clean up while Spy had his suit to worry about. Medic was still out like a light, lying in bed with an IV drip. What was patched up with the auxiliary medigun was easy enough to deal with, but he had suffered blood loss and dehydration. That wasn't so easily fixed with the medipack's warming rays.

Scout poked his head in to see Heavy wiping down the operating table. Scout sheepishly walked up to Medic's bed.

“Leetle man should leave,” Heavy said as quietly as he could, which was rather difficult for his booming voice. Scout scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah uh... He's... He's gunna be alright. Right?”

“He vill be fine.” Heavy did not glare as he had done the few days earlier. He had gotten his frustrations out of his system after he had beaten Scout to a bloody pulp. Scout glanced over to the only occupied bed.

“Do you know when he'll wake up? I gotta tell him somethin'...”

“He vill vake vhen he vakes.”

“So... Did Spy pull the bullets out or what?”

“Da, he learned some things from doktor.” He nodded with a proud smirk as he continued to clean.

“Pff... Dat guy seems more worried about his outfit than anything else.”

“Doktor is fine now, so he worries about other things.”

“Yeah, I bet,” Scout scoffed.

Scout turned around and headed towards the door. He paused in front of Medic's desk which was still covered in an avalanche of papers. He could never tell him but Medic's obsessive cleaning habits had reminded him of his mother. For how much of a 'hard ass' he was, however, he saw him more as a father figure rather than a doting mother. It could be why he always gave him a hard time when being nagged, as all children tend to do to their parents. He might as well make it up to him the best he could.

The room was clean and sterile. It was noticeably more quiet after Scout had left. Heavy sat in a chair by his ally's bed and kept him company, although he was still asleep. Heavy was about to doze off himself when he heard a light rustling coming from the bed next to him. He looked over to Medic. His thin, bruise covered face scrunched up as he slightly jerked from side to side.

Heavy stood up to place his hands on Medic's shoulders, steadying him in fear of him flailing and potentially ripping out his IV. Before he could, however, the doctor let out a scream and shot forward in bed. The shock sent Heavy reeling back, grabbing onto the bed post to steady himself, which ended up shaking the bed and shifting it forward a bit.

“DOKTOR, IS ME.” The large man stepped forward and handed Medic his glasses off the night stand. He took them and placed them on his face, eyes darting, reassuring himself that he was indeed back in the RED base. His breathing slowed and he lay back down in bed, placing a hand on his forehead.

“Vas Doktor having nightmare?” Heavy sat back down besides Medic.

“Ah... I... I guess you could say zhat. Ja.” He looked at the IV drip besides him. “Who did zhat?”

“Ah, Spy. He is good at medicine. He is,” he paused to find the word, “... jerk, but he is good at learning things.”

Medic raised his eyebrows in both disbelief and approval. He scooted himself up in a sitting position and leaned on the metal bars that made up the headboard.

“At least he vas paying attention... Remind me to zhank him. Vhere is he now?

“He said he must go clean.”

“Of course...” Medic rolled his eyes.

“You should be cleaning too, Doktor.”

“Vhat?” He grimaced.

“You are dirty, you are needing cleaning.” Medic paused at Heavy's response. He was right, he had not showered nor shaved in the past couple days. The last “bath” he had was in the BLU's sewer pipes. Hygiene would be his first priority, right after replenishing his fluids.

“Ah... Vhen is zhe next mission?”

“In two days.” Heavy held up his hands in opposition. “But Doktor should not think about vork.”

“Dummkopf, zhat is all I ever zhink about, you know zhat.” He let out a soft chuckle. Heavy was happy to see that he retained his sense of humor, what little of it he had. Medic leaned back, his body was tired. The medigun could only do so much for the damage that had gone untended. He was lucky enough not to receive an infection from the gunshot that pierced his calf all those days earlier.

He glanced around the room, it was nice to be home. The familiar sight of red, the smell of the disinfectant. He didn't consider the RED base to be his home away from home as it was a war zone, but with all that he had been through, he had never been happier to be there.

Medic glanced at his desk in the corner to find stacks of papers neatly organized in their respective rows.

“Ah, zhank you for cleaning up mein papers.”

“Vas not me Doktor. Leetle man cleaned up papers for you.” Medic turned his head and looked at Heavy in disbelief. Heavy nodded with a smile. The doctor sank back into his bed.

“He vanted to say he is sorry,” Heavy continued, “but you vere sleeping.”

“I see...” Spy had told him earlier of his attempt to make up for his mistake. He must have still felt responsible. It was a nice gesture though Medic was sure that he had stacked his files out of order. Still, it was a nice gesture. Perhaps there is hope for the boy after all.

Medic took off his glasses and placed them on the nightstand.

“If you don't mind Herr Heavy, I zhink I vill be getting some proper rest.”
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Happy end. :3

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