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Yeah, I posted this a whle back when I was still Anon. I finally had it beta'd by my lovely lady friend Lucy one day in math class, and decided to re-upload it here. I am convinced it sucks, but here it is anyway. WOO NO SELF ESTEEM FUCK YEAH.(Keep in mind I originally wrote this at 3:00 AM on a Monday night, so that's the quality of the plot.)


"What in the Hell is wrong with that man?" Engineer sat his wrench on the makeshift table, being sure not to set it down too far away, or out of arm's reach.

Medic had been locked in what was essentially the only room in the base that actually had a door that locked completely. It was almost like a bunker of sorts, but it was used as Spy's torture room, for when the occasional BLU was caught wandering around alone.


It had been a simple, routine fight, except that Heavy got separated from Medic somehow in the midst of the battle. As Heavy wandered off to wait for everyone to regroup, Medic was following after one of the BLU soldiers - The one suspected to be one of the BLU's record keepers.

Medic had eventually caught up to the man, cornering him. At this point, the fight was nearly over, and the rest of his team had come over to investigate, in case Medic needed backup. Medic and the BLU soldier began to converse in German when they saw the others approach, which raised a flag with the REDs. "Maybe we should just-" Just before Scout could finish his sentence, the two men began to yell, and it eventually escalated into a full-on fight. Medic yelled out one last thing before he grabbed his bonesaw and hacked the soldier's intestines out. "Medic--!" Heavy had tried to find out what was happening, but he couldn't get any closer-Medic was flinging his syringe gun around now, and had it pointed at his team members.

"Do not interfere. I must find those files before anybody else has the chance to exploit them." In a horrifying move, Medic had picked up the intestines strewn about the floor around the soldier and began to choke the man with them. Even though the man was an enemy, it was cruel to drag it out without good reason.

"Enough!" Engineer came up behind Medic and slammed his wrench into the back of Medic's head. Medic fell over, of course, and passed out on the ground. The REDs just looked each other as Heavy picked up Medic ad began to head back to base.


"What in the fuck happened back there? I don't want to sound like a BLU, but I don't think anyone deserves to be-" Scout was cut off by Spy. "Nonsense. Medic is an intelligent man; he knew what he was doing. He spoke of files. Have we checked ours yet, for any missing documents?"

"No. In fact, the only missing file was Medic's personal history. You know, the background checks that get run on people joining the war and such. I reckon he wanted that." Engineer felt confident that that was what Medic wanted to find so badly as to brutalize some random man for. "Are you sure? If it was some kind of secret, well... What do we actually know of Medic? I mean, do we even know if he has a family? Is he even a certified doctor?"

Throughout all of the bantering and questioning, Heavy had been silent. "...I think that Medic...has good reason to suspect something." "What, like foul play?" Sniper had finally gotten finished putting up his guns after the fight and decided to check in on the situation. "What are we gonna do with him, though? We can’t just keep him locked up in there for killing some BLU, that's why we're here. What makes this different?"

Sniper had a point, killing was obviously routine in war, but something had made this different. The way Medic had handled the situation was out of character; mostly, in fights, he stuck by Heavy and focused on healing everyone if/when they needed it. But today, he had hunted someone down.

Spy finally spoke up again: "That man also spoke German. What if they knew each other previously? Maybe a personal feud?" That was also a valid theory; but none of them had ever seen Medic around a BLU before… Although, everyone knew that Medic's past was fairly obscure...

"...I think we should ask HQ to send over a copy of Medic's personal files. We could say it was for investigative purposes. Sound good to anyone else? And until the records come, Spy could keep checking in on Medic every once in a while, maybe ask a few questions." Everyone sat around to think about it for a while. Eventually, Engie agreed and the rest of them shortly followed.

Once the files arrived, everyone was very cautious about doing this somewhere Medic couldn't see or hear them. So, ultimately, they wound up behind the hangar, in a small hidden area used as a basement to store ammunitions and other things useful in a fight.

"Alright. Now, before I open this, I want everyone to agree that we'll try our best not to let whatever's in here alter our opinion of Medic, alright?" Spy was holding the folder, read to spill its contents onto the table. Everyone agreed to the conditions, and began to read...

"...Oh my God." Scout put his hands over his mouth and sunk lower into his seat. The part of the folder her received was a photo documentary, of sorts. The first picture was of Medic, holding a little girl out in front of a sign in the background that said something in German. Underneath it, in English, was "EMERGENCY CLINIC". The next photo was of the same place, but the sign was half blown away, and the building had been reduced mostly to rubble. Since the photo was black and white, it was hard to tell, but it appeared to have blood sprayed over most of the area visible in the photo.

The next photo was even worse: Medic, holding the same little girl from before, except she was quite obviously disemboweled. The look on Medic's face was heartbreaking. In the background were makeshift cots and operating tables, one of which had a woman laying on it-Her abdominal cavity torn open by large, heavy shrapnel. The place had been bombed.

Somehow, it was the next photo that made Scout want to vomit, then and there: It was a photo- slightly blurred, but still clear enough to see what was going on- of Medic, same place, same time, trying to sew the girl back together using tools at hand, none of which were sutures.

The next and final photo was of Medic, at an obviously later date, sitting on the ground in a white room (grey in the photo, due to aging) with his hands over his face, with two men in white jackets trying to drag him away. The limp arm of a woman was seen in the corner of the photo, hanging slightly off of a table covered with a cloth.

His wife and daughter.
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The documents Spy grabbed were written records, basically a descriptive timeline of the events following the events depicted. No specific dates or places were given, most likely for security reasons. At least, that's what Spy hoped. The documents were all very short, leaving much room for question.


Minimal progress has been made. He still cries for Gertie and Helen in the night. He has not stopped screaming since he has arrived. Recently updated medical records state an elevated chemical imbalance due to trauma and stress caused by the previous events."

All of the documents said basically the same thing; that no progress had been made and that there were signs of traumatic psychosis developing.

Spy could only wonder what had happened to Medic for him to have reports that he had gathered were from a mental institution.

Once he saw the photos, he put it all together... He lit a cigarette, and asked for everyone's attention.

"I believe I have discovered the reason for Medic's erratic behavior." When Spy was serious, he was serious. Even Scout sat tightly upright for this.

"We all know that Medic is a decent bit older than the rest of us. I have reason enough to suspect that he was a medic before the war, and that he owned his own clinic somewhere in Germany. He...He had a family, a wife and a daughter." Spy paused for a moment to let the information sink in before continuing. "His clinic was bombed, leaving little but rubble and corpses. Among these corpses were the bodies of several patients and his family." A few gasps echoed around the table, mostly from Heavy and Scout, but everyone’s eyebrows were raised.

"In his desperation, he began to operate on his daughter's corpse, refusing to believe she was dead, even though she had obviously....departed. Later on, when he was discovered still alive, he was taken to a mental hospital somewhere near, and was assigned to an unknown amount of time there."

After Spy had finished, everyone was putting two and two together. But, one thing still remained: Why would Medic not tell them about this, and why did he go after that man on the field the other day?

"What the--?"

Just then, the door opened, revealing a haggard-looking Medic. At first, everyone had tensed, expecting a fight, but when they looked hard enough, they saw the anguish in his eyes.

Medic's coat was slightly torn at the bottom, probably because it was the same jacket he had been wearing since they locked him up. His hair was untidy and messy, and his glasses had smears all over the lenses. He looked absolutely broken. He had left his medigun and his other equipment behind, showing how disheveled he was.

He fell to the floor, on his knees. Eventually, he began to cry.

"Medic? Medic, how did you get out?" Spy was curious-If there was a way out of his interrogation room, he wanted to know about it. The Spy was forgetting the most important thing- Whether or not Medic was okay.

"Medic!" Heavy rushed over and brought him back to the table where they were all sitting. Medic just slumped over the table, quite clearly showing something was deeply wrong

"Medic, what happened? We know about your family."

It turns out that that probably wasn't the best thing to say.

"Gertie! My little girl! My little girl...." He trailed off, choked by his tears. The REDs didn't know what to do. Scout handed Medic the photos.

He picked up the one on top of the pile, the one of him smiling with his daughter in front of the clinic. "I remember this. This was the opening day... So long ago since I've seen her smile. God, I miss her. Why did they have to bomb us? What had we done? What had Gertie done? What had Helen done? Why must it be that every single place I go, war follows me?"

Medic slipped his hand into his coat pocket- Not for his gun, but for a picture- This picture was even older than the others, with torn corners and near-yellowed color.

It was a beautiful woman in a wedding gown, and a young man in a tuxedo standing on a dock. It was a wedding photo... It was Medic and his wife, Helen. The color on the bottom of the photo had gradually worn away from age and the salt from tears, but you could just make out a pair of pigtails and a little girl's face- Gertie.

"..Gertie. Gertrude. My little girl... I remember, how she said she wanted to be just like her father, like me. She wanted to be a doctor. She would sit with me, you know. In the clinic. Every morning, she would wake up early, just to ride to the clinic with me. My God, how I wish I hadn't brought her with me that morning."

Scout was having a difficult time trying not to cry, and Soldier hid his tears behind the shadow of his helmet. Engineer was leaning back in his chair, staring at his wrench, and Spy pulled out another cigarette. Demo, who had previously just sat silently the entire time, pulled out some sort of alcoholic beverage and just began to chug it.

Medic began to speak again.

"..And Helen! Helen, Helen, Helen. We planned to move, after we got enough money from the clinic and Gertie had grown a little more. The bombs hit when we were all visiting the clinic to declare our move openly to our patients, and then..."

Medic took out a single, half-filled syringe. This immediately called attention from the rest of the group.

"Medic, now don't you think about it-" Engineer was cut off by Medic.

"What do I have to look foreword to in life? Perpetually fighting? Wondering every single night about what my daughter would look like at ten years old? Fifteen? Twenty? Never being able to see her graduate? Pretending, every night, that I'm holding my wife's hand, as I try to forget? Dreaming of being a proud father, a proud husband? And then, waking up every morning to go out and fight for the same people who bombed my family? Healing the ones who murdered my little girl? My wife? I joined this war hoping to die horribly, just as they had, and perhaps even honorably, but I see that that won't be happening."

Medic held the syringe up to the light, causing everyone to jump in their seats a little.

“This syringe is filled with a highly concentrated overdose of an already very potent tranquilizer. One injection of this, and I can see my little girl again." He began to roll up his sleeve.

They would have already jumped him, if not for the fact that if they moved the arm holding the syringe by accident, he could just as easily inject himself in the arm.

"Medic. Do you think we do not care about you?" Heavy tried to get a little closer, but the close her got, the closer the syringe got to Medic's arm.

"Heavy, do not tell me you will cry for me. We are men of war. We are trained to deal with death. We deal with it every day, just ten feet from this very spot! You cannot tell me you'll feel anything."

"No!" Scout spoke up this time. "Medic, not only do we need you, but we love you. Who was there to show me the ropes, and to keep the other guys from messing with me? You are always there for me, and we're always here for you. Please, just calm down."

"...You know, Scout? You have the same blue eyes Gertie had. Wide, inexperienced eyes. Innocent eyes. And you remind me of her. Please, please. I beg you. Let me see my daughter. Let me hold her one more time. Did you know that the last thing I said to her was to get her bags ready to leave? I never got to say goodbye. Please, let me tell my daughter I love her again."

Spy had, at some point during all this, snuck out of his seat and gotten behind Medic. He cloaked himself, an everyone took the hint. Spy grabbed him from behind, Heavy helped hold him still, Engineer took the syringe, and Scout, Demo, and Soldier were there in case Medic had anything else up his sleeve.

Spy eventually knocked Medic out, for his own safety.

They dragged him back to the interrogation room, this time not leaving him alone.

"What the Hell? Has he always been so depressed?" Scout wondered out loud, to no-one in particular. "He never told me anything", said Heavy, who was sitting just on the other side of Medic's makeshift bed.

"I wonder if we can help him?"

Seeing as nobody could think of anything, after a group agreement, HQ was called for advice. Medic would temporarily be taken away for psychological re-evaluation and therapy. Of course, it was fairly well known that therapy only made things generally worse, and that it could be a long time before Medic was cleared to come back.

Surprisingly, Medic was back in only two months, and they were glad to have him back. He was authorized to use medical instruments, so he was back on the team.

One morning, Scout had gone to deliver some new supplies to Medic in the room that passed off as a clinic, when he saw that Medic was still asleep.

It was rare for Medic to be sleeping still, so late in the morning. It was around 9:30; usually Medic woke up just after Soldier, and that was always around 6:30, or 7:30AM at the latest.

"..Medic? Your new supplies are in--Oh, fuck. SPY! SOMEONE! IT’S MEDIC!" Scout frantically turned Medic over- Apparently, Medic hadn't gotten any better at all. He had used his smarts to trick the HQ doctors into allowing him back so that he would have access to the medical supplies he would need to kill himself.

He used the same method as attempted earlier. It was a peaceful death; he knew what he was doing. His letter was long and heartfelt, and if you looked hard enough, you could see a smile on his face.

He looked so much older, now that he wasn't moving.

They were required to send the body back to HQ but they held their own ceremonies first.

Engineer melted down his favorite wrench, and melded it into a charm to bury Medic with- A red cross.

Spy vowed to stop smoking; Medic had always told him it was a bad habit anyway.

Scout cried and cried and cried, and eventually realized that tears were useless. Even so, he cried and collected all of his tears into a small locket-like charm, to go with Engineer's cross.

Heavy got Engineer to help him melt a few of his bullet shells into a small, yellowish charm to go with the others. His charm was simply a circle- The circle of life, with a small heart pressed into the top.

Demo got drunk. More drunk than he probably ever had been before. And, through his drunken stupor, he wrote the eulogy. And it was the most amazing, most true thing ever written.

Sniper, although he had remained elusive, had stopped by to drop something off for Medic- Nobody knows what it is. It was in an empty bullet box, but it was wrapped shut.

Pyro asked to be alone with Medic's body for a while. Everyone had the good sense not to peek, but Pyro took off his gasmask for once, and revealed only to Medic that the person inside the suit was a She, and that she regretted having never really talked to Medic. So she sang a song her Mother used to sing to her, whenever she felt sad.

Soldier took one of Medic's dog tags, the ones he never wore and kept inside his coat pocket, and added it to a massive cord of nothing but collected dog tags from fallen comrades. But, he marked Medic's tag, so that it always stuck out. And, in return, he left one of his dog tags with Medic.

The helicopter from HQ finally arrived, and everyone said their last goodbyes.

Eventually, as the war went on and time passed, everyone forgot out the REDs and the BLUs and Medic, but decades and decades later, when the site of their former base was being renovated for something or other, a certain 78 year old Scout visited the old, run-down clinic he would hang out in so many years ago.

He left flowers, and happy memories.

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