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No. 4873
I am elated because I got out of a sticky legal/financial situation and because I had a nice holiday. Here, have some short Sniper/Spy fluff I wrote on the bus.


Spy brushed his hand through Sniper's hair, smiling gently. He'd never had described himself as sentimental, but there was just something within him that compelled him to reach out the instant he awoke. His body help none of the familiar aches of a night spent tossing alone; there was, however, a soreness between his thighs that could be attributed only to his companion.

Sniper's breaths had remained steady as ever when Spy had first stirred, but he'd tightened his grip around Spy's middle when the man tried to move, unwilling to let go. It had taken long moments for him to relax, but Spy was a man of patience. He'd waited, and when Sniper's grip had slackened just enough, he'd slowly moved into a sitting position and laid Sniper's head across his lap.

Something about Sniper's peaceful slumber struck Spy to the core, made him feel warm and wanting. The air was chill and wet with the morning's tears. the sky still dark with night. Spy's internal clock made him sure of the sun's approach, and the feeling of Sniper shifting confirmed it — he was always up by dawn. He curled his fingers, lightly brushing Sniper's scalp with his nails.

"Ngh... Mornin', love," Sniper groaned, sleep still in his voice. He brought up a hand to cover his mouth as he yawned widely. "Sleep well?"

Spy's hand moved to stroke Sniper's cheek through no conscious prompting of his own. "Ouais," he said quietly. "I slept very... soundly."

Sniper pressed his face into Spy's hand just a bit. "'S'good."

Spy felt a rush of affection as Sniper yawned once again. "You can still sleep for a few more hours, mon cher. There is no rush." He trailed a fingertip lightly over Sniper's neck. "I will make sure no one slits your throat in your sleep..."

Spy felt Sniper's shiver, as well as his deep, gritty chuckle, which rumbled in his throat. "Oh, I'm sure you will. Don't want to keep you up unfairly, though. 'S'gotta be boring, watching somebody sleep for however long."

"Mon cœur, I could never be bored watching you, even in your sleep. I consider it a privilege."

Sniper chuckled again, letting his eyes fall shut. "That's awfully romantic. Do they teach you that over in France, just how to be romantic and suave and whatnot?"

"Oh, oui," Spy said dryly, "it's one of the first lessons we are given, along with how to read and write. Very important in France." He reflected silently that what he'd truly learned in Paris was far from romantic, one of his lessons having been that he hated coffee with cream, and another having been that arterial spray is very, very messy. "Yes, it's practically printed onto our very bones, in France."

"No wonder you're so..." Sniper drifted to sleep.

Spy brushed his hand through Sniper's hair.


So there's that.
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>> No. 4876
Seriously, hands-on-my-cheeks cute. Nice and easy, and the way you have with words is every calming. Slice of life fic is totally my guilty pleasure. Nicely done! And I'm glad you had a good holiday!
>> No. 4877
Thank you. C:

I normally don't comment on my own work so soon but fffff I just noticed a few stupid typos, I should've checked this over a little better.
>> No. 4883
There needs to be more stuff like this <3
>> No. 4888
...seriously, I'm melting over here.
I always love some Spy/Sniper fluff, especially when it's THAT cute C:
>> No. 4972
Adorable sleepy romantic times = VERY YES

Do stay and write us more fluff as you are good at it.
>> No. 4974
FFFF... I feel like I've read this before... still cute the second time, though. Love it.
>> No. 4975
I have it now.

Thank you very much. <3
>> No. 4977
I love how I felt absolutely at peace while reading this. It's not everyday that I read something so calming and wonderful.

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