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“Hudda. We’ve all done it before…and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. It’s certainly a natural thing for all of us to do from time to time. A hudda here; a hudda there – certainly alright…
Some of you may be asking, “What is hudda? What does hudda mean to me? What does it mean to my friends and family?” My friends, comrades…let me tell you. Hudda is everywhere and everything. Hudda is the sentry being blown up, the Intelligence being taken. Hudda is that ubercharge that saves our lives…
As Franklin Huddano Roosevelt once said, “We have nothing to hudda but hudda itself...” I think he was right! And as William Huddaspeare once wrote, “A hudda but any other name is just as sweet”!!
Now…I won’t say that this is my best speech but it certain isn’t my first or my last. So! With that said, who’s ready to give it all we got?”


The whole BLU team was in awe. What did Pyro just say? It seemed pretty important… Assorted chatter erupted in the respawn area as Pyro still stood in front of the rest of them, hands on his hips; looking pretty confident, really. From the small crowd Medic raised his hand slowly, being as polite as possible.
“Hudda?”, it seemed as though Pyro’s mask lenses had lit up, but it could’ve been the lights…
“Uh, ja. Herr Pyro, zhe team vas vondering… vhat exactly vere you say-”
The booming voice of the Announcer cut through suddenly:
“Mission begins in 10 seconds!!”

Pyro looked back at Medic expectantly, “Hudda?”
“Nothing, nothing, Pyro.” He dismissed with a wave of his gloved hand and quickly got ready, picking up the medigun.


As everyone ran out with the sound of the air-raid siren Pyro heard assorted comments.
“That was a freakin’ great speech, man!”
“You deserve a medal for that speech, private!”
And others of the like, which made Pyro think,
“I suppose I got my message through to them!”

Unbeknownst to Pyro, they were just being polite.
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