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No. 3459
Because I write AND draw. I'm a whole entertainment package!

Although my writings are pretty rare and are often typed when I'm half asleep. So don't be surprised if you find grammatical errors.

Anywho, enjoy the crap~

Dusky skies were always calming to Sniper.

The sky arched high above him, far beyond the roof that was over his head right now. Still, even the low sloping sheet of tin couldn’t hide or take away any of the beauty unfolding itself before his eyes right now. Every twist and twirl of colour was magnificent. As the sun fought an inevitably futile battle with the moon, the warm colours of the day faded as the night sent its soothing fingers easing through the sky. No light blue to be seen any more. Nothing left in the sky but pinks, oranges, purples, and deep mysterious blues, accented here and there by the odd cloud or slowly waking silver stars. They twinkled softly, their light slowly building as the darkness started to swallow the desert.

And here they were. Team BLU. Watching and slowly unwinding as everything around them seemed to lull to a slow stop. Forget about tomorrow until morning.

Each breath the Sniper pulled into him was hinted with the musky scent of dust and gunpowder, the smell that he was so used to now rejuvenating him. Just on his own looking into the majestic sky above him, eyes glazed with wonder as he leant back with his hands behind his head. When the scene of heads and bodies falling on top of each other became such a familiar sight, it was refreshing to see something calming and still for a change.

The only thing that spoiled the scene was the odd cheer and smash of glass from below. Sniper’s teammates were celebrating a well earned victory party over the REDs. Unlike the other members of the team, Sniper was content to have a beer or two beside him as he stared up at the sky. Not get completely plastered.

“Yo Snipes.”

Shifting in his chair, the Australian turned. There was Scout, voice oddly soft as he peered through the open door to the watch tower. “Mm?”

“Why are ya up here? Everyone’s down there celebratin’.”

“I just felt like bein’ up here.” Alone. Sniper let his eyes lock on Scout as they narrowed suspiciously. “How come you’re not down with the rest of ‘em?”

“They ran outta booze. Got bored of watchin’ Pyro ram into the door.” Sniper still kept a weary eye on Scout however. “Sheesh, you’re always lookin’ out fer Spies, aren’t ya? Look,” he pulled out his pistol and shot it through the roof a few times. Spies weren’t ones for using weapons other than ones they owned. “No one ain’t taken my guns yet.” Convinced, Sniper turned his attention back to the sky in silence.

“Ya know ‘ow it is, right? Just keeping some time to yourself so you remember why ya love the world in the first place?”


Chuckling dryly into his chest, Sniper motioned to the boy to come closer. Shutting and locking the door behind him, Scout complied, taking a spot cross legged beside the chair while looking attentively at the sky. “Sit down ‘nd relax from time to time boy. You’ve got all the time in the world.” Sniper pointed a lax finger to one of the groups of shining stars that were slowly emerging from their night sky blanket. “Every star has a story, kid. There could be another Earth like this one revolving around one of those things fer all we know. If not…” His eyes slid from the stars to the Scout beside him. “…it doesn’t stop us from giving stories to them.”

Scout stared at him blankly, his look of confusion evident despite nodding slowly. He was just humouring him. One of the sides of Sniper’s mouth pulled back in what probably was a lazy smile before ruffling the younger man’s hat a little.

“’ey HEY!! Watch the hat!” The Boston protested in his usual loud manner, recoiling a little at the Australian’s touch. Pulling his hand away hesitantly, Sniper looked at Scout through half lidded eyes, looking hurt for a brief moment. The tension crackled around the Scout briefly before he relaxed again, looking back out ahead of him into the sky again. Now the sun was well and truly gone, save for the light tinge of pink on the horizon that would dissolve in a few minutes. The silence was eerie, broken only by the chirping by the crickets and lizards.

Sniper could feel his eyes closing a little when he felt a small bump against his chair. Curious, he peeked over to see the Scout leaning against the cooling metal, hat and headset in his lap while giving an odd sort of a leer up at him. Almost daring him to try it again. A smile creeping along his face, Sniper let his arm slink down and scratch the boy behind his ear, playing around with his hair with his free digits as he did so in a lazy manner. In turn, Scout’s face relaxed, adopting a content expression as the calming sensation swept over him. Smirk in place, Sniper turned his attention back to the scenery in front of him as he stroked the Scout’s head.

If every night could be like this, he would be content.
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>> No. 3460
This was awesome; I love your character voices. I'm really looking forward to more!
>> No. 3461
This is comepletely adorable. I love the description of the night sky - so detailed and vivid. And the interaction between Sniper and Scout is very sweet too!
>> No. 3464
this made me d'awww, very sweet interaction
I also loved the description of the night. I'm looking forward to reading more of your works

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