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No. 3809
I was considering doing this for a while, so...I did! If thr rest of you like, I'll continue with the rest of the characters, and if not, I'll let it die as is. Thanks to TeratoMarty for beta'ing this.


“So…who is this one?” A woman asked pensively, looking down at the sprawling industrial complex.

“Hank Smith,” one of the two men flanking her answered. The woman reached into her pocket and withdrew a cigarette, motioning for the man on her right to light it. He did so obediently, stepping back the moment her hand withdrew and brought the lit thing to her mouth.

“And…he has promise, yes?” she asked, not bothering to turn and face the man she was asking.

“Yes,” the man on her left replied. “He’s got 11 Ph.Ds, has designed the most promising automated weaponry in the industry, and is…frankly, dissatisfied with his job.”

“The best weaponry in the business?” the woman asked, this time cocking her head back slightly. The man she turned withered slightly under her imperious gaze, but nodded. “I see.” she took a drag of her cigarette, watching the smoke work its way to the low ceiling as she exhaled. “And dissatisfied…he’d make the perfect recruit. But first, let’s see just how impeccable his security systems are…”

Hank sat at his workbench, idly playing with one of the heads of his new sentry design. He was looking for a way to give it more firepower, but with its current tripod design, he wasn’t sure how he could fit any more barrels or ammo compartments…unless…

“Hey, Dr. Smith!” one of the interns, Alvin, had just walked in, his nasal voice breaking Hank’s train of thought. “I was wondering if you could write this letter of recommendation, if it’s not too much trouble, so that I-”

“Dang nabbit, boy, if y’all keep interruptin’ me, I won’t be able to keep you safe, let alone in good standing!” Hank snapped at him. Dolefully, he turned his eyes back to the rounded head of the sentry, hoping it might stimulate his memory. Nothin.

“Oh…I’m so sorry, Dr. Smith!” Alvin put down his heavy books and rushed over to his mentor. “I didn’t mean to…how can I make up for it?” Hank turned around, slightly amused by the boy’s lingering, puppy-dog eyes.

“Get me some coffee, would ya?“ he asked. He could use some coffee right about now.

“Y-yes, of course, Dr. Smith, right away!“ he rushed out of the workshop and straight to the nearest staffroom, reminding Hank of how sorry he was all the way. The Texan sighed and returned to his work, amused and disappointed at his student’s mindset. How desperate he was to make it in this business, how low he would sink just to go up. Alvin was a promising graduate, but the alacrity with which he demeaned himself was his biggest weakness. Hank unfurled blue sheets lined and scribblings and schematics, looking for a plausible way he could increase the firepower of his guns. He could install dual barrels, but he didn’t think the tripod support could balance that well…unless he used put some sort of suction cup at the ends! The sudden epiphany made him slap his knee in joy. Yes, with suction, he could keep make those minigun additions he’d been working on without having to worry about structural balance…and heck, without having to worry about that, he could add a RPG mechanism! The cogs in his mind started whirring exponentially, and soon he was searching all over his desk for a spare sheet of paper to start drafting any designs. “Here’s your coffee, Dr. Smith!” Alvin said coming back, a brown, steaming paper coffee cup in his hands.

“Yeah yeah, just put it over there,” Hank said, waving his hand vaguely at his desk. It took some time to find a clear space, but Alvin eventually did, and filled it with the coffee.

“Anything else I can do for you?” Alvin asked eagerly. He floated over Hank as the latter man was trying to work.

“Yeah, just…work on something on your own, ok?” Hank said, erasing a sketch he’d just made.

“On…my own?” the intern repeated. “Like…a weapon?”

“Sure, a weapon!” Hank said, somewhat gruffly. “Just lemme work, ok?” the reprimandation made Alvin back away like he’d been burnt.

“I’m so sorry, Dr.!” he said flustered, returning to his smaller, considerably cleaner, work space. “I’ll just work quietly, over here…” Hank nodded without returning a look. For a few minutes, the workshop was silent, save for the hum of Dr. Smith’s pencil and the scrubbing sound of his of his eraser. Alvin took to studying a textbook he had, ‘Advanced Thermodynamics and their Practical Applications: Volume 1’. The amount of research universities did nowadays was seen as disdainful to Hank. When did these universities plan for their students to actually /build/ something? When they were in their fifties? That’s why he tried, as best he could, to keep his own interns busy with their own projects. But right now, he was too busy to babysit.

/Beep/. /Beep/. /Beep/. The breach alarm on Hank’s overalls was going off. It meant that someone, somewhere in the facility, was where they weren’t supposed to be. Swearing, he got up from his stool and grabbed the handheld alarm system. The mechanism, of his design, naturally, had a built in radio and microphone which he used to contact the upper floors. “I just got an alert. What’s goin on up there?” The voice came back filled with static and distortion, a weakness he’d have to remember to fix.
“I’m…not sure…” it was the voice of Dr. Kalder, a chemist in charge of keeping Dr. Smith informed at times like these. “We just heard a huge bang, and it wasn’t coming from the Explosions Division…it was right above us, like someone had blown a hole through the roof.”

“A hole through the roof?” this didn’t sound good. If there was a security breach, the whole place would have to be shut down, and it’d probably be up to him to flush out any insurgents. God knows how incompetent the blood and flesh guards the facility still employed were. “Has Security upstairs been informed?”

“Yes,” Kalder replied, his voice waxing and waning in a flood of static. “They’ve sent some men to investigate, but we’re all still…afraid up here…”

“What’s going on?” Alvin asked, now at Hank’s side. The engineer waved a hand for the graduate to be silent, and said, “I’ll come up there and take a look. Just hold on tight.”

“Alright,” Kalder said, his voice somewhat calmer. “We’ll just stay in the lab, to keep the chemicals-” there was a sudden commotion that interrupted Kalder’s voice, and then a scream. What sounded like bullets rang over the radio, garbled shouts and clattering fading into total static.

“Kalder? Kalder!” Hank got no response. “Dog gonnit,” he muttered as he thrust the alarm back onto his utility belt and went to his work bench.

“What’s going on?” Alvin asked again, watching fearfully as Dr. Smith pulled open a long, narrow drawer and retrieved a long shotgun with 12-gauge bullets.

“Something,” Hank replied, taking out a second pistol from the drawer and tossing it to the intern. Alivin yelped and jumped away from it, letting the thing clatter to the floor with a clang. “Take it, genius. We don’t know what’s up there, and I need your help.”

“I’ve…never fired a weapon,” Alvin said, tentatively taking the pistol in his hands. “I’ve studied how to build them, but…”

“Well,” Hank said, grimly picking up a small remote. He hoped he wouldn’t have to resort to such force, but this seemed more serious than anything he’d yet dealt with. “Guess you’ll be learning something practical.”

Hank led the way as they left the workshop and went up the stairs, Alvin tepidly following like a spooked rabbit. The place was quiet, the only sounds being the hum of various machines and computers. Very quietly, they crept up the stairs, Hank coming to top with the lightest of steps and pressing his ear to the door. At first, nothing audible came form behind the concrete, but after a few moments, he heard shouts and what sounded like a shot being fired. Alvin let out a squeak and hid behind the shorter doctor.
“Calm down, boy,” Hank said quietly, edging the door open ever so slightly. There he saw a slim man in a ski mask and with a handgun, pointing down at a woman’s head. Around him were other such masked men, holding guns and rounding up employees. So it was an assault.

“So, what’s it that we’re after?” one of the men asked in a raspy voice. He’d just bound a security guards hands together and had pushed him onto the ground. Those guards never were much use.

“Some sorta weapon,” another replied. “An automated gun, I think. One that can shoot people on its own.”

“The sentry gun?” Hank whispered to himself. If they were after his invention, surely they’d be after him. As head of security, this’d complicate things…unless…

“Let’s get out of here,” Alvin whispered, holding his gun with trembling hands. Very quietly, Hank pulled the door closed and took his alarm out.

“Stand back, boy,” Hank said. “And take the safety off that thing.” With a press of a button, the building erupted into a cacophony of high, whining emergency sirens and flashing red lights. “Shit!” one of the burglars said.

“Stay back, and don’t get yourself hurt, got it?” Hank said, pumping his shotgun and stepping up the door. Alvin, pale as a ghost and a thin ribbon of sweat coming down his face, nodded. Then, with a roar, Hank burst from the door and fired his shotgun at the nearest burglar, which was followed by a cry of pain and a thud as his victim collapsed in a unmoving heap. There were two of them remaining, armed with pistols that couldn’t match the firepower of the Doctor’s weapon. Distracted by the alarms, by the time they turned to face him, he’d already blasted one in the face and had his gun leveled at the other.

“Drop the gun and tell what the hell it is y’all are doin here!” Hank said in an uncharacteristically aggressive growl. The burglar, apparently thinking himself to be a better shot than the man before did, just the opposite and began to raise his gun when he took a bullet straight to the face. The concussive power of the blast made his face burst into blood and sent him reeling back a few feet into a modem. “Dang,” Hank said, stepping back from the viscous puddle spreading out from the dead onto the floor.

“Dr. Smith!” the bound security guard called to him. Hank suddenly felt himself wrenched from that post-kill blankness and back to the real world, where there were bound scientists and officers all around.

“Come help me, Alvin,” Hank said, bending down and untying the knots binding a red-haired woman’s hands together.

“I’m squeamish,” Alvin whimpered, astutely avoiding the blood on the floor.

“What in the hell is goin’ on here?” Hank asked, pulling the security guard up.

“Burglars,” he breathed, standing up and rubbing his wrists. “They’ve shut down our communications and taken most of the place out. I think they’re after your…weapon, Dr.”

“What’re we gonna do?” Alvin asked fretfully. Hank only chuckled, and took the remote he’d brought along with him from his belt.

“We’re gonna show them what they want, of course!” He pressed a button on the remote, making it light up like a blue lantern.

“What is that?” Alvin asked looking at it.

“Remember how I modified your nametag?” Hank asked. Alvin nodded tepidly, eyes still affixed on the strange remote. “Well, I did the same to every other employee here, so that the sentries ignore them. And since we don’t have any other alternative, the time seems ripe to try out this new security system…” with another click, panels in the walls slid forward to reveal numerous shiny, beeping gray sentry guns, rotating their heads back and forth. As if to make demonstration of himself, a masked man came from an adjacent hallway and right towards the sentry guns. Instantly, they all locked themselves onto him and started rapidly spitting bullets that ripped through his body and sent screams echoing through the hall. Soon, other screams followed, some close, some far off, as did the sounds of flying bullets all through the facility. “Yee-ha!” Hank couldn’t but saying, ecstatic at how marvelously his sentries were working. “Take note, Alvin,“ he said with a smile. “A little creativity goes further than all the study in the world.”

After a few minutes of nonstop gunfire and yells of pain, the place became quiet again. Engineer, being an expert on the facility, navigated through it in the midst of the firefight and, with Alvin, helped rescue the other employees and guards still left. The place was in a state of emergency for a few hours after that, but in the end, it seemed any attack had been repulsed. When the figures were tallied, it seemed there were only two civilian casualties in the whole mess, and a considerable twenty-two insurgent casualties. Yes, it was a good day for Hank Smith that day. It was, too, for a certain other lady.

The next morning, when Hank drove into the facility for another day of work and inventing, he was approached by a tall, imperious woman in a black suit. “Can I help you?” he asked with his Texan drawl.

“I think you can help me,” the woman replied. “I have seen and am most impressed with your work, Dr. Smith. I was wondering if you, perhaps, would be interested in a new line of work.”

“My theoretical work?” Hank asked. “Because if you’re with another university, I’m afraid I must decline-”

“Oh no,” the woman said, her pale lips curling into a smile. She desperately wanted a cigarette, but abstained for sake of being polite. “A military job, of sorts. I heard about yesterday‘s…occurrences, and-”

“How do y’all know about that?” Hank asked. It had only happened a day ago, and the administration had made sure to keep it under wraps for the time being. It wasn’t even in the news.

“I am acquainted with the goings-on of this place,” the woman said. “I am, after all, the majority owner of its stock, at least since last month.”

“Are ya now?” Hank said. Behind him, Alvin was pulling up at the curb on his bicycle. He had half a dozen books in his bag and a bright smile on his face.

“Yes,” the woman said, “And that being said, I’d like to recruit you for a new company I’m forming, one where you will have free rein over your work.”

“As a security developer?” he didn’t want to leave his current job for an identical one.

“No…as an /engineer/.” she said softly. Now she was speaking his language.

“Let’s talk,” he said as they walked to the woman’s car, leaving Alvin, who was about to say something to Hank, all alone.
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>> No. 3810
It's nice to see people make Backstories for the Classes.

And this is no exception of being Excellent.

You have Earned a Golden Wrench for this feat!
>> No. 3811
>> No. 3813
You make me happy inside. Like... that fuzzy feeling of happiness that just makes me smile like an idiot happy. Thank you and I request the rest of the classes if it's not too much trouble... -rereads-
>> No. 3816
For some reason, I get the feeling that Alvin becomes the Pyro.
I am most probably terribly wrong.
>> No. 3818
He's shy enough to... but give a man/woman a bit of confidence and a flamethrower and you neve rknow what a person'll do.
>> No. 3828
I like this, keep going.
>> No. 3836

That's an interesting idea. I might just work with that...
>> No. 3884
It was the shyness, and the ambition, and the way he follows Hank the soon-to-be-Engineer around.
Plus, I totally thought the explosion from the burglary was gonna be him messing something up at first.


Well, I feel useful now.
>> No. 3927
alvin becoming pyro well that would be interesting to see
very awesome story, plz do more soon
>> No. 5361
Will you be continuing this?

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