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No. 4319
AN: i really need to stop smoking pot; oh my god, what the hell did I write?

On this day,
this All Soul's day
The day of Grim's dread
we gather here, both RED and BLU
to honor those that are dead

Although the war is long since gone;
the battles we once waded
one cannot simply forget
the faces that have faded

The lives we took
the lives we lost
the people we tried to save
RED or BLU, we must remember
the lives that they gave

Remember the Scout
the man of speed
the boy with the childish smile;
he ran fast
now in our past
in our hearts for a while

Remember the Soldier
the man of war
the leader of the team
he was bat-shit insane
but we loved him anyway
I can still hear his eagle scream

Remember the Heavy
the man of protection
when push came to shove
defender of the doctor
he never faltered
surely, it was true love

Remember the Demoman
the man of detonation
truely a tortured soul
missing an eye
he surely did try
to always reach his goal

Remember the Engineer
the man of solutions
the cowboy of machines
build complicated sentries
like it was elementary
a friend by all means

Remember the Medic
the man of healing
he always came to our aid
they said he was crazed
he should have been praised
of death, he was never afraid

Remember the Sniper
the man of far-sight
his gaze as stern as stone
you'd never guess
with all his success
that he felt all alone

Remember the Spy
the man of mystery
the deciever of us all
I can't say much about him
he never went out on a limb
I suppose that was his downfall

Remember the Pyro
the man of few words
or was he even a man?
We'll never know
his face he never showed
it was all part of his plan

On this day
this All Soul's day
The day of Grim's dread
we gather here, both RED and BLU
to honor those that are dead.
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>> No. 4320
Wow, this is the first poem for "Day of the Dead" I've seen in english, really.

It's different, but I like.

>> No. 4321
great now i want to make a gmod video with "Remember the name" with the TF2 characters doing bad ass shit
>> No. 4350
if you made this when you were high, you should smoke pot more often because this poem was rather enjoyable.
>> No. 4359

did you just....

did you just encourage smoking illegal substances? i believe you did.
>> No. 4471
Lovely. It rang of both clear description and satire.

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