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No. 357
Every repost is a repost repost. By Zahmen.


"I ain't got the shot I ain't got the shot oh man oh ma-"
"Oh man oh man ohmanohamanohmanohmanohmanohma-"


The pistol shakily dropped from BLU Scout's hands, thunking on the wooden floor. What used to be the RED Medic slumped to the right side off of Scouts comrade, Soldier.

"Maggot... Thank you..." Soldier wheezed, lying stretched on his back, his arms fallen to his sides in an exhausted cross. His chest raised up and down in a quickened pace as he fought to control his breathing and his urge to shit himself from fear.

The RED Medic lay face down in a pool of blood and bile, the stink coming off of it was almost too much to handle for the young Scout, and his stomach did back-flips and he inched closer to the festering thing.
"Yo what happened to him? Why's he smell so ba-OH MY GOD" Scout leapt backwards and smacked into the wall.
Soldier turned his head just in time to see the rotting face descend upon him, and in his mind he had just enough time to think -Cowardly maggot- before the Medic's teeth tore into his throat, cutting his scream short.

Scout flickered in and out of consciousness, the crack to his head proving to be almost too much. His eyes drooped and his vision darkened while he lost focus on the grisly scene in front of him.
The constant that kept him awake and aware was the almost soothing and rhythmic sounds of flesh being separated from bone. Scout stumbled to his feet and pulled himself up using the wall, a throbbing in his head that almost compared to the tribal beats of a war drum.
His pistol was still laying on the ground by that thing chewing on Soldier, and while Scout felt the urge to just run and hope pray to Satan that he didn't get caught, there was no chance in hell he was gonna go runnin' through the RED base unarmed.

-Oh fuck man oh fuck just don't turn around just keep chewin' there pally just don't look at me- With a quivering yelp Scout grabbed his pistol and jumped over the prone Medic, who looked up and snarled. He hit the ground and began to run, because of course like all Scouts:

Running is what he does best.
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>> No. 3033
Ooo this looks good.
>> No. 3039

TF2 and zombies....*interested*
>> No. 3040
(I'm poster #3)

Awww, I thought this was new. I JUST saw the post date.

Dammit Etile, SAGE >:C
>> No. 3041
Wow, how long does it take for things to drop off on this board?

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