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“I'm thinking I'll leave the team.”

It was a simple statement that came from under BLU Pyro's mask, but nobody paid it any mind whatsoever, possibly due to the fact that they simply could not understand a word uttered from that seemingly fearful mask of his.

More likely, however, it was due to the fact that everyone else had more pressing matters to attend to. Sniper had to worry about the fact that the RED Spy had been hunting for him more recently (and respawn is not a pleasant experience, you see). Engineer had to worry about that damned Spy AND the RED Sniper. Scout had recently fallen into a relationship quandary with Engineer for which he simply saw no solution.

To be frank, Pyro's statement came as no surprise to the team, since Pyro never acted in a manner that was better for their team anyway, and so he was excluded regularly from activities.

Regardless of this fact, Pyro felt the need to spread around his “troubles” to the rest of the team.


“Listen, I can't understand ya, and I've got other things that are botherin' me,” Engineer said absentmindedly as he tightened a gear's screw onto the sentry gun. “I'm actually helpin' the team right now, see?”

Pyro glared from under his mask, but did not do anything. His time would come. All of their times would come. And so he went on to his next victim.


“Pph, mmn mm hppf m mmnnf?”

Spy turned around in shock at first. It hadn't been the first time he'd heard a Pyro and panicked. Luckily, it was his own team's Pyro, who had come across as a minor, unintelligible nuisance beforehand, now interrupted Spy at a moment that was certainly inopportune. He had just been fixing his disguise kit's nearly broken technology when Pyro burst into the room, disrupting his concentration.

“Pyro! Get out of 'ere, can't you see I am working on somezing important?! <i>Tu as un sacré culot</i>!”

Pyro, in a huff, turned away from the room. “Mm mmfng fmm-mmhff!”


It was two days later that Pyro was back for another short stay, after having told Spy “I'm leaving forever!” Of course, no one really believed him due to his need to be in the center of the spotlight. He walked into the dining room, towards the dinner table as everyone looked up. Spy did not, however, bother looking up at him. He had went around the base beforehand, and noticed a fat BLU figure hulking towards their base from the train station during cease-fire.

“Yer still here?” Engineer piped up from over his bowl of soup.

Pyro gave a disdained “Hmph” and looked away from the table again.

The rest of the team paid him no mind until he came up to Spy and pointed at him accusingly. “Mm hffpmmtdd nn mf. Hmfm ffmd...” The rest of the team was staring at him blankly as he rambled off to Spy in a clearly annoyed, upset tone. Spy was simply looking up at him, unimpressed and annoyed with Pyro's passive-aggressive demands for respect when he gave none in return.

“Mmf mm... mm... mm-m mmf mmff fmm mm... Mm ffmf!”

Finally, when Pyro was done... The team suddenly burst into laughter. What else could they do? Someone who couldn't articulate clearly to anyone, who demanded respect without giving it in return. At least, that is only what they could assume from his inane, unintelligible ramblings. He never really made much sense anyway.

Pyro was filled with rage, but could do nothing but shake with his anger, stuck in his passive-agressive manners to do anything actually aggressive against them. And so, he did the only thing he could. He left.


Later, after dinner, Scout came in to Engineer's room.

“'Ey... Hardhat.”


“Whaddya think this means, huh?” Scout tossed a piece of paper, folded up at him.

“... Huh?” Engie looked down at it and began unfolding it.

“Found it on the corkboard outside we use for news 'n' stuff.” Scout scratched his head somewhat nervously as he watched Engie unfold it.

Engie stared down at it for a second, contemplating its meaning. On it was a scrawled out, messy piece of writing by a person who obviously did not have a grasp of the English language.”

“Seriously you gugs , i'll fucking kill you all, you'll regert messing with me!!”

He stared at it for a moment, before looking back up at Scout with a blank expression on his face.

“This is lulzy as shit, son.”
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