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No. 1197
yeah, just a spot to dump some snippets and quickies. finally got the balls to post something & it's my first draft & unbeta'd shit. i don't know if i'll revisit anything here.


Two high pitched beeps, and the turret fired a few quick rounds. The engineer glanced behind him and grimaced. Sure, it was the midday ceasefire -- but that didn't mean that goddamn spy would stop tormenting him. He'd gotten into the habit of putting up a sentry during lunch to dissuade any of the BLUs from wandering over, but their spy would regularly sneak over and break it. He was always finding ingenious new ways to annoy the Texan, most of which involved destroying everything he built.

He turned his attention back to his dispenser. A minute later, he heard his sentry go off again.

"Yo, hardhat."

RED engineer took his time turning away from the dispenser. Whatever scout wanted, he was pretty sure it could wait. Damn kid was always impatient and wanting attention.

Unless it was a spy. His turret /had/ fired, after all.

Gripping his wrench (and ready to crack a skull), he was mighty surprised to turn around and see BLU scout perched on top of his sentry, body oscillating with the gun but head compensating and staying trained on the engineer. He was smiling smugly, obviously pleased with himself.

Engineer just shook his head, suddenly relieved he hadn't upgraded it to a level 3 yet. "Boy, what are you doing on that?"

"If I stand anywhere else, I'll get fuckin' shot."

The RED laughed. "How'd you get up there, anyway?"

Scout widened his smile, pulling out a rolled-up shirt from his messenger bag. He tossed it out towards the field, and the sentry beeped -- jarring the boy with the sudden swivel as it tracked and fired at the garment.

Engineer couldn't lie, he was impressed. He also made a note to try and remedy this targeting error.

"That was mighty ingenious of you, boy."

"Fuckin' right. I stayed up half the freakin' night trying to think of a way to get past this thing," he replied from his rotating perch.

The engineer put a hand on the back of his neck. Scout -- the /enemy/ scout -- had gone out of his way think of a way to come see him? How uncharacteristically touching, especially from someone with such a brash demeanor. Of course, there was the possibility that scout had done it just for the sake of conquest -- outwitting the machine.

"What if it hadn't worked?" engineer asked, setting his wrench down and adjusting his goggles with the hand previously on his neck.

"Then I'd probably be fuckin' dead on the ground over there."


The splashing in the sewers came closer. Engineer readied his shotgun, crouched next to his dispenser and waiting. Not being able to see around that corner made him nervous -- justifiably, as he'd been shot many a time checking who was coming down the tunnel. He'd learned to stand his ground and wait; surely his team couldn't hold being defensive against him. He wasn't exactly combat engineer material.

The noise nearly rounded the corner, and the engineer caught a glimpse of blue and fluttering papers before his sentry beeped its warning, swiveling and firing off a few shots towards the intruder -- who quickly backpedaled, letting out a few quiet grunts as, the man assumed, the bullets hit.

Silence, except for the sounds of the machine oscillating and heavy breathing from around the corner.

Looking down, the engineer watched a stream of red in the dirty water, flowing slowly with the weak current from around that corner and towards the 'pond' between the bases, confirming his suspicions. He couldn't help but wonder why the other hadn't turned around and run back upstairs, especially since he knew his teammates would be coming down here any moment to retrieve the stolen briefcase and likely kill the BLU that had it.

He heard shouts and gunfire coming from the vents above him, echoing in the tunnels. Both teams were in the base. That was probably why the BLU hadn't turned tail and run -- as soon as he went up those stairs he was as good as dead. He clutched his shotgun a little tighter, debating. He preferred to hang back and let the others come to him, but perhaps he could take care of the intel thief. He had his dispenser up, his team had a medic, and surely one BLU couldn't hurt him all that

much -- especially considering said BLU was already injured. And if worse came to worse, he could always try to lure the other back around the corner into his sentry's line of sight.

Unless it was a spy.
Goddamn spies.

With a small, resolute nod he cocked his shotgun and stood up, slowly pacing towards the tunnel. He heard the BLU's breath hitch and quicken, along with the sound of something dropping into the water and a few quiet obscenities. BLU sounded like he was distracted.

He aimed his weapon at chest level, finger already squeezing the trigger, and fully ready to fill that BLU with buckshot. Backed by his sentry, Engineer stepped off of the dry cement, into the filthy water -- and hesitated. He should have known who it was.

It was the BLU scout. He was leaning against the curved wall of the concrete tunnel, oblivious to the RED and fumbling with his pistol. The noise had been an empty magazine falling into the water, engineer realized, and the boy was struggling to reload his gun.

He was also bleeding. The sentry had caught him in is left leg, perforating it with 4 neat holes in his thigh and one in his calf. His brown-grey pants were staining a dark burgundy, and the engineer wondered how the boy was still /standing/ let alone trying to fight back.

"... Scout."

Scout jumped, dropping the magazine again. He snapped his head towards the voice, eyes wide and more than a little fearful. It looked ... strangely out of place on the BLU, he thought. After a moment, the look was replaced by the scout's seemingly default expression -- a cocky half-smile, albeit a weary one.

"You gonna fuckin' shoot me or what?"

He hadn't realized his shotgun was still aimed at the BLU. He slowly lowered it, holding it across his hips. There was an uncomfortable, heavy silence between them, the muffled shouts and shots from upstairs still echoing through the sewer.

Engineer was the one to break it.

"You're bleedin' pretty bad."

"No shit."

"Don't give me attitude, boy."

The BLU pursed his lips, scowling. He opened his mouth to speak, and engineer waited for the witty retort -- but the scout was interrupted by the sound of splashing. He turned his head to look the opposite direction, towards the sound. Someone else was in the sewers -- judging from the sound of the splashes, more than one someone. RED? BLU?

No time to think.

"Drop the intel."

Scout turned his head back towards the engineer -- the smug look was gone, and he'd gone a bit paler. "What?"

"Drop the intel and get over here."

"There's a fuckin' sentry!"

Engineer sighed and pulled out his PDA. He hit a few buttons, and there was the distinct sound of a sentry detonating, pieces of metal arcing and splashing down into the sewage.

"Boy, you best listen to me and get your behind over here."



He glanced over from his paper. It was RED medic, followed closely by RED heavy. He gave the men a quick nod before returning his gaze to his blueprints. They were going to stick around and guard the briefcase, that much was obvious. They didn't seem too worried, though -- probably because they were still up 2 captures.

"I see ze BLU met your sentry. Are you injured, camarade?"

He looked up again. Medic was giving him that unnerving, toothy smile. The man had noticed the dluted spot of red in the nearly stagnant water, along with the droplets and scrapes leading up the cement stairs.

"Nothin' that my dispenser couldn't take care of, doc."

"Vell done."

He busied himself with the blueprints again, pretending to intently study the design. The 60 seconds seemed to crawl by.

Once they were gone and the intel had returned to its spot in the office, the engineer sighed. He glanced back at his dispenser.

"You can come out."

Scout's head slowly peered over the top of the machine. Engineer had moved the dispenser to a corner, placing it at a diagonal and creating a small triangular space behind it. Luckily, scout was lean enough to fit in the cramped gap and no one had noticed. He wriggled a bit -- it was still a tight fit, regardless of how wiry he was. Engineer ended up sliding the dispenser away from the wall a bit, causing the scout to spill out in an undignified heap. He went to help the BLU out, but he was batted away.

"Hands off."

Some thanks. He watched the scout shakily get to his feet. The boy looked even worse than he had before, but at least the bleeding had slowed. The BLU took a few steps forward, limping severely. He took some faster paces, the limp worsening.

Grimacing, he leaned against the wall, sliding down and sitting with his legs straight out. He had been hiding behind a dispenser, but of course -- he wasn't a RED. It did nothing for him.

"Fan-freakin'-tastic," he mumbled, scowling.

A scout that couldn't run. There was no way he would be able to get back to his base at this rate.
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>> No. 1295
This is great so far. :D I await for more (if you decide to continue).
>> No. 1311
I look forward to more

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