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No. 1298
I'd like to make a thread where Plot Bunnies can be put up for adoption. If you don't know what a plot bunny is let me explain.

An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written. Sometimes it never gets written unless put up for adoption and adopted by a willing writer.


So lets say I had a TF2 fanfic idea but was to lazy/busy to write it. But I thought the idea was cool enough that it should still be written. Well I put the idea out on a plot bunny thread and maybe somebody else will pick it up and write it. That person's ideas may be totally different from my own but after the story is adopted I no longer have a claim on how it's written. Though I could still write my own variation.
Marked for deletion (old)
>> No. 1301
Ah, plot bunnies. I've usually got a few bouncing around - but unfortunately they're usually porn bunnines, so they lack plot...
>> No. 1302
I bet they all wear black ties
>> No. 1310
so basically an unsexy kinkmeme?
>> No. 1312
For the love of all things. That's ALL you guys write. It would be nice to get some non smut/kink related ideas bouncing around. But this is a freaking CHAN board and I'm not an admin so you can put out any idea you want.
>> No. 1313

Do you even know what a kinkmeme is? A kinkmeme sans sex is pretty much exactly what this is.
>> No. 1314
Well it has the word 'kink' in it. Given this is TF2 it comes down to basically crack pairings with the writer having the characters do....well whatever they find kinky. Kink. Smut. Hentai. Whatever. It's all the same to me really. The only difference is how descriptive it gets.
>> No. 1315
A kink meme is basically where an anon submits a character or two and a "kink"--a situation, prompt, object, phrase they want used in the story, etc. It doesn't have to be sexual, not at all.
>> No. 1316
Ah I see. Well I guess its kind of like that. What you described is a lot more adlib-ish than what I'm thinking.
>> No. 1317
Hmm then let me try throwing something out there. Hope I'm doing it right.

1. Character: Anyone
Subject: Pin-up,magazine

2. Character: Pyro,Scout
Subject: Annoyance, Pyro's identity

3. Character: RED and BLU team
Subject: long cease fire, boredom, baseball

4. Character: Sniper
Subject: father's day

5. Character:Scout
Subject: cramped space, brothers

Hmmm how do those sound for starters?
>> No. 1318
TF2 classes acclimating to being civilians.

Pyros dealing with being called names for the masks. Spies trying to remember what kind of money gets used in this country and cursing when they realize all they have in their wallet is Lyras. Soldiers...being soldiers! :Vc

(Medics getting arrested because respawn makes killing someone with a flu a reasonable response on base but not in real life!)
>> No. 1321
Appreciate this thread. There's an idea that's been in my head for a while, but I can't possibly do it justice because hurr I suck at romance. :V

Character: Engie, Scout, Scout's Mom

Subject: Engie's waifu gets tired of waiting for him to come home and files for divorce, leavng him broken-hearted. Scout mentions his lonely comrade to his mom in a letter home, and Scout's Mom and Engie start to exhange letters. Cute and slightly awkward courtin' ensues. :3c
>> No. 1322
awww that sounds adorable.
>> No. 1328

Okay that's just way too cute. Someone please write this :0
>> No. 1332

>> No. 1337
*a giant barrage of arrows suddenly hit Cat Bounty*


That wasn't me. *sneaks away*
>> No. 1338
Don't do this.
>> No. 1339
Anon from >>12 here. I didn't think you guys would like it but I guess I was wrong. :3c If someone wants to pick this up, bonus points for father-son things between Engie and Scoot.
>> No. 1340
What I do what I do?
>> No. 1346
I think it was the asterisks, dear.

Also, seconding (thirding? fourthing?) 12 so hard it hurts. Because that would be adorable and I would bleed diabetes. In a good way.
>> No. 1348

I'm still wrapping up Respawn, goddamn.
>> No. 1349
It was the kekeke *does something* *doesn't contribute* sort of thing.

Don't do that so much. <( ._.)>

also 12 is adorable, yes.
>> No. 1355


hey, Plode

get outta the bushes, ya silly anon

>> No. 1356
...goddammit wrong thread sorry
>> No. 1357
...Okay, fine. Here I am, the one who came up with >>12. Happy now, Hai? :V
>> No. 1358
I got one:

Tentaspy/Scout's Mom. What's her reaction when she sees her paramour's become a monster~?

i dunno it occurred to me the other day shut up :B
>> No. 1359
--oops maybe right thread?

>> No. 1360
Another idea from me - >>26 reminded me of this so I figured what the hell.

Character: Tentaspy, Scout's Mom, Tentascoot

Subject: Scout wakes up one morning and discovers his unusual heritage when his legs are suddenly gone. Turns out the Tenta-thing species hits puberty later than humans, and Scout just became a tenta-man, complete with...various instincts.

Scout's Mom may or may not be a secret Tenta-creature - me and Hai can't decide between us so I'll leave that to you. :V Aaaand I also give you full permission to make this a porn if you are so inclined.
>> No. 1381
Here is something I've always wanted to read. A TF2/The Incredibles crossover. Yeah I know. It's lame. Hm wait a second.

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/TeamFortress2 -
Something like whats said here.

" Syndrome traveled the world to find the most lethal assassins and madmen to run in his experiment, from prisons to hospitals to the cold wild wastes of Scotland - and the Scout, the local busboy, was recruited last on a whim of Syndrome's. "
>> No. 1382
Oooh. I have a few plot bunnies. Stuff I have been planning to write for months but never got around to it/too lazy to do it.

The big thing I wanted to do is a post-apocalyptic fic where there is no RED or BLU or opposite team or anything like that.
There is one of each class because /that's who they are/. Heavy is just a big guy that's very knowledgeable about guns. Medic is a doctor. Scout is a sorta gang kid that's really into baseball. Spy was a lawyer or some other kind of businessman. Etc, etc.

Their personalities pretty much remain the same and they are still alive because they are good at what they do. They've formed of a group of people that is like a family for them and they just go on trying to live in the post-apoco world, trying to find some sort of civilized civilization left on the planet.
Have you ever read The Road?
The inspiration for the fic is that. Heavily.

TBH I don't think I'll ever get around to writing something that's as big as this. I have no attention span. So if anyone wants to adopt it, be my guest.
>> No. 1383
I would read the shit out of that fanfiction.
>> No. 1384
I love this idea. If no-one takes it up by the time I've cleared some of the crap in my documents then I'll pick it up.

If I'm honest, I've been working on an idea that's kinda similar but at the same time, it's not. It's the remains of BLU trying to escape the war after their team was largely slaughtered by the REDs. The ensuing manhunt (taken up by both the REDs and new BLUs sent by HQ after the runaways) ends up going through an abandoned city where the outcasts attempt to hide and fight back until they can truly escape.
THIS IDEA ISN'T UP FOR ADOPTION - I'm just seeing if it's close to Cancel's idea!!
>> No. 1387
Nah mine is just with the team being regular people. Although your plot sounds pretty badass and I'd really like to read what becomes of it
>> No. 1390

Somebody better fucking do this. I mean it.
>> No. 1398
I got a crack-fic idea if anyone's interested. You know how in some fic's there is the idea of the whole war actually being a test for various things? Maybe one group has a tentaspy, maybe another randomly changes the subjects gender, some with respawn and some without, ect. But what would happen, if we got the Engineer of every test group and put them into a group therapy session? Also, there has to be a Demoman that wondered in by accident, maybe from alcoholics anonymous or something and doesn't realise he's in the wrong therapy session.
>> No. 1399
I had an idea for a fic about Spy Crabs.

The reason why Spy Crab walks like that is because it's a form of palsy- A physical disability that prevents control over certain muscles. (Cerebral Palsy is the most-known and most common, if I am not mistaken, form of palsy.)

Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain malfunction that clearly manifests itself in youth, and can be caused by multiple factors, i.e. genetics, trauma in the womb, etc. and becomes obvious in that the child affected has extreme difficulty moving certain body parts, and has difficulty controlling the fine motor skills of the limbs/parts of body affected. For example, if the palsy effects the legs, walking would be difficult or impossible without braces and physical therapy.

Another way palsy manifests itself is in twitches, or uncontrollable muscle spasms.

The way I see it, Spy Crab's parents viewed him as a freak, and never got him any help because they didn't want anyone to know their kid was different from all the others. Spy Crab eventually figured out how to walk on his own, but not quite correctly, for it proves very difficult for him to keep proper balance- The control in his legs is very weak. His arms are also affected strongly, and his fine motor skills aren't very good at all- Hence the crab-like snapping; it's just one of his spasms.

As he got older he figured out that his family was neglecting him, his parents hated him, his peers ignored him, and everyone else simply stared or mocked him, and he was getting sick of it.

So, he signed up for Team Fortress. he knew he'd still get picked on, but at least he could legally kill them for it.

The fic would be from his point of view, going from the start of his day to the end, with his commentary on how difficult it is for him to actually do his job and how pissed off at himself he is for not being able to do things quite as well as the other Spies, and how pissed off he is at everyone else for being fucking assholes and mocking him, and then he would try to cloak and backstab someone but he would somehow fuck it up and he would have a rage-filled freak out where he would just walk off but he would lose balance and fall and the other guys would just laugh at him and he would get so angry and flustered that he would just freeze up and eventually Heavy would pick him up and take him back to base and then run back out to finish the fight, sans Spy Crab, and it ends on an extremely depressing low note about how Spy Crab hates himself because of his disability because nobody ever cared to help him out, not even once in his life, and how he's just bitter and angry at the world.

TL;DR bawwww serious Spy Crab fic is serious and Tenny abuses what medical knowledge she has about palsy
>> No. 1400
That is unbearably sad.
>> No. 1401

Most of my stories are. It seems to be a recurring theme with me. <:(
>> No. 1403
I actually think you should write that one yourself.
Your short story thread was really good and I think you'll be able to write about that concept very well.
>> No. 1404

Thank you! I'll give it a go, but it might take me a while- My life has been keeping me super-occupied, so I just wanted to post it here in case anybody was feeling in a dark mood and wanted to try something to get it out of their system. But I will be posting a version of it in my Short Story thread soon. :3 I write all my stories in the reply field, so all I really need is the time to sit down and write it out.
>> No. 1406
I have a plot bunny that I might end up going ahead and writing myself, but I'm just sort of getting it out in the open.

I want to write a fan fiction as written by one of the TF2 characters. I'm thinking Pyro, writing a Star Trek fan fiction, where he becomes a God Mode Sue. It'd be full of stylistic suck and stilted dialog and the crew of the enterprise either falling in love with or wanting to be Pyro, who of course will be understood perfectly by everyone else, despite still haveing his mask on. And perhaps one of the other team members finds it and reads it. Hilarity will ensue.

I'm almost done Respawn of the Dead, so it might be an interesting little project...
>> No. 1445
needs more sniper!
>> No. 1448
And perhaps one of the other team members finds it and reads it. Hilarity will ensue.
Just a thought: and maybe add on his own continuation of the fanfic for laughs?
>> No. 1449

Oh, I have an idea of what would happen, but if I do write this, I wouldn't want to spoil it too much.
>> No. 1556
fffff couldn't get this out of my head so here, is this sort of what you mean or am I pretty much terrible? It's mostly the setup before the execution of the concept, but if it's garbage I'll stop before it gets out of hand.

Mail day was the liveliest day around the base. More accurately, it was the liveliest they all were outside of missions. At the start of their contracts they'd all retreated to their own dorms during off hours, that isolation soon broken by the desire and draw of companionship, and /that/ had led to an unprecedented stretch of /getting along/.

Things had since reached a happy medium now, a bizarre sort of normalcy. They weren't just fellow employees anymore. No, they could never go back to that. Now they were something more familiar, an actual /team/ instead of a gathering of individuals.

Not everyone got mail, of course, but with mail came resupply and news from the outside. Newspapers would be read until they were crinkled messes, eventually folded into intricate origami animals by Pyro, inevitably destroyed by one of the more crass members of the team.

Scout, generally.

And Scout always, /always/ got mail. Some of the older men attempted to tease the boy about getting mail from his mother on a regular basis. Scout's mother appeared to be the only thing he wouldn't bluster on about; he was making his Ma proud and made no apologies. Besides, he got letters from his brothers as well.

At first Engineer had gotten mail, regularly too, and his workshop was practically a shrine of pictures. His wife, his children (three of them, the youngest a few years younger than Scout), pictures his children had drawn when they were much younger (those, he'd gathered, he had brought himself), all of it pinned right over his workbench. It had tapered off lately, and the fact hadn't gone unnoticed by the clever man. His mood had been noticeably dampened by it, even. Not enough to complain, of course, and the topic of /feelings/ was a leprous one at best.

Scout would never admit it out loud, but of all the members of the RED team, Engineer was the only guy he actually liked. And he was pretty sure Engineer was the only guy who liked him back, so it worked out pretty well.

Well, maybe it wasn't a matter of liking him, not exactly, but he was a lot more tolerant than the others. Engineer didn't write him off as a child, didn't call him /'leetil baby man/' and pat him on the head like he was a fucking kitten.

And so, when he'd seen the thick manila envelope addressed to Engineer, he'd grabbed it and ran it down to his shop. Proud of himself for the prompt delivery, he tossed it on top of the schematic Engineer was bent over, folding his arms over his chest and leaning against the wall. He ignored the noise of irritation the older man made in the back of his throat.

“Yeah, ya welcome,” Scout said.

Engineer had his goggles around his neck and he tipped the yellow hardhat up slightly with a thumb, quirking a brow at the boy in his version of a silent reprimand. Scout only grinned.

“What's this?” Engineer picked the envelope up, frowning at it and turning it over.

“Ya freakin' /mail/, genius,” Scout rolled his eyes, missing the nonplussed expression Engineer shot in his direction.

The older man seemed to be handling it like Demoman had asked him to /'Hold this fer a second wouldya lad?'/, turning it over in his hands a few times before finally tearing it open. Real meticulous, too, Scout noticed, whisking a gloved finger under the fold so he didn't risk tearing anything inside.

Engineer slid the thick sheaf of paper out and began to read it over.

“Holy crap, maybe that's why she ain't wrote fah so long,” Scout laughed, pushing off the wall, “She was writin' yah a freakin' book!”

Instead of smiling, however, Engineer's brow knit sharply. Scout blinked. Usually he grinned that great big goofy grin of his, got that far away look on his face when he got letters from home. That wasn't happening right now. Not at all. Not even close.

“/Uhm/,” Scout shifted his weight, raising his eyebrows and looking over his shoulder at the door. Maybe he ought to go. But Engineer was his kinda-sorta buddy, so instead of bailing out, he asked, “Bad news?”

“Divorce papers,” Engineer said quietly. He started flipping through the document, the silence descending on the room becoming thick and awkward until he broke it by adding, “She wants full custody of our youngest.”

Scout watched him flip through the document methodically, cool blue eyes skimming it, probably memorizing it word for word. Engineer absently plucked his hardhat off, setting it aside and running a hand over his closely shorn scalp.

Holy crap. That... /sucked/. Sucked /hard/. Maybe his youngest was a teenager, nearly a legal adult, but that was still a pretty ice cold move coming from someone he'd only said nice, fond things about.

“I, uh,” Scout itched the back of his neck. C'mon, he had to think of /some/thing, “/Man/, Engie, that /blows/.”

“I'm gonna go ahead an' ask yah t'leave me be for a spell, boy,” Engineer said quietly, flipping to the start of the document, starting over again, “If yah don't mind.”

“Uh, sure man,” he shrugged, “Whatever, it's no big deal. See ya at dinner? Yeah. Later.”

Scout didn't need to be told twice, and he beat a hasty retreat from the room. So much for doing something nice for the guy. He'd just delivered him freakin' /divorce/ papers. /Shit/. Not that it was his fault, of course. Like he'd had any idea!

“Och, watch where yea're walkin', laddie!” Demoman grunted as Scout walked into him, rolling his shoulders a bit and adjusting a package under his arm.

“Maybe you oughta watch where /you're/ walkin', pal,” Scout snapped back. His posture shifted dramatically, back straight, chin up, shoulders back. He was easily the shrimpiest guy on base but hell if he didn't at least try to puff up a bit. Engineer was short as well, but the older man had actual mass to make up for what he lacked in height.

Demoman rolled his eye and sidestepped Scout, heading towards Engineer's workshop. Scout acted on impulse, jogging backwards and putting himself in the demolition expert's way.

“Lad,” he was warned. Demoman eyed him off with a less indulgent look than before.

“Hey, you don't wanna go down there,” Scout protested, stretching out his arms to block the entire hall, “Engie got some shitty news. He wants tah be left alone.”

“Oh aye?” the eyebrow over his eyepatch raised slightly, “What's that then?”

“It's uh, /personal/,” Scout glanced over his shoulder. It wasn't like Engineer had told him to keep quiet about it, but this seemed like the sort of thing that maybe, just maybe he shouldn't run his mouth about. Once one member of the team knew, they'd /all/ know within twenty minutes.

Less if it was /him/ spreading the news.

“If it'were personal, I doubt he'd be tellin' th'likes o'/you/, boyo,” Demoman scoffed, smirking at him, “Now move yer arse, or I'll move it for yea.”

“Nah, I'm bein' serious,” Scout insisted, frowning, “C'mon man, just leave 'im alone.”

“Wot're yea /on/ about, lad?”

“Whatever the fuck /that/ means,” the younger man jutted his jaw forward a bit, “Just trust me a'right? Fuckin'... leave the guy alone for like twenty freakin' minutes, think ya can handle that?”

Demoman narrowed his eye slightly, looking past him down the corridor, but decided it wasn't worth it. He waved Scout off and turned around, shifting his package under his other arm and muttering to himself.

Camping out in the corridor probably wasn't going to do much in the long run. Eventually somebody was going to need to have a legitimate chat with the guy. Probably somebody who'd make him feel worse, like Spy. Scout grimaced and pulled off his hat, itching the top of his head as he thought. Thinking hard wasn't really his thing, but hell, he felt like he needed to set up a sentry to guard the poor bastard from his own team.

He smirked. That was kinda funny. Maybe he ought to start beeping and running back and forth in front of his door.

Scout shook his head – fuck, he needed to take this seriously. Barely a few months back he'd gotten a letter about his eldest brother being in a car wreck. When his Ma had sent the letter, there wasn't much to report. /He'd/ been a wreck, and it had been Engie who went out of his way to keep him company. Wrote him goofy, stupid songs that made him roll his eyes. Even drank beers with him when most of the others had gone to bed, while he had been too fraught with worry to sleep. Scout hated the taste of the stuff, but like hell he'd admit it.

Of course, the Devil's luck ran deep in their family. His brother had turned out to be just fine. Engineer hadn't even said “I told you so” either, when Scout had informed him as such. Just smiled and nodded at him, slapping him on the shoulder.

He was just so fucking /nice/. It was kinda weird, how nice he was, considering he was surrounded by jerks on all sides. Pyro wasn't a jerk, though, was he? Jerks and /weirdos/, then.

Hell, apparently even his /wife/ was a jerk. The guy couldn't catch a break.

Him camping out in the hallway was only going to make things worse in the long run, he decided. The more he tried to turn people away, the more they'd want to find out for themselves, and it was admittedly a bit out of character for him to be acting like a mother hen. That was more Medic's style.

With a grimace, Scout slapped his hat back on, adjusting it as he walked for the common room. He had his own letters to read.

By the time he'd finished pouring over all the letters and the photos from home it was about dinner time. Usually he was first in line to get fed, but he was stretched out on his cot, peering at a picture of his mother instead. She was standing with one of his older brothers, kissing him on the cheek while he was caught mid eye roll, smile good natured. He could practically hear his brother's 'Aw, /Ma!/' in response.

Looking at the picture, he couldn't help but think of all those pictures in the workshop, of Engineer's daughter's grinning down at him, making silly faces, hugging their mom – shit, it'd be a miracle if the guy didn't blow his damn brains out.

There was a thought. He tucked the photos with the others he'd received in a empty ammo case he'd nicked after a mission, sliding it back under the bed for safe keeping. Sure, he could hang them up, but the one time he'd showed photos around, Spy had asked him /way/ too many questions about his mom. Creep.

Scout slouched his way to the mess hall, relieved to see Engineer in line with the others like normal. His expression was still pretty neutral, but he wasn't so far away that he didn't notice Scout duck into line behind him. Engineer nodded at him.

Normally a chatterbox, Scout couldn't seem to think of anything suitable to say. His wife was trying to gut him from hundreds of mile away, what the hell was he supposed to say? He sure as hell couldn't make him feel better, so jokes were out. And it wasn't like he could relate, shit, his longest relationship had been almost a month.


Hey, he was up out of his workshop and socializing. Sort of. Maybe he was already okay with it?

“Hey, hardhat,” Scout plopped down next to him once he'd loaded his tray down, voice low, “You uh. You okay, man?”

He winced – he sounded like a pussy, but Engineer'd never give him shit for it.

“I've had better days,” Engineer responded, shaking his head a little. He offered Scout a lopsided smile and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks fer askin', kiddo.”

He flicked the brim of Scout's hat as he retrieved his hand, nearly knocking it off.

“Yeah, yeah,” Scout took it off and rolled his eyes, setting it on the table next to his tray, “Not hats at the table, I got it /Ma./”

Engineer's smile became a shade more sincere.

Maybe Engineer'd reassure his wife and patch things up. He seemed pretty good at that kind of stuff. And hey, what did she /really/ have to complain about? Sure it sucked their contracts kept being extended, but the pay kept going up too. Engineer wasn't like /his/ dad, some deadbeat loser that his Ma'd kicked out sometime before Scout was even born.

It was then that Scout got an /idea./

He grimaced at first, stuffing his dinner into his face to cover. No way in hell. Nothin' doin'. Engie'd work shit out. Wasn't that what he always said? That he solved problems? He was probably working it now while he chewed on his mashed potatoes.

It was a stupid idea, anyway. His mother probably wasn't even Engineer's type.
>> No. 1559
Well I don't know about anyone else but I'm certainly impressed.
>> No. 1575
Those Tentabunnies are awesome, I gotta do one or two of 'em.

Also: Tenny, I'm going to gut you. Very gently, but surely.

Also: Are AUs okay in this fandom...?

And a bunny for you: Spy, having a panic attack. How and why is up to you, but I'd like to see his situation analyzed in depth. I want to see him being scared shitless, lost and vulnerable (though possibly still being a Spy), because he's usually so damn calm and collected and nonchalant.
>> No. 1577
There's been a few "Spy-undergoes-nicotine-withdrawl" fics sprouting around, and I think we ought have some sort of series or something, with the other classes.

Like, everyone is used to Pissy!Spy by now, they just aim him at the other bas and watch the backstabs rack up (Spies will murder each other for their cigs, its an understood part of the process)

But when ENGINEER runs out... Thats when people get worried. Engineer channels his irritation via machinery, and Engy is very, very creative. Imagine discovering that a dispenser provides, not soothing healing and ammuntion, but rather enraged hornets. Teleporter exits leading to NOWHERE AT ALL. Sentries that fire lasers at the opponents. And maybe allies. They don't THINK he'd fire on allies...
But is it worth the risk?
>> No. 1579
For the record, we know Demoman smokes. Soldier too, presumably, looking at his hat.
>> No. 1582

soldier is too much MAN not to smoke.
>> No. 1584

I squealed when I saw someone picked this up. <3 I really like how you do the characters (Scout especially) and of course I'd like to see a continuation. I'd get yourself a beta just to clean up a little ('rolling eyes' was used a lot) but it's far from garbage. :3

And another bunny from me: Demoman is secretly a gentleman. Maybe it's only when he's sober, maybe it's some hidden potential unlocked via a 'my fair lady' style bet, maybe even a bizarre teleporter accident. Maybe someone falls for his charms, maybe they even find it a turn OFF, but Demo never gets enough love in fics.
>> No. 1585
Honestly, I just want an excuse for a hornet dispenser. Teamgriefing Engineer gives me the giggles.
>> No. 1586
Hahaha! That is so CUTE! The ending was great, really made me giggle and 'aww'.
>> No. 1631
>> No. 1642
This is great, do continue!
>> No. 1648

I love how this is starting up. Please continue!
>> No. 1649
idk how i missed this but i'm glad i un-missed it; please do continue, i like your style :3
>> No. 1651

Please make your own thread for this and continue <3 It's amazing so far.
>> No. 1740
Spy, having a panic attack.
I'm planning on picking "Then Something Spooky Happened" again in ...Fall-ish. You know, in time for spooky season. And you want panicking Spy?! I can help you!

But when ENGINEER runs out...
... Spy, hogged tied in his workroom, just so he can sniff him for the familiar stench of nicotine...
>> No. 1744

Hog-tied Spy
I would read this.

I would read this over and over and over.
>> No. 1758
Yep, me again. The plot bunnies are breeding like small furry things, but this one is something I might consider writing. Someone (I forget who) drew a Mad Hatter Medic and I think a few people approved the idea of a TF2 Wonderland parody.

So far I just have skeletal ideas - BLU Scout is 'Alice', and pursues the RED Scout (white rabbit) down a hole in the basement to try and retrieve their intelligence. I know this has been done a million times, but what does the 'chan think?

>> No. 1759
61man if you "know this has been done a million times" why do you want to do it again anyway?

especially when in one sentence you're talking about how the idea has been used a million times and then the very next sentence is OMG ORIGINAL PLOT IDEA DO NOT STEEEEEL
>> No. 1760

I'd say the idea has potential. The key thing I would flag up is to not tie yourself very strictly to the original story, or even the characters in it. But it seems you're doing that already, since Scout definately isn't like Alice or the white rabbit. As long as you throw fresh ideas in there so it doesn't read like 'Alice in Wonderland starring the TF2 cast' I'd definately want to see how you toy with the concept and the characters.
>> No. 1761
It's kinda good to hear some negative feedback rather than just DO IT FAGGOT. I'm not claiming this is original, nor am I claiming that it'll be the next Respawn of the Dead (if I do write it), but I do think it could be a fun little romp if I get to writing it.

This. This is exactly the trap I was worried of falling into. I'm still piecing together ideas, and trying to find a balance between the original plot and the weirdness of the TF2-verse.
>> No. 1763

Well, it's probably best to strip the original Alice in Wonderland story to it's bare skeleton then build it up from there, including small references and keeping them as small references.
With Alice in Wonderland, the very basic story is a character falling into a dream world. Upon that, the original author loaded it with references to science and philosophy which you don't have to do. Instead you can build more of a solid plotline and create blown-up, completely insane scenerios and characters based upon the TF2 universe.

Still, this is an interesting idea. It may have been done before but if you can pull it off well in your own style then it'd be worth reading regardless.
>> No. 1764
Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Could you drop me an email if you'd like to talk about things more in-detail?
>> No. 1765
Oooh, I've got one-

RED Engineer and Sniper keep exotic flowers...
Because BLU Spy is allergic.
Sniper does it out of self-preservation; Engy does it for the hilarity. There is nothing, NOTHING, funnier than seeing a man in a face-concealing mask sneeze. Spy's subsequent DDD: of horror is just the icing on the cake.
>> No. 1927
There's a lot of creepy Sniper interpretations out there, and I personally don't imagine him being that way.
To remedy this, how about a cute fic about Sniper and his bad ass hammock?
Here's some Scout dialogue...

I fucking /love/ hammocks. They are /the shit/. I mean, why sleep on a pissy cot when you can sleep on a piece of fucking heaven? God damn, hammocks are cool. I wouldn't kill the guy who made 'em. He /deserves/ to fucking live. He's a fucking genius. I mean, look at that fucking thing! It looks so /simple/ but I don't even... HEY SNIPER. Is it my turn to use it yet? Wha? Can I keep it down? The fuck are you talkin' about? I'm as quiet as a fucking mouse! What do you mean don't touch you? I'll touch whatever the fuck I want, GAY. Fuck, what a bitch.

'Fuck' is in there a lot, I know. That's why someone should take this plot bunny and polish it up. I am inarticulate.
>> No. 1939
I love this thread!

My plotbunny:
The Pyro is the Empty Child of Doctor Who!

Remember the episode (Season 01 Episode 09) and "The Doctor dances" (Season 01 Episode 10)?
Where there is this child running around with the gas mask asking for his mummy?

And remember the part about the nan-robots who try to fix people?

Now think Pyro -> gasmask
Medic gun -> nanobots

And now get writing!
>> No. 1943
Dang, is there more of this?
>> No. 1944
Oh man, I hope you continue.
>> No. 2059

Yes. Yes. YES.

I made a friend watch that the other day. So who would be Nancy/Mummy?
>> No. 2109
Because I am a hopeless moron who wondered what could make Fallout 3 better:

Fallout 3/Team Fortress 2 crossover. A lot of the elements in TF2 - like RED and BLU and the characters' origins - will be tweaked to fit Fallout 3. I fucking love dystopian stories. The idea isn't up for adoption, but I was wondering what you guys think of it.

Chances are that if I don't actually write the story, I'll just draw a lot of related shit.
>> No. 2113
Setting: Campfire. Characters must include Soldier and Spy, could include other members of the team too.

The men get pretty drunk after a good battle, sitting round a campfire. As Soldier rants and raves about his 'part' in WW2, Spy remembers how he first entered the career of espionage - as a member of the French Resistance against Nazi occuption of France at the time. He could intitally be thinking to himself, until Soldier rounds on him and insults him about it. As he talks it makes the others (if they're there/awake) quieten and imagine how they would fight back against an invader to their homeland. Although Soldier would probably just yell that he'd never surrender and rather die.

I would write this myself but I've got too many other things to do so it'd probably just gather dust =/

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