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No. 4780
[Author's Notes: I know I promised not to post fics in the middle of the night, but I don't think I'd get to bed without posting a bit of it. Sorry to tease, but I'm curious for feedback on the narration, seeing as how I've never done anything like this before.

If you happen to know the song from which I got the title from, you will probably have an idea of where this is going, but I will say no more.]


I figured I knew too much about how things worked to ever believe any sort of paranormal activity or supernatural phenomenon. There's a scientific and practical explanation for everythin'. At least there was until the day Solly disappeared.

It didn't take us long to notice when he didn't turn up in resupply after an embarassin' defeat to the REDs. On any other day, he'd respawn hootin' and hollerin' until his face turned blue about how much of a disgrace we were out there. But there was nothin' but silence.

"Yo! Where's Sgt. Chucklenuts?" asked Scout as we all sulked out of resupply.

"Da! I do not hear leetle Soldier yelling," Heavy noted as he counted the heads on our team.

"Huh, he musta not died," I suggested. "He's gotta be around here somewhere." It was odd that Solly didn't turn up, but I reckoned that them REDs just didn't kill 'im after the match was called, probably leavin' him to suffer if he was wounded. Medic and Heavy searched all through the base for 'im, but came back to the mess hall empty-handed. If Solly was alive, he wasn't in BLU base.

I wouldn't be the only one to tell ya that Solly ain't never been the easiest fella to get along with, but we all started fearin' the worst. If he wasn't here in our base, he might have well found himself as a prisoner of war, though I was more afraid of there bein' a glitch in the respawn system, which would mean Solly was gone for good.

For once, I was hopin' I was wrong.

The whole team was pretty tense that night in the mess hall. Neither teams ever took prisoners. It was an unspoken rule seein' as how there weren't no point to it. And why Solly? Outta all of us BLUs, he was the last to know of any sorta intelligence we had. Besides, they knew the man wasn't all there in his head so any information they got outta him wouldn't be reliable. It made the boys nervous.

"Maybeh that monster doon in tha sewers got 'im," Demo mused. Everyone exchanged wary looks, not quite sure if Demo was tryin' to be funny again or not. Knowin' Demo, he was bein' dead serious, but we all just kinda laughed anyways.

"No one believes your stupid sewer monster story, chucklehead! It's freakin obvious that the REDs took' im!" Scout protested, slammin' his fist on the table. "We can't just sit here while they're over there doin' I don't wanna even know to the guy!"

"Now, jes' calm down, boy," I replied. "Even if they got Solly over there, it don't help him none if we don't go in there with a plan."

"Ve do not even know if Herr Soldier is being held zhere against his vill," Medic noted. "Zhough it is not like him to defect."

Spy nodded as he took a drag from one o' his cigarettes. "Yes, zat ees not ze Soldier we all know."

"You got your freakin' cloakin' device! Why dontcha go snoopin' around RED base and find 'im?" Scout huffed at Spy. It was damn near heartbreakin' seeing the boy so worried about Solly. I don't reckon they were close. They seemed to bug the hell out of each other more than anything, but Scout always had a funny way of carin' about his teammates.

"Do not vorry, leetle Scout," Heavy assured. "Even if REDs have Soldier, Soldier is strong. He vill not break!"

"Besides, eet ees against ze rules to spy on ze enemy during zeasefire."

"And what? They ain't breakin' the rules havin' Solly over there?! Like they freakin' care about rules! They're REDs!"

"Very well, zhen," Spy sighed. "I will see what I can do."

Scout seemed to calm down after that, though he was still fidgetin' like he was sittin' on an ant hill all through dinner. It was probably best I didn't mention my respawnin' malfunction theory. It weren't no good without any evidence anyhow. And for that, we'd need to know if the REDs had Solly.

I hoped Spy would have good news in the mornin'.


To be continued...
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>> No. 4782
I'm intrigued. However, I just want a bit of clarification about whether or not this coincides with your Engineer/Soldier stuff, since in that story it's implied there is no respawn. If they're unrelated then I don't have any issues at the moment; just curious where this is going (although I have an idea).
>> No. 4784

Despite involving BLU Engie and Solly, these guys aren't the same as the ones in the Engie/Solly Writings. I would have kept it in that thread if it were the case.
>> No. 4786
This seems interesting. I can't wait to see where you go with it. (I'm a sucker for Solly fics)
>> No. 4789
You have my interest. Please, continue.
>> No. 4792
I am intrigued.
>> No. 4815
I look forward to this, yes I do
>> No. 4855
[Author's notes: This is way more dialogue heavy than a lot of my other stuff, so crits and feedback on that would be awesome.]


The next mornin', Spy sauntered toward me and Scout in the courtyard just after we had finished breakfast.

"Nozzing," was all he said. Scout and I exchanged looks.

"Nothin'?! Whadda mean nothin', cockfag?!"

Spy wasn't even fazed by Scout's jab. "Zat eez what I found."

"Nothin'?! You can't find nothin'!"

"Well, I found eet."

"Oh come on, man! You just didn't look hard enough!"

"Trust me, I looked. Soldier eez not in ze RED base."

"I had a bad feelin' about this," I muttered to myself and suddenly I felt all eyes on me.

"Do you know somezing we do not, laborer?"

"Well, I didn't wanna say anythin' without knowin' fer sure Solly wouldn't turn up." I hung my head a bit. Suddenly, I was bearin' a weight on my shoulders. It felt like sayin' it out loud would make it true when I really didn't want it to be. "I think...it might be a glitch in the respawnin' system. Ya see, even somethin' that sophisticated is gonna have some hiccups now and then...I reckon information can get lost along the way...I think...I think Solly's -"

"Oi, anyone there?"

Without continuin' my theory, I fumbled with the radio on my tool belt. "Uh, what's goin' on, Sniper?"

"I think you blokes oughta have a look at this. Somethin' ain't rioght across the bridge."

I gave Scout and Spy a wary look before pressin' on. "What do ya mean? What do ya see?"

"I'm not sure, mate. But from the sounds of it, it ain't good. The REDs looked plenty panicked."

"I'll go check it out!" There wasn't even any hesitation in the boy's voice. "I bet it's Solly!"

"You should see Medic about your 'earing," Spy scoffed. "Ze laborer 'ad just said that ze respawn eez malfunctioning and I 'ave told you that Soldier eez not in zheir base. 'Onestly, boy, you cannot believe that someone like Soldier is adept at 'iding? The imbecile is no longer with us."

"I hate to say it, Scout, but Spy's gotta point. We gotta be practical about this."

"You go do that, Hardhat." Before I could even tell 'im otherwise, Scout had bolted out of the courtyard, no doubt toward RED base.

"Dagnabbit!" I called out on the radio. "Boy, you better turn yerself around this instant!"

"Why don't you make me, ma?!"

I sighed. There weren't no way I could convince Scout to come back at this point. "Okay, look, boy. If you come across any REDs, do NOT try fightin' 'em yerself, got it?"

"Yeah, mate, just lead 'em out to the front of the base and I'll take care of 'em for you," Sniper added over the radio.

"Whatever, man, those RED fags can't catch me!"

"Don't get cocky, Scout, I mean it. We don't know if the respawn's on the fritz, so you best be careful."

"Alright, Ma. Quit worr- WHOA! Freakin' shit, man!"

"Scout?!" I didn't like the sound of that. "Come on, boy, this is jes' stupid, get back over here!"

"N-no way, man! Solly's gotta be over here! Their medic was missin' his head!"

"Zhat certainly sounds like ze neanderthal..." Spy flicked away his cigarette only to pull out another one. He had been standing there over my shoulder to listen in on Scout's mission, prolly more out of curiosity rather than any concern for Scout.

"What else you see, Scout?"

"I dunno, man, there's lots a blood 'n shit. Not that we ain't seen a lotta that before, but I dunno, it's just freakin' weird!"

I hummed in thought. "You know if they're respawnin'?"

"...ow the f... would I kn...!" Scout's feed started breakin' up. I couldn't hear 'im over the static.

"Scout?! Can ya hear me?" I fiddled with my radio to make sure it wasn't somethin' from my end. "Scout?! ...Dang it!" The noise seemed to get louder, Scout's voice cuttin' in and out occasionally. It didn't make much sense for there to be so much interference. "Sniper, can ya see anything up there?"

"Eh, 'fraid not, Truckie. The runt's gone too far in."

"I 'ope you know that I am not going to fetch ze boy," Spy sighed. I have Spy a look, but he didn't care enough to notice it.

"You won't need to, mate. Here comes the runt now."

"He bein' followed?"

"Naw...wait, there we go! ...Crikey, it's the jarhead!"

Spy raised a brow. "You are joking, non?"

"Of course I ain't, you bloody spook! I'm lookin' right at 'im through me scope! He ain't lookin' so hot."

I was just as surprised by Sniper's news as Spy. Where could Solly have gone off to all this time? I started runnin' toward the front of the base, Spy followin' at my heels. About halfway I ran into Scout, leanin' against a wall, catchin' his breath.

"What happened, boy?!"

"Solly's...he's gone nuts, man!"

"Ze man has always been insane," Spy remarked. "What you are telling us eez nozzing new."

"No, I mean, geez, he didn't even freakin' know who I was!" I could hear the disappointment in Scout's voice. He musta been closer to Solly than I thought. While I wouldn't say Spy was wrong about Solly's mental stability, this certainly didn't sound like the Solly I knew.

"Hey, Sniper? You still see 'im?"

"Yeah, mate, he's headed right for ya. He ain't walkin' rioght..."

I had to see this for myself, because I wasn't believin' what I was hearin'. I left Spy with Scout and made my way to the front of the base. By the time I stepped stepped out, Solly had made it to the end of the bridge. He seemed to be walkin' with a limp, draggin' his shovel behind him. He was covered damn near head to toe with blood, which I was beginnin' to think belonged more to the RED team than him.

"S-solly?!" I uttered in disbelief, and just loud enough to get 'im to notice me. I couldn't see his eyes with them being covered by that helmet of his, but I could tell he was lookin' at me with a burnin' stare. There was interference comin' through my radio again, much louder than before. The hairs on my neck were bristlin' as I looked at 'im. Somethin' ain't right at all!

"W-what happened to ya, Solly?! Where'd you go?!" I could always reason with Solly before, so I was hopin' maybe I could calm him down, but all I got outta him was a dark growl as he raised his blood-stained shovel. I couldn't shake the knowledge of knowin' this man had been a close teammate of mine, but it was clear he was a threat. "Come on, now, Solly! Don't do anythin' stupid! I know yer better than that!"

"Filthy...maggots...every...single...one of you..." Solly's voice was quiet and low. Nothin' like how he normally talks. He was approachin' closer at a faster pace, his movements gettin' more erratic. Nothin' I was sayin' seemed to get through to him, and fer once, I was shakin' in my boots.

"Don't do this, Solly! We're a team, remember?!" Then I saw it. Sniper's sight fell on the dead center of Solly's helmet. I flinched as a shot rang out, and when I opened my eyes, there was Solly lyin' on the ground. "Dang it, Solly..."

"You alrioght, Truckie?" The inference in the radio seemed to have cleared up.

"Yeah...thanks, partner," I sighed, hoverin' over Solly's body and waitin' for it to get picked up by respawn. I didn't know if Solly would turn up normal again or not, but at least the ordeal was over for now, right?

Well, I reckon if you've been payin' much attention, you've prolly figured I was wrong again.


To be continued?
>> No. 4856
I would certainly hope it continues. D :

I'm definitely curious as to see what's going to happen next. By the way, are Engie and Soldier romantically involved in this story, or just teammates?
>> No. 4858
Okay. Now I am really, really intrigued. I do hope you continue this.
>> No. 4859

That's something I left to be vague. I hope it's clear that they are close teammates, but so far nothing's suggested they are more than just friends. We shall see, da?
>> No. 4860
...will there be zombies?
I am excited.
Please continue.
>> No. 4862
you definitely have my attention. At first I thought Tentaspy, then zombies, but this
> There was interference comin' through my radio again, much louder than before.
silent hill came to mind
either way, I am excited to see where this goes C:
>> No. 4863
I am digging this so far.

I would love to see more.
>> No. 4867

I must echo the Silent Hill vibe which I kinda got too from the radio. And yes, please continue! My interest. You have snared it.
>> No. 4868


By jove, I say! :3c
>> No. 4869
Engie's gonna enter a room later on to find Guard Dog behind all of this isn't he, hehe. C:
>> No. 4871
If this becomes a solid allegory for Silent Hill 2, I will bear your children Kilo.
>> No. 4872
That is most certainly creepy, and I am assuredly not going to listen to it at 1:30 in the morning.

But yeah, this is looking gooooood. More, if you will? My interest is definitely snagged.
>> No. 4878

good end.
>> No. 4886

The biology of this is more of a mindfuck than anything I could produce. A direct allegory? I don't think so, but there will be some themes "borrowed" from the series, for sure.
>> No. 4907
Then I will continue to read. I mean, I would have kept reading anyway, but now I want to read more. I think this has a lot of potential.
>> No. 4910
Silent Hill, eh? TF2 already has the same kind of creepy-ass sirens...

Waiting with anticipation for more, though I'm over here quietly rooting for the UFO Ending. *grins*
>> No. 4924
Spooky. I insist that you finish this spookyness so it resolves into something that will at least be only ONE of the horrors in my imagination, rather than all of them at once in the present Schroedinger wave-form of me wetting myself.
>> No. 5250
C'mon, do it man, do it!

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