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No. 4621
A/N: Holy fucking shit, I'm back, bitches.

I got this idea after downloading the skeleton-Scout model, and playing on the haunted Harvest map. I know the first chapter is short, but eh...

Consider this the beginning of my return.


The train jostled and came to a slow, rumbling stop at the station. A platform in the middle of nowhere. The man sat up straight, and closed his book. He picked up his bag and stepped off the train, watching it pull away while he was left to the dirt road. It was a long walk to the towering farmhouses of concrete and wood. The ground was littered in shells and cartridges, and he reported to the large building with the Reliable Excavation and Demolition logo painted crudely on the side. He ducked in the partially open garage door just as he saw the sweeping blue dot. At least it was a sign that people were here.

The Spy checked in with the rest of his new team, and was given the room of the former masked man. Once alone, he set his bag on his bed, reaching in to draw out a dirty, leather bound journal. He sat down, and opened the cover. Normally, he didn’t bother with things he found, but it was in his seat on an empty train. The book seemed to just be for him to find.

He turned the book to the first page and started to read.

May 3rd

We got our new Scout today. I went with Sniper to pick him up from the station. A twenty minute drive from the Gravelpit in his camper-van. I swear, he loves that thing as much as he loves his gun. I heard the BLU Sniper is a sick pig. I can’t really imagine it, ours is almost obsessive about keeping his things clean. Not something I expected from a professional man hunter. Still, he’s good at his job. I trust him, despite the fact I can’t tolerate his obsessive cleaning.

Our Scout looks like a good kid, or, as good as one can get. He’s loud, brash, and a complete show-off. Sniper gave me his file to read, and I can understand his mannerisms somewhat. Youngest of eight kids. I can’t even imagine it, and part of me wonders if they all have the same father. If not… well, Sniper did say something about how we looked alike. It makes me uncomfortable to think about it. I haven’t been to Boston in…

Medic and Engineer pulled me aside after the boy got settled. Medic, as angry as he can be, is a fine leader for us. He knows what he is doing.

Regardless, he pulled me aside. A new set of orders had come from Headquarters, ones that made no sense to him. According to him, the BLUs had installed something strange in their base. They wanted me to go check it out.

…I told them I’d go do it in the morning.

The Spy looked at the clock, hearing the alarm go off. He set the journal down and rushed out the door. It was the first day of work, and he had to make a decent impression.

The dusk light was warm and orange, and the BLUs were pushing the center. Everyone on the field looked strange. Things were rushed, hurried. Both teams were rushing to finish the scuffle, and it was unplanned and sloppy. Spy did not quite understand it. Why were they so rushed?

The battle lasted no more than ten minutes before the lights started to flicker on, and both teams retreated rather quickly. The Spy was more than a little confused at this. He asked the rest of his team, receiving nothing but dodgy replies and silence. Frustrated, he returned to his room. The journal was still there when he returned, sitting on the mattress where he left it. He frowned a bit, kicking off his shoes and picking up the book.

It couldn’t hurt to read a little more.

May 30th

The BLUs have upped security in their base. Even I have problems getting in, even with the entrance that Scout found. I didn’t think much of him at first, but he is proving to be a nice addition. He is much smarter than he looks. What they have hidden in their walls must be important.

I injured my leg when I tried to check everything out. The BLU Medic caught my leg when I was trying to crawl into an air vent. Sliced my calf with his bone saw. Our Medic told me there were nicks on my bone, and he scolded me for my ‘idiocy.’ I’ll make it up to him later. He’s someone I’d rather keep as an ally.

What are they hiding back behind the curtain?

Spy read on.

June 2nd

Yesterday, I killed the BLU Engineer. I shot him in the head, through his hardhat.

Today, I saw him. Not as a vision. I saw him in the flesh. Standing on the field, with the hardhat – still with the bullet hole in it…
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>> No. 4622
Okay. This is interesting, keep it going.
>> No. 4623
Do want moar.
>> No. 4624
I'm interested! Haha, I really like the fact that their Sniper is a clean person.
>> No. 4649
A/N: The plot, it unfolds.


The Spy had not come out of his room in a few days, unless the alarm was ringing. He had to know more. More about this strange occurrence. Perhaps the Engineer had a twin, and wore his brother’s hardhat. But how would they have gotten a replacement so quickly? The trains were few and far-between, even on a good schedule. The entries had become a story. One he had to finish.

He crawled out of his room and onto the sniper deck, journal gripped tightly in his hand. He found a place to sit, out of the way of prying eyes, and sat down to read.

June 14th

Scout was able to bring back a folder full of papers today. Engineer and I sat down and started to go over them. What I found, I do not know if I like…

They were plans for a machine. It looked like a large cylindrical tube, drawing in all sorts of power. If I read everything right, it would be able to recover and restore lost troops in a matter of seconds. Say our Medic was shot. Within seconds, he would be able to step outside this machine, with all of his memories intact, without any injuries. Just the way he was before he was hurt.

But, is this really right?

Listen to me. I stab people in the back. I am the man without a face. I kill men and women with no remorse. But I do not like this idea of… man-made reincarnation. What is the cost of something so genius? How does this machine retain our minds? Our mentality? Our morals? Our caution?

Engineer agrees with me. Neither of us like this idea, but Medic informed us that a similar machine will be installed here, at the base.

Honestly, the thought of it has made me feel ill. I do not know if I can keep this revelation to myself. Scout found this data for us. Perhaps I should tell him.

The man in red frowned a bit. The respawn machine. He had been stationed at a base with one, and he swore by it. Closing the journal, he stood and went downstairs, looking for this new base’s own respawn. Not finding one right away, he pulled the Engineer aside, asking about the whereabouts of the machine. The Texan, while offering a soft sort of smile to their new teammate, took the man by the wrist, and led him down into the basement.

Before them stood a series of large glass tubes, all of them broken. Wires were torn apart, frayed. The entire machine seemed to have been torn broken beyond repair. The Spy turned to his teammate, asking what happened. The Engineer shrugged a bit.

“The day we installed them, something… weird happened.”


“Our Sniper said he saw somethin’ strange on the field. And our former Spy said there was a large hole out by BLUs’ front door.”

What did Sniper see?

The Engineer shrugged at that. If he knew, he wasn’t telling. Spy followed him upstairs, and walked around until he found the Sniper’s nest. He cringed at the smell. He could tell the man was not like the one in the journal. Messy, unkempt. Regardless, he knocked on the door.

No one answered.

He knocked again.

And again, there was no reply.

The door slowly swung open a crack. Spy hesitated, the smell of rot wafting into the hallway. He pushed the door open all the way, letting light pour into the room.


July 1st

I experienced ‘rebirth’ for the first time today.
>> No. 4651
Mmkay, I am really loving this story so far.
But it's WEIRD.
Can't wait to see where this goes, it's gonna be a fun read, I can tell.
>> No. 4654
Indeed, strange but that's what's making me like it. Please do continue!
>> No. 4705
A/N: I have no idea if this is the end or not.


It had become an obsession. Was the Spy going mad? He searched ceaselessly looking for answers to questions all over the Harvest lands. Why did neither team fight when the sun went down? Why was the respawn chamber broken? And why would it not be replaced? He was never without the journal. Never without it, reading the entries. Perhaps the answers were there.

There had to be a reason for it all.

August 13th

For the first time in a long time, I spoke to Scout. I hadn’t done so since I first went through the chamber, walked out with a new life. I still feel so incomplete. I don’t like the feeling of emptiness that follows. Perhaps this technology comes with a price.

Scout has gone through more times than the rest of us. I believe that only Engineer and I have noticed a change. His eyes don’t look right. He is still energetic, still loud and brazen, but there is something wrong with his eyes. I pulled him aside after the last bell rang, and I forced him to look at me. It almost felt like I was looking at a broken doll.

I believe my theory is correct. These machines are taking something from us in exchange for another chance to go and get killed.

I talked it over with the Engineer, and I’m leaving the Gravelpits. With the Scout.

When I write next, I hope to be as far away from this madness as I can.

Deserters? The author abandoned the entire conflict? The Spy flipped the book closed and left his room. He strode outside the base, into the twilight. Of course, no one else dared follow him out. Things were quiet, barely stirring in the heat. He had to know what and why. Had to know the secrets of the Harvest.

When the lights flickered on, something caught his eye.

On the edge of the BLU base’s front door was a large hole. And he knew what it was the moment he saw it. An empty grave. Had the BLUs buried their dead, and someone dug them up? Or were they waiting for someone to die?

He walked over to it, and something compelled him to open the journal.

September 1st (?)

I do not know what I can say.

When Scout and I ran, we had no plan. It was simple. Get away. Get as far away as we could.

But when we took off, we were pursued. Not just by the BLUs, but by our own team. They turned so quickly. I should have known, should have noticed what was going on behind the scenes. I did my best to keep Scout safe, but…

We ran until we couldn’t run anymore. I did my best to carry him. I’m no Medic, but I promised myself that I would take him with me, that I would leave with him. Damn this… damn all of this madness. REDs and BLUs alike…

We found a farmhouse around dusk. I did my best to patch up his wounds… but the Snipers both got him.

I don’t know if he will make it though the night.

…I am not a religious man, but if there is any god out there…

Farmhouse? The Spy looked up at the BLU base. It did seem to be a converted farmhouse. As did the RED…

He looked at the hole he was standing next to, and then looked at the journal. Something lurched in his stomach, and he felt sick looking at it. With a deep breath, he opened the journal again.

September 4th (?)

I buried the Scout today.

I didn’t even know his name.
>> No. 4706
Don't let this be the end!
>> No. 4717

This better not be the end. How dare you go and write this beautifully gripping piece and then threaten to end it once I'm hooked. I want more, but I know it'll end badly. FFFFFF. I AM SICK UNTO DEATH OF YOUR DEPRESSING STUFF, OKAY?
Come on, put a silver lining in there. I'll even settle for like an old piece of foil lining.
>> No. 4718
Wow. Just wow. I don't care if this has a silver lining or just gets more depressing. Just please don't let this be the end. If nothing else, let the Spy solve the mystery. Let him figure it out. My own curiosity is killing me. I can think of several ways this could end, several reasons for what happened... but is one of them what you're thinking? Is it none of them? I hope it's that latter. Those are always my favorite. Please keep this going. It's gotten too good to just end it here.
>> No. 4721
Jesus! This is amazing, please don't stop.
>> No. 4725
I really hope that's not the end!
>> No. 4746
Okay, this is the end


September 5th (?)

This will be my final entry.

I do not know where to begin. When this began, I was a Spy, and now I am a man. Just a man. Nothing more. I have killed others in the name of some vague entity I barely want to comprehend. Did this damn me? Perhaps it did.

I will say it now, plainly. Spytech has created a machine that damns death itself, but at the cost of our free will, of our humanity. I will no longer be a part of this madness.

So I ran. I fled my post with the Scout. We ran while both teams opened fire on us. Scout was shot and fatally wounded. If anyone knows his name, tell his family. I made a grave for him with a halo. It was the least I could do for him.

I pray this war does not reach this farmhouse. If it does, I do not know if I alone can save his grave. If I can preserve what is left of him.

If this war reaches him, or his body, I pray what is left is not doomed to haunt the harvest lands. If this war reaches here, I hope they cannot cheat death. Let these monsters realize that they cannot spread their horror to this corner of the world. This is our resting place. Our home. Our salvation.

Let these words warn you.

Should you spread this horror to our sanctuary, the dead will not forgive.

By the time someone reads this, I hope to be as cold as the moon that lights this page.

Spy closed the journal, looking at the empty grave before him. There was once a Scout in this grave. The same Scout that made both teams afraid to walk out at night. This was why their respawn machines were permanently broken. The man stood up. Now that he knew, he could not continue on. And as long as they fought here, there would be no rest for the dead. They would keep killing and killing.

The Spy looked at the journal, and dropped it in the grave.

Without a word, he started walking.
>> No. 4753

>> No. 4767
Don't write more. The ending was perfect.
>> No. 4768
Oh, man. I cave. This was a good ending. Short but good. Thank you for this. It was a wonderful read.

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