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No. 355
Every repost is a repost repost.


Muffled laughing came from the team’s living area. Sniper, being the nosey bastard that he was, walked up to the doorway and peeked inside. He couldn’t see much from his current viewpoint, though he could clearly make out a discarded baseball bat, black hat, and orange headset on the floor. Another laugh from the, old, torn-up couch, confirmed his suspicions, even though he could not see who it was. Scout was the one who created the amused echoes. Which wasn’t strange at all, the young adult was normally in a good mood. Sniper shook his head as he continued to make his way into the living room, though he slowed his pace to a stop. Still unable to see the boy, he slowly backed off a bit.

“Spy, stop it, man,” the younger ally childishly laughed, snorting a few times. “Dude, that tickles, knock it off.”

All that came to the Australian was that the team’s Spy had been long since dead, and that there was no chance in hell they could have gotten a new one. He had little time to think about the situation, so the man drew out his kukri and ran over to the couch. Now, Sniper was always a somewhat nosey man, and he became a bit more nosey now that he had a new scope for his sniper-rifle. However, he definitely wasn’t being as nosey as the ‘Spy’ that sat on Scout’s chest. Pink tongue licking at the baseball fan’s cheek, and his tail wagging happily as Scout half-heartedly tried pushing him away.

The laughter didn’t last long, though; the somewhat small black creature caught Sniper in his frozen attack and growled at him. The buzz-cut boy tilted his head back a bit on the arm of the couch and looked at Sniper, a mischievous grin on his face. Sniper did not like that look, nor did he like the fact that the small pup was now barking at him.

"Sniper, no snipin’," Scout taunted, wicked grin still in place. “Get ‘em.”

Now, when you think of the older man’s class, you should be reminded that he has to have somewhat good reflexes. Moving from one target, with Exploding Head Syndrome, to another on a day-to- day basis with a bit of fast grace, should have given him that. Yet, that was hardly the case when it came to a rather heavy, black pup jumping off the couch and landing squarely on his chest. His kukri fell to the floor with a rough clang, though the Sniper regained his bearings. He stood there, hands firmly, yet tenderly holding the mutt up; a frown grew on his face.

'Spy' bit the brim of Sniper's hat and pulled it off of his head before the marksman could do anything, looking back at him with a defiant smirk. The damn pup had way too many characteristics that fit his name. For one, he already managed to piss Sniper off, and his fur looked way too clean for something that lived out in forests that surrounded the team’s mountain base.

“Yo man, don’t look at him like he just piss in your coffee,” the boy called from the couch, now lying over the side of it with his arms dangling.

Sniper just scowled at this, moving one hand to grab the dog by the scruff of the neck and the other to pry the hat out of its mouth; careful not to damage the hat. The elder of the two teammates in the room walked over the couch and lightly dropped the dog onto it. Said dog stood and glared at Sniper, huffing out a slight growl; which in the Australian’s point of view sounded more like a weak attempt to moo.

“Keep the damn mutt of a Spy away from me,” Sniper roughly ordered. “Other than that, kid, he can stay.”

Scout grinned back at the older man and nodded quickly. ‘Spy’ yipped happily at Sniper, as if the pup had really understood the conversation between the two. Scout had been talking to the dog as if he had been a normal human being before, so it came as no surprise to him. Though, Sniper rolled his eyes at the boy’s understanding and made his way out of the living room. He disliked dogs as it was, but a dog with a personality was even more of a pain to deal with.

“Nice one, man,” the young man said after Sniper has out of the room, “but don’t think that everyone else will be that easy.”

‘Spy’ huffed in some form of reply as he lay down and rested his head on Scout’s thigh. It’s always nice to have a friend in battle, even if that friend was just an animal. Scout felt foolish about bringing home a lost puppy, but at least he would have someone to play catch with when things are moving slowly.
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>> No. 3035
aww that's cute, is there more?
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dude, this is old; please sage next time.
>> No. 3054
lol i love how this relates to the fake update at hand even though it was posted before it :D
>> No. 3056
OMG, it does x D
>> No. 3175
I call for Spy cuddling! <3

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