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No. 2174
In homage to the awesome book/movie.
1934. Medic is 6, Heavy is 37.

Suddenly I am no longer in Russia.

Though I am without clothing it is warm here, and the sounds of the city are all around me. I do not know what time it is. I do not know who has seen me.

In front of the bushes I am behind there is a small child playing in a yard. It is fenced in and though you can hear the city you cannot see it. I shift slightly; he realizes I am here.

"Who is it?" He asks, putting down toy stethoscope. I am thankful my German is good.

"No one," I say at first. I stumble over words; not big surprise. He understands me well enough and comes closer. I can see him through a gap in the branches. He is small boy, about six, with dark hair and stern eyes. Serious for his age, I can tell.

"What are you in the bushes for?" he asks carefully. He adjusts glasses and squints into bushes. I poke my head out and he gasps a little, stepping back and taking his blanket into arms.

"Who are you?" He asks again, bringing blanket close to face. I chuckle; he is small boy.

"I am time traveler," I say, poking my shoulders out little bit. I do not want him to see my nudity. Is not appropriate in Russia or in Germany. He looks at me for long time, tracing pattern of his name that was sewn into blanket.

"Impossible," he says simply.

"Leetle one, if you stay long enough, I will disappear," I tell him, as he squints at me. He is destined to be man of science. Children that age believe anything, but he does not. I can see him try to rationalize situation. He offers me his pinky, making me promise. I hook mine around it, and he can not help but smile at how big my hands are.

He goes to speak again but I start to disappear, my fingers first, and as I begin to see another time and place in my vision I can still see him standing there, eyes wide. As final bit of me disappears I think I am gone from him forever, but as tingling in my limbs begins to fade I can hear his small voice in my ear, the last evidence that I was ever in that time.

"Mein Gott," he says, believing me.

1968. Medic is 40, Heavy is 37.

It's my first day on the base and I'm looking through my new office. There are papers strewn about it, since the last Medic wasn't courteous enough to clean it before he died. I suppose no one wanted to set foot into the place after a tragedy like that. At the moment there's nothing else to do /but/ clean, so I occupy myself with that for a few hours; I can hear the rest of the team thundering around the base, and I suppose that I should go out to meet them. I don't exactly want to, given the amount of noise they can produce and my tendency to easy migraines, but it's my duty. I signed up for this.

Scout finds me first and offers me nothing but a nod of the head and a half-hearted wave, both of which I have no choice but to return. I don't exactly know how to talk to younger people and couldn't even begin to tell you what they enjoy. Mirroring his movements seemed the safe thing to do.

Soldier, Demoman and Pyro are playing cards together in the other room, and as I was in they do little to make me feel welcome. Pyro mumbles something and displays the hand that wins the game, and the other two are whining up a storm already. They're convinced Pyro has cheated. I try to interrupt their silly blaming game to introduce myself and perhaps ask them how things are operated around here, but they don't seem to notice me. While I'm busy trying to get Pyro's attention Spy puts a hand on my shoulder.

I jump, of course, cursing and holding my glasses as though they'd fall off my face. The three idiots stop to ridicule me, of course, wondering first and foremost how they're going to survive in battle with such a jumpy Medic.

"I am not jumpy," I say, puffing out my chest. "He startled me, that's all."

"Docteur, I'd hate to think what would happen if the /other/ spy were to startle you," our Spy says, cigarette smoke leaking from his mouth.

I tell him that smoking is bad for him, as a sort of last-effort attempt at appearing authoritative, but as I close the door behind me I can hear their muffled laughter. I do not want to try and talk to my other team members. Perhaps they'll respect me more if they first meet me on the battlefield. Perhaps I'll save them just in the nick of time, and they'll /have/ to respect me. Perhaps, I think bitterly, I shall not save them at all.

Suddenly, I bump into a very solid wall. I'm in the middle of a hallway and there should be no walls around, so why-

It is him.

I recognize him from many points during my life, from when I was a child to just a few months before I left for this war. I look at his face, studying it, and I can feel my smile growing bigger. He's looking at me like I'm crazy but I know it is him, he looks the same but perhaps a little bit younger from the last time I saw him. Of course, I should not be surprised that he is here.

He told me he would be.

"Heavy!" I say, suddenly breathless.

He looks at me, tilting his head. "You are new doktor, da?"

"Ja, ja," I tell him, waiting for him to recognize me. "It is me! We are both here just like you said!"

There is a long pause.

"I do not know doktor," he says finally, looking embarrassed. "I am sorry."

"You don't know me /now/, of course, but in the future you do," I say. Though I know it's true I feel just a bit ridiculous saying it out loud. He looks at me for a very long time, and when he fails to identify me I realize that this is the youngest I have ever seen him. He has not gone on any of his trips to see me yet. He has never met me.

I throw my arms around him anyway, finally glad to see him in the right time and where we both were meant to be. He says nothing and seems to understand what's going on, not making any effort to return my hug, and by this I am not surprised. He takes a while to warm up to someone. I tell him that even though he doesn't know me yet I am glad to see him, and I will do my best to become friends with him.

"Of course, that /has/ to happen," I tell him, after a moment of thinking. "That's fate, I guess."

Before I can tell him that I never believed in fate before I met him, he is gone, the only remainder of him a pile of clothing on the floor.
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>> No. 2176
Well, this is interesting.

I have neither read the book, nor seen he movie, though. I saw trailers for it and it seemed to chick flick-y for me.
>> No. 2180
Well, you're better off than I am. I have no idea at all what this is based on, so for me it's freakin' trippy.
>> No. 2181

Same here. I'm intrigued and would like to know more.
>> No. 2182
I don't care to see the movie, but the book was a crazyawesome twist on silly love stories.

I liked this, OP.
>> No. 2324
I never saw the movie ,or read the book.

I will be here for this fic ,however. "Interesting" would be an understatement for this.
>> No. 2333
This is pretty cute. The child Medic made me go: aw.


Haha, it would be.
>> No. 2335
I read a NYT review about the movie, so I'm a bit better off.

That said, I like this, Anon.
>> No. 2488
I'm not normally one for OC's, but I'm loving this. Such an original twist, and so many curves that I didn't expect.
I demand more.

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