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No. 356
Every repost is a repost repost. By Ten Cent Bastard.


Werewolfs? Zombies? Vampire? I want to play too!
So, I have for you a ghost story. A little bit of experimental multimedia for you... I'm not gonna have a bunch of pictures, but I'll usually end scenes with 'em. Either way if you come to a link, click it.

P.S. this fics gonna take a while to complete, the picture for Pyro took... God KNOWS how long to complete... (about three days. And I got lazy toward the end)
"Then Something Spooky Happened"

Scout collided roughly with the battlements and tumbled to the ground. He clutched his stomach and lay on the damp dirt, groaning and coughing.

The rest of the team looked down at their tiniest teammate and frowned.

“I went straight across,” Scout grunted, getting to his feet, “I know I did…”

One by one they turned and looked back at the bridge. A dense fog hung in the air, centered around the bridge. They couldn’t see through it, Pyro’s flamethrower had no effect on the thick haze and any attempts to cross through it, on or above the bridge, resulted in them ended up back on their side of the fort. No one had tried to cross in the moat. There was something horrifyingly organic about the strange, dark liquid filling it.

“This is nae normal fog,” Demo said, “Ye dinnae get fog like this even doon on the moors.”

The speakers crackled and popped, no distinct voice audible through them. Only hisses, echoes and feedback.

“Zeir has to be a logical explanation for zis,” Medic said, “It is just fog. It is just a speaker malfunction.”

“Ah suppose the lights not workin’ too well and the speakers could be related. And the humidity might feasibly explain why the stove refused to light,” Engineer scratched his chin as he spoke.

“And the bridge? The moat?” Sniper asked, gesturing, “This is unnatural stuff.”

“Vhat are you suggesting? Ghosts? Boogeymen? Poltergeists?” Medic scoffed.

“I’ve seen some weird stuff mate… and this is right up there,” Sniper said cautiously.

“I’ve seen scary movies man. Vincent Price is gonna show up any minute now, and then we’re all screwed,” Scout added.

“You are all being schtupid,” Medic said, crossing his arms and shaking his head at them, “Vhy are ve even standing out here in ze cold?!”

“I gotta agree with Medic here, this here is just superstition,” Engineer said, “There’s no such thing as ghosts. Maybe something was damaged from the battle yesterday. It caused something to leak into the water, or a power surge that damaged the filaments in the bulbs also went and screwed up the overhead system.”

“Oh aye,” Demo said sarcastically, “And how do ye explain that?” he asked, gesturing to the bridge.

Engineer scratched his chin, “Gas leak maybe? A little bit of gas can go a long way to making you act loony,” he shrugged and turned back toward the base, “I’m gonna get to the basement, see if I can find out what alls goin’ on around here.”

“A fine plan. Everyone one back in ze base. Zhere is no reason to be out here. Go,” Medic said, trying to herd the team back toward the base, “You all haff somezing you should be doing.”

“MAGGOTS!” Soldier shouted, “You aren’t going to let a few dead men keep you down!? BACK TO WORK!” then turned on his heel and marched back into the fort.

One by one the team filtered back into the dank building.

The lights flickered and buzzed. Dark shadows slithered along the walls with an eldritch liquidity, almost audible amongst the uncomfortable, unsteady hiss of the lights. Fog curled maliciously around corners, through windows and down stairwells. The lights shining from the stairwell seemed to be all but gone, and the building echoed ominously.

“I don’t like this at all,” Scout said, looking around, quickly adding, “I ain’t scared or nothing! I just… don’t like it.”

“The Doc may be skeptic, but I ain’t,” Sniper agreed.

“This is nae a good thing, lad. We’d do well tae be cautious,” Demo said, punctuating his statement with a small sip of scrumpy, “Keep our heads aboot us.”

“You’re being awful quiet,” Sniper said, glancing at Spy, “Where do you stand?”

Shifting his cigarette from one side of his mouth to the other, Spy looked around and frowned, “I ‘ave been many places and I ‘ave seen many zings. Anysing is possible-- and zis is wiz out a doubt… unnatural.”

“And you?” Sniper asked, looking at Pyro.

Pyro shrugged, and waved his flamethrower dramatically, “Fssssh! -- Hahahahah!” he said.

“So… what do we do?” Scout asked.

Sniper scratched his head and adjusted his hat, “Well, we can’t leave here, so we just have to hope it does.”

“Or we find out what is causing zis and try to remedy it,” Spy added.

“Hmm,“ Demo paused for a moment and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully as he took another swig. A thought was tapping at the back of his mind, but he couldn’t quite get at it. “Ah, s’no good-- ah well. Righty Lads! Let’s get looking then.”


“Oh aye,” Demo said, “Lookin’ fer somethin’ out o’ place, somethin’ strange. You know, somethin’ ghostly. See what yoo can find.”

“Like… on our own?” Scout asked. There was a quake to his voice

“Doubt I’m gonna be able to see anything in this fog, but I’ll see if I can get a view of those RED bastards.”

“We shall all see what we can do, zen,” Spy said, tossing his cigarette butt to the ground. The unnatural mist seemed to descend upon the pathetic ember, which was extinguished quickly and gave a pathetic hiss. “I shall try to find a way across ze bridge.”

“W-what should I do?” Scout asked.

Spy looked down at him. “You?” he asked with a chuckle, “I suggest you pray.”

The group dispersed, heading deeper into the base.

Save for one. Pyro’s gaze was locked back toward the entry to the sink room. He’d seen something.

Only the dark hallways and buzzing, dying lights greeted him. Further down the hall, past the entry way he saw a faint red flicker. It fizzled in and out of sight and disappeared down toward the sewers.

A faint red figure meant only one thing to Pyro.


He ran toward the sewers. The staircase was dark and damp, the steps slippery under his boots. Drips and splashes echoed up the brief stairwell. Only one meager light illuminated the stairs, but Pyro was familiar enough with the area that he wasn’t worried. Besides, he carried his own light.

“Huh huh huh…” he chuckled, stepping resolutely down the dank steps.

The water, if it was even water at all, had a terrible sheen. Foul, with a thick blackish brown hue, like blood and used motor oil. It splattered at the walls and dribbled back down them slowly. Pyro watched it. It looked flammable. His own private, noxious lake of fire sounded delightful… save for the possibility of burning the entire compound down. That wasn’t something he could expect to be forgiven for.

He crouched and stuck his gloved finger into the goo, smearing it between his thumb and fore-finger, where it oozed and dripped vulgarly. Pyro snickered and wiped the fluid across the wall.

A quick blast with the flame thrower proved that as oily as it looked, it was not combustible. There was another flash of red further down the tube. Pyro had to give chase.

The viscous fluid glooped as he stepped into it. It sucked and pulled at his feet like syrup. It would be impossible to swim in, which meant the fleeing RED Spy was as good as his.

Pyro slogged through the calf high goop toward his prey. The lights down here were entirely out, the slick and dark tube illuminated only by the fizzling bulb of the stairwell and the sharp blue of the flamethrowers pilot light.

Too eager to restrain himself any longer Pyro released a torrent of flame, throwing himself forward, desperate to find his target. Nothing screamed, nothing caught fire. He pushed further into the dark.

He knew the sewers well, not that there was much to know, but something was wrong. Against all reason the sludge was getting deeper and he knew, quite certainly, the sewer was not this long.


... to be continued
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