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No. 3745
Zuul was working all night yesterday and asked me to keep her entertained. I obliged. The results are the five ficlets you’ve got here, three Engie/Scout and two Spy/Sniper, in the order I wrote them in when I sent them to Zuul. Little warning – if you read the logs, then there may be spoilers since some of these might be built upon between us. Enjoy!


Scout couldn't believe what he had found in Engineer's room. He toyed with the object, admiring it's every curve and twisting it about in his hands.

A whip. Engie had a fucking whip. Scout tried flicking it, but it didn't pronounce the snap he had been taught (by TV) to expect from it. He tried again, this time lashing it in front of him. It still didn't make the right noise. "Work damnit!" He yelled, getting frustrated and snapping it around him in a hazardous circle.

Engie came in just as Scout was beginning to develop a dangerous aim - probably by accident, but he was getting close to smashing something. "What do you think you're doing boy!?" he shouted, striding it and shutting the door behind him quickly. Scout stopped and smirked when he saw Engie.
"Hey big guy. I'm just looking at this." He held up the whip, jiggling it about. "I didn't know you'd be into serious kinky shit." His smirk was shark-like now, thoroughly enjoying this. Who would've guessed it'd be Engie with the weird fetish? He had good money on Heavy, or Medic. Or both. Engie frowned at Scout.
"That's my horse riding whip."

"Some whip. It won't make that WA-TSH sound!" Engie mutely took the whip and flipped it round - Scout had been holding the tip, not the handle. The Engineer sharply flicked his wrist, the whip following and making its trademark snap. Scout blinked. Then looked VERY annoyed.
"That's bullshit! Why does it work for you?"
"Because I know how to use it." Engie said gruffly. He went to put it away so he could give the boy a talking to about going through his things, but Scout grabbed it before he could.
"Teach me?" he asked quickly. Engie gave Scout a confused look.
"Boy, when are you ever going to use a whip?" he asked. Scout licked his lips in a predatory way. A memory flashed over Engineer's mind - Scout, shutting the door to his workshop, licking his lips just like that...

"Maybe tonight, if you don't play nice."


Sniper sat in the windowsill of his perch, smiling lazily. A bird was sitting in her nest, built over a pair of disused or broken speakers, watching over the desert with the occasional glance at him. He reckoned it was a type of Peregrine Falcon, one of the subspecies. But he wasn't sure which. Regardless of what exact falcon she was, she was a real beauty of a bird. Sharp eyes, designed for precision hunting - she was a sniper too, in her own way. The human Sniper glanced at the battleground, before turning his gaze to the sky. Her mate should be around somewhere. He would be returning later to take his turn at caring for the eggs while she went off to hunt.

The door to his perch was shut and nobody should be coming up. So he indulged in some conversation with the nesting falcon, who watched him as he talked.
"The Spy won't leave me alone."
The falcon clicked her beak.
"I know I've brought it up before! But, urgh..." he rubbed one side of his face in annoyance, trying to explain himself properly. "He thinks I don't notice how close he gets. Even I know about personal space, despite his assumptions that I'm a savage." he paused and frowned. "But, it doesn't annoy me. I don't mind him getting so close. Really I should be freaking out, having a spook practically rubbing shoulders with me all the time. But I don't actually mind."
The falcon tilted her head curiously. Sniper seemed to understand the gesture.

"No, I don't know why he does it. It's hard enough getting him to answer casual questions. Imagine if I asked about that? 'Oi, what are you doing?' 'Oh notzing!'" Sniper put on a very poor French accent and mimicked one of Spy's feminine hand gestures. "Pah." he exhaled, waving his hand as if to shake off the previous motion. The falcon gave a shrill chirp.

"What? No! Course I don't like the pofter." He scoffed. But on reflection... "Okay, maybe a bit. But nothing funny-like!"
The falcon gave a lower chirp this time. As if to question what Sniper had just said.
"Look, he's interesting to be around, alright?" he shuffled, reluctant to leave his seat but uncomfortable with the conversation. If it had been anyone else, he wouldn't have said half of this. But birds can't talk. Even if this bird was giving him a bloody Look. "And he's got a nice arse. There, I said it!"

The bird shook herself over, fluffing out her feathers. She seemed to be agreeing. Sniper groaned to himself and put a hand over his face, embarrassed at having said that aloud. Even if it was to a bird. "But he's hardly the most trustworthy man out here, is he? I haven't even seen the spooks face."

Their conversation was interrupted with the return of the falcon's partner. The two chirped to each other, swapped positions and off she flew, leaving her mate to eat his catch and roost. He gave Sniper a look, which basically said that he wasn't in the mood for talking. Sniper sighed. The male falcon wasn't as kind to his company as the female.

He stood and walked away from the windowsill, rubbing his face again. At least he could talk to the birds and expect them to say nothing; he wouldn't talk about this sort of thing with the team. No bloody way. Least of all with Spy. Of course, that didn't mean the Spy wouldn't find out. Man had a damn invisibility watch!

As if to confirm his suspicions, there was a hissing sound just where he had been sitting. He froze and drew out a long curse as the Spy reappeared, smirking widely.

"You like my arse?"


Scout rolled over, running a hand through his hair. He was being stupid. He knew he had fallen asleep next to Engie again. He just couldn't resist it. It was too easy. So easy to fuck him. To be fucked by him. To lie next to him. To love him.

Scout grumbled and tugged on his own hair in frustration. It was fucking stupid. Engie probably had a wife back in Texas. Some blonde bitch with an hourglass figure and a boring-as-fuck personality. Engie would be going home to her at the end of the war. And Scout? He'd go back to Boston, to his Ma and brothers. Fuck. If they knew about this he had no idea what the fuck would happen.

He rolled onto his back and looked at the back of Engie's head. He couldn't even remember how this happened. It was like his brain one day decided that he needed to fuck Engie. Then it built up into this emotional bullshit.

And it'd be so easy, so easy, if Engie acted like he didn't give a shit. As if Scout was just a piece of meat to get by on until he went home. But no. Engie wasn't like that at all. He was weird, and affectionate, and short, and protective and had said that he loved him. Nobody besides Scout's Ma had said that they loved him. And worst of all, Engie was honest. He wasn't a liar. He meant practically everything he said, especially when it came to Scout.

Scout felt a pain in his heart. It was swelling but behind it all was the constant echo of Engineer's life back home. The wife. The woman who would ultimately get to keep him. Fucking bitch. Scout clenched his fists. It wasn't fair! He liked Engie best, he knew it! Nobody liked Engie the way Scout did. It had gone beyond like, probably beyond love. He fucking needed Engie. He didn't know why but he needed Engie.

Scout edged closer to Engie and wrapped his arms around him. Engie mumbled something but didn't shift away or wake up. Scout took the chance and curled up around him, head lowered and hips and legs spooning the shorter man. Engie was his. Scout stubbornly thought, holding onto Engie jealously tight. Fine, maybe there was some bitch in Texas pinning for him and playing housewife. But out here, Engie was his. Scout could only hope the war would continue forever. Otherwise...

He didn't think about the otherwise. Wrapped around Engie, holding him so close the man could've felt Scout's heartbeat against his back, he felt some of his fears stay away. As if they were scared of Engie. Inhaling deeply, Scout fell asleep, lulled by Engie's presence - his warmth, his scent and his soft sounds.

Tomorrow night he'd wake up Engie, saying he had been unable to sleep because of a nightmare. And Engie would comfort him, mutter sweet words to him, maybe even fuck him if Scout asked nicely. Then, when Engie had fallen asleep again, Scout would quietly laugh at that stupid cow in Texas. Engie was his.


Sniper remained quiet, listening to the music float by. Someone had put on a record, which was quite strange. At least, nobody had put on any music in all the times he had been down here. And it was pretty late - no-one was usually up at this time. It was enough to get Sniper's attention so he followed that music down the halls of the base. It was a song he had never heard before, with a slow, calming rhythm. After nearly going in the wrong direction a few times, he finally found the source - the locked basement. Sniper shook his head. Who expected privacy in there? He punched in the code into the number pad and stepped in, shutting the door.

Spy was there, still in full uniform - the only item he had taken off was his jacket. He was dancing a wide circle in the room, which made Sniper smile at the familiar movements. Spy had stopped the moment he had heard the door open but relaxed slightly when he saw who it was.
"Allo." Then he kept dancing. For some reason, he didn't seem to mind Sniper seeing him dance but anyone else would be shot or backstabbed for intruding.
"Hey" Sniper returned, watching him as he slowly spun with his invisible partner.
"What are you doing here?" Spy asked, curtly. Maybe Sniper was allowed to see him dance and live, but he still had to have a damn good reason to enter Spy's company.
"Heard the music. S'not bad." Sniper shrugged. He didn't usually hear much music, so he couldn't really say he knew much about what was good and bad.

"Not bad?" Spy repeated. He cast Sniper a look as he kept swaying with the music. "You clearly have little taste."
"I haven't heard much." Sniper waved aside the comment. "What are you doing?"
"Isn't it obvious?" Spy asked, raising an eyebrow. Sniper could identify his movements; he had done so before when Spy had waltzed, tangoed and fox-trotted into the perch. Sniper shook his head.
"I mean, what are you doing down here so late?"
"Couldn't I ask you the same?"

They both fell quiet, Sniper unable to answer and Spy smirking in triumph. The music slowed and stopped, and then a new song rose up. Spy slinked over to Sniper.
"Is there something you want?" Blunt as always, when it came to questioning him. Sniper knew that he had to be just as blunt in reply, but he faltered slightly.
"Well...ah. Would ya teach me...?" He asked, gesturing to Spy and the music. Spy suppressed a chuckle, which annoyed Sniper.
"You want to know how to dance?"
"Yeah. What?"

A full frown broke onto Sniper's face as Spy let out a little laugh. It was quite an occasion, for Spy to laugh, but when he was laughing at him, that sort of ruined the moment.
"Oh, it's nothing. But you will owe me a favour..." A very good favour too, Spy thought. He assumed that Sniper had never danced before so this would take a lot of work just to get him to tell his right from his left. But he might be able to claim quite a hefty prize. Sniper meanwhile had already made his mind up. 'Favours' was how they worked. It was how they kept this a game. For the sake of the facade, Sniper sighed heavily.
"Alright. I owe you one." Spy smugly smiled.

The music was nothing too fast. Spy started very easy, insultingly easy, just to annoy Sniper. Then when he complained, he increased the difficulty level tenfold. He was a bit surprised when Sniper picked up on the movements quickly - not that it showed. He would only tut when Sniper stumbled and direct him on where to put his hands. Of course, Spy was leading. He knew the steps off by heart, so Sniper would have to settle for being the woman in their dance routines. Not that Sniper even realised. It was less a dance lesson then two men playing their usual word games, with some extra features thrown in; a handicap, some required movements and background music.

Their steps depended on the song and evidently, on came a slow song, an instrumental with no words. The two swayed, both acutely aware of how close they were and neither caring about it. They adapted their position for the dance; a hand in the others and the spare on each other’s waist. Spy frowned at Sniper.
"Do you really need those?" He asked, breaking hand contact for a second to point at Sniper's shades. They were indoors, at night - they just weren't needed. But really, Spy just wanted to see those green eyes again.
"You got a point there, mate." Sniper took him off and folded them so they could hang from the collar of his shirt. He had begun to understand this quirk of Spy's - I'm not going to say I want something, or ask for it. I'll hint. Pickup on the hints for me.

Spy nodded, retaking Sniper's hand. He wasn't going to smile, even as his stomach did a little flip when Sniper looked directly at him, smiling softly.
"That's better. But stop smiling." It only made his stomach jump about more.


Engineer was working in his workshop. He had some adjustments to make to the teleporters - a little bit of fine tuning and they should be able to resist sapping more. For some reason, they seemed weaker compared to his sentries or dispensers. And considering that if one was destroyed, the other was redundant, it was important to make them strong. It was probably due to the nature of their purpose. Maintaining an open connection meant that the mechanics were more exposed. Maybe he could better protect the inner workings without compromising its ability to work? He heard the door open and recognised the voice that called in as Scout's.

Scout was here to start working in Engineer's workshop. He wanted Engie's attention and he was going to get it. Who cared if the teleporters worked? Slow fatties should stay in the base if they couldn't move it. Soldier went on endlessly about training every morning and was still so slow! He grinned at the sight of Engie leaning over his desk, shuffling through his papers. It was one of his favourite sights; an unaware Engie bent over for some reason or another. The last time he had seen it Engie had built over a dispenser in battle, beginning to upgrade it. It was very tempting to sneak up behind him then and show some appreciation for building the dispenser in such a good place, but he had held back. Purely because Pyro had been hanging around. Stupid Mumbles.

But now he was in Engie's workshop, there was no-one else around and he had to be quick before Engie straightened up. Scout strutted over to the Texan, immediately thrusting out his arms and wrapping them around Engie's chest.
"Hey Engie. What ya doing?" He already knew of course. He leaned over Engie, peering over his shoulder at the papers. All he saw was a bunch of complex symbols and some numbers that he wasn't really interested in.
"Working." Engie replied casually. He had gotten used to Scout draping his body over him. It felt nice, even if it usually was the beginning of a diversion from whatever he was doing at the time.

"Not anymore." Scout declared. Engie was a bit annoyed that he wouldn't be able to get on with his work. But then Scout nipped at his ear in that rough, playful way and his hands started getting grabby...the boy had him caught better then a fly caught by a spider.
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>> No. 3746
I feel like I should pick a favourite or something, but there's all so awesome it's hard!

Sniper holding a conversation with a bird might do it, though. Or dancing. Epic sexy dancing.
>> No. 3747
These are extremely cute.
>> No. 3748
Very nice, very nice indeed. I feel like that by alternating the moments we see of each romance and its characters, you've amplified their emotions and made them more lovable and believable. Which, I suppose, is difficult, considering you guys already write such wonderfully in-depth, flesh and blood characters. I'd love to see this be continued.
>> No. 3749
these shorties made me so happy. I couldn't pick which one was my favorite cause they're all so well done. Please do more and post them here.
>> No. 3750
A whip. Engie had a fucking whip. instantly I pictured Engie as Indiana Jones and Scout as Shortround. Awesome
Scout had been holding the tip, not the handle.Oh man, I couldn't help but laugh, cuz I can totally see him doing this. Scout, you so silly, boy
they were all so very lovely, but I think the dancing one is my favorite. Just something about it. And all those favors are piling up C:
wonderful work! <3
>> No. 3751
These are amazing. I remember when I first tried to crack a whip... and then my dad did it so easily and I was like: WHY?! and tried to do it for the next hour... or three. And to this day have never succeeded. I feel Scout's pain...
Sniper talking to birds was bloody brilliant... especially since their genders display a difference in personality. I was going "aw" through the entire third ficlet... it was just so freaking ADORABLE to see posessive!Scout. And then the dancing... I had an idea for that a while ago, but never explored it. I might still if you don't mind? And the last one... Hah... Scout thanking a bent over Engie made my day. Thank you.
>> No. 3757
My heart nearly exploded from all the warm feelings of happiness I'm having. This kind of stuff is such a major kink of mine. I love how possessive Scout is and the way he worries about Engie's 'wife'. A-a-and, I can't even begin to start on how much I melted with the Spy/Sniper ones. It's such a nice change from all the yelling that they're usually doing. And I love Sniper's ability to pick on on Spy's cues, among other things (like, all of it).
>> No. 3762
The Sniper/Spy ones just made me aaaaaaw, especially the dancing one. Someone should draw them dancing romantically C:
>> No. 3763
>> No. 3770
Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone!
And have some more too. I sent the first half of this off as a surprise for Zuul, since she had to work very long hours again today. I'm uploading the second half as an additional bonus for everyone!

Me and Zuul talked about the Engie and Scout we've been roleplaying and she told me that "Between the Bars" by Elliott Smith really suited them. After listening to it ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4cJv6s_Yjw ) I had to agree that it's a real beauty of a song. So I put it on, opened an email and began to type. This is what I ended up typing, only I took out the song lyrics. So now you must listen to it! First verse and chorus for Spy and Sniper, second verse and chorus for Engie and Scout. Enjoy!


Sniper and Spy were drinking. It was a surprisingly rare occurrence - Spy was forever wary of saying something he'd regret and Sniper preferred the occasional smoke to the taste of alcohol. But it had been a very depressing day, requiring something that would give them a fiery kick to the throat and dull their senses. They had taken the strongest of Demo's drink and were up in Sniper's perch, sitting on the bed and trying out different combinations.

Sniper had another letter from home. Normally it only pissed him off but now he just wanted to drown some sorrows. His father had written this one which immediately made him realise it was serious - his Mum had written all the previous letters, with his dear Dad only adding some venomous comments through her hand. Now there were only two sentences, the first telling him that he was being disowned and the second ordering him to never reply or write again. He knew his Mum probably didn't get a word in the matter. Her brutish husband had always had the final word in their household. Sniper formed a fist around the bottle he held.

Spy glared at nothing. Lately the BLU Engineer and Scout seemed to be after his blood, and it was because of their Spy. He hadn't realised what had happened there, until...Spy shuddered. He hadn't wanted that at all. He couldn't see why BLU Spy would ever want to disguise as one of them and find the other for some sex. Neither of them was worth it! But now, because of that bastard, he had to deal with their combined rage at him. He could handle it and turn it against them but it didn't help that they would team up against him. Maybe he could sneak into their base one night and kill them then.

They had both begun to get drunk. It was slowly becoming apparent in their behaviour. Sniper was usually polite, light-hearted and able to match Spy in terms of being a gentleman. But he worked at being a gentleman; it didn't come naturally. He was at his most natural when he didn't have to worry so much about manners - like when he was working, or kissing Spy. As such, he was less restricted in his actions, slinging an arm over Spy as he drank. Spy didn't mind. He would have commented on it had he been sober but of course he wasn't sober. Rather than chatter on as he usually did, he remained quiet, reflecting on something. Sometimes he would open his mouth but nothing came out, save for a few sighs.

The drink didn't remove the pride both men carried with them. Sniper wasn't going to do anything unless Spy hinted like he normally did. And Spy didn't trust his mouth after a few drinks. So they simply sat together on Sniper's bed in the dark room. Sniper did pull Spy a bit closer though, so he was slightly leaning on him. Or was it the other way round? Regardless he closed the distance and Spy did little to resist. If anything, Spy relaxed into the hold and raised a hand to hold the arm curled around him.

Sniper secretly wanted to undress Spy, feel his body without the layers. See his face. He never tried to imagine what Spy looked like under the mask - he didn't want to imagine, he wanted to see. But he wasn't going to be the one to initiate that. He played along with Spy's hinting for the most part, but Spy should learn to take what he wanted. To initiate, rather than doll up his desires with wordplay and wait for Sniper to make the move.

Unknown to him, Spy was having similar thoughts. He wanted Sniper naked with him, pressing against him in that feral way; the way he was when they kissed. But he couldn't ask outright, that wasn't classy. And there was no way he was going to start it! No - he wanted Sniper to simply start taking off his clothes, pull him down and have his way with him. And Spy was sure he could convince Sniper to do just that. But Spy's thoughts had become cloudy. The drink?

No, not the drink. It was Sniper's fault. He felt this way around him before, when he was drink-free. The man did weird things to him. Made his stomach flip. Made his heart flutter slightly. Spy was excellent at hiding these but it didn't change the fact that they happened. He couldn't allow himself to think of what they might mean. Because, if they meant what he thought they did, he was in big trouble. Spies shouldn't fall in love. They couldn't. It was too dangerous.

Sniper's belly was warmed by the stolen booze and his side was warmed by Spy's body. Or Spy was warming him up all over. But it couldn't be that. He was close to Spy, yes - they understood each other well. But he knew it was something more than that. He behaved himself around Spy. Watched what he said, how he acted. He shouldn't. Sniper shouldn't be watching his manners around Spy. Why did he care how Spy saw him? He certainly didn't care half as much about how the others saw him.

They didn't talk much that night. Mostly because they drifted to sleep as they were, Sniper holding Spy's shoulders and Spy holding Sniper's arm. The only way they shifted during the night was to snuggle into each other, nuzzling each other's heads in their dreams.


Scout and Engie had drunk a few beers before heading back to Engie's room. Why his room? It was closest. Neither of them were totally shitfaced - they were somewhere between tipsy and drunk. So there were a few stumbles, some clumsy affectionate gestures and kisses. The moment they entered the room Scout kicked the door shut forcefully and grabbed at Engie, planting his lips where-ever he could. Engie returned the gesture sweetly, not as hurriedly as Scout, by holding him and kissing his cheeks, jaw and neck.

Soon they were already on the bed, Scout tugging at Engie's clothes. The alcohol was fogging his brain a little, making him slightly causing him to have more trouble than usual as he tried to tear them off Engie. It was also putting strange thoughts into Scout's head - thoughts about what happens after this. Not what happens after they have sex, that's fucking obvious (they curl up together and go to sleep or have more sex until they do go to sleep). Scout means after the war, when they've beaten the RED's to pulps.

Engie felt the tugs and pulled at his clothes, stripping himself out of his overalls and shirt clumsily. He had forgotten to take off his kneepads at first, so his pants got stuck there. He watched Scout tear out of his own clothes as Engie's mind fell under the spell of the beer, just as had Scout's. His entire mind was focused on Scout. But only half of it was concentrating on watching the boy wiggle out of his pants, before crawling up to him. The other half was thinking about the future - his future with Scout.

Scout pushed Engie back as he was thinking, not caring if he was done getting undressed. Scout would practically rip off anything still covering Engie. If he wanted to see Engie naked, he was going to see Engie naked. Simple as that. He dived forward to kiss him roughly on the lips, even as that nasty nagging was building up in his ears. Reminding him that they won't be here forever. That guys like Engie had pretty little wives waiting for them at home, cooking apple pies or some shit.

Engie accepted the kiss hungrily. He had never told Scout how much he adored his forwardness, his rough nature. But encouraging it might make Scout overzealous, so maybe it was best he didn't mention it. Even if it was one of the things Engie was going to miss most about Scout when this ended. They'd probably go their own separate ways after the war - Scout would return to Boston and he'd go back to Texas. Alone. Engie moaned as Scout moved against him, trying to distance himself from such depressing thoughts during something that felt so good.

They rocked into each other aggressively, noisily. Engie murmured and groaned sweet nothings as Scout swore and cried out in reply, the pair forming some strange music with their contrasting sounds. Scout counted himself lucky that his mouth wasn't taking full instruction from his head, or he'd come out with all sorts of crap. He was loudly asserting that the man thrusting against him was his - "You're fucking mine, Engie! You're mine!" - But he wasn't adding "Not that fucking bitch's!"

Their climaxes came and they snuggled together. Scout couldn't look up at Engie. It felt so good whenever they were together - not just like this just together, hanging out - but it was beginning to leave a lingering sense of hurt. He just couldn't ignore the thought that Engie wouldn't always be his. He hated how much Engineer was hurting him, just by fucking caring for him! And the kicker is that Engie probably didn't even realise it. Scout gripped onto Engie a little tighter, biting back tears.

Engie held him back, breathing deeply to hide his repressed sighs. He didn't want to leave Scout. He didn't want to go back home and end up spending the rest of his days wondering about Scout. He knew there wouldn't be another boy like him. And if there was, it would just remind Engie of Scout anyway. This was all probably just due to circumstance anyway, on Scout's part. He'd go home, find some pretty little lady and settle down happily with her. Engie stared up at the ceiling, holding Scout and trying to hide away his own emotions.

They fell asleep like that, both clinging to each other as if they would be separated in the morning, never to see each other again. Their faces smoothed out though, easing from worried, sad looks into peaceful, relaxed expressions.
>> No. 3771
Oh, I forgot to say - I wasn't sure whether the second bit was too explict or not. If it is I'll delete it from here and post it in /afanfic. I'm hoping it fits here, since I don't want to make a new topic for one little snippet.
>> No. 3775
Damn, do you write the best fluff. I'm loving the developments between Sniper and Spy, and Scout and Engineer's drama is shaping up wonderfully. Of the two, I think I prefer Sniper and Spy's; a story of impending love is nicer to me than a story of impending loss.
>> No. 3778
I was surprised just much I enjoyed Scout and Engineer's bit. I'm not usually all that interested in Scout, but you've fleshed him and the relationship out well. My heart hurts a bit now, to be honest. And I always love a well-written Spy&Sniper. Nicely done all around.
>> No. 3781
oh god, the letter made me baww the instant I read it cuz I assumed his mum may have died! no more biscuits! D:
HAAHHA OH SHIIII----it didn't even dawn on me that both of your stories co-exisited within the same storyline. FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC! i love this so much more now.
aww, the spy/sniper piece made me feel all warm and fluffy at the end. you guys are the best <3 so much emotion, it pulls at my heartstrings
that's it, i'm fucking drawing you guys something. expect some thing(s) tomorrow
>> No. 3782
oh and i forgot to mention the song you linked to
....my emotions, you have no idea how much you're controlling them now.
>> No. 3788
Spy's feminine hand gestures.
>> No. 3791
as if that song didn't make me cry as it is. ;_; oh bb you're breaking my heart.
>> No. 3792
So I played the song while reading the ficlets. Now I am just both sad and happy and a whole mess of other feelings. The Spy/Sniper part I read through twice because it was such a lovely introspection piece, very honest and sweet. And I'm glad we got to see more of Engie's POV in the last one too. Also loving the way both stories are intermingling. I honestly would say more, but just know that I'm going to bed now in sleepy contentment. :>
>> No. 3799
Thank you... so much for writing this...

I would also like to say I love you... just so we're clear.
>> No. 3800
>> No. 3801
I think it's fine here... there's no direct mention of "it" jsut that they went to the top of a mountain somewhere while "wrestling". ; )
>> No. 3845
I am so into these stories and can hardly wait for more <3
>> No. 3874
I recorded a cover of Between The Bars today, it's an awesome song.
No sage because saging ficlets this awesome would be like Chuck Norris getting knocked out - plain wrong. DuskZephyr is credit to team. And Britfags, too.
>> No. 3989
Oh look, there's more. It always amuses me that these got more replies per update then the logs they're based upon. But whatever - Enjoy!


The other members of the RED and BLU teams probably had no idea what was going on. Only four people were involved in this personal fight, two from RED and two from BLU, and they didn’t quite understand everything. Hell, only one person even had the full picture and he was just an auditor! The BLU Spy couldn’t help but find the entire situation hilarious, even if it had risen from a mistake on his part. Seeing the two pairs of lovers unknowingly square off was highly distracting but often proved to be worth it, he reflected as he stood outside the base with a cigarette.

Engineer would shoot the RED Spy around with his shotgun, only to shot by the Sniper from the battlements. Scout would react and bat the man to death, only to be stabbed by a respawned Spy. It went on in different strings and with varying frequency, but the pattern was there. All of the lovers would react to hostility to his mate with different types of reaction, BLU Spy had noticed. The BLU pair was very open in their dogged pursuit of the RED Spy, while the REDs were far more reserved in their vengeance. It was probably to do with the nature of their jobs, BLU Spy thought.

Or maybe there was a likeness to their relationships? Afterall, judging from sly glances he stole at them and details he could pick up from Scout, the BLU’s relationship was very open; behind closed doors. Only an idiot would ‘come out’ with certain members of their teammates being who they were. But overall, Spy got the impression that if being gay wasn’t considered a big deal then Scout wouldn’t hold back from dragging Engie off at regular intervals for some /privacy/. And it appeared that Engie would have few complaints in the matter, given how easily Scout could convince him to stop working and start playing. They were already constantly found in each other’s company, so often that Spy had to wonder why nobody else questioned just how close the two were.

As for the REDs, his glimpses into their relationship were rare treats. They were nothing like Engie and Scout, that pair. He had the extreme pleasure of sneaking into the Sniper’s nest one day to find his favourite backstab target talking coolly to his rival. At first Spy hadn’t even been aware of them being together, trying to decide who to backstab first. Then their conversation took an interesting turn, and was Spy able to pick up on some of the innuendo hidden in their speech. A few more chance observations led Spy to realise that theirs was a game of wordplay and wit. It wasn’t about throwing themselves at each other and making a claim on them (which genuinely surprised Spy, he usually pictured the bushman as a grown version of Scout with an aversion to sunlight). Theirs was about trying to make the other react, get /them/ to throw themselves on the other.

It was all very interesting. In truth, BLU Spy didn't know if he was envious or indifferent to the surprising amount of amour in the bases. Maybe it was a little bit of both. A little bit of love was always something pleasant to wake up to, especially in this lonely place. But there were few people out here who could match his high standards or his selective tastes - he certainly didn't want any of the 'taken' men. Heavens no. Let them have their little love affairs. Spy let go of his cigarette, watching the glowing speck fall. Perhaps the Medic would make a suitable companion? The man would be stubborn, resistant, authoritative, domineering...a challenge.

Spy smirked. He liked challenges. He crushed out the cigarette and strolled briskly back indoors.
>> No. 3990
Ohhh, loving the new perspective right here. This fic is such a great add-on to the chat logs, gives it a little more depth and emphasis on everything. (More updates too, durhur)

Aaand, do I smell some potential Spy/Medic?
>> No. 3997
ah, it's nice to have a lil outside view of things. A comparison between the two 'groups' as it were. very nice, i enjoy reading these so much C:

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