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diary of a pyro (11)

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today was a nice day. there were flowers in the grass and clouds in the sky. i felt free and did not want to burn things. a nice old man talked to me about his dead wife. he does not want to live without her. i obliged. i did not want to give him fire, i did not want to waste the fuel, but he had to see her. they are happy now. fire is a gift that was given to me, and i am good with it. i do not like fire sometimes, but it fills me with a holy warmth, because god is inside it. and i am a prophet of the flame. but today, i just wanted to smell flowers. i like flowers, they remind me there are still nice things.

today was wrong. men in black suits took me to a gray place with too many walls and no pretty skies or flowers or grass. i miss the air in the outside. i don't remember it so well anymore. they hit me a lot.

today was not a good day. i miss my daddy and mother. the food here is not good, and there is no touching, just batons and silence. but there was a man in a suit who looked at me and told me about things. he said i could burn things for him. i told him about god and fire and my mission to bring rebirth through flame. he said i was a good person for this job, but he did not say whether or not i was a good person. i do not think he was a good person. i wanted to purify him.

today i met some new friends, and am away from the place with too many walls. i got a new suit. it is choking and hard to move in, and i do not feel free to breath in the smell of flowers and smoke, but i stuffed the suit with many flowers, and was given the bag i obtained from that trailer park two years ago, the one with the kids that made the news. they said it was a gift. i cried. crying is bad, crying is water and water does not feed flame. they do not see my crying, because of the mask. they cannot see my face either. it is easier that way.

today i went on a mission with my friends. they told me to burn the people in the blue clothes. it was very easy, once they started shooting at me. i gave them what god had given me. now they are gone. afterwards, my new friends wanted to celebrate and give me beer. i went off alone, i was tired. my mask hid my tears. god's mission was not meant to be traded for beer.

today i went on another mission. i helped a young man steal a briefcase by burning sinners with my fire. i am getting used to this way of life. they tell me when i am done here, i can move to a cabin with lots of flowers. they are lying. my friends are very different, they are all hiding something inside them.

there is the fat one, heavy. i like him, but he eats too much, and hurts others because of it. and he hurts people when he cannot eat. that is all he can do, hurt and eat. he cries inside a lot, i think, but he never shows that. he does not talk to me, and i like it that way. he doesn't pretend to care about me, so that makes things easy.

i enjoy the company of the one who drinks. he is scarred, physically and emotionally, and does not know his mother. he tells me good stories about sea monsters and fire, and i can talk to him about my problems, and he is good at listening. he does not have any answers, but when i leave this place, i will let him visit me, and give him flowers. i don't think he would appreciate them, though.

the one who runs annoys me. he talks a lot, and drinks too much energy drink. he is funny though, but he makes fun of me. he will not end well, and if he does become old, he will regret his life. he does not know how to slow down and smell the flowers, and the fire inside his soul burns too fast. he needs to talk to someone, but is too proud to show people who he really is.

the one who wears a mask is bad. he is a very, very bad man. i tried to burn him, but they stopped me. he is a demon. i do not speak with him. when i see the people like him on the other team, i burn them- not to give them god's gift, but to send them back to the void. they are that which should not be.

the man with the rifle is kind in his heart, even if he is confused. he knows his parents and they love him. he calls them once a month and they yell, but they love each other. i want to hug him for this, but when i tried he wasn't happy and kicked me. i forgive him, because he has love inside him, even if he is a little broken. when i die, i will see him in heaven.

the man with the rocket launcher is an empty void, and he scares me. he is a product of war and violence, and seeks to become one with his rocket launcher, a weapon for death with his body. he does not seek anything else with his life, and does not see beauty. he talks about nothing but killing and death and lies, and does not know anything. his stories are not the product of creativity, but a bad mind encased in an empty soul. he has been alone too long and does not know how to be with people, so he wishes to be a weapon instead.

the man with the white coat is an angel. he does not know it, but i have seen the truth of god inside him, like when i discovered my special power. he sometimes speaks kindly to me, and sometimes we work together, and he fills me with his healing spirit, which comes out of a machine he carries. i want to spend time with him, and purify this world together, but he is afraid of me i think. he is a man who enjoys music, though, and i often hear him listening to records. i wish he would invite me to listen with him and be a friend, but he seems to enjoy the company of others.

the builder is a good spirit, and a creative soul. he is a man who builds things instead of destroying them, and takes great pride in what he does. i respect him for that, and he has a mind that i cannot even begin to see into, but i know his soul is good. i want to be his friend, but he is more interested in his machines than people. i do not fault him for this. but i will keep bad men away from his creations. i will protect him, the mechanical creator.

none of them are completely pure, though. even the medic has a secret taste for blood and seems to have nightmares constantly inside his head, even though they make him smile. but they are my friends for now, and i will fight with them and keep them alive against the demons.

today was confusing. i was on another mission to steal a briefcase, and i was accompanied by the angel in the white coat and the annoying fast one. and then, one of the bad demons stabbed the angel in the back. i watched him appear out of thin air, and i promptly gave him a proper exorcism for his sins. he died, and by then the annoying fast one was gone. i was going to take the angel back for a burial of my friend, but then i felt another power... i felt fire, near me. it was not mine though. then, from the shadows emerged a form, like me, but not me. this new being wore a similar suit, but different colors. i did not sense the power of god inside this... demon. it approached me, looking surprised, and then threw fire at me with the machine we have been given to dispense the gift. i threw fire back, and we attempted to purify each other. a moment later, a fat one appeared, and took from me my life and gave me pain, and without the angel, i fell quickly.

i woke up in the waiting room, feeling alright. but i do not feel alright inside. the burning inside me is awake and angry that such a demon is about, a mockery of me, attempting to corrupt the world with impure flames. my flames are pure, my flames are holy, my flames are the gift i received from on high. i shall seek out this impure firestarter and cleanse it from this world. and then i will continue to cleanse for the men in suits until i can go build a cabin in the woods. but until this time, i will burn through everything in my way until that monster is dead and gone.
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This is pretty interesting. Some people claim that the Pyro isn't smart, but they have no proof. He could actually be a pretty intelligent guy, or even a spiritual one.

I like this a lot. Will there be more?

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I agree with PuckDuck, it is pretty interesting.
Please continue this.

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that was awesome, like really awesome

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I'm glad people enjoyed this. I have written other stuff, but I'm thinking of possibly working on an pseudo art-project that shows the Pyro's view of the world and how fire cleanses it- think alchemic charts. Also, scattered about it would be pictures of his friends (class members) on fire, and little notes about them, such as "Scout is funny and talks a lot. He drinks too much Bonk." "Spy is always saying bad things and hurting people. He does not know his mother's love, so he takes it from other's." and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be able to make something of it.

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it.

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I really like this.

Your Pyro is so very screwed up in the head, but so very /interesting/.

And I'd love to see this project if you go ahead with it.

/fail comment

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I love this. So very much. It's really beautiful in its simplicity, and there's just so much feeling to the writing. I really enjoy the way your Pyro views the world; it just makes so much /sense/ in a weird sort of way.

I'd love to see your art project if you get a chance to do it.

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i really enjoyed this.

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It was an interesting read. Moar?

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For some reason I get flowers for algernon vibes from this. This is not a bad thing.

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For some reason I get flowers for algernon vibes from this.No, Rorschach.

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Nah, he's got slightly more grasp on reality.
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