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No. 302
Every repost is a repost repost. By Engineer.


Spy was reasonably sure that the engineer on his base was a vampire.

Now, he wasn't prone to such flights of fancy, but seriously. All the evidence pointed to it. The engineer was nocturnal (waking up in the middle of the night and working through the middle of the day; he never needed to be awake much past noon, to be painfully honest). He always wore a hat (a cowboy hat, too, not the typical hardhat). Never ate with them at dinner (He DID drink, which added to the suspicions for some reason). He ignored mirrors (Spy COULD see his reflection in it, but maybe the engineer- if he was a vampire- couldn't see his OWN reflection? It'd fit in the mythos if you squinted and turned your head a little!), and always turned down Pyro's spahgetti sauce, claiming an allergy to garlic (Spy knew someone who really was allergic. Tragically, he was an Italian). Not to mention the oddness of him never smiling with teeth showing. Had to be fangs in there. Or at least some crooked teeth.

However, Spy had to admit that he didn't expect to have such solid evidence plonked down in front of him. Or, rather, stomping his foot in an attempt to keep from yelling and grabbing a burned hand.

Engineer had tried to put Scout's book (Sports Almanac) away and grabbed the little saint's medal that he was using as a bookmark (Saint Rita, for the record). Spy knew that, as a vampire, religious symbols tended to sting a little. No way he could deny it now!

Never had he felt so smug (except for that time last week when he got Scout to run into a wall). He carefully slunk out from the shadows, offering Engineer his flask for a fortifying sip and pre-emptively tossing the offending book over on the other side of the couch as help. Engineer took it and had taken quite a sturdy pull before realizing what Spy'd seen and sputtering a little before rememebring to swallow.

"Aw, damn. You caught me- please, /please/ don't tell anyone? Please. I ain't hurting no one besides the bastards next door. I mean, sure I've nipped Snip-"

Spy held up his hand, cutting off Engineer before he could insert his foot into his mouth.

"Personally," he began, while lighting a smoke, "I don't care. I just wanted to know. It's what I do. Know things. You honestly think I would divulge what I know to the... plebes on base? Please. You know me better than /that/."

Engineer paused, opened his mouth (Spy noted with glee that there WERE fangs! Smallish, but he supposed maybe they could extend or something), closed his mouth, and nodded in agreement. Spy was just weird and nosy and liked knowing things. Maybe it was just a Spy sort of thing, hoarding tidbits.

Spy continued to look smug and puff on his smoke as he continued right over Engineer's thoughts. "And now I know. So I, for one, am going to /bed/. You ever get a hunger for something more exotic than a roofucking convict, give me a ring."

He finished smoking right as he finished talking (he was an expert at timing these sorts of things; learned it in school), put the smoke out, and did a neat turn on his heel before stalking off to his room.

Engineer was left dumbfounded and not quite sure what just happened. He frowned a little, shrugged, and then went back to checking around the base before popping out to bother the other side. He had his suspicions about the other team's Spy.
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>> No. 2728
Any Continues?
>> No. 2734
dammit, you beat me to it. I was going to have twilight bashes in it and everything
>> No. 2739
(Spy knew someone who really was allergic. Tragically, he was an Italian)How horrible...
(except for that time last week when he got Scout to run into a wall)Haha, how hard is it really?

This was entertaining crack.
>> No. 2744
FBWFJIAGWag continue
>> No. 2750
It's all in the artistry. A Shaggy Dog ending with Scout connecting with wall, instead of a simple pun.

also hahah you guys want me to write more lololo
>> No. 2762
Well I walked into a stop sign once, and Scout's attention span is even worse than mine. Get him to smack into a wall is cake.

Apparently, St Rita is the patron saint of mothers, lost causes, marital problems and possibly baseball. One of her symbols is BEES.
>> No. 2776
Pretty Please with Scout on top
>> No. 2906
Our bees will block out the sun.

Can you write a tidbit of Vengie taking a sneaky "nip" out of the other teammates?
>> No. 2907
Bee Cave, Texas?
>> No. 2929

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