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No. 2308
soo first attempt at tf2 fic, i cant post it on ygal yet cause they are stupid and frankly im a little afraid here...tf2 fans here are like rabid wolves sometimes and the fics and their writers are like injured rabbits... well heres my go.

The base had been unusually quiet; the normal sounds of Pyro cooking in their tiny kitchen or the soft, foreign language of medic’s records echoing down the concrete halls. Today was supposed to be a day…today the troop got their new sniper, something the team had been lacking for some time and needed terribly…but no one was really enthusiastic about the news. Most of the team had not even been bothered to come out of their rooms

Peter Thomas; or ‘Scout’ as he was simply called, shook and shivered in the freezing rain, furious that he had been “appointed” as the official welcome wagon for the new recruit. Why did this new bastard need a greeting any way? The biggest “greeting” he got was a punch on the shoulder and a shove into the first room they happened upon. A stiff wind came ripping across the old sawmill base, making the young RED hug himself tighter in a weak attempt to shield himself. If he got sick 'cause he had to wait for this fucker he was gonna make sure he got a proper greeting alright…with the good end of his bat.

“’E should be ‘ere any moment, mon ami, just wait a few more minutes,”

Scout didn't quite jump out of his skin, but he did slip in the muddy earth and landed flat on his rear…effectively soaking him more (if that was even possible).

“F-f-fuck man! Don’t fuckin' sneak up on me like that!”

He muttered a few choice obscenities before grudgingly accepting Spy’s offered gloved hand and getting to his feet. Despite the older man's creepiness and bad taste in smokes; the scout had managed to form a light friendship with the spook, usually spending his down time with the Frenchmen, finding him to be surprisingly good company. Even spy seemed to enjoy the casual friendship with the young man, exchanging stories of their homes and adventures before they joining up with RED. The older Frenchmen even offered Scout advice on women a few times…not that the boy was really interested in that, women never really held much interest for him. Not that he’d admit it of course.

The older man chuckled and offered a friendly smile as he helped the springy young man brush away the mud that was determined to stick to the scout’s trousers.

“Can’t fight my nature mon ami,”

He purred and pulled out his cigarette case from his breast pocket and maked a point to stand just out of the rain before lighting it. Scout rolled his eyes and went back to rubbing life back into his frozen arms.

“Yeah, whatever… what the hell ya’ doin’ out here any way, spooky? Get roped into this fuckin’ welcome wagon?”

The spy smirked and shook his head, finding the idea that anyone could force him to do anything he didn’t want to quite hilarious.

“Non, I simply saw you out ‘ere in zeh freezing rain an thought you might want zis,”

He reached down and picked up the item he had originally brought out for the scout: an umbrella. Scout glanced at what the man was holding and scowled a little, feeling unbelievably foolish that he hadn’t thought of that sooner. It hadn’t been raining when he first came outside, but after two years out in this wilderness base he should have learned not to trust the weather.

“Er…thanks, spooky…”

He mumbled, taking the offered umbrella and opening it quickly, covering himself quickly even if it did little about his already soaked and muddy cloths. They stood in silence from then, not uncomfortable at all, listening to the rain and the soft chatter of the scout’s teeth as they waited for the truck that would be dropping off their new sniper. Ten minuets passed and spy began to work on his second cigarette.

“What do you zink zis new sniper will be like?”

Spy asked, breaking the calm silence. Scout glanced over at the crimson Frenchmen and shrugged.

“Dunno…if he’s anything like Anthony…”

Scout couldn’t finish, a tense awkward air came over the two at the mention of their fallen friend. Their previous sniper, Anthony as he was simply called, was a strange man, but he was nice once one got to know him. He was loud and fun loving for the most part, enjoying a good drinking game with Demo or Heavy or dancing with Medic to his strange records in the medical ward. A deadly good shot, and one of the best snipers scout had ever seen…well…not that he had seen many; this new guy will be his second.

Anthony’s death was a tragic one…there had been no fights for two weeks cause of the rain…but in this mountain wilderness rain and snow where just part of the territory, and why the companies even put bases in this thick forest was beyond any anyone… the BLUs insisted on the battle for the day, the long dry spell was costing more money then the men where making and were about to be cut off unless some progress was made. RED was in a similar position. They were low on food and supplies, so they agreed to a battle on a particularly rainy day.

It was a disaster, scouts where slipping all over the places, spies couldn’t stealth and weapon after weapon kept taking water damage. A few took to punching and kicking just to say they had accomplished something that day. Anthony was the only one who managed to take a few of them out, finding a somewhat dry spot to set up and take a few well aimed head shots. They where on the brink of a win when the agonized scream was heard, followed by a wet thump, and it was over.

Scout had never heard Medic scream like that before, and he was positive he’d never want to again. One carefully aimed backstab and their sniper was gone. Medic had done everything he could, fighting to keep his heart beating longer, but it was just to late. Scout shuddered at the memory of the German with his hands in the man’s chest, trying to pump the lifeless organ back to life manually, and how he had to be dragged off screaming by Heavy and Solider. There was no more music from Medic’s room after that day, he rarely left the medical bay for anything accept when Engineer had to force him to go and eat something, but even that was a lost cause as he simply took meals in his room.

A clap of thunder shook Scout out of his memories as another fresh bucket of rain started to pour. Scout sighed and glanced back to Spy, who was frowning and looking over his shoulder.

“I’ma give this fucker 10 more minuets then I’m goin’ back inside,”

Scout said, reading spy’s mind. The older man nodded in agreement and got out another cigarette, lighting it quickly with his engraved silver lighter. They went back to their comfortable silence for another seven minuets when a new sound came roaring over the rain and thunder. The familiar sounds of an old pickup truck with a bad muffler came flying down the worn muddy trail at breakneck speed. Both Scout and Spy tensed up, ready to run to the safety of the base incase the driver of the vehicle spun out of control…which looked like it could happen any minute. There was a screeching of rusty breaks and they truck jerked, fish tailing a little as it parked right outside the base with a splash of mud, splattering the scout all along the front but managing to miss the spy completely.


The young man cursed loudly, wiping the mud off his face and chest. Spy couldn’t help but chuckle lightly at the situation. Scout had always amused him the most of all his teammates. The young scout glared in the spy’s direction, a stream of curses directed his way bubbled in the back of his throat where cut off when the sounds of the truck’s doors opening reached their ears. Scout turned back toward the truck when an older man came out of the driver’s side. He looked to be about mid 40s, the average age of a lot of the members here at the base; an angry, weather beaten man, tall but bulky, with a physic more towards Heavy’s, something the young scout thought was strange. Their last sniper had been a thin wiry man and he had just assumed that was the normal. The large angry looking man stood in front of the scout and dropped a duffel bag at his feet. Scout tensed up a bit at the look on the man’s face, thinking that he had already pissed off their new sniper some how. Just as Scout opened his mouth to say something the older man spoke first.

“Yer’ the scout of this troop, right?”

He muttered, not bothering to wait for an answer before pulling out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and began to read it out in a bored voice.

“Er…troop 506…yer’ to be getting a Mr. Rudy Penry, aka…RED sniper,”

He grunted and made an exaggerated grand gesture, bowing sarcastically toward the truck before crumpling back up the paper and tossing it over his shoulder. Scout and sSy exchanged a quick glance before Scout finally got a word in.

“Er…aren’t you him?”

He asked, feeling a little confused, cocking his head to the side a little. The old man snorted and spat on the ground.

“Fuck no! Boy! Get out here!”

He shouted over his shoulder back at the truck. Scout and Spy both glanced back over at the truck with slightly raised eye brows when the passenger side seat suddenly sat up and someone else stepped into the pouring rain. Scout blinked a few times to make sure he was looking at the right person, glancing back at the older man then to the stranger coming to stand at his side.

At first scout thought this was some kind of joke, or perhaps that RED had sent them the wrong person, because Scout was sure that this…kid couldn’t be their sniper. Scout eyed the stranger up and down, gathering as much as he could in a span of 30 seconds. He was tall and thin like most snipers seemed to be and dressed in the same uniform that their previous sniper had. Long, shaggy looking rust red hair stuck out from under a well worn crocodile tooth akubra, and if Scout angled his head a little he could see it tied off in a sloppy pony tail in the back. What really took Scout by surprise was the man’s youth…he looked like he was as old as the scout himself, if not younger. Painting his youthful face, a rich caramel that seemed to make his skin look hot to the touch in the cold weather, were several long scars running along his cheeks and neck and several earrings in each ear giving him a fierce edge to his look that would probably make most nervous at first glance, but what really pulled his whole look together where his eyes. Scout couldn’t see the exact color behind the tinted lenses of his glasses but he could clearly see his left eye standing out, almost white against the sniper’s sunglasses. The scout was vaguely reminded of a picture of a wolf he had seen in one of Medic’s books. The wild bright eyes of the beast look eerily similar to this young man’s.

A loud hacking cough broke the awkward silence between all four men, making Scout glance back at the driver.

“Alright, you boys have fun now,”

He mumbled before giving an irritated look to the new sniper and walking back to his truck, driving off in a spray of mud and rocks, leaving the new guy alone with his new teammates. The sniper Rudy gave a quick once over the base and snorted with a shake of his head before settling back on the still staring the spy and scout.

“Well…you wankers jus’ gonna stand der’ or are ya’ gonna let me get inside?”

He smirked at the dumb looks on the two men’s faces, deciding to act for himself and picking up his muddy duffel bag from the ground. He gave it a hard shake to dislodge the majority of the mud and tossed it over his shoulder before walking toward the doors, briefly eyeing the spy up and down with a sneer.


Scout shook himself out of his mild shock and ran after the new, younger sniper, putting himself between the wild looking boy and where he wanted to go.

“I mean, um, sorry about before. I’m Peter, but everyone just calls me Scout since that’s my job an all…oh an’ this Spy!”

He pointed to the spy still in the door way, still giving the new sniper a hard look, unsure of what to make of him. Rudy gave the scout a long, hard look, his wild eyes darting around the boy’s face for a few tense seconds before he pulled off his sunglasses and tucking them into his shirt, letting Scout see the exact color of his strange eyes. His left one was a bright crystal blue that seemed to stare straight into your soul. Scout had to look at something else besides the sniper’s eyes after a minute, finding the intense gaze unnerving. Rudy simply chuckled and pushed his way past Scout and down the hall, not really sure where he was heading but figuring he’d find an empty room and set himself up.

Scout gave the French spy a confused look, not really sure of what to do next. Spy only shrugged before taking out his fourth cigarette and lighting it before walking off down a separate hall, shaking his head. He did not have the energy or enough care to bother with the snooty sniper. Scout glared down the hall after Spy, feeling a little abandoned before running off as quickly as he could to catch up with the sniper; grabbing his arm once he was in reach.

“H-hey! Don’t fuckin’ walk off man! I’m supposed to show you to your room then take you to Medic for a check up,”

He said irritably, starting to get the feeling he’s not gonna like this guy at all, which was very disappointing. Rudy was probably the only person his own age he could relate too and all Scout could tell about him was that he was a dick.

The sniper instantly twisted his arm out of the scout’s grip, dropping his bag and grabbing the scout’s wrist, twisting his arm up behind his back and slamming him into the cement wall.

“Look, ‘mate’, I’ll letcha’ show me ma’ room, but if ya’ fuckin’ grab me again I’m putting an arrow in your eye,”

He hissed dangerously low into his ear, pressing his chest into the scout’s shoulders. The sudden force of being slammed against the wall knocked the breath out of the scout, stunning him briefly.

“H-hey! Let me go, man!”

He growled, twisting and thrashing around in the taller boy’s grip. In this close proximity Scout could smell the musky wet scent of the sniper behind him, it was spicy and dry, probably like what ever dessert he came from. It was a sweetly erotic scent and it made the scout horribly uncomfortable. The redhead gave a light chuckle and leaned over the young man below him, sniffing his hair in short little snorts. The young scout blinked, was he…sniffing him? Finally his wrists where released with a loud laugh from the red head behind him.

“You smell like peaches and rain!”

The sniper shouted and clapped his hands with a broad grin. The young runner stared at the sniper with a raised eyebrow, not really sure what to think of what just happened.


He asked, rubbing his wrists where the bigger boy had held them too tight and glaring at him heatedly. The redhead only grinned and shrugged, not giving any more answer then that before he gave a very animated bow, removing his hat and putting it to his chest, all of his rusty hair falling into his face.

“Well lead on, Shelia”

He teased with a wink. Scout blushed, out of frustration mostly and nodded, walking down the hall toward the medical bay.
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>> No. 2310
Need to work on your spell check. Try copy-pasting this to Microsoft word, correct the misspelled words (not counting the ones with accent), and then post the correct stuff.
>> No. 2322
The only crit i have is that i wish it was in afic. Rape would be proceeded.

Still good ,tho. Do continue.
>> No. 2386
Scout smells yummie. <3
>> No. 2387
This story really has the potential of being awesome, but this seriously feels like a rough draft. It needs to be edited and beta'd. I'm otherwise intrigued, do proceed. ;D
>> No. 2388
The only crit i have is that i wish it was in afic

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