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File 144053479264.jpg - (870.62KB , 1280x969 , tumblr_nnvpb1btoR1rl5yz7o1_1280_png.jpg )
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cute little souljaboi!
>> No. 2880
you are absolutely adorable. Good job!
>> No. 2881
A+ would hug and or offer ears

File 143262299222.jpg - (163.16KB , 960x960 , Scoutpailing.jpg )
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File 143042949413.png - (362.71KB , 600x411 , TF2-Medic.png )
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By any chance does anyone know what kind of glasses is The Medic wearing? I've found similar ones like Lennon's but they're too large. Any ideas?
>> No. 2864
File 143069345520.png - (1.19MB , 1603x1074 , medicthreefourthsbluclose.png )
Pretty sure they are based on glasses that were common during the 30s-40s, maybe even the glasses issued to the German army in WW2.

If you don't want to make your own (they are flat frames with no lenses) you can get reproductions of these glasses, search for dienst brille, vintage round glasses, German WW2 glasses, etc.
>> No. 2865
I really just want to think he wasn't in the Wehrmacht, and he was on the opposite side. Just some dude who had terrible eyesight and wore thick glasses and was sort of nasal and nerdy, but murdered a ton of Nazis.

This doesn't help with the cosplay, though.

File 142061659353.png - (616.67KB , 1138x1069 , PYRO AND BALLOONICORN.png )
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Anyone going to Ohayocon this year? Also I'm looking for cosplay tips :'3
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>> No. 2860
>>2858 Oh, man that sounds horrible about what your friend did! But thank you, that all really helps! Originally, I was planning on trying to whip up a simple cosplay like Scout, but I got sick and couldn't go out to get any materials anyway. I think once I get better I'll attend the con normally and just enjoy some panels, or maybe use an old cosplay I have lying around. And I'll definitely take you up on that advice and start preparations for next year!

I tend to always try to do things at the last minute because I'm always getting sidetracked with work and other crap, ugh. This time I will focus on it more and try not to half-ass it. I do have my accommodations and everything planned out, however, thank goodness.

That being said, maybe I'll go ahead and ask specific questions for next year since I'm already on here. I really want to crossplay as Medic. I'm genderfluid so I'm fine with just cutting my hair. Should I do that or should I get a wig?

Also, as for his lab coat, should I make it myself? I have absolutely no experience in making such things, I have only made like capes and stuff, so yeah, I'm a noob. Or should I commission/buy one? I have a pretty okay budget, but ugh and I need boots too. And I don't even know where to start on the weapons. I could probably make a bonesaw pretty easily, though. I really don't even know where to begin, haha.

sorry for the spam of questions, you don't have to answer them if you don't want to, I'll just have em up here for whoever to answer if you choose not to
>> No. 2861
Awww, I've been once and it was really fun! lots of people, though, haha. I really don't know how to make a cosplay either, the most I've ever made was a shirt design or accessories and stuff.

It's only a miracle my parents ever let me start going to cons, they're normally very strict. Now that I'm on my own budget, it's definitely harder to travel. But I wouldn't be afraid to, as long as I have friends I know in real life going with me. Are you afraid to go because you'll be going alone?

Either way, I really hope you can go soon, though! It's such a crazy experience, being around soooo many awesome people. Although, I've never met any of my online friends yet, either, but best of luck to you!!
>> No. 2862
Very true, it seems I'm always getting wrapped up in finding out how to make a perfect cosplay and then I get so frustrated or I lose so much confidence that it really isn't worth it. So thank you for reminding me about what's really important <3

I agree, I always try my best to be the character, otherwise it's not only not fun for me but it's not fun for people around me, seeing their favorite character being... not in character, heh. I'm pretty good with it though. I do, however, get shy very very easily, so I don't think I'll be attending any contests or skits anytime soon. Perhaps in the future~ For now I'll just roam around and talk to people, haha. Thank you for the advice!

File 129693739278.jpg - (39.75KB , 397x285 , badge_comparison.jpg )
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What is this, the 4th revival of my thread? Anyway, just putting my WIPs on here.

First order of business...
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>> No. 2668
File 134465784389.jpg - (30.14KB , 720x537 , 484012_986862762423_205859746_n.jpg )
Upgraded my kneepads

Full progress here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.986861370213.2246199.47201125&type=3&l=e63d6b895b
>> No. 2844
File 140970823193.jpg - (74.60KB , 349x1001 , blu_engineer_by_borzou99-d5nrpd9.jpg )
Selling my Engy on the Bay. I'll drop the price by a lot if I know anyone here is actually interested.

>> No. 2845
That is a damn fine costume, and I would totally snag it for myself if I didn't already have 80% of the costume.
I really want those kneepads and goggles, hrng

Guess I don't need to wish you luck with selling it, since it has 2 bids already. Hurr.

File 140627079612.png - (40.26KB , 400x400 , Ota14-TF2ch.png )
2840 No. 2840 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For anyone going to Otakon in Baltimore, the cosplay meetups for Valve games (including TF2) are at:

Friday, 7-9 PM @ 4th Floor (west side)
Saturday, 9-11 PM @ Charles Street (indoor fountains)

Info here: http://cartoonmaster.fumblr.com/tagged/Otakon-2014-photoshoot-info/chrono

RSVP here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14gLAOkR_2Qd6d-mr5qAZqqgvEEgxogEO9Mai9UHi_qw/viewform

(I wasn't gonna bother posting here this year since it seems no one responds these days but eh. Let me know if this post was helpful to anyone.)
>> No. 2841
P.S. change the f to a t in the domain for the first link because wordfilter
>> No. 2842
File 140764055995.jpg - (130.29KB , 960x540 , 10525998_10152374151079755_8212845441006510889_n.jpg )
to everyone whom attended saturday night:

I'm sorry I broke the bottle :(
>> No. 2843
It's alright demo! It wouldn'ta been the same without a little bit'a drama. Got no photos, I was the red engie with the Jag

File 140574293051.jpg - (99.57KB , 837x1316 , euikur.jpg )
2835 No. 2835 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone going to Animethon this year?
>> No. 2836
I aamm, just debating whether or not I want to start off a cosplay and what character to do.
>> No. 2839
I'll be there as a BLU spy.
Feel free to say hi though

No. 2833 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
any recommendations for a good gas mask?
>> No. 2834
Secondhand military supply stores might work.
>> No. 2837
File 140578814236.jpg - (111.82KB , 1280x960 , 000710405-.jpg )
Look for a GP-5 at a surplus store or on ebay, they very common and come in black. There are a few different sizes, the size chart is below.
>> No. 2838
File 140578827411.jpg - (84.61KB , 1280x960 , 0007103872-.jpg )

File 14044785118.png - (91.11KB , 300x410 , 300px-Community_Medic_Strategy_Header.png )
2830 No. 2830 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What colour is the Red Medic's coat? Cause it looks cream in official stuff but I see a lot of people cosplay it white.
>> No. 2831
A lot probably cosplay it as white because it's easier to get than cream. I'd say it's some kind of off-white, officially, something with a bit of a pinkish tone.
>> No. 2832
I think you're right. The color is the same hex code as the RED Team "Waterlogged Labcoat" paint color (it's meant to match). This may also be part of why I see BLU Spy cosplays more often than RED, I've never seen RED Spy's exact suit anywhere.

File 138997978721.png - (1.00MB , 1018x759 , hi5.png )
2814 No. 2814 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So who's going.
Will you be cosplaying? If not then why?
Will you be attending the gathering.

Pic is not related.
>> No. 2828
Bumping this because it has become relevant now.
>> No. 2829
Unfortunately, the only con I can go to is NYCC, and I think that's the one con nobody else on the chan lives anywhere nearby.

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