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File 132294711973.png - (346.28KB , 800x564 , 800px-Australium_Bar_Model.png )
2355 No. 2355 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have a flat, clean image of the man-boxing-a-kangaroo?

While we're at it, why not fill this up with small things like the badges on the Whoopee Cap, the patches on the Buff Banner, ect.?
>> No. 2356
File 132300950972.png - (78.58KB , 455x305 , buffbanner_patches.png )
If you want clean images, you should use SDK or a program called GCFScape with VTF2TGA. Just saying.

File 132167256721.png - (370.42KB , 663x602 , Von winifried Hidoi.png )
2325 No. 2325 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is definatly my first TF2 related cosplay.
Its unfinished, but that will soon be fixed!
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>> No. 2346
'pologies, it wasn't my intention to offend, I just thought >>2334 came off as a little brusque.

Haka, if you're not looking to get a wig but want to take the other commenters' advice about looking a little less anime, have you considered midnight blue? Has the twin advantages of being pretty close to Medic's hair colour while also looking snappy with the rest of the blue.
I'd also suggest a brighter blue for the tie. Oh, and don't be cheap like I was and get a polyester one, it was slippery as all hell and untied itself several times throughout the day.
>> No. 2348
i appreciate that you're trying to compromise here, but seriously even if it's a midnight blue it's still gonna come off as anime-ish. it's still best that haka tries to stay with natural hair colors if she wants to be accurate.
>> No. 2349
Depends on the dye. I had midnight blue when I did Medic, mostly because it was just the colour my hair was at the time. It didn't look especially anime, it was just sort of blueish in natural light. Not obvious at all.

File 132234871498.jpg - (48.30KB , 600x497 , 5ef826d5234140eafce5255e698a16a8.jpg )
2340 No. 2340 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
You say "Medigun," I say "great way to keep track of your l'il Heavy."
>> No. 2345
Oh god, that is too freaking adorable.

File 132192737595.jpg - (147.26KB , 717x960 , 383891_270773682963693_100000931897691_761694_4854.jpg )
2332 No. 2332 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The Lovely as always CaptainK, myself, and our glorious Nicaraguan Spy Ad.

File 132192707398.jpg - (56.03KB , 717x960 , 307881_270695026304892_100000931897691_761468_7965.jpg )
2331 No. 2331 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, this is probably something, (I may be wrong) a lot of you guys haven't seen. Based of what seems to be the most popular fem!spy design. My best friend did it for me the one day I wasn't engineer lol (I was fem!sweet bro). She had a fake butterfly knife flying around somewhere. Also this is my first post on this glorious chan, hopefully it works out ok. I may post more shiat later or myself and my sniper friend.

File 131911772420.jpg - (18.51KB , 535x111 , youmacon_2011_logo.jpg )
2246 No. 2246 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys! I'm passing this along form the Youmacon boards:

The Valve photoshoot will take place at 5pm on Friday in the Wintergarden

Anyone planning to come? Whatcha wearing? Spread the word too!


I am unfamiliar with the Youmacon area and I'd also like to arrange a gathering to get together and chill, draw, chat, take durpy photos etc on Saturday - can you all help me out and recommend a good spot? I'm coming a long way to this con and I want to meet people!

Also did I mention I'm checking a bag on JUST full of Tentaspy tentacles? Cause yea, yea I am.
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>> No. 2314
>>2313 PS - for the YouTube link to work, you need to open it in a new tab. http://youtu.be/FOSaYx_U5Js
>> No. 2318
Dude people I know ya'll gotta have more pics, I want to see more of all of you! (As I mostly got the video)

Well here are some from a photoshoot I got of myself, so proud of these! There are some more I am just waiting for the larger files (and these were my favs). http://lithefider.tum blr.com/post/12630569255/preview-of-the-personal-photoshoot-i-got-at

(You gotta remove the space in Hipstr )
>> No. 2324
File 132159340882.jpg - (63.15KB , 480x720 , EngieAndMe.jpg )
You want more pics? Okie doke!
That's every photo I took at Youmacon. Granted, I took them with my phone, apparently my hands are shakier than I thought, and I didn't even start taking pictures until the Valve photo shoot, but yeah.
Attached pic is one of the BLU Engies that went by RobChan, and myself as the RED Scout. So if people have more pictures that are of all RED team or all Scouts, that would be nice because I didn't get to take any pictures of that.

File 131934730651.png - (41.35KB , 512x512 , Backpack_Kukri.png )
2252 No. 2252 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Question, did the kukri always have that little nick on the end, or was that post Sniper vs. Spy update? I forget.

I guess I'll post build pics too.
>> No. 2253
File 131934833321.png - (94.37KB , 1263x849 , three-dee.png )
In the planning stages after I figured out the kukri should be about as long as my arm and got a number to work with, I dumped the kukri model and textures into 3ds Max so I could measure everything and get it to scale. The measure distance tool (under Tools, if you want to use it) really helped here. I drew the bounding box seen in the picture as my reference point for all the real-world measurements. I am working in inches.
>> No. 2323
So much effort, i just loaded the picture into illustrator, traced it then BAM printed it over 2 vertical aligned A4 papers. BAM. kukri at scale.

File 131880371670.png - (72.00KB , 503x278 , scout bag.png )
2228 No. 2228 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello, /cosplay/. I'm here for my dear friend who is going to be cosplaying Scout for Halloween. She has everything except for the bag, could anyone be kind enough to let us know where to get it? Or at least, what that type of bag is called? It will be much appreciated.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2260
It is not a messenger bag. If you actually care about making it look right, and I assume you do or you wouldn't be asking for help finding something like it, please do not use a messenger bag.

Try http://tf2chan.net/cosplay/res/29.html#133 for a simple to make bag thanks to Spork.

Failing that, I hear bags for carrying yoga mats are pretty close. Either way, you're looking for a sling of some sort and not a messenger or backpack etc.
>> No. 2274
My friend cosplayed Scout once, and she used the bag that her fold-up beach chair came in, and just painted and tweaked it a little. Perfect shape, just needed to have some stuff added.
>> No. 2322
Obviously pretty late by now, but if all else fails you could get some towels and an umbrella, strap that to your back, and just say you're wearing the Lucky #42.

File 131874736410.png - (56.06KB , 341x240 , expcon-planet.png )
2225 No. 2225 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
You guys, we meet a meet up place and time. Conventions are no fun without your group to hang out with! I'll be cosplaying a RED Pyro and my buddy coming with me will be a RED Engineer. Who's with me?
>> No. 2262
Anyone get pictures at EXPcon or know where I can find them?

File 131894358331.jpg - (156.40KB , 800x800 , 70.jpg )
2239 No. 2239 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey /cosplay/
I am hoping to cosplay as BLU spy for the Mcm expo in may, and im hoping to make the Electrosapper, could someone help me with and idea on how to make it?
>> No. 2245
Well if I were going to make an electro-sapper, I would first decide how sturdy I want it to be. If you want just a one-time deal then here’s a papercraft: http://bit.ly/nhEQ50 But if you’re like me and would like it for cosplays to come, and would also like it to act as a purse or lunchbox of sorts (for convenience’s sake) I would probably make it out of a plain, wood or papier mache cigar box similar to http://bit.ly/pLYX9n and use the bottom as the front. Probably make the handles out of wood or foam. Craft foam for the hood on top. I would at least attempt to print the image on some high-quality paper and glue it to the bottom. Use the barrel of a coke bottle for the meter screen, and surround that with craft foam for some depth. Knobs and switches you can find at a hardware store. You could probably get away with spending about $15 on this project. Happy cosplaying!

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